2020 Aso-Ebi Styles–20 Latest Lace & Asoebi Designs These Days

Aso Ebi styles. Aso Ebi styles not only make you look unique but they also give a nice formal look for any party. The lace styles, in particular, are trending these days and they’re perfect for those who like to stay updated on their style game. Also ideal for bridesmaid wear or any similar occasions. It will always look classy, fashionable and elegant. Besides all this, these outfits are timeless and everlasting.

We have collected some latest lace and Aso Ebi designs currently in style and we’ve also included some amazing outfits from the best African Fashion Bloggers. Of course, one can design the best Aso Ebi style only when she decides how she wants to look.

How to Wear Aso Ebi Stylishly

We’ve collected some of the latest and trending lace and Aso Ebi styles that can help you being significant and outshine in any party. It can go well with high heels of party wears, clutches, and nice jewelry.

2018 Aso-Ebi styles–20 Latest Lace and Asoebi Designs These Days

  • The Aso Ebi style dresses are suitable for both the brides and the bridesmaids.
  • You can wear the dress with heels as well as flip flops and pumps.
  • The dresses look inimitable and different from the other designs.
  • Aso Ebi style dresses can be worn with long curls, straight hair as well as hijab.
  • High necks have made a comeback this season so do give them a try.
  • Add some drama with ruffles and fringes.

Among the top-notch designers, the most stunning designs are from BellaNaija. Here are some latest pics of her designs.




Trending Aso Ebi Colors

The most popular colors this year include Green, Onion Pink and White. But our favorite one is definitely gold because of its royal vibes.

2018 Aso-Ebi styles–20 Latest Lace and Asoebi Designs These Days

↓ 20 – Princess Look

Experiment with different fabrics like silk to create a gorgeous Disney princess type look.

2018 Aso-Ebi styles–20 Latest Lace and Asoebi Designs These Days

↓ 19 – Celebrity Style

Renowned makeup artist Tmtbylayinka got hitched in January 2019 and we loved all the gorgeous emerald green aso ebis we saw on her big day since all the bridesmaid wore this color. Here’s a look:

2018 Aso-Ebi styles–20 Latest Lace and Asoebi Designs These Days

↓ 18 – Ankara Aso Ebi

Style yourself in unique, captivating Ankara  Aso Ebi. It is definitely a distinctive African attire. Stylize your persona with party wear pointed style pump high heels and gleaming jewelry. It looks stunning with the stylish cap bearing a contrasting bow. Not only this, but the outfit also looks appealing and attracting on almost every body type. This makes it suitable for everyone. It can be styled with a formal hat as well as wavy style blow-dry hair. I also recommend that you check out these Top 20 Ankara Styles for Ladies to Follow in 2020.

asoebi112018 Aso-Ebi styles–20 Latest Lace and Asoebi Designs These Days


↓ 17 –  French Lace Aso ebi

The sensational and radiating french lace style can always work for you to look like a star in the party. Its more of a formal look so you can try it for attending any wedding ceremony. Wear it with stiletto heels or delicate ankle straps, formal alluring clutch and heavy formal jewelry for a splendid look.

The highly sophisticated and lavish french lace gives a delicate look to the attire making it completely distinctive and inimitable from majority of the fancy wear outfits. The french lace Aso Ebi is one of its kind and is highly recommended by the top designers these days.


↓ 16 – Short Aso Ebi for Work

Short gown style Aso Ebi looks glamorous giving you a uber-chic African look.

Accessories with short style gown

Wear classic court shoes with a short gown for a stunning look. Wearing a branded clutch and sparkling jewelry with western hairstyles could enhance the beauty of the outfit.



↓ 15 – Sidecut Aso Ebi 

Now you can enjoy the new splendid Nigerian look by wearing a side cut Aso Ebi maxi for any wedding or prom night. Make your event memorable with this beautiful style. You can combine it with the turban headscarf style which looks amazing with all kinds of aso-ebis. So do check out Latest Turban Hijab Styles for out-of-the-moon eso ebis styles.

Accessories with side cut Aso Ebi style

Wear light and sparkling diligent jewelry and stiletto heels or delicate ankle straps to increase the look of the dress. The jewelry along with the head turban not only gives you a smothering look but also gives you an elegant and bold look perfect for any party or formal occasion. You can always match the heels with scarf color.



↓ 14 – Aso Ebi in Blue 

Wearing an Aso Ebi maxi in blue tone gives you a formal and professional look. Perfect choice for any formal event. Particularly, navy blue, cerulean, royal blue and ultramarine blue are perfect for a formal event. While shades like teal, sky blue, cyan, and sapphire look best on fancy parties like weddings, bridal showers and engagement parties.

Accessories with Blue Aso Ebi Style

Wearing a branded watch and some silver jewelry will enhance the marvelous look in Nigerian style. Besides, you can also combine it with any stylish hijab style or the turban-style hijab style to enhance your look a little more.


↓ 13 – Gleaming Green Style

The gleaming green mermaid style Aso Ebi would not only look gorgeous but also put you in limelight. This green would give a natural tone. Love the color green? Then you can just not miss out on the These 23 Shades of Green Hairs you Can’t Resist.

Assocceries with gleaming green Aso Ebi

Fresh green scarf and stiletto heels would look perfect with this outfit. Go for heavy traditional earnings for an uber-chic look. For the neck, a simple choker would look really elegant.


↓ 12 – Ravishing Net Aso Ebi

Aso Ebi Style in net lace style is simply a beauty that doesn’t need any other thing to adorn it. The floor-length, full net sleeves Aso Ebi is a nice amalgamation of Nigerian western attire which looks entrancing on both formal events as well as weddings, engagement parties, and bridal showers.

Assocceries to wear with Net Style Aso Ebi

The dress is simply elegant and so perfect that it doesn’t really need any embellishments. For a complete look, it can be worn with white, off-white or silverish silk scarf and stiletto heels or wedges.



↓ 11 – Native Aso Ebi

The native Aso Ebi style gives you a traditional Nigerian look and staying close to roots always nourishes your body and soul. This Aso Ebi style is perfect for attending a Nigerian wedding. RECOMMENDED: African American Clothing Brands-Top 15 Black Clothing Designers

Accessories to wear with Trending Aso Ebi

You can wear it with silver earrings, yellow head-turning and metallic tone purse for a traditional and divine look. Moreover, simple gold jewelry along with golden purse also looks elegant yet ravishing.



↓ 10 – Trending Nigerian Aso Ebi

This trending off-shoulder Aso Ebi style with nice black lace and chic design is a nice outfit for the wedding evening. The unique design makes the outfit distinctive and completely inimitable. Not only this, you can mix and match the colors of the outfit according to the theme of the event or as you like.

Accessories to wear with Trending Aso Ebi

Wear it with pumps or stiletto and simple jewelry. The stranded curls go perfect along with the dress. The curls not only give a chic look but also look cool and trendy. The lacework is so elegant that it looks perfect in a minimalist style. One can wear simple silver or gold jewelry with this trendy aso ebi.



↓ 9 – Gown Style Aso Ebi

The gown style Aso Ebi style with lacework is a splendid outfit for evening parties. The simplistic design makes you look gorgeous at parties. You can wear the Aso Ebi gown in different colors but dark colors like maroon, purple, blue and black look exquisite and elegant as compared to the lighter shades, especially when attending a night time event.

Accessories to wear with Gown Style Aso Ebi

The classic design does not require anything to adore it. The elegance is hidden in simplicity. A wavy hairstyle, with little curls at the lower end along with rose gold pumps would be a perfect match for this dress.



↓ 8 – Aso Ebi in Purple

Ever wonder how would the Aso Ebi look in purple, the forever party color? Well here is a purple Aso Ebi looks for prom or wedding evening party. A purple net Aso Ebi gown with half sleeves and double maxi style makes the gown perfect for parties and other fancy events.

Accessories to wear with Purple Aso Ebi

A minimalist design bracelet and an elegant clutch would be all that is required for this classic Aso Ebi. You can match different lighter shades scarfs to give an elegant look. Light orange color head-turning scarf would give a chic look with this apparel.


↓ 7 – Long Nigerian Aso Ebi

The mesh and bead designed floor-length slit is simply elegant. It is a must-have for any party where you are in the limelight. It looks sophisticated, elegant and flawless in every color and style. Here is another awesome hairstyle to go with Aso-Ebis: Cornrow Hair Styles for Girls.

Accessories to Wear with Long Nigerian Aso Ebi Style

Wearing a rose pink style lipstick and sparkling silver jewelry will give a dazzling look at the party. Not only this, the ankle strap heel can rock your outfit to the fullest. The one-sided off-shoulder Aso Ebi gown gives a fancy as well as exquisite look.



↓ 6 – Celebrity Style – Rita Dominic in Aso Ebi

The Nollywood actress and fashionista Rita Dominic looks stunningly gorgeous in Aso Ebi. She is famous for her head-turning fashion style. The slim-fit sleeveless Aso Ebi gown would look chic on almost every event. Some of her stylish picks in Aso Ebi are shared here:



↓ 5 – Formal Dinner Aso Ebi

This blue Aso Ebi is best for your formal party, proms and weddings. The moonlight blue, dark blue and navy blue colors in the Aso Ebi gowns look flawless and sophisticated which suits every body type. Other than this, the net and simple design enhance natural beauty.

Accessories to wear with Formal Aso Ebi

Plain silver chain and simple silver shiny bracelet make the dress splendid. Braided hairstyle and gladiator heels will go great with this outfit-making you look stylish and distinctively dressed. You can also wear some heavy silver earrings if you can not match a simple silver necklace.



↓ 4 – Mesmerizing Aso Ebi for Parties

Long floor length mesmerizing Aso Ebi is a perfect one to be in your wardrobe. The gleaming golden look makes it even more outstanding. The shiny golden Aso Ebi gowns look perfect at weddings, fancy parties and proms as well. You can also use a printed golden cloth to design the Aso Ebi gown to make it even more inimitable and distinctive.

Accessories to wear with mesmerizing Aso Ebi

It can look great in both ways i.e. golden turban head style (left) and styled wavy hair (right). Wear with dust gold jewelry and stiletto or ankle strap for the gorgeously stunning look. Heavy earrings and simple plain gold chain are also perfect for the dress.



↓ 3 – Silver Lace Aso Ebi for Wedding Guests

Silver laced Aso Ebi with chiffon sleeves is a perfect outfit for prom night. One can shine out in this gorgeous, floor-length formal attire at the party. A must-have if you want to rock the night. Choosing the silver color is certainly the best choice for a prom party, weddings and engagement parties. The silver headscarf along with henna gives you a perfect look as well.


↓ 2 – Bridesmaid Aso-Ebi Style

The glamorous bridesmaid Aso Ebi will make the wedding of your loved ones even more classy, elegant and royal. One can look for every great combination in this way which can bring you in limelight. The bridesmaid Aso Ebi style gown can be off-shoulder, full sleeves and sleeveless as well, it depends totally up to you.



↓ 1 – Bridal Aso Ebi

And on top of the list, we have stunning, gorgeous Aso Ebi for Nigerian brides. One can make her lifetime event memorable and make the everlasting impression with this ravishing outfit.

Aso Ebi style looks perfect with brides. It can be paired up with elegant and simple jewelry since the gown itself looks amazing on its own. Moreover, a golden belt and a flair make the gown twice as pretty. Wavy hair or lose curls with a side flick can give you a chic and stylish look.

The dress can be paired with golden, silver or plain transparent wedges to get a subtle and flawless look. With an Aso Ebi bridal gown, you can wear red lipstick and a little blush to look distinctive and prettier.

2018 Aso-Ebi styles–20 Latest Lace and Asoebi Designs These Days



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