Top 10 Children Clothing Brands in 2020 For Your Kids

Top Stores To Buy Kids Clothing From. Making sure your child is dressed properly is an important investment for a number of reasons. It helps the child develop an appropriate and individualistic clothing sense, over time, this creates an air of refinement and sophistication. It also says a lot about how much attention you’re paying to your child as a parent.

E-commerce and social media have revolutionized the way people think about clothing and the ways they approach buying it. Online shopping is convenient in hundreds of ways, the least of which is ease of accessibility to high-end brands from all over the world. A few taps or clicks is all it takes. A lot goes into styling and organizing children’s clothing, more so than an average adult’s. For starters, you have to consider a number of things before buying anything for your kids including but not limited to, your child’s size, quality and durability of the fabric, type of fabric, whether what you’re buying is washable or not, a color scheme, your budget which is probably the most important and also the clothing’s appeal, comfort level, weather and activity appropriateness.

What Are The Best Kids Clothing Stores

While styling your child the essential thing to take note of is that while the prints, designs, and patterns should be pretty and eye-catching, the clothing shouldn’t be gaudy or too embellished. Simplicity works best for both kids and your wallets. Overdressing is never a great idea. Make the comfort of your child your highest priority. DIY can work wonders here. Consider the appeal of the clothing and the individual style of your child. Ask their opinion, they should never wear something they don’t like.

And when that’s done, another thing that mothers have to do is make sure the garments are handed down to younger siblings. You can repurpose the clothing in numerous creative ways, DIY being one of them, you can wash them well and make sure they are organized and folded neatly and separately and placed properly in closets. Gender-neutral clothing goes a long way into being budget-saving and long-lasting. Girls and boys can wear the same thing repurposed with something a little different each time.

With all of these things in mind, now you can finally proceed to do the actual buying!

Best Children Clothing Brands

Here is a list of some of the best online stores you can get affordable, fashionable and unique pieces from.

best brands for kids clothes

↓ 15 – H&M

H&M or Hennes & Mauritz AB is a multinational clothing retail company based in Sweden. It was founded by Erling Persson in 1947. The company is famous for its fashionable clothing for men, women, teenagers and children. It has a huge online presence and provides e-shopping availability to 33 countries around the world. You should also check out these 20 Cute Holiday outfits for Kids for Different Occasions.

Browsing through their official website and opening the Kids section, you can shop by Category (girls and boys with their ages and respective sizes), by Occasion, by Concept (Cartoons, for instance) as well as Campaigns (Back to School).

The website has everything; tops, bottoms, dresses, nightwear, accessories, socks and tights and clothing in sets.

Shop H&M

↓ 14 – ZARA

Zara is the main brand of the largest apparel retailer in the world, Inditex. It was founded in 1975, 43 years ago in Spain. Like H&M, Zara is a tremendously popular fast fashion clothing retailer, the term referring to the most recent fashion trends from catwalks at Fashion Weeks to daily transitioning for mainstream consumers. ZARA has won numerous awards throughout the years for its stellar kids’ collections.


↓ 13 – Etsy

Launched in 2005, Etsy is an E-commerce website that specializes in handmade and vintage items as well as unique factory-manufactured items. The website has millions of registered sellers and each and every one of them has his or her own distinctive shop of goods. That is primarily why Etsy is the best place to find quirky, one-of-a-kind articles of every kind, including clothing. The website has a whole Kids’ and Baby section featuring items from different sellers from around the world.

Each featured item has a complete description including the price, materials used, feedback and reviews.

Shop Etsy

↓ 12 – Gap Inc

It’s the third largest apparel retailer behind Inditex and H&M. It’s an American company based in San Francisco, California. Gap Kids offers stylish pieces of clothing made with the comfort of the child and individualistic style specifically in mind. They offer all kinds of clothing like denim, shirts, tees, outerwear, sleepwear, shoes, polo pullovers, slacks and more to help complete smart-looking school uniforms.

They also have Baby Gaps which focuses on clothing for newborns and babies.


↓ 11 – Carter’s

Carter is a major American marketer of children’s apparel. It was founded 153 years ago in 1865 by William Carter. It is one of the leading brands of baby clothes in the United States. It is also the number one brand of babies’ sleepwear in the US. Their apparel has adorable designs and soft fabrics and also has baby-friendly features such as expendable shoulders or head-to-toe snaps in rompers for ease in changing.


↓ 10 – Gymboree

Gymboree Group, Inc. is a specialty retailer, operating stores with high-quality clothes and accessories for children. Their family of brands includes Gymboree, Janie and Jack, and Crazy 8. Since their start in 1976, they have grown from offering mom-and-baby classes in the San Francisco Bay Area to currently operating over 900 retail stores in the United States and Canada, along with franchises around the world.

Gymboree styles are ready to be mixed and matched so kids can start to discover who they want to be. Do have a look at these 10 Most Fashionable Kids on Instagram You Should Follow.


↓ 9 – Sawyer Kid Co.

The clothing company operates on a meaningful objective, and that is to encourage and inspire children to spend more time outdoors with nature, rather than cooped up inside all day with their electronic devices. Their apparel is specifically designed for outdoors and is comfortable and fairly produced.

The company takes its name from the titular character from ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’, a youthful explorer and adventurer.


↓ 8 – Rockets of Awesome

The brand was founded in 2015 by Rachel Blumenthal who resides in Manhattan.

One of the coolest services out there right now, Rockets of Awesome is a unique experience: it’s a subscription service! The customers have to visit their website, fill in a form answering questions about their preferences, color choices, patterns, etc, they get to see reference pictures as well to make it easier, and then that’s it! The brand uses this information and with the help of an algorithm determines what to put in every box. The box arrives a couple of days later and it has about 8 clothing items. You can keep the ones you like and pay for them and return those you don’t want. There is 20$ styling fee for the clothing you keep but no shipping fee or return fee. Pretty awesome, right?


↓ 7 – Lil’lemons

The company was founded in 2011 by best friends Laura Hall and Gillian Rose Kern. The name is inspired by the first business the two friends ran as kids: a lemonade stand. The fabrics are hand-picked, the patterns are designed by hand and the designs of the clothing are carefully put together. Their creative process is quite impressive and their clothing is simply radiant.


↓ 6 – Tiny Cottons

Tiny Cottons was founded by Barb Bruno and Gerard Lazcano in December 2012. It’s based in Barcelona, Spain and all their products are made in Europe. They launched their first collection in Fall/Winter 2013 season. They cite books and travel as part of their creative process. Tiny Cottons is ideal for children going from 6 months to 4 years old. Their clothing is understated, yet chic and sophisticated and has great visual appeal.

Each collection tells a different story through comfortable cuts, stylish prints and bold colors. Tinycottons strives to create quality products in fair trade European factories using eco-friendly materials. Most of their pieces of clothing are made with care and love in Peruvian Pima cotton, known for its very good quality, its durability, and its absorbent power. It can resist repeated washing in the machine without deforming or wearing out. For non-cotton fabrics, they use recycled materials.


↓ 5  – Huxbaby

An Australia-based company, Huxbaby is about minimalist fashions for kids with an adult level of style. Their designs are aesthetic, clothing is mostly gender-neutral and made from soft organic cotton. They operate on the philosophy ‘less is more’, of simplicity and minimalism, clear of unnecessary complications or clutter, seeking a refinement of form that is steered by function. The color palettes of their collections have mainly soft and muted colors. Huxbaby delivers modern designs that are sure to stand the test of time. For more unique looks for your baby girl, here are Frock Designs for Little Girls.


↓ 4 – Même

Focusing on mixing patterns, shapes, textures, and oversized silhouettes, their range is made to be mixed and matched, collection to collection, making dressing up easy while increasing longevity of wears. In a world of blues and pinks, meme aspires to create clothing that can be shared between siblings and can be handed down to the young ones as well. The apparel is edgy and cool, uniquely eye-catching despite being gender-neutral and monochrome, something all kids apparel brands are focusing on these days. Their clothing is made with growth in mind, offering adjustable waistbands, oversized silhouettes, and versatility through each piece.


↓ 3 – The Mini Classy

Co-CEOs and lead designers, Michelle Lopez and Andrea Dotzauer, first their our cool, high-end kids’ streetwear clothing brand on the map with their signature harem pants and have since expanded to make everything from shorts to coats for children, newborn to 12years-old. The brand has been spotted on The Today Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and The Fox 6 Wake Up Show, and has appeared in The Huffington Post, Star Magazine, OK! Magazine and Daily Mail UK. Most clothing is constructed from super soft, high-quality, OEKO-TEK Standard 100 certified, eco-friendly bamboo / cotton blend fabrics.


↓ 2 – Indikidual

Indikidual is a Swedish/British clothing brand by designer Syreeta Johnson who decided to launch her brand after the birth of her daughter Minnie. The idea for a kidswear brand struck her when she couldn’t find organic clothes for her daughter in fun colours. Syreeta’s daughter now helps her sketch prints for the collections. The family even travels to India together to visit the factories and see the garments being made.

Created to encourage mixing and matching, their collections are perfect for layering up in different styles, letting children explore their creative side. All crafted from organic cotton, each piece is designed for practicality yet retain a certain level of funkiness and cool. Their clothing is fun and whimsical and your child is sure to have fun with them no matter the occasion.


↓ 1 – Aquarium Kidz

Aquarium Kidz is a hand made and hand painted collection of unique accessories and clothing made from organic or eco- friendly textiles. Each and every item is carefully hand made and some details might differ from one piece to another. Our original art is all hand-drawn, then turned into screens and then screen-printed into our organic or eco-friendly textiles. Their motto is that childhood is too short to wear boring clothes and looking at their vibrant and funky prints it’s easier to agree.

A portion of each purchase is donated by the brand to the children of rural Cambodia.


Notable Mentions:

Here are some super-cool European kidswear brands you should also check out:

  • Adore Us Babies from Sweden
  • Mayoral from Spain
  • Oliver Baby and Kids from the UK
  • Mini Rodini from Sweden
  • Nelly Stella from Taiwan
  • How to Kiss a Frog from Sweden
  • La Petite Blossom from Spain

If there’s one thing we can say for sure after going through all of these brands it’s that your child should never wear plain or boring clothes. Childhood is an important time and what the kids learn at that point helps them grow in a certain way. Make sure your children learn creativity and style by dressing them up in the best there is!

Thank you for reading this article. We hope you enjoyed it and found the list informative.

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