Frock Designs for Little Girls-17 Frock Styles for Kids 2021

Adorable Frock Designs for Little Girls. Every mother wants the best for her daughter. Mommies nowadays find it difficult to pick dresses for their little fashionistas, especially when they want their dolls to look voguish and groovy at the same time.

Frocks are a timeless item of clothing that’s been in vogue for decades and will remain so forever. Different cultures have their frock styles. Some style it with trousers, dupattas, etc., others without. We will be showing you 17 trendy frock designs for kids of all ages.

How to Dress Kids in Frocks

Girls love to dress up. That is true for all ages. But it’s something that takes root and becomes innate when girls are young. It’s something to be nurtured and encouraged, as it leads to the development of a conscious lifestyle. Frocks are one of the many, many things girls can wear. These look cute especially on small kids, as there is a lot of room to play around with designs and borders and add as much frivolousness as possible without being uncomfortable.

Latest Frock Designs for Little Girls

↓ 17 – Pastel Pink Cotton Dress

This adorable frock is an excellent pick for toddlers and girls below ten years of age. Cotton can be worn comfortably in most seasons, and it’s one of the most used fabric material for dresses and outfits.

  • This cute dress has pale pink and baby blue cotton tones as well as embroidered ruffled bodice.
  • The ruffles on the bodice are incredibly endearing but so is the full bunny panel at the front of the frock which is a great, if rather an unusual, idea.
  • The wide waistband allows the dress to be fastened nice and proper.
  • All in all, this is a superb choice for your toddler for all occasions.
  • Kids these days are the ultimate trendsetters, and if you don’t trust us, then you need to see these 10 Most Fashionable Kids on Instagram You Should Follow.


↓ 16 – Denim Schoolgirl Dress

Dress your little girl up in this chic yet straightforward denim frock with two different shades of denim integrated.

  • It’s an easy and straightforward frock, in sewing, as well as in appearance.
  • This enhances the loveliness rather than lessen it.
  • To complete your girl’s school-girl look, you can pair the dress up with lacy white stockings or even pure white socks and a pair of serious-looking black boots.
  • Colored boots won’t work with this outfit because we’re trying to achieve a sophisticated and chic look, and also because there aren’t very many colors in the dress.
  • Blue or white won’t cut it either so stick to black. Have a look at some Cute Holiday outfits for Kids for Different Occasions


↓ 15 – Subtle Print Design

The chiffon and net frocks are perfect for parties and occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and even award ceremonies as seen in the picture; Jennifer Lopez with her son and daughter. Glossy pumps add up to these beautiful and classy outfits. You can either tie your princess’s hair or put some loose curls at the end to give a formal look.

To create a home-made dress like this, you would need a net fabric of any color of your choosing, and a matching plain fabric of either cotton or silk that would make the base of the dress. You would need to attach these net and plain pieces for every step of your sewing process. Don’t go overboard with ruffles and laces, keep it cool.



↓ 14 – Self Prints are Cute!

To dress your daughter for a wedding, birthday party, or any kind of formal event, you can take inspiration from this pretty number.

  • Pastel colors are ideal for weddings, but you can go for darker or brighter colors depending on the season and event.
  • This dress will look exceptionally lovely if your daughter is to be a bridesmaid or the flower girl.
  • You will need to choose an understated yet gorgeous embroidered fabric for this dress.
  • Make sure to add a lot of flair to the frock to make it voluminous.
  • A plain waistband is a must.
  • Pair the dress with a cute headband and a matching pair of girly boots.


↓ 13 – Delightful Eastern Touch

Angrakhas are specifically worn in the subcontinent. It is a popular Mughal frock style which is made up of silk, jamawar, cotton, and chiffon most of the time. These beautiful outfits are ideal for all traditional events. Glittery sandals with a block heel or khussas are compulsory with these stunning angrakhas. Short angrakhas with tulip pants are very much in trend nowadays.

Angrakha Style Frocks


Angrakha frocks may be trickier than other simpler frocks for beginners so you would need an in-depth and step-by-step tutorial to follow. Try this wonderful tutorial to make a cute angrakha Kurti/frock for your little girl!


↓ 12 – Cool Ankara Prints

  • Ankara is a beautiful African patterned fabric with dazzling bright colors.
  • Also called Ankara Wax prints or Dutch Wax prints, they are the most prominent and widely used clothing material in Africa.
  • Lately, thanks to social media and other types of exposure, Ankara prints are popular all over the globe.
  • Little girls look amazing in these unique and stylish frocks since they’re overwhelming the fashion world nowadays.
  • African braids highlight these adorable dresses very well.
  • The big advantage of sewing frocks in Ankara prints is that even if you choose to make a simple frock with no added embellishments or fancy laces and such, the prints are spunky enough to make the frock look gorgeous and fun!
  • For more traditional Ankara Outfits, you can find great ideas in Ankara Styles for Babies


↓ 11 – Ruffled-Sleeve Look

Apart from Ankara prints, there is the usual, more common printed fabric that you can use to make frocks.

  • You can use printed cotton, linen, georgette, or even silk, depending on your preference and the season.
  • This shapely frock is stunning in its cut and style. It’s an almost fitted frock without a flowy skirt.
  • The ruffled sleeves complete the flower affect the print is projecting.
  • The print itself is arresting, pink roses over a dark background.
  • There’s a great opportunity to color-coordinate here. Your child’s accessories, shoes, etc. can be pink and look wonderfully matched with the outfit.


↓ 10 – For Little Boss Lady

Western frocks are either knee-length or shorter. Their elegance and simplicity make them ideal for you if you do not like very striking patterns. You can add beads and pearls to a very simple frock and give it a western look. They mostly have a skirt type bottom, and flat pumps go really well with them.

  • This particular frock is elegant in its crispness.
  • The main factor that contributes to the formal nature of this outfit is the striped blouse and how it has been paired with a white skirt.
  • The carefully pressed ruffles and the wide navy blue section at the bottom enhance the elegance.
  • The neck-tie finishes off this outfit marvelously, making it a frock well-suited to an ambitious and strong-headed girl.
  • The ideal hairstyle to go with this frock is any type of bun, the simpler, the better.

Western Frock Designs


↓ 9 – Bright Summertime Frock

Suri Cruise has been considered the youngest fashionista to ever walk the streets of New York, and here’s your opportunity to take pointers from one of her looks. If you want a frock that screams summer, is bright, chirpy, and goes with the many accessories your child likes to wear, this is the one for you. The print is a splash of parrot green and ink blue flowers that almost hurt to look at; they’re so lively. Suri paired the dress up with a gold handbag and matching gold mini-heels which go wonderfully with our summer theme. She also wore hoop earrings and a cute bow headband. Your mini-me would have a ball dressing up in this outfit!


Step by Step Video Tutorial – Umbrella Frock Cutting and Stitching

↓ 8 – Carrying a Dupatta with Frock

  • Anarkali frocks were also derived from the Mughal style of dressing.
  • These enchanting pieces look just amazing on occasions like weddings.
  • Long dupattas/scarves and bangles accentuate them very well. The traditional attire is very eye-catching.
  • Anarkali frocks are prominent in desi culture and fashion. Big names in the fashion industry in both India and Pakistan are fond of this style of frocks.
  • Their collections feature anarkali dresses in various shades and combinations regularly. So, it’s something to note that Anarkali frocks are not outdated and a thing of the past. They are still pretty much in fashion, and there’s nothing that can’t be made new with a little bit of experimenting.

Anarkali Frock


↓ 7 – Who doesn’t love Florals

We’ve covered summer; now it’s time for your spring frock inspiration!

  • Spring is a time for things to bloom and grow, keeping that in mind, your spring-time frock needs to have a soft, gentle look with a definite inclusion of flowers somewhere.
  • The frock we’ve chosen is a classic and exemplary in this regard. There are multiple layers of ruffles on the skirt of the frock, and each layer has alternating patterns and colors.
  • It’s below the knees in length, which is great because it can cover those many layers. A loose hairstyle with a couple of pins done up would look flawless with this frock.


↓ 6 – Stylish Mustard Tunic

Is your child an aspiring fashionista with a keen eye for details? You don’t have to worry about appeasing her great taste and fashion sensibilities any longer. We’ve got the perfect frock for you. This mustard number has so many stunning details; it’s almost hard to keep track. The horizontal piece of fancy lace near the neck, the big sleeves with each a slit on the side, the belt with a charming bow on the front, and the tulip-shaped skirt of the frock all conspire to crown it a winner.


↓ 5 – Modern Ruffle Wedding Frock

Here’s another adorable frock idea if you want to dress up your little darling for someone’s special day!

  • White is universally acknowledged as the go-to color for western weddings.
  • Your girl might just outshine the bride herself in this ensemble!
  • Let’s take a look at the details. The straps are part of some elaborately crafted lace-like material. In a gown made entirely of the same plain white fabric, it’s a nice addition.
  • The bodice is simple, the waistband with a bow customary, and then we have our ruffles. Layers upon layers of glorious ruffles!
  • The baby girl’s haircut in this picture is such that it can’t be made into a bun. The bangs and little ponytails work just fine, though!


↓ 4 – Voluminous Peach Silk Outfit

Bridesmaid inspiration for baby girls! This is a complete look for you to follow, the hairstyling and the frock, both. Buns look exceptional with full-body frocks, like here, but as we’ve seen above, the styling of the hair can be adapted. Higher buns and low buns close to the nape of the neck look equally good. We also recommend crown braids if your child has longer, fuller hair. The sizable peach skirt is attached to a white lace bodice whose base is the same peach silk. The back of the bodice has shoe-lace like ties which is a great detail to add to the dress.


↓ 3 – Frilly Frock for Fall

We’ve covered summer and spring, so now we come to a frock perfect for wearing in the fall. Fall is a moody season characterized by rustic shades such as browns, golds, oranges and reds. This rustic brown frock made with a crinkle fabric symbolizing the crinkling and falling leaves of the season will make you fall in love. The headband and socks paired with the frock are also of complementary shades.


↓ 2 – Multicolor Cotton Frock

This innocent looking striped cotton frock is giving us major Anne of the Green Gables vibes! The pastel hues and soft stripes are something to watch out for. Pastel shades are in fashion these days, and so are minimalist prints.


↓ 1 – Princess Style Frock with Lace Bodice

This is a frock fit for a princess! The pink tutu skirt has been paired with a pure lace bodice. It’s an elegant pairing, and the ensemble does a princess’s wardrobe justice. We advise wearing small pale pink heels or white boots with this frock…


You can make your baby girls look the cutest among all by using unique stitching designs. Use your creativity to choose the best accessories that complement the dresses well.


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