20 Top Kids Clothing Brands In India 2023 – [Updated List] 

Choosing clothes for kids is never an easy task since kids of today’s generation are often picky when it comes to clothing. Luckily, there are many kids’ clothing brands in India that offer great quality at just the right price!

What are the Best Places to Shop for Kids Clothes in India?

Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for kids’ clothes:

Quality: Buying a few good-quality clothes is better than buying hundreds of poo quality clothes. Of course, when buying online, you can’t be too sure of how good the quality will be which is why you must always check a brand or product’s reviews before purchasing.

Comfort: Comfortable clothing is really important when it comes to kids’ clothing. Quality does not only mean fine and strong fiber. Quality clothing also includes comfort.

Budget/Price: This is especially important for kids clothing because they grow out of them too quickly, often wearing an outfit only 2-3 times before it becomes too small so it doesn’t make sense to splurge here. Of course, you can have a few expensive outfits for them to wear on special occasions but otherwise, it’s best to stay within your budget.

20 Top Kids Clothing Brands In India 2023 - [Updated List]

How Did We Decide?

This article is a research-based one. We have assembled this list, after doing extensive research and considering customer feedback and reviews from authorized buyers. The brands have been sorted out on the basis of their affordable prices, unique designs, and high quality.

The price range of each brand is mentioned in the table below:

Clothing BrandPrice Range
20Masilo – Best for Organic Cotton ClothesRs. 570 to Rs. 6000
19Nigh Nigh – Best for Kids NightsuitsRs. 1165 to Rs. 2190
18Gini & Jony Clothing Brand – Best for Kids JacketsRs. 150 up to Rs. 3700
17Little KangaroosRs. 195 up to Rs. 2261
16NautiNatiRs. 192 up to Rs. 2199
15Allen Solly JuniorRs. 299 up to Rs. 4079
14Yk Kids Rs. 149 up to Rs. 2500
13LilliputRs. 499 and above
12Nino BambinoRs. 269 up to Rs. 2099
11Mothercare – Best for QualityRs. 399 up to Rs. 4949
10BabyHug Rs. 59 & above
9H&M kidsRs. 299 up to Rs. 2999
8Levi’s Kids – Highest Price Range but Good QualityVarying Prices – generally high end
7612 League KidsRs. 190 up to Rs. 1498
6Cartoon NetworkRs. 399 up to Rs. 1258
5CucumberRs. 190 to Rs. Rs. 530
4Pinkcow Fashion – Best for Girls Dresses & GownsRs. 947 to Rs 20,795
3Myntra – Best for Online ShoppingRs. 200 to Rs 2500
2Poppabum – Best Sustainable Brand for KidsFrom Rs 1800
1Hopscotch – Best for Casual Outfits for KidsRs. 210 to Rs 1499
Kids Clothing Brands & Their Prices

20. Best Organic Cotton Clothes: Masilo

This Indian brand produces a huge range of organic essentials for mommies and their babies. For now, they’re only producing clothes for 0 to 5 years kids but we hope that they’ll increase this age range soon.

Another great thing about this brand is that they offer the cutest Muslin gift bundles that you can use as gifts for newborns.

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20 Top Kids Clothing Brands In India 2023 - [Updated List]

19. Best for Kids Nightsuits: Nigh Nigh

A unique Indian brand with a focus on producing high-quality pajamas and night suits for kids and parents. Founded by Roopali and Swati, this Mumbai based company is now receiving International recognition.

20 Top Kids Clothing Brands In India 2023 - [Updated List]

18. Best for Kids Jackets: Gini and Jony

When it comes to the best clothing brands for kids, then Gini and Jony has an established name as it is one of the high-end kidswear brands. This brand does not only provide fashionable clothes but also high-quality ones.

Parents do not have to worry about exploring thousands of websites, they can have all they want in Gini and Jony; from adorable shirts for their little girls to stylish t-shirts for their baby boys. Moreover, the prices of the clothes offered by this brand are quite affordable.

20 Top Kids Clothing Brands In India 2023 - [Updated List]

17. Little Kangaroos:

Are your kids picky when it comes to clothes? Well, you are just at the right place. You can select trendy, vibrant, and adorable clothes for your kids by choosing little kangaroos. This is an all-season to-go brand! As happy as the name of this brand is, in the same way, it works to spread happiness around! Let your kids be the fashionistas!

This brand is another budget-friendly brand that all Indian mothers love.

20 Top Kids Clothing Brands In India 2023 - [Updated List]

16. NautiNati:

If you are a discount lover, then Nauti Nati is all you are looking for. The amazing discount deals are surely a matter of fascination. Moreover, this brand provides an absolutely amazing kidswear collection.

Additionally, if your kid has sensitive skin, then the 100 percent cotton fabric this brand offers surely deserves a place in your kids’ wardrobe. It comprises party wear, elegant clothing, and adorable cute little clothes, a treat for your kids!

20 Top Kids Clothing Brands In India 2023 - [Updated List]

15. Allen Solly Junior:

A casual, smart, calm, fashionable, and trendy look is what you are looking for? Do you need a break from old and worn-out style? Do you want something refreshing to your sight? Then Allen Solly Junior is one of the best brands for kidswear and a great option! Moreover, its amazing styles do not only fascinate the kids but also manage to fascinate the parents.

Also, the beautiful blazers and fashionable tops are everyone’s choice. It is your turn to tell what do you like about this brand the most!

20 Top Kids Clothing Brands In India 2023 - [Updated List]

14. YK:

Worried about your pocket yet you want to take care of your child’s wardrobe? Do not worry, YK got your back. The sweet amalgamation of comfort and style will get you drooling. It is one of the best baby clothes brands in India!

20 Top Kids Clothing Brands In India 2023 - [Updated List]

13. Lilliput:

As adorable as the name is, lilliput is another stylish, cute, and affordable clothing brand for children with many branches all over India. The brand offers its best services, hence it is popular all over India.

Along with excellent services, the quality of clothes is surely a noteworthy element to consider. It is not only trendy but also affordable. Moreover, it is one of the best children’s clothing brands in India.

20 Top Kids Clothing Brands In India 2023 - [Updated List]

12. Nino Bambino:

As organic cotton products are safer for the delicate skin of your child. So opting the soft fiber clothes, free of harmful chemicals is a good choice. But finding such a brand that provides organic clothing is difficult. However, Nino Bambino has solved this issue too! They have a vast variety of organic kidswear from skirts to bodysuits.

The amazing quality and great variety of clothes, make this brand stands from the rest. It is one of the top children’s clothing brands. The vast collection of Nino Bambino includes blazers, dresses, jeans, bodysuits, shorts, leggings, sweaters and so much more.

20 Top Kids Clothing Brands In India 2023 - [Updated List]

11. Best for Quality: Mothercare India

Originally a British operating business, Mothercare has made its name all around the world. It does not only deal with the comfort of babies and kids, but also with the comfort of expectant mothers. Also, it has a firm place in the online market with a strong offline presence.

20 Top Kids Clothing Brands In India 2023 - [Updated List]

10. Babyhug:

Babyhug tries its best to make your adorable babies look even more adorable by providing them with what complements them the most. Along with newborn clothing, it also deals with the clothing of different age groups. However, it is mainly popular because of its newborn clothing.

It does not only provide an unmatchable quality of clothes but also lives up to the expectations of the parents when it comes to price.

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20 Top Kids Clothing Brands In India 2023 - [Updated List]

9. H&M Kids India:

With a great variety of clothing for babies and adults, H&M clothing has proved its name to be a brand worth all the hype and popularity. Moreover, it operates at the most affordable and reasonable prices.

You can also find some great designs, colors, and the most comfortable kidswear in this brand that are durable and long-lasting.

20 Top Kids Clothing Brands In India 2023 - [Updated List]

8. Highest Price Range but Good Quality: Levi’s Kids India:

Whenever durable clothes are discussed, levi’s brand always occupies the top place. It is a famous brand not only in India but worldwide. The brand does not offer only durable clothes, but also affordable ones.

It provides fashionable and elegant clothes options for the kids. So let your kids be the center of attraction by choosing Levi’s kids brand for them.

20 Top Kids Clothing Brands In India 2023 - [Updated List]

7. 612 League Kids:

612 League is another noteworthy popular brand for kids’ clothing in India. The high quality, durable and long-lasting quality of the clothes add it to the list of best clothing brands.

There are almost 56 outlets of this kids’ brand in India along with an online store.

20 Top Kids Clothing Brands In India 2023 - [Updated List]


Are you looking for high-quality clothes at an affordable price? Cartoon Network brand offers attractive and colorful kids for clothes.

The brand also offers various deals and offers on kids’ clothes and other items so you can choose the perfect outfit for your kids.

20 Top Kids Clothing Brands In India 2023 - [Updated List]


The comfortable and 100% cotton clothes manufacturing brand has paved its way to the wardrobes of all kids as it is one of the top-selling brands in India. It offers clothes for kids between the age of 0 to 5 years.

Another praiseworthy feature about this brand is that there is no chemical usage that can harm the baby’s skin. Its priority is delivering the softest clothes of high quality at an affordable price.

20 Top Kids Clothing Brands In India 2023 - [Updated List]

4. Best for Girls Dresses & Gowns: Pinkcow Fashion

If your little girls are Disney princesses fans, then this brand can be their top choice. The clothes by Pinkcow fashion are elegant, formal and just the right choice for evening events. The brand is inspired by Parisian culture.

The brand focuses on the designs and cuts, alluring silhouette, and color scheme of the dresses. From beautiful gowns to mini funky dresses, Pinkcow fashion offers styles that have a luxurious and captivating look. If you’re the mom to a little princess then you must check out these Stylish Gown Designs for Kids.

20 Top Kids Clothing Brands In India 2023 - [Updated List]

3. Best Online Shopping Store for Kids: Myntra

If you’re a fan of online shopping then Myntra knows no introduction. Most of the brands in our list are available at Myntra along with many other great options. You can trust the prices and deliveries are almost always on time.

Our personal favorite is their ethnic collection as you can find the cutest kurtas for boys and lehngas for girls.

20 Top Kids Clothing Brands In India 2023 - [Updated List]

2. Best Sustainable Brand in India for Kids: Poppabum

If you truly believe in quality over quantity along with contributing to environmental protection then this is undoubtedly the best Indian clothing brand for you. Poppabum offers a whole range of pop art inspired clothes for kids that are manufactured sustainably.

20 Top Kids Clothing Brands In India 2023 - [Updated List]

1. Best for Casual Kids Clothes: Hopscotch India

For casual tees, shorts, jeans etc, this Indian clothing brands offers the best value for money.

20 Top Kids Clothing Brands In India 2023 - [Updated List]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which is the best Indian clothing brand for kids?

All the brands that are mentioned above are top-rated kids’ clothing brands of India with Hopscotch, Poppabum and Myntra having the best ranges.

Q. Which brands are the most popular kids' brands?

Levi’s, H&M, Allen Solly Junior, Gini & Jony are some of the most popular brands in India and worldwide. You can learn more on this from our post on the best kids clothing brands in the world.

Q. Where can I find these brands?

You can easily find these brands online. We have attached the links to the websites.

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