Ankara Styles for Babies-19 Adorable Ankara Dresses For Kids 2020

Ankara Dresses For Babies and Kids. The year 2020 has brought stunning trends in kids clothing which is Ankara for kids. Designers have introduced some amazing designs for kids and we are all mesmerized by it. The new concept has revealed that Ankara is not only for adults.

It does not mean Ankara’s are for adults only, the kids can also rock these adorable and stylish Ankara’s. The Ankara print is in vogue and you definitely don’t want your kids to be left out in this trending African fashion and style that is currently booming.

Cutest Ankara Outfits for Kids

There are many Ankara styles for children in the market. Ideally, the market has captured all the possible target markets. This ranges from newborn Ankara kids styles, younger kids style and even those in an adolescent. Of course, the designs get more complex with age since there is more understanding of trend and they equally want to be kept in check.

Ankara Styles for Babies-19 Adorable Ankara Dresses For Kids 2020

Ankara Styles for Babies-19 Adorable Ankara Dresses For Kids 2020

↓ 27 – Ankara Boys Style

The most common Ankara style is to go halfway which means the shirt is made of Ankara with the trouser being of a matching single color. There are plenty of Ankara prints for the shirt such as large traditional prints or drawing. The colours can be picked according to one’s choice.

Ankara Styles for Babies-19 Adorable Ankara Dresses For Kids 2020


↓ 26 – Mother-Daughter Duo Style

The girl is a replica of the mother and so is the son a replica of the father. Ankara styles for mother and child are in trend these days. The mother may have a custom made a dress from the Ankara fabric and she can make a similar one for her child whether it’s a boy or a girl. Some parents to do the same designs while others go for different designs as long as the fabric used is the same. There are various Ankara styles for mother and child that a parent can try out.

Ankara Styles for Babies-19 Adorable Ankara Dresses For Kids 2020


↓ 25 – Skirt Style for Girls

The skirt is just one of the feminine piece of cloth used in Ankara styling since the beginning. Skirts come in different designs ranging from short to long, straight to circular, along with flowered patterns to plain colored among other dimensions.

Although the Ankara styles are open to any designs for children, there are one designs that stand out well. This is the gorgeous skirt with folds and a band that is running to the shoulders and at the back to the waistband. It is suitable for babies or girls who have a little weight.

Ankara Styles for Babies-19 Adorable Ankara Dresses For Kids 2020


↓ 24 – Jumpsuit Style

Jumpsuit Ankara styles for girls is one of the coolest designs in this modern era. The little girl can rock this look. It offers a lot of flexibility and freedom. This attire is perfect for any occasion. Since summers are approaching, this can also be worn at a picnic. A jumpsuit is in simple terms a combination of a top and pants turned into a single attire. It is one of those fascinating Ankara styles for girl children of any age.

Ankara Styles for Babies-19 Adorable Ankara Dresses For Kids 2020

↓ 23 – Stylish Ankara Tops

The most easygoing and comfortable attire for a little girl would be an Ankara top. Ankara tops can be worn with a pair of jeans or trouser. The tops could be of any design whether it’s a peplum design, off the shoulder, balloon or sleeveless design. They give the girl a feminine look along with offering comfort and flexibility.

Ankara Styles for Babies-19 Adorable Ankara Dresses For Kids 2020

↓ 22 – Straight Ankara Style

Ankara styles also have straight dresses. Although the dresses are not body con as would be expected, they do have a good cut so they are not tight or baggy at the same time. This gives the baby the comfort she needs even while playing or walking around. It is one of the most commonly worn styles in Africa.

Ankara Styles for Babies-19 Adorable Ankara Dresses For Kids 2020


↓ 21 – Skater Style

Skater dresses were originally worn by middle-aged ladies. However, the trend is now expanding, and it is also opted by the kids. A skater Ankara dress is circular in shape from the waist down but body con from the waist up. This kind of style makes use of bright patterns that completed with baby looks is just awesome.

Ankara Styles for Babies-19 Adorable Ankara Dresses For Kids 2020

↓ 20 – Dress Ankara Style for Girls

There are various Ankara styles for girls, some are for newborn to one year babies and others for under 5 and above. If you are a parent to a girl then here are some high end, unique and gorgeous Ankara styles for your girl child to choose from. We have put the best dress styles for girls below.

Ankara Styles for Babies-19 Adorable Ankara Dresses For Kids 2020

↓ 19 – Vibrant and Fresh Colours of Ankara Dresses

The intense shades of Ankara fabric make them ideal for infants and kids. The Ankara African Prints are very eye-catching. These fresh shades can be worn any day – while some are more appropriate for occasions like weddings, birthday parties, etc. The clothes can be designed using entirely Ankara fabric or can be blended with dim shades for those who are not fans of such sharp colors. You can spice up your kids’ wardrobe with Ankara Style skirts, shirts or shorts because these striking prints are overwhelming the fashion trends nowadays.

Vibrant Colors of Ankara Dresses


↓ 18 – Ankara Skirts and Tops

In this contemporary fashion world where everyone needs to look stylish, you can make your kids look stunning in these beautifully patterned Ankara skirts and tops. However, one can either wear a patterned skirt or a patterned top; a patterned skirt with a patterned top will be a complete disaster! RECOMMENDED: 10 Most Fashionable Kids on Instagram You Should Follow

Ankara Dresses Skirts and Tops

↓ 17 – Ankara Short Dresses

Ankara short dresses are very popular among kidswear. These cute frocks are preferable in summers specifically. Such short dresses could make heads turn especially in the local prints. Ankara fabric is so much on the high side as compared to the other fabrics.

Ankara Dresses Short Dresses


↓ 16 – Ankara Long Frocks

Girls aged between 8-10 can look ravishing by wearing these elegant long frocks. These long frocks are quite suitable for formal events like dinners, anniversaries etc. These long Ankara dresses with appropriate accessories can make your princesses look dashing.

Ankara Dresses Long Frocks


↓ 15 – Gown Style Ankara Dresses for Weddings

Urban styles Ankara gowns can be worn at the ocean coasts or at musical events. These gowns look very graceful at wedding ceremonies. Such gowns add a new edgy and urban twist to the traditional look of Ankara. Because it originally comes from Africa, most authentic Ankara fabrics are lightweight, airy, and easy to wear in the heat. This makes them the perfect attire for a music festival event. Have a look at these 50 Cutest Pictures of African Girls of All Ages

Ankara Dresses Gown Style

↓ 14 – Off-Shoulder Style Ankara Dresses for Summers

Off-shoulder tops made with Ankara fabric will definitely give your mini-me a wow look, these are extremely classy and can be worn at formal occasions. The style is so cute and chic and looks extremely beautiful on kids.

Ankara Dresses Off-Shoulder Style

↓ 13 – Ankara Jumpsuits for school

Jumpsuits are very common and trendy among kids nowadays. Ankara jumpsuits can make your girls look smart and stylish at the same time. Apart from Ankara, kids and ladies both also look great in aso ebis, so have a look at 2020 Aso-Ebi styles – 18 Latest Lace and Aso Ebi Designs These Days

Ankara Dresses Jumpsuit Style


↓ 12 –  Trendy Ankara Maxy Skirt Style

One amazing thing about this trendy Ankara maxy style is that it can be worn by kids irrespective of their age. The flair and length of this design make it easy to wear. Your mini-me will look very modest and chic in it.

Trendy Ankara Maxy Skirt Style


Step by Step DIY Video Tutorial – How to Make Ankara Pants for Kids

↓ 11 – Dashiki Style Ankara

Dashiki fever! Dashiki print is a huge trend right now in fashion. In the past, Dashiki was considered very casual as in loose fitted tops with usual embroidered v-shaped collars and sleeves but today dashiki style Ankara shirts and short dresses are greatly admired by fashion enthusiasts. You can doll up your baby girls in these cute and cool coloured dresses and make them look extravagant. Here are the Top 20 Ankara Styles for Ladies to Follow in 2020

Ankara Dress Dashiki Style


↓ 10 – Western Style Ankara

Glam is the adjective I use to qualify baby girls in stylish Ankara outfits because they look so beautiful and spectacular. Ankara skirts and shorts blended with western tops can give your little girls a very aesthetic look.

Ankara Dresses in Western Styles

↓ 9 – Ankara Dresses for Fall

Stylish Ankara fall dresses worn with leggings and boots are perfect for your beautiful daughters to complement their beauty. Ankara frocks with plain leggings can accentuate their appearance in winters and give them a very stylish look.

Ankara Dresses for Fall


↓ 8 – Mommy and Kids Matching Ankaras

As cool moms, you can wear nice Ankara dresses, matching your princesses to look chic, add a little bit of swag to be on top of the games. Everyone from Beyonce’ to Kim Kardashian has embraced the new Ankara. Thus, these bright and charming dresses are not only for your kids, but you can also wear these outfits modestly. RECOMMENDED 14 Cute Matching Outfits For Siblings That The Family Will Love

Mommy and Kids Ankara Styles

↓ 7 – Ankaras for Wedding Occasions

Using Ankara-inspired print fabrics, you can transform the original cotton using silk, chiffon or any other thin material and create a luxuriant western-style dress. These dresses will look extravagant on occasions like weddings.

Ankara Dresses for Wedding Occasions

↓ 6 – Ankara Dresses for Christmas

Ankara tutu dresses can make your little princesses look perfect and charming. The tutu style mingled with Ankara is extremely modern and trendy. Style your baby girls in this adorable tutu inspired Ankara dresses! For more holiday-inspired kids outfits, check out 20 Cute Holiday outfits for Kids for Different Occasions

Ankara Dresses for Christmas

↓ 5 – Ankara Dresses for Parties

For birthdays, anniversaries, casual parties and much more, you can rock matching Ankara outfits with your princess and or with the whole family. Embrace the fashion in these enchanting Ankara dresses and I bet you both gonna look gorgeous and fabulous. The silk and chiffon Ankara dresses are ideal for parties and social events.Ankara Dresses as Party Wear

↓ 4 – Swag Ankara Jackets for Baby Boys

Just like other male fashionistas, your little boys can also slay Ankara jackets on formal events. You can also make your adorable baby boys look fantastic and dashing in these Ankara jackets, especially that which is made of Ankara fabric “winks” (for the love for Ankara though).

Ankara Style Jackets for Baby Boys


↓ 3 – Best Girls Hairstyles to Carry With Ankara Dresses

You can highlight these fantastic Ankara dresses with not only African and Dutch braids but also with these Ankara Fabric hairbands. Side buns and high ponytails will look exceptionally adorable as well as modest on formal events.
Hair Styles for Kids

↓ 2 – Cutest Kids Accessories with Ankara

One piece of scene-stealing Ankara hairband is also a must-have for every Ankara outfit. Even a sophisticated little black dress can be complemented with a unique piece of designer Ankara hairband. Even matching Ankara hairbands make little girls look super cute.

Hair Accessories to Wear with Ankara Dresses 2



Hair Accessories to Wear with Ankara Dresses


↓ 1 – Shoes to Wear With Ankara Dresses

Flat pumps are immensely worn with the formal Ankara maxy skirts and frocks while gladiator sandals look stunning if worn with Ankara summer dresses. However, boots will give a complete and perfect look with fall style Ankara frocks.

Shoes to Wear with Ankara Dresses

Fashionistas all over the world are overwhelmed with this kind of Ankara art. In fact, it is kind of obvious that Ankara designs are admired so widely that they are not part of the ordinary fashion scene only. Children Ankara styles are not so sophisticated in design as those of their parents or adults. They designs range from simple to mid complex designs. A child can rock Ankara kid style for different purposes. The length and fitting is the obvious determinant of whether it suits an occasion or not. For instance, if a child is to attend a wedding ceremony, an Ankara gown would do perfectly well for them. However, if the same is for an outing, this could inappropriate. I would recommend an Ankara top complimented by a pair of matching jeans trousers, or an Ankara jumpsuit. The Ankara styles for children are designed with a purpose in mind that it keeps them happy and comfortable.

If you have been searching for some really cool Ankara styles for your kids and babies, we are sure you must have got plenty of ideas from this article. For sure you must have also found some creative designs for your kids such as the Ankara designer dresses and Multi-colour frocks that you can’t resist. So, just relax and choose some fashionable and comfortable styles for your kids.


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