Top 12 Women Clothing Brands in India 2020 List

Top Indian Women Fashion Brands. India is definitely one of the most fashionable countries in the world and we’re blessed to have some of the best brands within our reach. There are a number of renowned international brands as well as great equally good local ones which give them good competition.

Fashion in India can vary so much as we people are always willing to try and exhibit trends from all around the globe. We love dressing in the eastern styles, above all of which are sarees and kurtis and other styles are to follow, which are basically our true identity and provide a sense of belongingness to our nation in the fullest. On the other hand, we also equally admire draping ourselves in the western fashions and are ever ready to go for the trendy blouses, pants, skirts, and more. And then, we have our amazing brands in India that deliver an exquisite combination of both, the eastern and western cultures.

Most Popular Female Clothing Brands In India

India today, is home to multiple brands offering the best quality clothing to adorn ourselves with. Hence we’ve compiled today a list of our favorite brands, both local and international, that you’ll definitely love to try. Do let us know what you think of this list and which of these brands you have tried.

Top 10 Women Clothing Brands in India 2020 List

Read on to know what makes these brands special and have a sneak peek at some of their latest outfits.

How Did We Decide?

This list is a combination of numerous Indian local brands that are tremendously creative and some top-notch international brands that have set a strong foot in global fashion. All the brands have their own separate fan base and are leading the Indian fashion market. The brands’ Instagram following, sale statistics, and customer reviews helped us decide how renowned and widely accepted a brand is among the shopper community.

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12 – Anavila

11 – Manyavar

10 – Quirk Box

9 – Allen Solly

8 – W for Woman

7 – Biba

6 – FabIndia

5 – Global Desi

4 – Zara

3 – Chumbak

2 – The Label – Ritu Kumar

1 – H&M

↓ 12 – Anavila

For the ladies who are admirers of pastel hues, the Indian brand Anavila exists for you. The brand is best known for its Indian ethnic wear, particularly sarees. The attires are best to be worn for casual events as well as formal. For those of us who prefer outfits in minimalistic adornments, Anavila is our ultimate savior. With their beautiful prints and patterns, Anavila creates masterpieces that are exquisite to the sight. While Anavila does not have its own online store you can buy its products for as low as $55 to as high as $812 at online retailers such as OGAAN.

Top 10 Women Clothing Brands in India 2020 List

Dia Mirza in Anavila.

Top 10 Women Clothing Brands in India 2020 List

↓ 11 – Ethnic Wear for Weddings & Special Occasions – Manyavar

Manyavar is the sound of celebration! Want to flaunt your ethnic style this wedding season? Or for a special occasion like Diwali, engagement and birthday parties? Manyavar will truly satisfy your fashion palette. Manyavar focuses on the formal side of eastern fashion and delivers some of the most trending and beautiful designs that can ever exist in the Indian fashion lineage. Catering to both, men and women, Manyavar is one of the topmost fashion houses in India, renowned for its powerful creativity and intrinsic color palettes used to create exceptional outfits.  Even for bridal wear, they will never disappoint you. From anarkalis to shalwar kameez, lehenga choli and all else that exists in the eastern fashion world, Manyavar has it for you. The price point at Manyavar’s is simply impressive as their Sarees just start at $30, Kurti suits at $46 and exquisite bridals at $123 and go as high as up to $1693 so do check out their online store.

To further prove that Manyavar is amazing at what it does, we have our very favorite celebrities to vouch for the brand.

The gorgeous Karishma Kapoor draped in a beautiful resham handwork lehenga choli by Manyavar is taking our breath away. You should also check out these Best Kareena Kapoor outfits and Dressing Styles Of All Time.

Top 10 Women Clothing Brands in India 2020 List

Anushka Sharma in an intricate blush pink sharara dress that you can get for $1695 at Manyavar.

Top 10 Women Clothing Brands in India 2020 List

↓ 10 – Indian Designer – Quirk Box

The creative masterpiece of award-winning artist Jayesh Sachdev. The outfits are incredibly funky and full of life so this is the brand we’ll be looking forward to the most this year. Designs at Quirk box are not something we get to see every day at every brand or store. They are actually the brain juices of the very talented designer behind them who has particularly a very artistic approach towards fashion which makes him stand apart from the rest. The best part is, prices at Quirk Box can be as low as just $9 for a top and can go as high as @99 at max for one of their sarees so go ahead and shop here.

Check out these beautiful pieces from them for both formal and casual wear. The colors in this saree make it perfect Top 10 Women Clothing Brands in India 2020 List

And here’s a look at their gorgeous bomber jacket.

Top 10 Women Clothing Brands in India 2020 List

Top 10 Women Clothing Brands in India 2020 List

↓ 9 –  Allen Solly

Allen Solly has been operating in India since 1993 and in recent years it has become a highly preferred brand because of its trendy and on-point outfits. Allen Solly has been a brand catering to both, men and women for all these years.  Women can find every type of western clothing item here such as skirts, shirts, jeans, trousers, and jumpsuits, etc. However, you won’t find much ethnic wear here. Of course but for those who wear western outfits and are always interested in exploring the most fashionable items in the genre, this is the place to go to. Plus, Allen Solly is a great pick for working women as well, for its outfits such as jackets, pants, and blouses most suited for professional environments. Prices at Allen Solly can fall anywhere in between $5 to $42 depending on the category of outfits that you choose.

Top 10 Women Clothing Brands in India 2020 List

Top 10 Women Clothing Brands in India 2020 List

↓ 8 – W For Woman

Yet another India’s fashion baby is W for Woman. The brand is known well for its desi dresses variety and offers a wide range of designs with minimal adornments and promising styles. The best part of W for Woman is that it caters to women of all ages. The focus here is shifted to working women as well as housewives and designs that can be worn by ages of anywhere from fifteen to fifty. Dresses at W For Woman can cost you between $19 up to $150. Isn’t that great!

Top 10 Women Clothing Brands in India 2020 List

↓ 7 – Fusion Wear Brand – Biba

Biba is one Indian brand that is loved by ethnic wear fans. They produce really eye-catching kurtis, shalwar kameez, and other desi outfits. Their cuts represent the ethnic Indian fashion in entirety. The embroideries and prints used in the designs are marvelous. If you are the Desi girl who loves adorning herself in the motherland traditions that are graceful and stylish at the same time, Biba is just the right pick for you. Prices at Biba can lie between $6 to $3299 depending on your choice of outfit. You can also find more such ideas from these 24 Latest Dresses Designs for Indian Bridesmaids.

Top 10 Women Clothing Brands in India 2020 List

Shop this look for $98

Top 10 Women Clothing Brands in India 2020 List


↓ 6 – Best Brand for the Quality-Conscious Indian Women – FabIndia

If you prefer quality over quantity then you have probably already heard of FabIndia. Here you can find ethnic wear, western wear and even outfits that are a fusion of both these styles. Being one of the best sellers in the various varieties of clothing, FabIndia still stands out for its ethnic wear. The brand was found in 1960 by John Bissel, an American who was working in India’s retail industry but today the brand has grown tremendously with a number of stores across the country. You can shop their clothes for as low as $8 up to $290 at FabIndia online store.

Also, have a look at these Indian Celebrity Snapchat Accounts to follow for the latest fashion trends and Bollywood gossips.

Top 10 Women Clothing Brands in India 2020 List

↓ 5 –  Global Desi – Top Indian Ethnic Wear Brand

Another one of India’s original fashion brands, Global Desi belongs to Anita Dongre. Focused on the bohemian style, Global desi is your stop for chic trendy nomad style fashion desires.  So if you’re a fan of the boho fashion trends then this is one brand that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. The offers from the brands are pretty much what the latest fashion trends are in the western niche today. Apart from the western cuts and styles, Global desi is also a very exceptional choice for eastern fashion. Their styles are immaculate. You’ll definitely love this brand’s outfits as it has taken elements from not just bohemian style but also mixed it up with Indian culture to create some unique pieces that look and feel great. The price point offered by Global Desi is great too; starting from $6 up to $130.

Top 10 Women Clothing Brands in India 2020 List

Also, time and again Global Desi has been the choice of celebrities that show the brand’s reach and how accepted their designs are.

Global Desi has been worn by Kangana Ranaut at multiple times. The actress has also been the brand ambassador for the brand and totally depicts the styles of every other Indian woman in its best form.

Top 10 Women Clothing Brands in India 2020 List

Shop this look here for $52.Top 10 Women Clothing Brands in India 2020 List

Shop this look here for $60.

The gorgeous Shraddha Kapoor has also chosen Global Desi for her outfits. Here she is posing for a picture wearing a casual shalwar kameez outfit by Global Desi.

Top 10 Women Clothing Brands in India 2020 List

↓ 4 – Favorite International Brand – Zara

Zara is an international retail fashion brand for both men and women. But in India, it is the most preferred brand that women have always loved to choose for both, casual and formal wear. Zara is mainly the epitome of global fashion trends and the best part is that we get to experience fashion at a very affordable price. Yes, Zara as a brand is basically the icon of fashion for all. To make it all the easier for consumers to gain access to the brand’s offerings, in October 2017, Zara additionally started an online shopping facility and app for its Indian consumers which has made things even more convenient. Apart from being the choice of every Indian woman who is a passionate fashion follower, Zara has time to time proven to be an admired brand by many of our lovable celebrities. Here are some of India’s top celebrities looking spectacular in simple Zara outfits. Buy Zara for $14 up to $130 here. 

Here we have Shraddha Kapoor in a yellow leather jacket by Zara.

Top 10 Women Clothing Brands in India 2020 List

Next up, we have Athiya Shetty in a Sateen shirt dress by Zara. She has been using it as a night suit and is giving us some serious bedtime goals.

Top 10 Women Clothing Brands in India 2020 List

And last but not the least, there’s Katrina Kaif spotted in a cropped polka-dotted jumpsuit at a recent party. The brand’s outfits are ideal for women who prefer to go the minimalist way, which is exactly what’s trending this year.

Top 10 Women Clothing Brands in India 2020 List

↓ 3 – An Indian Brand for Your Western Needs – Chumbak

If you’re looking for an affordable brand based in India that can provide you with good quality and fashionable western outfits then Chumbak is the label to go for. Whether you look at their tops, tees or dresses for women, every outfit is simply adorable and surely worth the money. They incorporate casual clothing with trends very nicely, bringing out an outfit that is sure to make the wearer look like an absolute fashionista; basically exactly what a lady wants. And their Instagram feed is simply breathtaking so do check it out here. Prices at Chumbak start at $8 and can go up to $50 so shop here.

Top 10 Women Clothing Brands in India 2020 List

↓ 2 – The Label – Ritu Kumar

Competing neck to neck with the global fashion giants, India has its very own brand that is breaking all the records in the fashion industry. The Label by Ritu Kumar offers unique fashion experiences that every desi girl has to try and we are sure it will not just be once after that. The brand offers the perfect fusion of western cuts with easter patterns. Isn’t that amazing, getting the best of both the styles in one single dress. When we say dress, we are talking about dresses significantly, as in minis and midis; The Label is particularly best at those. Sundresses and casual dresses for everyday wear or especially vacations are one of the fortes at The Label. In addition to the dresses, the brand does exceptionally well in tops and trousers as well. The Label has its own online store as well where you can buy dresses starting from $74 to somewhere up to $371. Here are the Latest Kurti Designs 2020 From Top 20 Kurti Designers These Days.

Top 10 Women Clothing Brands in India 2020 List

Shop this dress here for $208.

↓ 1 – Top International Fashion Brand in India – H&M

While Zara continues to be a household name for many Indian fashionistas, according to statistics, H&M has now taken over Zara as India’s fastest-growing International fashion brand. H&M is a preferred choice for many because of the great deals that it often has to offer and because of this, many competitors have had to slash their prices too. Indian women can find almost anything they like from H&M at a great price such as maxis, skirts, cardigans and what not. From time to time, we have seen many Bollywood celebrities too, opting for H&M. Here are our top four pictures from last year. Shop at H&Mfor $3 to $270 here 

Kareena Kapoor wearing an H&M jumper with V-neck.

Top 10 Women Clothing Brands in India 2020 List


Deepika Padukone in an H&M sweater:

Top 10 Women Clothing Brands in India 2020 List

Once again, Deepika looking spectacular in an H&M maxi dress. You should also check out more on this beauty in these 20 Best Looks of Deepika Padukone this Season.

Top 10 Women Clothing Brands in India 2020 List

And lastly, we have the gorgeous Gauhar Khan wearing an H&M cropped hoodie with jeans and Adidas shoes.

Top 10 Women Clothing Brands in India 2020 List

So, these are the top 12 Indian clothing brands for women. Check them out and let us know which one you liked the best.


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