Female Arabic Names–70 Popular Arabic Names for Girls with Meanings

Female Arabic Names. It’s not always a matter of comfort when it comes to naming your kid as best as possible. With millions of choices at your disposal, the tougher it is to just pick one and assign your kid to be called for the rest of their life.

And this is why exactly, are we here for, to assist you in making it as easier as we can and narrow down some of the best choices present.

So have a look at the top 70 most popular and attractive Arabic names for girls that have remained recognized and liked for several years now and will continue to be for more years to come. You can also find some rare names for this year if you wish your kid to be named something that’s unique and rarely known.

Top Most Popular Arabic Names for Girls

Female Arabic Names70 Popular Arabic Names for Girls with Meanings

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1- Ayesha: Ayesha was the name of the favorite wife of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H)

2- Fatima: a girl’s name, also used for a person who abstains

3- Aiza: someone who is respectable, respectful

4- Mariam: it means the star of the sea

5- Abida: means a worshipper

6- Afiya: well-being of someone

7- Alyas: someone who’s the bravest

8- Aman: a strong believer

9- Amira: a princess

10- Aruba: someone who loves the strongest

Female Arabic Names70 Popular Arabic Names for Girls with Meanings

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11- Asha: means the same as Aisha, woman, life

12- Annisa: of a friendly nature

13- Ashia: it means life

14- Asiya: one who heals others

15- Jana: a gift from the God

16- Malak: one who is angelic in some way

17- Salma: peace-loving, peaceful

18- Nour: light, light that brings bliss

19- Lian: soft and tender

20- Sara: of pure and happy nature

Female Arabic Names70 Popular Arabic Names for Girls with Meanings

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21- Joury: means a red rose

22- Mayar: it means sun’s reflection on the moon and a person who brings welfare

23- Adiva: all pleasant and gentle nature

24- Zaira: it means rose in Arabic

25- Darya: it means sea in Arabic

26- Veeda: this name means ‘evident’ in Arabic

27- Salena: it means the moon in Arabic

28- Rayah: someone who’s a friend

29- Nimaah: used as a blessing

30- Nabila: noble/princess

Female Arabic Names70 Popular Arabic Names for Girls with Meanings

31- Meher: it means benevolence

32- Mahala: the most powerful. Also, a perfect choice for giving your daughter a strong identity

33- Lakia: it means treasure in Arabic

34- Haniya: it means the happiest

35- Faizah: it means victorious or winner in Arabic

36- Daima: a unique name that means ‘always’ in Arabic

37- Aminah: it means trustworthy

38- Ziya: light, rays of light

39- Pegah: it means dawn

40- Aisha: prosperous, living

Female Arabic Names70 Popular Arabic Names for Girls with Meanings

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41- Aaliyah: sublime, exalted

42- Alya: one who’s from heaven

43- Amal: hopeful, to have hope

44- Amber: a gemstone also used as a name of a woman

45- Asha: one who’s alive, alive sensation

46- Elham: an inspiration

47- Gamilia: a woman who’s the most gorgeous

48- Iman: faith, a faithful person

49- Ishtar: used for the name of Goddess of love

50- Khadija: used for an early child

51- Lila: a woman of the night

52- Lina: a little palm tree

53- Nahla: water

54- Lupe: from the wolf’s river

55- Naima: calm and composed

56- Najwa: speaking in whisper

57- Nashwa: a state of euphoria

58- Nawal: a classy name meaning present

59- Nawra: bloom

60- Niesha: someone who’s full of life

Female Arabic Names70 Popular Arabic Names for Girls with Meanings

61- Nuha: it means the sage

62- Nura: something that’s filled with light

63- Oma: thriving, developing

64- Qadira: powerful, strong

65- Rihanna: unclear, vague

66- Sabah: it means forenoon

67- Sada: it means good luck

68- Sahar: it means daybreak

69- Shakira: it means being grateful, thankful

70- Thana: praise

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