Playroom Ideas for Kids – 15 Small Playroom Ideas on a Budget

Playroom Ideas for Kids: Every child wished to have their playroom in the house. Therefore, we have to make their childhood a memorable journey for them. Who doesn’t want to play and enjoy different activities at home? Everyone does! Even I want to play with toys in my 20’s and desire to have my activity corner in my house. Is it funny? Well, you can say, Yes! But I wish to have it. There are plenty of playroom ideas for kids, but we have to see some easy and cool ones.

Well, do your kids want their small playroom? Are you confused about where to make it for them? Do you know about various budget-friendly playroom Ideas for kids? 

Don’t worry! I have gathered beautiful, budget-friendly, and easy playroom ideas for kids which will help you create them for your kids. All of the mamas and daddies out there, it’s time to make your kids happier than ever. Follow my article to get Amazing ideas along with places where you can buy them easily. 

Playroom Ideas for Kids

How Do You Create Playroom for Kids?

If you don’t know the importance of a playroom, then you are missing something. Yes, it is necessary to provide kids a place where they can enjoy and play different activities. However, creating a playroom for fun and games is a great way to encourage kids to play and polish their creative minds for the future.

But are you on a budget? Are there any tips to make an inexpensive playroom for kids?

Well, what if I told you that you could easily create an artistic playroom for your kids without spending so much money?   

Tips to make small Playroom on a Budget

Are you ready to make a small, inexpensive, and budget-friendly playroom for your kids? Here I am sharing few tips to make a small playroom for your kids.

  • Try out some DIY ideas to make small things for the playroom including, slides, fort, chairs, chalkboard wall, and much more. 
  • Always plan your budget and create the idea in your mind and on a chart before implementing.
  • Make storage space with the help of DIY ideas for toys. 
  • The other main thing about the playroom is that it should be reachable for kids. So, that they can easily pick up toys and their stuff on their own. 
  • However, make it more teachable. In this way, they can learn different things before their school. 
  • Moreover, encourage your kids to paint and create an area for painting. Similarly, you can create a scrabble wall using DIY hacks.

Well, I hope these tips and tricks might help you to create playroom Ideas for your kids.

Where to Organize Playroom for Kids?

Do you have a spare room in your house that you might rent out? Make it into the ideal children’s playroom! Whether your kids enjoy dressing up, playing with toys, or doing crafts, there are various ideas for a playroom, and you won’t miss it. Right?
You can make it under your staircase place, or an attic, or any small storeroom. See! Many ideas are ahead.

When to Create Playroom for Kids?

Do you get tired of clear-out toys only to see them spread across the living room floor minutes later? Why not convert a spare room or attic into a fun play area for the kids?  If yes, then it’s time to create a small playroom in your home for your kids. 

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↓ 15 – Choose Fun Bright Colors

Colors are always useful in a creative way when we want to create a playroom. Kids love bright colors, and usually, colors attract them in many ways. Therefore, if you are determined to make a playroom for your kids, but you are low on budget, then choose fun and bright colors for kids. However, you can paint the room itself. It’s daring though! Well, the playroom should have a good vibe, and colors play an important role. 

If you don’t want to paint the whole room bright, you should try one wall only. Even you can paint any furniture or storage box and what about the ceiling? Another way to incorporate bright colors in a playroom is to add some bright wallpapers to your walls. 

playroom Ideas for kids

↓ 14 – Easy Storage

Well, kids are messy! They love to create a mess of toys everywhere. Therefore, storage space is a necessary thing to consider while creating a playroom for kids. The best thing is that DIY storage space is easy and inexpensive. You can easily create your storage box with cartons, boxes or can order it online.
Moreover, shelves are also the best idea for storage space. You can place books, toys, paints, and other small things for kids. However, it is your choice to have wooden shelves with brackets beside them, or plain-Jane shelving is also budget-friendly. Well, I would say try to make storage boxes at home with the help of different tools.

playroom Ideas for kids

↓ 13 – Small Book Shelve

Small shelves can accommodate books and smaller toys, allowing you to use the floor storage space for larger goods. Book shelve looks amazing in small playroom layout. Furthermore, Floating shelves, free-standing shelves, and bookcases are great ideas for a small playroom design system. You can incorporate toys, books, frames, and other little decoration pieces on them. Check from here.

playroom Ideas for kids

↓ 12 – Chalkboard Accent Wall

Here is another best Idea for an accent wall to increase visual interest in the playroom. Yes, it is the most inexpensive one, and you can easily make it for your kids. Well, you will enjoy while designing the wall. However, the chalkboard accent wall Idea for the playroom is fascinating. You can grab any chalkboard paint and turn out any wall into an accent wall. 

If you want to make your kids feel on top of the world, then it’s the best way to encourage them to show their creativity. Well, you will watch your kids painting the wall with chalk and their artistic nature. Moreover, it is a good way to save your money and make your kids happy as calm. Do you like the Idea? 

playroom Ideas for kids

↓ 11 – DIY Art Corner

Kids love to draw and paint everywhere. That’s why DIY art corner is a great idea as well as exciting. When your kids see this corner in their playroom, they will become full of the joys of spring. Well, I believe kids are born artists! Don’t know, but I feel it is true.
Moreover, you can hang your kid’s paintings with strings, clothespins, and some thumbtacks. You can easily hang paintings with strings. Hence, this idea is budget-friendly. But you can also place them on a wall or frame them. Every time your kids see their painting hanging on a wall with a string, they will become super excited.

playroom Ideas for kids

↓ 10 – Toys and Entertainment

Toys are the most favorite playtime, and kids love to play all-time with their toys. For them, it’s entertainment, and they feel toys are their friends. But nowadays toys are much more expensive than ever. Toys take tons of your money to decorate your playroom. Well, I am just telling you about expensive ones. Don’t worry!
There is no need to buy so expensive ones. There are many shops and online stores that provide toys of every kind at in low price. You can get them from yard sales, Facebook marketplace, and thrift stores.

↓ 9 – Small Tables and Chairs

Small tables and chairs in the playroom look adorable. Your kids can sit on them and draw, eat there, play, and do whatever they want. Providing a separate area for children to sit in chairs at a table will improve their posture and allow them to engage in activities other than playing with toys. This is especially crucial in preparation for school when kids will be required to sit at a desk and in a chair. See these cute chairs and tables from here.

↓ 8 – Activity Corner

I believe activity corner is necessary for the playroom for kids. It helps to sharpen their minds because playing different activities increase their mind power and strength.
Why choose just one game when there are so many to choose from? Convert a vacated garage, a pool house, or a large attic into a large playroom. Add a ping pong table and a foosball table for some tournaments, then install a disco ball to transform the space into a dancehall when the lights go out. Buy some activity things from here.

↓ 7 – Warm Lighting for Atmosphere

The kid usually loves to sit in a bright and warm lighting atmosphere. As they want to play a time, but when it’s bedtime, so twinkling stars and moon in dazzling playroom look enchanting. Well, it is always good to have warm lights in a kid’s room.

↓ 6 – Install a Climbing Wall

Take inspiration from this climbing wall which is super easy to make in the playroom. You can easily buy climbing holds from here. It brings energy to your kids, and their physical health becomes good.

↓ 5 – Build a Fort

Children enjoy creating forts, and they would enjoy hanging out under a genuine fort that they wouldn’t have to remove every time they made one in the common areas.

Moreover, a fort that goes beyond blankets and cushions is a fun playroom design must-have. Make a themed fort, such as an indoor treehouse, a pirate ship, or a castle. If you’re looking for inexpensive playroom ideas, a teepee fort is a great option.

playroom Ideas for kids

↓ 4 – Create a Mini Stage

Allow your kids to put on a show in their favorite dress-up outfit from the stage. Organize your kid’s outfits on a simple clothing rack, and they can simply create with minimal tools, plywood, and paint.

Moreover, this low-cost DIY playroom stage, which just requires some lumber, drywall anchors, and curtain panels, will appeal to the skilled carpenter. If you want to keep things simple, get some attractive curtains and a shower rod to hang in a corner of the room.

playroom Ideas for kids

↓ 3 – Invest in a Slide

Every child loves to play in the playground and enjoy different rides there. The slide is one of their favorite. Well, the playground is always so intriguing. And I want to play in the park because I don’t have a playroom.

But you can give your kids this facility, and it’s super inexpensive. You can get it from anywhere online and buy it from a shop. Buy from here.

playroom Ideas for kids

↓ 2 – Book Corner for Reading

It is the most important thing in a kid’s playroom. Reading with playing is necessary for their knowledge and growth. A reading nook is a must-have for every kid’s playroom. After a long day of playing, add some floating shelves, fluffy cushions, a few blankets, and your child’s favorite stories, and they can unwind with a nice read! Check DIY adjustable bookcase.


↓ 1 – Blackboard Planner

You know weekly, and monthly planner is an important thing, and you have to make your kids punctual of time and date. It is the best thing you can add to your kid’s playroom. All you need is blackboard paint and some masking tape. Well, you can see that everything is inexpensive, and DIY hacks are helpful.

At last, I would recommend you all try these DIY playroom Ideas which are budget-friendly. Your kids will love these ideas for sure. I hope this article is useful for you and might encourage you to build a playroom for your kids.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to decorate your kids room in low budget?

A: Here are few things that might help you to decorate your kid’s room within a low budget.

  • Paint.
  • Use stickers.
  • Stick with twins.
  • Try to DIY.
  • Infuse color and texture.
  • Add greenery.

Q: What is the best place to make kids playroom?

A: If they’re upstairs, they can get pretty noisy,” Guyton remarked. “I’d say it’s best to have them below you rather than above you.” If an upstairs playroom is the only choice, try building it over a garage or another out-of-the-way location in the home.

Q: How can I decorate my kids room without spending money?

A: Well there are many ways to decorate your kid’s room and no much money will require.

  • Rearrange the furniture.
  • Use the old paint cans.
  • Make a bed with old pallets.
  • Recycle your used materials.
  • Use skateboard of your children as a shelve.
  • Add some artificial flowers.
  • Make a wooden playhouse.

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