50 Beautiful Turkish Names for Girls (With Meanings)

Turkish Names for Girls- Naming your little bundle of joy holds so much significance in all cultures across the world. Why? Because that name will be your princess’s identity for life and as the Muslim believes, the meaning of the name does impact the child’s personality.

That said, if you are looking for Turkish baby girl names to name your daughter or niece, then look no further. We have compiled a list of the 50 most beautiful Turkish names for girls, just for you!

How Did We Decide?

With Turkish dramas and stars gaining popularity worldwide, it is hard not to associate beautiful names with the beautiful faces of the characters. The audiences have gone Ga-Ga over how unique Turkish names are. Not only unique, but each name also has historic significance, religious importance, beautiful meaning associated with it or in some cases all three attributes. Then how can one not consider giving their daughter a Turkish name?

In our last post, we discussed Modern Names For Muslim Girls and today we will make you drool over Turkish girl names.

Islamic Turkish Girl Names

Turkish Names for Girls


About 99% of the population in Turkey is of Muslim, hence, parents often search for Turkish Islamic girl names to name their daughters. Below is a list of some Islamic baby girl names from the Quran that are spelt and pronounced a little different in Turkish than in Arabic.

  • Fatma

Meaning: Fatma/ Fatima/ Fatimah is an Islamic Turkish girl’s name. It holds great significance as it was the name of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s daughter.

  • Sumeyye

Meaning: It means a woman of high standards or someone who is high above others. Also, Sumaiyyah bint Khabbat was the first woman to obtain shahadat in Islam.

  • Zeynep

Meaning: Zeynep/Zainab is an Arabic name that means valuable jewels and precious stones. Zainab Bint Muhammad was the name of the eldest daughter of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Hazrat Khadija (RA).

  • Sidika

Meaning: This name derives from the Arabic word Sadiq, which means Truthful. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was known as Sadiq for his honesty across the Arab. Therefore, Sidika is used for a woman who is honest and truthful.

  • Emine

Meaning: Emine or Aminah is an Arabic origin name. This is one of the most common Turkish girl names. It means one who is fearless and courageous. Aminah ibnat Wahb was the name of the mother of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

  • Hatice

Meaning: The name has good character attributes attached to it such as virtue, honesty, and good morals. Hatice is the Turkish variant name of the Arabic name Khadija. It is also the name of the wife of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

  • Ayşe

Meaning: It has dual meanings. Most people perceive the name meanings for Peace and love but it also means someone who is Rich. In Arabic, Ayse is Aisha. This name holds great significance in Islam as it is the daughter name of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) closest companion, Hazrat Abu Bakr, to whom the Prophet later got married.

  • Sara

Meaning: Sara or Sarah is an Arabic name which means Pure. It was also the name of the wife of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and the mother of Prophet Isaac (AS).

  • Halima

Meaning: Halima, Halimeh, Halime or Halimah is an Arabic name meaning Gentle, Mild-mannered and Generous. This name holds a special place in the Muslim community because this was the name of the foster mother of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Moreover, this name rose to popularity after the character of Halimah Sultan, played by Esra Bilgic in the Turkish Drama Series Ertugrul.

  • Meryem

Meaning: This name means a beloved and beautiful woman. Maryam or Meryam was also the name of the mother of Prophet Isa (AS).

Unisex Turkish Girl Names

Turkish Names for Girls


Not going for the gender reveal for the baby? No worries, we have a huge list of gender-neutral Turkish names with beautiful meanings that you would love.

  • Bilge

Meaning: This name has a Turkish origin, meaning someone who is Smart and Wise.

  • Esen

Meaning: Having a Turkish origin, this name means a Breeze. You can perceive it as someone who has a personality as gentle as a breeze.

  • Ferhan

Meaning: it is a Turkish Muslim name meaning Content, Happy and Joyous.

  • Göksel

Meaning: This beautiful Turkish name means Celestial and Heavenly.

  • Kayra

Meaning: You can name your child Kayra as it means Bounty and a Gift of God.

  • Deniz

Meaning: It is a unisex Turkish name which means The Sea. It is one of the most popular Turkish Names.

  • Reyhan

Meaning: This name is derived from Turkish and Arabic origins and its means someone who is Favoured by God.

  • Olcay

Meaning: Olcay is a gender-neutral name meaning Luck or Lucky.

  • Sila

Meaning: This name means to Reunite with your loved ones who live in their hometown.

  • Ozge

Meaning: The literal meaning of the name Ozge is Unique or Distinct.

Cool Turkish Girl Names

Now everyone has come across parents who spend days searching for a cool name which stays in style even after decades. Below is a list of such cool names, which are shared by popular Turkish celebrities as well.

  • Belgin

Meaning: bearing Turkish origin, this name means Clear or someone with a pure heart and intentions. Belgin Erdogan is a famous Turkish actress known for her work in Yalanci Yarim, Ruya and Kursun Yarasi.

Turkish Names for Girls
  • Berrak:

Meaning: Berrak is a Woman of clarity. The name origin is Turkish. This name is shared by a superhot model Berrak Tüzünataç who has worked in the music video of Serdar Ortac’s song ‘Canima Minnet’ and made her acting debut in Beyzanin Kadinlari.

Turkish Names for Girls
  • Ebrar

Meaning: This name stands for someone who is Virtuous. Ebrar Alya Demirbilek is a young little Turkish actress known for her work in Hercai, Meleklerin Aski and Zevcat.

Turkish Names for Girls


  • Elmas

Meaning: Elmas is for a woman who has a personality bright Like a Diamond. Naz Elmas is a famous Turkish Actress who shares the same name. She has worked in several movies including G.O.R.A, Ya Sonra and Stajyer Mafya.

Turkish Names for Girls


  • Ayca

Meaning: It means the Crescent of The Moon. This is also the name of the successful Turkish actress Ayca Aysin Turan who has worked in popular Television series and dramas.

Turkish Names for Girls


  • Ceyda

Meaning: Ceyda is often referred to as someone who is tall and beautiful. The literal meaning of the name is a girl with a long neck, which is a beauty attribute in Asia. Ceyda Kozluca is a 5 ft 11-inch Turkish professional female basketball player.

  • Aysun

Meaning: The literal meaning of Aysun is a girl with a face as pretty as the moon. Aysun Kayacı is a Turkish model and actress who became famous after her revolutionary Pepsi Cola commercial in 2007.

Turkish Names for Girls


  • Dilek

Meaning: This name means a Desire or a Request. This name is shared by popular model actress Dilek Serbest and by the first female surgeon to implant an artificial heart Dilek Gursoy.

Turkish Names for Girls


  • Feryal

Meaning: This name is of Arabic origin, meaning Decoration or Possessing Beauty of the Light. A notable personality sharing the same name includes Feryal Ozel, a Turkish-American astrophysicist.

Turkish Names for Girls


  • Gamze

Meaning: Gamze is a cute name meaning Dimple on the cheek when someone smiles. This name is shared by Turkish women’s footballer Gamze Nur Yaman and, Turkish-Dutch actress, Gamze Tazim.

Turkish Names for Girls


Modern Turkish Girl Names

Turkish Names for Girls


If you want to name your baby girl something that is a blend of Asian and European origins then keep reading. We have gathered a list of modern Muslim girls names that sound English and have beautiful meanings.

  • Aliye

Meaning: This name has a Turkish origin meaning a Lady who is High and Exalted. You can spell it as Aliya or Alia as well.

  • Alara

Meaning: Alara means a Mythological Aquatic Fairy. It is believed that the aquatic fairy has the power to grand wishes and mend broken hearts.

  • Safir

Meaning: Safir is derived from the English word Sapphire, which is a shiny blue diamond.

  • Maysun

Meaning: This name means beautiful in Arabic language. The pronunciation of this name is similar to the English name Mason.

  • Banou:

Meaning: Banou, often spelt as Bano, is a Persian name, used widely in Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh and surrounding countries. The name means a Princess or a Grand Lady.

  • Mehtap

Meaning: Mehtap or Mehtab is a Persian name, quite a popular girl’s name in Turkey, meaning Moonlight.

  • Nermin

Meaning: Nermin means Delicate. This name is spelt as Nermine in Persian and French. It refers to someone who is softhearted and kind.

  • Nuray

Meaning: Nur means Light and the name Nuray means a Radiant moon.

  • Hiranur

Meaning: Hira means Diamond and Nur means Light, hence, the name Hiranur means the Light of the diamond.

  • Miray

Meaning: The name has a charming meaning of someone having a face that glows as bright as the moon.

Short Turkish Girl Names

Turkish Names for Girls


Turkish names are usually long, and by long, we mean, it is hard to find a three-letter name for girls. Therefore, we have gathered a list of 10 names that are short and sweet for your little angel.

  • Ahu

Meaning: It is a Maori origin name meaning Bright and Beautiful. However, in Turkish, it means a female deer.

  • Ece

Meaning: In Turkish, this name means a Popular person like a beautiful queen and is also referred to as the Turkic Earth Goddess.

  • Zel

Meaning: Zel is originated in Turkey and it means Private or Special. The name is widely used in the Middle East as well.

  • Oya

Meaning: Has African-Yoruban origin meaning Wind-Warrior Goddess. In Turkish, it means Lace or Irish Lace.

  • Gul

Meaning: It is an Arabic Name meaning Rose. It has a similar meaning to a flower or rose in Urdu, Persian and Hindi.

  • Ela

Meaning: The name originates from the Aramaic word ELAH which means Oak. However, in Turkey, Ela refers to the colour of the Oak, i.e. Hazel.

  • Ava

Meaning: Ava is quite a popular name worldwide. The name originates from the Hebrew word, Hayyah, meaning To Life or To Give Life.

  • Ada

Meaning: This name is of German origin, derived from the word Adelaide. It means Noble or Of Nobility.

  • Nur

Meaning: It is an Arabic word meaning The Devine Light. It is also spelt as Noor, Nor or Nour.

  • Nil

Meaning: This is a gender-neutral name having three meanings, Champion; Cloud; From The Nile River.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are some Turkish names for girls?

There are countless Turkish names for girls deriving from Turkish, Arabic, German, Hebrew origins. However, some of the most common names are Fatma,                Sumeyye, Emine, Ayse, Halima, Hatice etc.

Q. What is the prettiest name for a girl?

Aysun is the prettiest name for a girl as it means As Beautiful as the Moon.

Q. What is the best Turkish name?

Deniz is probably the best Turkish name as it is a gender-neutral name that is quite commonly used.

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