Top 10 Arab Fashion Bloggers to Follow in 2020

Arab Fashion Bloggers To Follow Right Now. It’s no secret that we love watching beauty bloggers doing their makeup routines and showing off their lavish wardrobes. We are addicted to how they get their  flawless makeup looks and bomb hairstyles for every occasions and events.

But you don’t always have to look for the western beauties because now there’s a whole bunch of Arab fashion bloggers for you to admire and learn everything thing from these beauty gurus. We rounded up our top 10 favorite Arab beauty bloggers, get ready to look at the dazzling beauties originating from the middle east.

Who are the Best Fashion Bloggers from Saudi Arabia

↓ 10. Dalal AlDoub

Dalal is an Arab fashion blogger originating from Kuwait. She is not only a hijabi but her breathtaking makeup looks have made her our most favorite beauty blogger. She makes her makeup tutorial videos in Arabic for her Arab fans. She started her fashion career back in 2012 and 2013 made her youtube account where she posts videos about makeup tips and tricks and experiances. Her goals is to empower women, build up their confidence and to encourage them to be feel secure in their own skin and create their own makeup looks by becoming makeup stylists and artists. RECOMMENDED: Arab Fashion Brands–Top 10 Arab Designers 2020.

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↓ 9. Maya Ahmed

Maya Ahmed is Lebanese fashion blogger who happens to have gotten famous for her stunning makeup looks. She now has over 538k followers on Instagam. She basically focuses on soft and well blended makeup looks and how to use the right product for the kind of makeup look you are looking for. She gives amazing makeup tips on her Youtube channel and posts pictures of her beautified face on Instagram as well for her fans.

Top 10 Arab Fashion Bloggers to Follow in 2020


↓ 8. Zahra Layla

This magnificent lady named Zahra Layla Pedrum is an Iranian-Arab fashion blogger who was born and raised in Dubai. Her makeup and fashion looks are simply and effortlessly chic and gorgeous which makes her one of our favorites. She spends most of her time in London and Dubai but still manages to run her blog ‘Lyla Loves Fashion’ and adding her fashion expertise in there. She has also published her brilliant work in Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle Arabia and Grazia. Her fans find her look always fresh and fun and she always comfortable in whatever she’s wearing which makes it all the better. Also have a look at Top Arabian Models–15 Sexiest Arabian Female Models in the World

Top 10 Arab Fashion Bloggers to Follow in 2020


↓ 7. Anum Bashir

Now this is what we call a fashion revolution. Anum Bashir is a mind-blowing fashion blogger from Doha. Her rocking fashion sense has driving us crazy in love with her. Who said just because you live in a country famous for being desert means you can enjoy it in style? And another great thing about Anum Bashir is that she also works as an Art consultant in the museum along with running her fashion blog online by the name of ‘Desert Mannequin’. There’s something about her style and we just can’t get enough of it.

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↓ 6. Tala Samman

The list of Arab fashion bloggers is not complete without mentioning the most admired and the most popular, the great Tala Samman. She is a Syrian blogger who lives in Dubai and loves fashion almost as much as we do. Her blog ‘MyFashionDiary’ is the most popular in the Middle East. Her fashion looks are always gorgeous and classy and always make her stand out from the boring crowd of fashion. Her blogs consist of her travel diaries and experiences and have some easy skin care routines and makeup suggestions as well. To keep things a little more fun, sometimes the blog includes interview sessions with famous celebrities and style icons too. RECOMMENDED: Arabian Fragrances-Top 10 Arabian Perfume Brands You Must Give A Try

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↓ 5. Najla Kadour

Meet Najla Kadour. This amazing fashion blogger from Dubai and not only that, she is also a celebrity makeup artist. She has worked with some of the well known figures from the hot industry like Jennifer Lopez! Yes you read that right. Her fingers have touched more famous faces than we’ve seen and she posts about all her secret beauty and fashion tips on her facebook and instagram profile. Her makeup looks are cool and refreshing, nothing extra-ordinary but definitely brilliant whatsoever. And being a plus size, a lot of women of her body type can relate to her and look for fashion inspiration. She also post her travel diaries and updating her fans how to travel in style.

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↓ 4. Hanadi Diab

Makeup and fashion has no language, and this is being proved by this beautiful Lebanese fashion blogger. Her romantic and mesmerizing makeup looks are enough for anyone to like her. She has a youtube channel and she also runs a website as well, which is obviously in Labenese but you can always use google translate and make your way to some really good makeup tutorials. Don’t miss out these Celebrities Makeup Brands; 15 Brands Owned by Celebrities

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↓ 3. Ruba Zai

Now here’s an Arab fashion blogger who doesn’t only has breathtaking makeup tutorials to offer but hijab tutorials for different occasions as well. She has a youtube channel where she posts videos of her makeup and adds in some tips and tricks. Hijabis with the love of makeup can also look her up as well because she shows how to wear outfits with the matching complementing hijabs. She inspires every girl who wants to wear a hijab but look good in it. Ruba, you’re a lifesaver!

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↓ 2. Mona Khattan

Yes you read that right, this is another one from the Khattan clan, the beautiful sister of the beautiful makeup artist and fashion blogger Huda Khattan. Both of the sisters are very famous for their makeup looks and fashion choices. Mona Khattan also runs her own full-service beauty salon in Dubai by the name of ‘The Doll House“. RECOMMENDED: Top 10 Arab Countires with Most Beautiful Women- Arab Beauty

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↓ 1. Huda Khattan

The Kim Kardashian of the Arab world, say hello to Huda Khattan. Fashion and beauty junkies probably know her since she’s quite famous but for those who don’t know her, this is Huda Khattan, a beauty and fashion blogger from Dubai. She is also the owner of the Huda beauty lip kits and eyelashes. She is just flawless with whatever she does.

Top 10 Arab Fashion Bloggers to Follow in 2020Via


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