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Ankara Dresses for Skinny Girls. Afro fashion is as loud and boisterous as it can be. It constitutes brilliantly bizarre patterns, dazzling colors, and funky silhouettes. It’s primarily worn by the African people, for they claim its origins and popularity. 

However, African fashion staples like Ankara have migrated to the rest of the world. People of all races and colors have caught the Ankara fever and have begun to make it an essential part of their wardrobe. Voluptuous and gorgeously curvy women wear most Ankara styles you’ll see on the internet, but like any form of fashion, it’s not restricted to such figures. Slim-figured women do not need to fret. Ankara does wonders for their physique, too, and we’ll prove this in this article.

 Ankara Styles for Slim Girls

Before we begin plying you with an intense dose of high-fashion, we think it prudent to share some helpful styling tips that slender women should follow to accentuate and display their assets. Outfit choices can go a long way in manipulating appearances, so you might want to pay attention to what we have to say.

Easy Fashion Tips to Follow for Skinny Women Who Love Ankaras:

Tips are shortcuts to perfection. Rather than going through the trial and error method, it’s easier to make sure you never make mistakes. Here are ten easy styling tips and tricks for skinny women wanting to get their desired image.

  • Be Vibrant:

Choose colors and patterns that stand out instead of going monochrome or wearing dark shades. Bright and lively colors make you look fuller and healthy, while dark shades only bring out the fact that you’re slim, or even enhance it.

  • Choose Th Right Scarves and Hijabs:

There are multiple benefits of wearing scarves for slender women. First, it’ll add more color to your ensemble if you’re wearing dark shades; second, if it covers your curves, it’ll make you look fuller not bulkier, and third, by encircling your neck, a scarf will make it look less long.

  • Layer Your Clothing:

You don’t have to layer out of necessity, in Asian countries such as South Korea, which is a true fashion central, layering is a big fashion YES. Wearing multiple layers can make the slender frame appear curvier and make you stand out.

  • Avoid Skinny Jeans:

And by avoid, we mean like the plague! There are shocking ways in which skinny jeans can be harmful to your health include difficulty in conceiving and pain in the stomach and thighs. They give the impression of really long legs so skinny girls should most definitely avoid skinny jeans.

  • Wear Over-sized or Loose Garments:

Another thing you’ll find prevalent in South Korean fashion culture is that baggy and oversized garments are worn with abandon. They look somewhat endearing, and as an added benefit, they’ll make you look like your curvy in places you aren’t.

  • Don’t Use Belts:

Cinching a belt at the waist is only going to pronounce your slender self. Our goal is to prevent that, so say no to mid-waist belts!

  • High Heels are a Big NO

Heels make you look taller. That, combined with your natural slimness, will make you seem taller, making you look like a straight geometrical line with no curves.

  • Wear Horizontal Stripes Instead of Vertical

Rule of thumb: Vertical stripes give the impression of slimness while horizontal lines give the illusion of curves. Vertical lines will ruin your image if you’re skinny.

  • Be Clever 

An artful tucking of a shirt inside your pants/trousers/skirt can make the hips look more full.

  • Favor Volume

You need to choose ensembles that have bulky elements, like billowy sleeves and flowy skirts. These smart placements will look fashion-forward and go a long way in making you look less slim.

We’re sure that you’ll love reading about some popular African Fashion Bloggers.

Types of Ankara Outfits Slender Women Can Wear

  • Gowns and Dresses 

There are several gown and dress styles and silhouettes that look flattering on a svelte figure. Some of these are:

  • Sheath dress
  • Babydoll dress
  • Tulip dress
  • Bell-skirt dress
  • Gowns with thigh slits
  • Gowns with frills and ruffles

We can bet you can’t get your eyes off from Latest Ankara Outfits For Ladies To Wear

  • Overalls and Jumpsuits 

Overalls tend to be more on the cute side, while jumpsuits have a business-like quality and cut that makes them ideal for serious formal events.

  • Ankara Skirts

You can do the same thing you did with Ankara trousers: use a plain top and mix it with an Ankara skirt. Instead of fitted and shapely skirts, skinny girls should wear skirts with volume, like pleated and ruffled skirts.

  • Ankara Trousers 

Using a plain t-shirt, dress shirt, or any plain top and wearing it with one of the various styles of trousers in an Ankara print will surely win you fashion points. These trousers can be:

  • Simple straight trousers
  • Flared trousers
  • Wide-cut trousers
  • Banana trousers
  • Riding breeches

↓ 20 – Flatteringly Snug Blue Gown

This one has a gorgeous bodice, an incredible one-sleeved design, and the best part is the fitting of the dress. It’s most definitely snug but not enough to make the dress look constricting and painful. It’s beautifully hugging the body and bringing out all the curves gently.


↓ 19 – No-nonsense Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are characteristically an efficient looking article of clothing. You can make them from whimsical and energetic Ankara prints, but the cut of jumpsuits is such that you instantly get a boss lady makeover. Jumpsuits are almost always worn with heels, which only enhances the image. Here are two examples. Don’t they look badass?


↓ 18 – Audrey Hepburn Ankara dress

This may not be exactly like an Audrey Hepburn dress, but you must admit it comes pretty darn close. The model’s pixie haircut and this pretty red number on her petite frame are radiating the old Hollywood charm. The white-collar provides a stunning contrast to the brightness of the dress.


↓ 17 – Gorgeous Bell Dress

This has all the making of a top-class fashion outfit. It’s made with a vivaciously bizarre print. The full-length gown has a fitted bodice that is just shy of being too tight. It’s been loosely cinched with a waist belt made with the same material. The real star of the dress is the bell-shaped skirt. It’s so wonderfully full and bulky. Just perfect for slender framed women as it makes the hips seem wider.


↓ 16 – Colorful Dress with Shoulder Bows

This is a typical Ankara print you’ll find commonly used in African clothing like dashikis, etc. It’s form-fitting and has both vertical and horizontal stripes on the print. It’s also colorful and catchy, so at least it checks two boxes of styling tips we gave above. The shoulder straps have little bows on top, which look super adorable and are an excellent way of shaking things up.


↓ 15 – Funky Summer Shirt Dress

What better way to welcome the summer spirit than wearing orange and gold? We love this dress, which looks quite similar to what is called a ‘kameez’ in South Asia. It’s somewhere between baggy and snug and is the ideal size for skinny girls. The model has accessorized her outfit with gold, and it looks delicious!


↓ 14 – Pleated Kaleidoscope

If you’re slender and petite, ruffles, pleats and flounces are your best friend. They bring out shape where there isn’t much to show and are pleasing to look at besides. This pleated number has an enchanting princess vibe, a funky enchanting princess vibe, mind you, and the colors are arresting. With an outfit with this much color and pomp, we recommend little or no jewelry as it will only overdo the look.


↓ 13 – Black Dress with Ankara Frills

Got a simple black dress at home that you’ve been itching to repurpose? Here is your answer! Nothing adds style to an unattractive black dress than an Akara print. But be subtle about it. Adding bell-shaped frills to the sleeves and layered sleeves to the hem of the dress are the right approach. It adds the right amount of fun to the somber dress.


↓ 12 – Ankara Skirts with Plain Tops

Pencil skirts, umbrella skirts, mermaid skirts, there’s a wealth of skirt styles that are out there. Grab an old but much-beloved tee that you keep wearing but don’t know how to style in a new way. Choose the most ridiculously attention-grabbing Ankara print you find and then make a skirt with a hefty body. Your new outfit is ready.


↓ 11 – Neon Yellow Magnificence

Wearing neon is a good way to make anyone color-blind except yourself. These electrifying prints are a force all on their own, but to color-block them is to make them more powerfully attractive. This yellow and purple combo is hypnotizing and painful to the eyes at the same time.


↓ 10 – White Dress of Barbie Doll Cut

Go back to your childhood by wearing dresses, your Barbies, and other dolls used to wear. It’s a good idea of slim girls because baby doll dresses are cut and made just for a frame like theirs. Barbies are perfectly proportioned after all. The skirts are high and gorgeously flouncy, so that’s a plus. We love the Ankara touch in this particular dress. Here are some Matching Mother-Daughter Ankara Outfits for those who have cute little princesses to twin with.


↓ 9 – Sunshine Gown with a Ravishing Thigh Slit

Another summertime dress. The colors in this print are so charismatically incorporated, the dash of pink in between the yellows and Aquas is beautiful to look at. The thigh split also screams summer. Artfully placed slits like these make the dresses instant hits. Wear moderate-sized heels with the gown and accessorize it with a bag that matches the dress in one color.


↓ 8 – Ankara Business Attire

Question: what other way can you style yourself for a business meeting or excursion? Answer: Here is how! A jacket, a mini skirt, and a turban made with the same blue Ankara print contrasted with a plain black shirt or jumper, black leggings, and black boots. Oh, and the shades, let’s not forget those. Show up to work in this outfit, and the only thing you’ll hear is ‘Yes, ma’am.’


↓ 7 – Mermaid Dress

This is for a slender frame that already has moderate curves. It has a zipper at the back for taking off. It’s bare-shouldered, which looks great, the black accents look stylish, and the neon color is to die for. The model is wearing black boots, but you can go with heels of any kind. They do have to be black, though.


↓ 6 – Knee-length Shapely Gown

We love this woman’s fashion sense, so we’ve included many of her styles in this article. This magnificent blue gown with some kind of food item on the print should have looked funnier, but she pulls it off with class and grace. All styling tips on how to wear a dress like this can be found in the picture.


↓ 5 – Bare-shouldered Belted Outfit

We’ve mentioned a lot of bare-shouldered dresses, and it’s no wonder why! They’re ravishing. This is a two-piece outfit with a separate top and skirt. It can also be considered our third take on a business outfit for a boss lady with a slim figure. Do have a look at these Gorgeous Ankara Gown Styles & Ideas On How To Wear Them.


↓ 4 – Gold and Pink Party Dress

A ponytail and a hot pink lipstick might be the only things you need to shake it up for a party, but the outfit you’re wearing matters a lot. This is all printed, but it’s so clever it seems like the background is made of gold material. The hot pink inside the gold is striking.


↓ 3 – Pale Green Prettiness with Flouncy Sleeves and Leg Slit

Another slit but more understated and subtle, although no less incredible. We love the boat neck at the front and the revealing back. That headwrap is electrifying enough to kill! Lastly, the sleeves. We keep saying this but bring on the flounces! The more, the better. It’ll flatter your svelte frame and look fashionable at the same time.


↓ 2 – Autumn Ankara Dress

The colors are all autumn and crisp. The design is smashing. It’s Ankara at its best. Clashing, bold colors, and broad, strange patterns that inexplicably harmonize. It’s a one-piece maxi dress that’s been expertly cut and sewn. Notice how it hugs and amplifies her physique. This is what you need to do.


↓ 1 – Straight-outta Runway

It’s a sensual and fabulous outfit that is every girl’s dream, we’re sure. If you dress by season, this is appropriate for summer, spring, and autumn. It can virtually be worn on any formal occasion, and you’re sure to stand out.


We hope you liked our recommendations. Tell us your thoughts below and share your outfit stories if you’re of a similarly slender build.

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