13 Ideas on How to Wear 70s Fashion Outfits for Women

70s Fashion Outfits– The 70s was an era known for its individualistic and over-the-top fashion trends, which were sassy, funky, and looked chic! While in the 50s and 60s, people loved following prominent fashion directions and jumping on the bandwagon without considering their liking, the 70s were a lot different in this regard. People mixed and matched various clothing articles and did not care much about gender boundaries as well! There was no specific direction that fashionistas of the 70s followed. Instead, many different styles and trends were going in and out of the fashion industry like the moving wind. The diversity made 70s fashion trends stand out among all the other eras and followed by so many people worldwide!

 In the 70s, you would see some women wearing heavily printed sophisticated dresses and some wearing fitted tie-dye t-shirts with tight bell-bottom jeans. The 70s meant shorter skirts, longer boots, and more enormous afros. If there were two simple words to describe the style of 70s fashion icons, they would be comfort and casualness. In the 70s, people prioritized including comfort in their clothing and proving that you can be both stylish and comfortable at the same time. The fashion industry incorporated less plastic in apparel, and fashionistas turned hippie clothing into tailored chic pieces. The 70s and 80s fashion included sub-cultures like punk, cowboy, hippie, soul, and exotica. 

How to Wear 70s Style Clothes?

Even though many things from the 60s made their way into the 70s, fashion rapidly took sharp turns in the 70s. Though the 70s fashion ideas first consisted of tie-dye shirts, fringed and frayed bell-bottoms, and old-styled blouses, the style sense had entirely changed by the end of the 1970s varied. It evolved into a new and modern futuristic approach to fashion. There was glamour, punk, and sass everywhere one looked! There is no doubt why top-notch designers like Victoria Beckham, Chloe, and Gucci still incorporate the seventies’ style in their ramp costumes. Because the 1970s’ fashion came in so many flavors and variations, people of that era had no problem accommodating it. Some women were inclined towards the more hip punk-styled clothing while the others stuck to the more glamorous fashion from the 1940s.

13 Ideas on How to Wear 70s Fashion Outfits for Women's Fashion Outfits

Tips on What to Wear to a 70s Themed Party

The best thing about putting together a 70s-themed outfit is that you do not have to run around looking for clothing articles that are impossible to find. Because this flamboyant and ever-lasting fashion era is still alive in people’s hearts, some prominent pieces from the 70s are readily available. Whether you choose to dress up in 70s fashion, hippie style, or disco, you will be able to find most of the clothing pieces in your closet or a local thrift store. 

 Following are some do’s and don’ts that might help you put together your perfect 70s outfit. 

  • Following the 70s mainstream fashion style, go for bell-bottom pants, tie-dye shirts, and floral garments. For a 70s disco-inspired look, opt for psychedelic and geometric prints, maxi dresses, and suits and ties. 
  • To fit perfectly in a 70s theme party, the safest clothing options to go with are bell-bottom jeans, army jackets, capes, hip-hugger pants, and floral jumpsuits. Since people loved polyester throughout the 70s, polyester leisure suits would be a perfect costume. 
  • Accessories can either make or break your themed costume. So do not forget to pay proper attention to your accessories. Peace symbol earrings and necklaces were a thing of the 70s. Beaded chokers, beaded bracelets, and earrings were also reasonably popular. 
  • Do not forget to perm your hair for a more realistic look! 70s fashion men included having long sideburns and peppy sunglasses. Consider these little details for having the best 70s-themed costume at a party. 
  • Add colorful headbands and sunglasses to your 70s outfit to add color and life to it. Since the 70s were all about Haute and sassy fashion outfits, do not hesitate to go all out with your accessories and outfit detailings. 
  • Shoes are an essential part of your outfit! If you do not have a pair of knee-high leather boots, go to a thrift store nearby and get your hands on some for your 70s themed party. Platform shoes with white socks are unisex and give a very 70s look when worn with gaucho pants or mini skirts. 
  • If you want to go all-in with your hair and sport an afro, go to a local store and get yourself an afro wig. You can also wear your hair straight or give it a feather look. 
  • Before putting together your desired outfit, take inspiration from the 70s fashionistas who rocked the fashion world in their time. Some tremendous 70s fashion icons to follow would be Bianca Jagger, Cher, Joni Mitchell, and Sienna Miller. 
13 Ideas on How to Wear 70s Fashion Outfits for Women

1- How to Style Blue Jeans in a 70s Fashion Outfit?

Let’s face it; blue jeans rocked everybody’s world in the 70s. We saw people wearing them at home, at work, at the supermarket- in other words, it was everywhere! The best 70s fashion outfit has to include a blue pair of high-waisted jeans fitted at the leg and flared at the bottom. You can style these gorgeous jeans with simple tops, buttoned shirts, loose peasant tops, or polo shirts with large collars. 

13 Ideas on How to Wear 70s Fashion Outfits for Women

2- Casual Summer Outfits- 70s Fashion Ideas

The 70s were known best for their gorgeous and sassy summer outfits, both men and women. When the days got too hot for an excellent ol’ pair of bell-bottom jeans, people retreated to high-waisted denim shorts or simple knit shorts. To convert your wardrobe into the 70s themed closet, pair your favorite pair of shorts with a striped tank top or tee. Add a pair of sunglasses to vamp up your 70s outfit game! 


3- The Famous And Must-Have Wrap Dresses

Wrap dresses were a major hit among the elite classes and the socialites of the 70s. Though the common public did not wear them as much, they are still known to be one of the most iconic 70s looks. With the help of a wrap dress, you can make a fantastic retro yet modern 70s themed dress. Made up of a very light and breezy material, a belt held these dresses in place with a belt at the waist. If you are going to a 70s themed party and want to look classy and feminine, a wrap dress is a way to go! 

13 Ideas on How to Wear 70s Fashion Outfits for Women


4- What To Wear At a 70s Disco-Themed Party?

The 70s were an era known for its disco-themed outfits and all the glitz and glamour associated with them. Even today, people throw 70s fashion disco parties, and they are always a huge success. If you are headed to one, the best thing to wear would be a classic 70s themed jumpsuit! To make it more 70s, opt for a wide-legged or a bell-shaped jumpsuit in pastel colors or loud prints.


5- Where To Buy Formal 70s Themed Party Attires?

In the 70s, women preferred long gowns over short dresses for formal parties or evening balls. Ladies loved to wear column dresses that hung loose and touched the floor, making them look like goddesses from ancient Greece. If you want to take it up a notch, try wearing a floor-length sleeveless dress with a cape or jacket on top in bright and vibrant colors. Buying 70s formal dresses might seem like a hard thing to do, but they are pretty convenient to find in your local thrift stores or designer boutiques. 

13 Ideas on How to Wear 70s Fashion Outfits for Women


6- 70s Hippie Outfits

There is no doubt that the youngsters are always interested in and want to follow the more hippie and modern trends. If you are a teenager going to a 70s outfit-themed party, all you need to do is dress hippie! The 70s hippie look is all about mixing and matching random clothing pieces, incorporating large prints and earthy tones. Combining different textures like fringes, denim, patchwork into one outfit gives you the ultimate 70s hipster look. To take your 70s hippie look to the next level, wear jewelry with peace signs and floppy hats along with Jesus sandals and handmade bandanas/headbands. 

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13 Ideas on How to Wear 70s Fashion Outfits for Women


7- The 70s Themed Workout Clothes For Teenagers

If you are planning to transform your closet into a 70s style, you will indeed have to get your hands on some 70s style workout clothing too. Workout clothing for men and women was almost the same back in the 70s. Not only were these workout outfits functional, but they were also super fashionable. Teenagers nowadays love to adapt these vintage and majestic workout clothing pieces from the 70s. Get your hands on some striped workout leggings, tracksuits, running shorts with side slits, and colorful sneakers. 


8What To Wear With The 70s Themed Harlequin-style Pants?

Harlequin-styled pants are one definite proof that the 70s were one of the best fashion eras. These white and black pants are gorgeous and can help you update your closet to a 70s theme. With these trousers, opt for a black high-neck sleeveless vest or a spaghetti tank top on hotter days. 

13 Ideas on How to Wear 70s Fashion Outfits for Women


9- The 70s Themed Outfits For Plus Size Women

Plus-size women usually find it hard to come up with appropriate costumes for theme parties. There is no questioning the fact that plus-size women look gorgeous in anything they wear. Wrap dresses are one clothing article from the 70s that look great on any body type!

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13 Ideas on How to Wear 70s Fashion Outfits for Women


10-  70s Disco Glam

 Flashy jumpsuits with loads of glitters also represent the 70s in the best way possible and would make you look like a complete showstopper! Shimmery colorful pants with striped t-shirts were the perfect way to crash into a disco back in the 70s.


11-  The Best Outfit For Women Over 50

The best way to dress up for a 70s themed party for an older woman is to go for a printed floor-length dress or wide-legged trousers and simple blouses. 


12-  Accessories To Wear With Your 70s Outfit

Accessories play a significant role in making or breaking your entire outfit. For adding a 70s vibe to your costume, get some necklaces and bracelets with peace signs. Handmade floral and beaded headbands, wood and stone bracelets, floppy hats, and homemade flowy scarves are some of the accessories that can give your outfit a complete transformation. 


13- Appropriate Footwear To Wear With Your Outfit

For your outfit to look perfect, your shoes need to be as 70s as possible! For that, opt for knee-high leather boots with short skirts. You may also wear low-top sneakers or the all-time famous platforms. 

13 Ideas on How to Wear 70s Fashion Outfits for Women


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How should I style my velvet bell-bottom pants for a 70s-themed event?

A. If you are looking forward to wearing your velvet bell-bottom pants and want to look like you came straight out of the 70s, wear your pants with a simple or printed t-shirt with a knot at the front. For shoes, wear high heels and a bandana at the front of your head. Large hoop earrings will make this 70s-themed outfit come to life!

Q. What are some of the essential clothing pieces I need to put together 70s-themed costumes? 

A. It would be best if you owned a few things or might already have to take your 70s outfits game to the next level. And here is the list:

  • Bell-bottom velvet or denim jeans
  • Ponchos or capes
  • Shirts with wide lapels and collars
  • Tie-dyed fitted t-shirts and trousers
  • Long maxi dresses 
  • Short shimmery disco dresses
  • Mini denim skirts
  • Hiphugger pants

Q. What are some of the coolest and trendiest pieces of clothing from the 70s that my wardrobe must have?

A. Since the 70s were an age of glitz and extravagance, some trends were just sassier than the others. These include tube tops, fringed leather jackets, micro-mini skirts, and tie-dye t-shirts. Not to forget, some of the best accessories that screamed the 70s were mood rings, hoops, and chains. For a more formal setting, leisure suits, maxi dresses, and wrap dresses were preferred with afros and aviator glasses. For shoes, you must have a pair of famous platforms and some knee-high boots. 

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