Sanam Jung Wedding Pics – Dholki Mehndi Barat Walima Pictures

Sanam Jung Wedding Pics. Sanam Jung was born on September 30, 1988, which makes her zodiac horoscope – Libra. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall, and have Islamic religious view. Jung is a Pakistani actress, TV host, model and a DJ, who instantly entered the Pakistani media after her college.

She made her very first acting debut in Dil e Muztar on the HUM TV. Now, since 2014, she has been the host of Jago Pakistan. She married a flight instructor Abdul Qasim in January 2016 and gave birth to a girl in November 2016.

Complete Pictures of Sanam Jung’s Marriage


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#19 – Sanam Jung’s Modern Mehndi Outfit

This is what a modern Mehndi style looks like for a modern day woman. Sanam Jung seemed no less when it came to a modern Mehndi outfit — with her classy silk pale golden shirt and dupatta and an impressive magenta lipstick to go with. She absolutely broke all social stigmas about Mehndi on her own!


The couples shared a selfie at their mehndi celebration. Here are some amazing Dholki Outfits-20 Ideas What to Wear on Dholki/Sangeet Night


#18 – Sanam Jung’s Wedding Makeup

This is what a classily authentic makeup for wedding looks like, which retains your original features while also making you appear attractive all the way! Sanam Jung got her makeup artists to match a compact pink lip color right with her dress and it all nailed well.



#17 – Sanam Jung and Husband Signing the Nikah Nama

The photographers hired for the celebrity’s wedding managed to get a pretty capture of the bride signing mildly important papers for her wedding and she looked absolutely thrilled to do so! Also have a look at 23 Latest Indian Wedding Saree Styles to Try this Year


#16 – Sanam Jung with her Sisters on Mehndi

Sanam Jung with her family, her siblings and her peers on her wedding who couldn’t possibly be any happier for her big day!


#15 – Best Bridal Poses by Sanam Jung

You can take some pro tips from Jung as she nailed quite a lot of bridal poses and became the photogenic queen, which she always has been ever since her appearances in media. But a point to be noted for being your most photogenic at weddings is quite simple; smile a lot.


#14 – Sanam Jung and her Husband’s Photoshoot

Sanam Jung and her spouse nailing some great dance moves at their weddings to show how enthusiastic they are to marry each other! And yet another one of Jung’s photogenic random moments that captured her wonderful makeup, her dupatta setting, and the bright smile. Don’t miss out the Top 10 Most Expensive Arab Weddings of All The Time


#13 – Sanam Jung and Abdul Qassam Walima Pictures

When the semi-celebrity couple tied bonds in January 2016 and the camera not only captured that important moment but also the stunning glamor of Jung’s wedding dress, which was designed by none other than Erum Khan’s studio and it was impressive enough for our celebrity girl to try out.


#12 – Ahsan Khan at Sanam Jung’s wedding

Ahsan Khan who recently stunned the Pakistani audience with his epic performance in the milestone of a show Udaari also went to Jung’s wedding and some other celebrities who were there for her on her special day. We can also see the gorgeous actress and producer Hareem Farooq. Looks like the wedding event was filled with all the stars.


#11 – Sanam Jung’s Wedding Selfie Pose

When the couple could not restrain from doing any fun activities at their big day! Let it be something as simple as taking wedding selfies. You can use it as a wedding selfie pose for your own day. Here are Bridal Dupatta Settings–17 New Ways to Drape Dupatta for A Wedding


#10 – Closeup Poses for bride

This is how to get a pretty closeup pose or portrait pose for your wedding and nail it like Jung has. While her stunning makeup is at its best for the capture of the camera.


#9 – Portrait Couple Poses for Weddings


#8 – Sanam Jung’s Walima Outfit and Jewellery

A great idea for having another pretty picture at your wedding; the slightly overrated side pose — which even if captures half of you, that half has got to be prettiest! Also, it makes your face appear much thinner than front poses.


#7 – Sanam and Husband’s Cutest Photoshoot

Here you go with another idea of an intimate pose with your significant other at your wedding! At weddings, you need ideas for poses that will create memories, and surely this one will if you try this with your to-be-spouse! Do check out Top 5 Bridal Designers of Pakistan-Best Pakistani Fashion Designers


#6 – Sanam and Qassam under the spotlight


#5 – Unique Couple Poses for Weddings

A rather very unique and happy looking pose for couples to try at their weddings and create a lasting impression on all those who happen to be around you!


#4 – Sanam Jung’s Pre-wedding Snaps

Here are some of the shots from Sanam Jung’s pre-wedding preparations, where she managed to look just as classy as much as she did in the wedding alone; with a messy updo and stunning black goggles pushed back on her head. Here are the Top 13 Best Makeup Styles From The Most Beautiful Celebrities


#3 – Makeup Tips for Best Bridal Look

Sanam Jung, while posing for a beautiful portrait picture, also managed to give us some classic makeup tips about pretty bridal styles. Here Jung has put on a classic compact pink lip color, while her skin shows off under a brilliant glowy foundation! Plus, her eye makeup is not too heavy at all and seems to blend in with her skin color and the pink blush.


#2 – The prettiest pose for couples

The prettiest couple poses to date — Jung and her husband posed under a stunning net dupatta as a ceiling over their heads and enjoyed a comfy moment of intimacy as the photographer captured it.


#1 – Sanam Jung with her Family at wedding

Sanam Jung with her family at the wedding, all, posing nicely for the camera!


Sanam Jung’s Daughter’s Pictures

Also, have a look at Sanam Jung’s newborn daughter. The couple was married in January 2016, and Jung recently gave birth to a daughter in November 2016. Also check out these 30 Cute Pictures of Baby Girls In Hijab will Melt your heart


Sanam Jung’s Wedding Videos

 Also, catch a glimpse of Jung’s wedding celebrations and its video, and don’t miss out on how the pretty couple celebrated some of the best days of their lives.

Also, have a look at her rukhsati video that the media present at the wedding could not resist making and bombarding the internet with it! Check out how the celebrity finally said goodbye to their celebrations and departed to their road together.

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