Ali Zafar Pictures – 20 Most Stylish Pictures of Ali Zafar

Ali Zafar Pictures. The former native singer from Pakistan to the newly emerged face of Bollywood and possibly potential for much more in the years to come, Ali Zafar has come quite far enough to be just ordinary. Zafar’s profusely talented youthfulness has taken him to heights, but one fact that could not be undermined is how he is much more skilled as a singer than his other endeavors.

Let’s have a look at some of his most stylish moments all around the year and the snaps that captured just about the best of him.

Latest & Hot Images of Ali Zafar

Ali Zafar rose to fame at an early age and has made it big in both the music and film industry. He is a man with many talents and his hard work seems to have paid off. Millions grew up listening to him which is why he has quite a huge fan base. If you are one of these people, then this list of pictures are surely going to be a treat to your eyes. Keep reading to find out what we are talking about!

Ali Zafar Pictures 20 Most Stylish Pictures of Ali Zafar

Facts About Ali Zafar:

  • Date of Birth: 18th May 1980.
  • Place of Birth: Lahore, Pakistan.
  • Profession: Painter, Model, Actor, Singer, Songwriter, and Producer.
  • Married To: Ayesha Fazli

There is no look Ali Zafar did not experiment with. Over the course of years, he has tried everything from middle-parted hair paired with boyish outfits to rockstar hair with all black leather looks. We had so much fun looking for his pictures and we are sure you will enjoy going through these as much as we did.

↓ 20 – The Guitarist Look

No matter how many Bollywood films he might appear in, he could never entirely let go of his singing endeavors and much more of the former passion that he was born with.

Ali Zafar Pictures 20 Most Stylish Pictures of Ali Zafar

Here’s a photo of Ali with his brother; they are both equally good looking. Danyal Zafar has already made his debut in the music industry with his own album. He has also done quite a few coke studio songs and has risen to fame all through his own talents.

Ali Zafar Pictures 20 Most Stylish Pictures of Ali Zafar

↓ 19 – Being Glamor-ridden

The glamor-inspired essence could be found in many of his snaps, and then again, that’s just something that comes naturally to Zafar and probably always has, ever since he appeared on the screens. How sexy is that beard!

Not everyone can pull off a goatee look. Every time we think about a goatee, the first image that comes to mind is a ripped looking bald man who has the body of a weight lifter. But Ali seems to pull this look off effortlessly, and we are here for it!

Ali Zafar Pictures 20 Most Stylish Pictures of Ali Zafar

↓ 18 – His Gangster Role

Ali Zafar has also been very versatile, and he has proven that to be true over the years. He came from a family that had nothing to do with the show business, but he paved the way for himself and made it across the border. He is best known as a singer and a musician, but he has proven to be a decent actor, playing various roles in different films.

His gangster role tweaks are very soon to be seen in the cinema. Let’s believe that his negative character arts are just as good or even better than the Pakistani actor Ahsan Khan’s killer performance in Udaari. 

Ali Zafar Pictures 20 Most Stylish Pictures of Ali Zafar

↓ 17 – Ali Zafar and Shahrukh Khan

King Khan has a place in every Bollywood cinema fans’ heart. Guessing from the smile Ali has on his face, he also has a special place for Shahrukh Khan in his heart. The two almost look like twins here, and we are all for this brotherhood! Take a look at Shahrukh Khan Pictures.

Ali Zafar Pictures 20 Most Stylish Pictures of Ali Zafar

↓ 16 – Ali Zafar Wedding Pictures

Ali Zafar got married in 2009. That era is notorious for its ridiculous fashion. We honestly believe that everything went haywire in the 2009 Pakistani fashion industry and absolutely dread looking at our fashion pieces from that time. Ali Zafar, however, seems to have kept it pretty decent even during the time when bright, vivid colors were all the rage. We love how he paired a simple white Sherwani, with minimalistic embroidery work on the front with plain trousers for his Mehandi. He kept everything from his hair to his choice of clothes pretty simple, and that was definitely rare back in those days. We love this style and would highly recommend it for grooms getting married this wedding season!

Here are some amazing pictures of Ali Zafar with his wife, their wedding, and their son.

Ali Zafar Pictures 20 Most Stylish Pictures of Ali Zafar

Here is a cute picture of Ali Zafar with his gorgeous wife, Ayesha Fazli. His slick, backcombed hair works well with his outfit. The couple looks ridiculously cute here. We wish there were more pictures of the couple like this because we totally ship them.

Ali Zafar Pictures 20 Most Stylish Pictures of Ali Zafar

Spikes! That’s what hairstyle Ali’s wearing in this picture is called. We, 90s kids, know all about it. Made popular by pop artists of the 2000s, this was definitely one of the most common hairstyles you would find men with back in the early 2010s. Ali seems to be rocking this look, and we adore how cute the couple looks!

Ali Zafar Pictures 20 Most Stylish Pictures of Ali Zafar

Need wedding inspiration? If you are an Ali Zafar fan, look no further because this right here is all you need to look your wedding-ready self. Ali likes to keep it simple yet glamorous. He has paired a light gold-colored sherwani with a navy blue shirt for this look, and we love how it all comes together.

Ali Zafar Pictures 20 Most Stylish Pictures of Ali Zafar

↓ 15 – Ali Zafar in Kill Dill

Looks like the 34-year old is not just capable of representing the ‘genuine hero’ look all the time, but has got the art of diversely showing so many looks in his romantic comedy (chick-flick) Kill Dill.

Ali Zafar Pictures 20 Most Stylish Pictures of Ali Zafar

To pull this bad boy look off, you will need to grow your hair out and trim your beard into a goatee. We love how he opted for a layered look to maximize the effect of the ponytail gangster style. If this style is something that appeals to you, then go for it. However, we are just going to say that not everyone can pull off different looks as Ali Zafar does.

Ali Zafar Pictures 20 Most Stylish Pictures of Ali Zafar

↓ 14 – Ali Zafar and Priyanka Chopra

No one does a laid-back look better than Ali Zafar. Here he can be seen rocking everything black, yet he still manages to look exceptionally good. If there is one thing that will completely elevate your look, it is leather pants! So if you do not know what to wear to a night out, take inspiration from this look and style a leather jacket with leather pants and a basic T-shirt.

Ali Zafar Pictures 20 Most Stylish Pictures of Ali Zafar

↓ 13 – His Cool Hair Snap

The snap that captures not just your unique looks but also how your hair has been styled is just simply the best snap of all! There is no constant when it comes to Ali Zafar. Just like his music is always evolving, so is his hairstyle. He can be seen here with medium length hair, looking very well put together. If there is one thing you can learn from Ali Zafar, it is how to be comfortable in any look you wear.

Ali Zafar Pictures 20 Most Stylish Pictures of Ali Zafar

↓ 12 – During a Photo Shoot

As you would know that professional photoshoots usually make people appear way more glamorous and catchier than usual, but that only comes out if you have already somehow got it within. As Ali Zafar showcases his glamor in this gorgeous studio shot. Here he can be seen rocking rock-star messy hair with a light goatee. We love his choice of clothes for this shoot, where he has kept it all black, pairing a cool formal coat wearing a jacket under it. The plain white shirt under these layers gives his entire outfit a whole new dimension. We love how this picture screams rockstar because we, for one, completely agree with it.

Ali Zafar Pictures 20 Most Stylish Pictures of Ali Zafar

↓ 11 – Captured At Black and White Canvas

You can never go wrong with B&W. If there is a picturesque setting that you can blindly trust in, then it has to be black and white. Removing all the color from the picture emphasizes the details of the picture that otherwise would have washed out with all that colour. Ali Zafar’s black and white shots seem to be even more glamorous and more profound than just about his any other photography. And we believe it can do the same for other people too. Bring black the black and white picture trend!

Ali Zafar Pictures 20 Most Stylish Pictures of Ali Zafar

↓ 10 – His Presence At Lux Style Awards

Ali Zafar gets his absolutely best by taking the stage by storm and being just as impressive as he possibly could, and that’s again one of his most stylish moments to date. Here he can be seen rocking his trademark look of rockstar hair paired with a cool jacket. We love how he can not only sing so well but also perform so well! His presence is definitely one that is felt when he gets up on stage, and that is what we want more of in the music industry.

Ali Zafar Pictures 20 Most Stylish Pictures of Ali Zafar

↓ 9 – Being Candid

When strong roles impersonate the scene of looking far wide into infinity, the act of doing this makes them appear incredulously cooler and much more impressive. Although we do not approve of the hairstyle Ali has in this picture, it was the requirement of his role. Even then, he managed to look pretty decent in this desi-western version of himself. A man who can pull any look off, ladies and gents!

And if you happen to have got your leather jacket on and your hair recently styled, then that will be one great of a plus point.

Ali Zafar Pictures 20 Most Stylish Pictures of Ali Zafar

↓ 8 – Ali Zafar and Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan is one of the biggest names in the Lollywood drama and film industry. She has taken over the industry by a storm with her extraordinary talent and her glamorous style. The two are good friends, and we love how cute they look in this picture. These two surely would make excellent on-screen partners, but that never stops them from being looking equally cute when they are off-screen as well. Take a look at Fawad Khan Pictures.

Ali Zafar Pictures 20 Most Stylish Pictures of Ali Zafar

↓ 7 – Alia Zafar in Total Siyapa 

The 34-year old new Bollywood face appears in Siyapa movie and maintains his ever heroic and impressive look on the viewers. This movie was one of his firsts in the Bollywood film scene. He managed to steal hearts by delivering absolutely fantastic performances and by looking at his glamorous self.

Ali Zafar Pictures 20 Most Stylish Pictures of Ali Zafar

↓ 6 – Ali Zafar in Teefa in Trouble

It looks like Zafar has been maintaining one great winter look and style, and you could take some notes from that too. Ali pulled off some really great look in this movie. To find out what these were, you will have to watch the movie for yourself!

Ali Zafar teefa in Trouble

↓ 5 – Effortlessly Handsome

Zafar’s pro guitarist look is surely the most stylish, even more, when he’s not really making an effort to be. His singing vibes often are more prominent and distinct than his acting approaches are. We have so much love and admiration for artists who devote so much time and energy to producing quality work. Ali is definitely one of those few artists who has always put forward quality products.

Latest Ali Zafar Pictures

↓ 4 – Ali Zafar in Tere Bin Laden

Ali Zafar played the role in this movie so well; he kept going back to Bollywood for work after this! He can be seen pulling off a boy-ish look in the movie, wearing button-downs with T-shirts that generally aren’t his style. It was refreshing to see him take a break from his usual black on black for this movie. And when he’s up on the stage, showcasing his skills, looks, dressing, and glamor, he’s surely at his most fashionable and chicest. Apparently, you wish to see so much more of the classiest 34-year old actor’s/guitarist’s/singer’s most stylish techs!

ali zafar in tere bin ladin

↓ 3 – Ali Zafar in London Paris Newyork

Ali Zafar first played a role on the first hero basis in the London Paris New York film and did quite a well job being the first hero individually. His gorgeous smile on that boyish face is all it took to steal the show!

Ali Zafar london paris newyork look

↓ 2 – Ali Zafar During Coke Studio

The rockstar in Ali Zafar comes to life as soon as he gets up on a stage. He is his absolute real, stylish self when he is doing what he does best. Sing!

ali zafar in studio

↓ 1 – Ali Zafar – in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

Ali Zafar first caught the media’s attention for a much better reason when he starred alongside Imran Khan and Katrina Kaif in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. Although he played the side hero, he still managed to increase his ratings for a hilariously awesome role that he chose to play, which was just as brilliant as Imran’s role. And when it comes down to looks, he was no less than Imran Khan in any case.

Latest Ali Zafar Images

This is all we have for the list. We hope you had as much fun going through these pictures as we had to compile these for you. We love to hear from you! Leave us comments in the comment section below, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Happy scrolling!

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