Egyptian Hijab Ideas-20 Best Ways to Wear Egyptian Style Hijab

Egyptian Hijab Styles. Have you ever felt frustrated with your inability to do beautiful but sophisticated hijab styles? Does that make you feel like an unfashionable bore? Well, we feel you. Wearing a hijab has turned into a veritable art form with hijabi bloggers churning out new looks by the dozen every day. Luckily, we’re here to help.

We took it upon ourselves to find some of the easiest-to-do hijab techniques there are. We chose to pursue Egyptian hijab ideas, and for that, we went to Instagram. You will not believe your eyes when you see our list. The compiled list of ideas are free of unnecessarily complicated maneuvers, they will take 10 minutes, tops, and you might not even need pins. Imagine that!

How to Wear the Egyptian Style Hijab

The modern Egyptian style of hijabs takes a convenient and straightforward approach. From our thorough research on social media, we found that almost the entirety of Egyptian hijab styles comprises of the same method of donning the hijab, with minor deviations. The hijab material is, of course, varied and diverse, but Egyptian women tend to wear hijab in one or two simple ways that require minimal effort and time. And no pins!

Difference between Hijab and Jilbab

The modern hijab is not to be confused with Jilbab, as they are different. Hijab refers to the material that covers the wearer’s head, shoulders, and sometimes chest. While Jilbab, on the other hand, is an outer garment that is worn over the clothes. It’s long, fits loosely, and covers the wearer’s whole body. It’s also called jubbah or jilbabah and is similar to an abaya, chador or burqa.

Things You Will Need to Don a Hijab

Here are the supplies you should keep at hand:

  • Your hijab, of course.
  • A hijab cap. In most cases, it helps anchor the hijab in place, so it doesn’t shift often.
  • Pins. These may be optional for some people, but they’re generally a good idea.
  • Decorative brooch/pins/ornaments, etc. These are also optional.

Easy Hijab Techniques Tutorial

Now, let’s move on to our hijab style ideas. We’ve added a fantastic Youtube video tutorial for some of the quickest and most effortless hijab styles by British hijabi blogger Amena Khan. These styles are similar to the ones you will see below, so you should watch the video to get a better sense of how it’s done.

Where to Buy Egyptian Hijabs

For stunning scarves like these, you can check out this Egyptian hijab store called ‘Kenz.’ They’re on both Instagram and Facebook.



↓ 20 – Ethereal White Hijab

This is one of the three-four traditional Egyptian hijab styles we found on Instagram. Women, bloggers, or no, all seem to wear their scarves in the simplest way imaginable. You need to have a hijab cap because hijabs generally tend to be made from a shifty, silky material. Then it’s just a matter of wrapping the headscarf around your head once. You can take both ends of the hijab and face them forward or only take one like the model does here. Quite straightforward, no? Your next read can be: Indonesian Hijab Styles

Ideas to Wear Egyptian Hijab (20)


↓ 19 – Minimal Style Chiffon Scarf

It’s often hard to know which hijab style will best suit the shape of your face, but you don’t have to worry about that with these styles. These types of hijabs will surely suit the shape of most faces and will not let you down. Women in Egypt wear western clothing as well but with a modest outlook. They pair their hijabs with shirts, t-shirts, pants, dresses, etc. Their general technique of hijab-wearing works marvelously with any kind of outfit. This is an excellent chiffon scarf that has a minimalist pattern. Your white hijab will mix and match with whatever color you choose to wear.

Ideas to Wear Egyptian Hijab (14)


↓ 18 – Light Peach Head Scarf for Summer

This is another hijab worn in the same way as the two above. Like, we said, this seems to be the standard scarf-wearing method for Egyptian women. Here, the model is not wearing a hijab cap. If you’re confident your hijab will stay in place and won’t slide embarrassingly often, you can go without one too. She’s contrasting her hijab with what appears to be a black abaya, which is another great idea.

Ideas to Wear Egyptian Hijab (13)


↓ 17 – Cool Printed Vines

You can wear your scarf in a way that it hides most or all of your cap, or you can wear it like this, where a good portion of the cap is showing. This intentional cap-showing is favored by many hijabi women; it’s a style trend, sure and certain. Again, this style does not require the use of pins, but if you like, you can make everything firmly stay in place by adding one pin on each side. The print, of course, is stunning as well.

For some truly amazing and unique hijab styling ideas, inspired by the latest street style trends, you should check out these Grunge Hijab Styles.

Ideas to Wear Egyptian Hijab (2)


↓ 16 – Fun Sea-Life Inspired Scarf

Who says wearing a hijab can’t be super fun? Bring out your inner funk by choosing hijabs in spunky and unusual prints. Finding such prints may be difficult if you can’t find a specific place or store that sells them, but it’s a unique pleasure to search and discover new things on your own. You can check out Kenz store on Instagram or Facebook for fun prints like these.

Ideas to Wear Egyptian Hijab (6)


↓ 15 – Street Style That is Worth a Try!

In case, we missed out on Egyptian hijab styles for the most necessary look – that is the street style look, then here is an example of what you should be looking for. It should be simple rather than fancy and should not contain any out of the blue elements to it, which will not let it be a part of the street look.

Let us summarize: simple no-pin hijab style, contrasting white cap showing underneath, shades, and a baggy sweater. It’s a flawless look for winter.

Ideas to Wear Egyptian Hijab (1)


↓ 14 – Formal Style

Geometric patterns are attractive to most people. It’s the uniformity and neatness of the design that draws the eye. You can channel this neatness for your outdoor activities and excursions. These wide geometric hijabs draw the eyes instantly, not because they’re ostentatious, but the opposite. Two-toned scarves like these are also a good choice to wear when you have an abaya or a dress that you usually wear to go outside. Grab some fashion inspiration from Western Outfits to Wear with Hijab

Ideas to Wear Egyptian Hijab (5)


↓ 13 – Party Look Featuring Blush Shade

We ask you again, who says hijabs can’t be fun or appropriate for formal occasions like parties? The concern with most women on the latter subject is that it might ‘kill’ the beauty of their dress or makeup or jewelry. We’re here to say that that is not the case, no sir! Not only can you match your hijabs with the color of your dress, obviously, but you can also choose a material that goes with the vibe. Crinkle fabric, silk scarf, hijab with sequins or beads, or pearls, there are a dozen different ways to make a hijab part-appropriate. The makeup will, of course, show easily, but you can wear jewelry as well.

This was the second most common way hijabs are worn by Egyptian women.

Ideas to Wear Egyptian Hijab (19)


↓ 12 – Bubblegum Pink Tone for Summers

Wear your inner hijab cap to secure the hijab in place. Then you take both ends of the scarf, tie a knot at the back and place the remaining two parts on the front. It covers the head and chest in one stylishly clean sweep!

Ideas to Wear Egyptian Hijab (17)


↓ 11 – Getting Cozy in Winters

Egypt’s winter fashion is not exactly popular, but that does not mean it is not good. Particularly its fashion of hijab that will take you by surprise with its charm and modest classiness. Match it with a cool winter outfit, and you would have just carried it right! And as in an example below, a small knitted scarf wrapped around the neck with your hijab will look fantastic.

Ideas to Wear Egyptian Hijab (16)


Most people feel daunted by the turban hijab method. We’ve got you covered here as well. Watch this video below and then try our recommended styles!

↓ 10 – High Turban Technique

A great hijab technique that you can try for formal as well as less fancy occasions. Just keep that bright smile of yours up, and you are good to go. These hijabs look nice and elegant when paired with skirts for formal occasions. Hopefully, you’ll be able to experiment with more complex turban styles once you’ve tried all the ones in the above video. Don’t miss out Modest Ways to Wear Hijab with Skirts 

Ideas to Wear Egyptian Hijab (18)


↓ 9 – Low Turban Technique

This is maybe the easiest turban hijab there is because of the fact that this ‘turban’ is premade. All you have to do is buy one and then simply put it on. Easy-peasy!

Ideas to Wear Egyptian Hijab (9)


↓ 8 – Full-covering Chador Type Hijab

A full-length chador or dupatta, as it is also called, is a great thing to wear as a hijab as well. It gives excellent coverage at the front and back. There is also a healthy opportunity to display the prints and designs on the fabric to the fullest, and who doesn’t want to show off?

Ideas to Wear Egyptian Hijab (15)


↓ 7 – Color-blocking Scarf for Office Wear

An outfit for a boss lady! This is some serious color-blocking inspiration for you to absorb. Color-blocking works by choosing two or more colors that look garish with each other and don’t blend well together. Canary yellow and navy blue are two such colors. The top, pants, heels, and hijab are all color-blocked splendidly. This is a bold but still formal look for your professional engagements, such as interviews or business meetings. The printed chiffon scarf brings class to the whole outfit.

Ideas to Wear Egyptian Hijab (12)


↓ 6 – Exquisitely Printed Wide Head Scarf

A big piece with a geometric design that’s been folded on top of the head and pinned on the side, in what is the most common way a hijab is worn. The material looks robust and a bit heavier than chiffon. The material of the scarf and the way it has been pinned in the picture are both good for coverage.

Ideas to Wear Egyptian Hijab (11)


↓ 5 – Floral Chiffon Hijab

This is the kind of scarf you can wear over your most worn-out and boring clothes but still manage to look fabulous. It’s fashionable and cute, and we love how the pinks and blues and purples are mixing! The way the model is wearing is an outstanding way to wear a hijab like this. The coverage is good, and the print is on display in all of its floral glory.

Ideas to Wear Egyptian Hijab (10)


↓ 4 – Knot Style Mustard Scarf

This is a second variation on the knot style of hijab-wearing that we discussed earlier. You need a much smaller scarf for this. As you can see, there isn’t much length left on either side after tying the knot at the nape of the neck. The mustard on the navy combo is an unusual choice, though. We recommend wearing this type of hijab with flowing skirts and cute blouses.

Ideas to Wear Egyptian Hijab (8)


↓ 3 – Starry Night in Dual Shades

Modern Egyptian hijab look that will feed up that fashion void that you have in your heart with its sparkles and two-toned style that rarely any hijab has. Match it with an equally modern look, and you will absolutely love your style to the fullest. If you bought it in light colors, then you can match it with a dark makeup look.

Ideas to Wear Egyptian Hijab (7)


↓ 2 – Hijab Look for College Students

Changing outfits and choosing what to wear is quite the pain for college and university-going students. We have a solution ready for you to try! Wear the same outfit with different hijabs each time, no one will notice. Here is one look you can try.

Ideas to Wear Egyptian Hijab (4)


↓ 1 – How to Carry Hijab with Inner Cap

For women, who don’t much fancy the idea of long or overflowing hijabs, this is something to cheer you up. A shortest and most confined look of a hijab that you can expect, but here it is, at your disposal. You should probably match it with modern looks and jeans outfits.

Ideas to Wear Egyptian Hijab (3)



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