Top 7 Most Expensive Luxury Hijab Brands: 2021 Edition

Top luxury Hijab Brands 2021. Hijab has always been a sign of modesty, honor, faith, and dignity. It’s a thing of pride for Muslim women across the globe. The trend of wearing stylish, chic-looking, and fashionable hijabs is becoming more and more common. A number of high-end brands have now launched their luxurious hijab collections by targeting the women of the Muslim community.

Hijab has been effortlessly incorporated into mainstream fashion, thanks to Muslim bloggers and activists. There was a time when hijabis faced persecution in non-muslim communities and countries, but that has been steadily changing. There are still places where Muslim women are banned from freely expressing themselves through their hijabs, and their governments face severe backlash and protesting as a result.

Where To Shop For Luxury Hijabs?

Hijabs are often misrepresented in mass media. They are neither oppressive nor restraining; rather, they are empowering for women all across the globe. People who wear the hijab choose to do so; they don’t do it because they are forced into it. It’s an expression of their love and devotion to their creator and religion. So, it stands to reason that hijabs be as beautiful and classy as the person wearing them. Here, brands come into play. Do what you can, world, the hijabis are here to stay.

Top 7 Most Expensive Luxury Hijab Brands: 2021 Edition

Muslim Fashion Industry

The Muslim community has been overlooked in terms of fashion for decades. That’s begun to change. The call for modesty and the desire to wear clothes that reflect that was picked up by big international names like Versace, Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, and Chanel. Mainstream fashion brands like ZARA, Nike, and H&M also followed suit.

Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the world, and Islamic fashion is one of the fastest-growing markets. After the luxury world noticed its value, it’s been estimated that by the year 2023, Muslim fashion will reach $361 billion per year! This Muslim inclusion in the mainstream fashion world has been appreciated by Muslim millennials all over the world.

Top 7 Most Expensive Luxury Hijab Brands: 2021 Edition


Types of Hijab

While the word hijab has a broad meaning, being modest in dressing and behavior, the contemporary definition has narrowed to a specific type of head-covering worn by Muslim women today. The following are the many different types of hijab worn all over the world:

Top 7 Most Expensive Luxury Hijab Brands: 2021 Edition


Hijab Styling and Trends

A few of the most popular trends that concern hijabs are:

  • Almost every form of hijab can be styled with pins and brooches. Sparkling, bejeweled accessories are pinned on the hijab, and they look wonderful.
  • Turban hijabs, though widely debated upon, are a popular trend in the Muslim world.
  • Accessories such as hats, earrings, and other jewelry types are often being paired with hijabs elegantly.
  • Heavily embroidered and bejeweled hijabs have become a must-have for formal events.
  • Bulky, voluminous hijabs are considered fashionable.
  • Sports hijab is a fresh trend for Muslim athletes ad those interested in modest active-wear.
  • Hijabs have also been made for little girls. These are adorable.
  • Green hijabs or eco-friendly hijabs, made for the environmentally-conscious consumer.

Are you a fan of modest fashion? Check out our earlier post about Latest Turban Hijab Styles.

Top 7 Most Expensive Luxury Hijab Brands: 2021 Edition


How Did We Decide

We’ve selected some high-end brands making luxury hijabs and sorted them by price. These hijabs are considered luxury hijabs because of their cost and the top-notch quality of the material used in their construction and the fine craftsmanship on display. In our list, you’ll find hijab brands from all over the world, from the Middle-East to the US.

7- Luxy Hijab

6- Nike

5- Tudung People

4- Duck Scarves

3- Hanayen

2- Galeri Ariani

1- Haute Hijab

S. No.

Brand Name

Key Highlights



Haute Hijab

  • Silk Fabric with Face Fitting Elastic

  • Most Hijabs are adjustable having pleats

  • Best for Wedding functions


Galeri Ariani

  • Can be hand washed only

  • Best for Night time ceremonies



  • Made from High Quality Material like chiffon, cotton, and Japanese fabric

  • Fast and Efficient global delivery service


Duck Scarves

  • Fabric used is Satin Silk

  • Available in wide range of measurements to cater every need


Tudung People

  • Made from heavy grid chiffon

  • All hijabs are Level 4 opaque

  • Best for Summer weddings



  • Hijab comes with an interior strap that can be fixed to prevent the hijab from sliding off

  • Made from Mesh fabric

  • Best for Sports activities


Luxy Hijab

  • Fabric is made from light to medium weight having lustre

  • Most hijabs are embellished with Swarovski crystals.

↓ 7 – Luxy Hijab

Brand’s Portfolio: Luxy Hijab is a Dubai-based brand. It was founded for the same reason most hijab brands were established; the lack of appropriate head coverings, hijabs, and accessories in the market. The brand offers hijabs in chiffon, cashmere, jersey, and cotton. It also has under scarves and a separate luxury hijab range. Luxy Hijab ships worldwide.

Social Media: InstagramFacebook

Price Range: Luxy Hijabs range from $13.6 to $90 available on the official website.

Recommended Product: White Luxury Chiffon Hijab with Swarovski Crystals

Best For: Summer events

Price: $28

Product Details: It’s a light to medium weight, sheer white hijab that is soft and airy in texture, and has a magical luster to it. The edges of one side are embellished with Swarovski crystals. It is recommended to wear an under-scarf with it as it’s see-through. The hijab dimensions are 26″ by 69″.

  • It’s a good-coverage hijab.
  • It’s perfect to wear in summers because of good breathability.
  • It’s a high-maintenance hijab. Light detergents and stain removers must be used. It has to be hand-washed and hang-dried. It cannot be dry cleaned. Only cold or lukewarm water must be used to wash the hijab or it will be damaged. The Swarovski crystals must be wiped gently with a jewelry cleaner. No heat or pressure must be placed on the crystals.

 Looking for some hijab brands to buy from? Head over to Top 10 Brands to Buy Eco-Hijabs.

Top 7 Most Expensive Luxury Hijab Brands: 2021 Edition


↓ 6 – Nike

Brand’s Portfolio: Nike was founded by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports. The brand officially changed its name to Nike in 1971. Nike is the biggest, most popular manufacturer of sportswear and sports equipment in the world.

Nike released its Pro Hijab collection in December 2017. Since then, the iconic hijabs have become one of the greatest innovations in apparel and sportswear in recent history. The hijabs are luxurious, affordable, and practical, making them the most sought-after commodity among Muslim consumers. Nike worked with Muslim female athletes to develop and launch its hijab line. These hijabs are designed to solve performance issues during sports activities.

Social Media: InstagramFacebook

Price Range: Nike’s hijabs range from $31-$35 available on the official website.

Recommended Product: Nike Pro Hijab 2.0

Best For: Athletic activities

Price: $35

Product Details: The Nike Pro Hijab 2.0 provides full coverage. It has an interior strap that can be fixed to prevent the hijab from sliding off while doing physical activities. The hijab is constructed from a mesh fabric that has tiny holes in it. That makes it the ultimate hijab for breathability. The mesh fabric is sweat-wicking and soft in texture.

  • It provides full coverage.
  • It’s light-weight and breathable.
  • The hijab slips on to the forehead during a workout.
  • It’s masculine-looking.
  • The elastic band lining the face is restrictive.

Top 7 Most Expensive Luxury Hijab Brands: 2021 Edition


↓ 5 – Tudung People

Brand’s Portfolio: Tudung People is a Malaysian hijab brand that went online in 2011. It offers instant hijabs, printed hijabs, luxury hijabs, and a variety of other hijabs, as well as accessories such as scrunchies, planner notebooks, youth serums, and bridal accessories.

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook

Price Range: $3.5 (scrunchies) – $44 (luxury hijabs) available at the official website.

Recommended Product: Inara in Bond

Best For: Bridals

Price: $44.54

Product Details: This hijab is a part of Tudung People’s bridal hijab collection. It’s described as Level 4 opaque, which means that it is mostly opaque and it doesn’t need a double layer to cover the sheerness over the neck. The material is heavy grid chiffon with a beaded lace border. The hijab is large in size measuring 26″ by 79″.

  • The size of the hijab gives good coverage.
  • Material is soft.
  • It’s opaque; there is no second layer needed underneath which makes it a great choice for summer weddings.
  • Special care must be taken while handling and washing the hijab due to delicate beadwork.

Top 7 Most Expensive Luxury Hijab Brands: 2021 Edition


↓ 4 – Duck Scarves

Brand’s Portfolio: Duck Scarves was created by Malaysian blogger and entrepreneur Vivy Sofinas Yusof in May 2014. The brand has expanded from producing well-branded scarves to becoming the Duck Group, offering five product lines: scarves, stationery items, cosmetics, and makeup, bags, and home and living products.

Social Media: InstagramFacebook,

Price Range: $11.7 (cosmetics) – $47.13 (hijabs) available at Fashion Valet.

Recommended Product: The Lemang dUCk Shawl – Opah

Best For: Eid and other festivals.

Price: $47

Product Details: The hijab measures 27″ by 69″. This gorgeously printed and lush scarf is made with satin silk. Like every duck scarf, it comes with a super-cute duck ornament attached to the hijab.

  • It’s luxuriously soft and silky to the touch.
  • The scarf is large enough to provide adequate coverage.
  • There are several color options.
  • The silky texture of the scarf makes it harder to keep it in place, necessitating the use of pins and under-scarves.

Top 7 Most Expensive Luxury Hijab Brands: 2021 Edition


↓ 3 – Hanayen

Brand’s Portfolio: The Hanayen hijab and abaya brand is part of the Hanayen Group of Companies founded in Dubai in 1990. Hanayen has 12 retail stores in the UAE and has also expanded in the Gulf with two retail stores in Oman. The brand uses state of the art technology to manufacture 60,000 abayas and 100,000 hijabs in a year. The sheila hijabs offered by Hanayen are available in chiffon, cotton, and Japanese fabric.

Social Media: InstagramFacebook

Price Range: Hanayen’s sheila hijabs range from $27 to $76 available on the official website.

Recommended Product: Hanayen Sheila- 10(JPN)

Best For: Casual outings and activities

Price: $76

Product Details: This lush hijab is made in Okinawa, Japan specifically for the Hanayen brand. It’s made from high-quality material with the best of Japan’s technologies. It’s the perfect hijab for all your casual outfit needs.

  • The brand’s delivery service is fast and efficient.
  • The customer service provided by the brand is satisfactory.
  • The color of the cloth fades after a couple of years.
  • The stitching comes loose in places.

Top 7 Most Expensive Luxury Hijab Brands: 2021 Edition


↓ 2 – Galeri Ariani

Brand’s Portfolio: Galeri Ariani was launched in April 2008. It’s a Malaysian premium scarf brand that strives to create all kinds of Muslimah clothing items based on three principles: modesty, exclusivity, and contemporary. The brand offers scarves and under scarves, luxury hijabs, and ready-to-wear attire such as pants and trousers, jackets, shirts, dresses, and much more.

Social Media: InstagramFacebook

Price Range: Galeri Ariani hijabs range from $5 to $115 available on the official website.

Recommended Product: Golden Rose Hijab

Best For: Night-time parties

Price: $114.67

Product Details: The Golden Rose hijab is available in multiple colors such as black, navy blue, red, pink, white, light peach, and dusty green. It’s made with 100% silk with dainty lace and sequin detail along the border of one side. It should be hand-washed only.

  • The hijab is available in a variety of color options.
  • The delicate craftsmanship is neat and soft.
  • The hijab size needs to be a bit larger.

Top 7 Most Expensive Luxury Hijab Brands: 2021 Edition


↓ 1 – Haute Hijab

Brand’s Portfolio: Haute Hijab was founded by Melanie Elturk with her husband in 2010. From casual-wear to formal-wear, Haute hijab offers the most luxurious hijab collection for Muslim women across the globe, empowering women to wear the hijab with confidence and self-assurance.

Haute Hijab released its limited luxury collection in 2018. The hijabs in this range cost above $200. The Vintage Gold, the Black Tie Lace, the Rose Gold Aurora, and the Ethereal Ivory are some of their stunning luxury hijabs that have glitter, beads, pearls, and face-framing floral lace. The fabric is pure silk, tulle, and lace with handcrafted pearls embedded.

Social Media: InstagramFacebook

Price Range: The regular hijabs in different materials cost $20-$25. The special collection hijabs like the Heritage and Deco Collections cost between $50-$100. All are available on the official website.

Recommended Product: Black Tie Lace Embroidered Tulle Luxury Hijab

Best For: Weddings and other formal events.

Price: $280

Product Details: It’s a pure silk hijab that has a tulle overlay. The hijab caplette is embroidered and embellished with organza flowers. It’s also adjustable: it has pleats, elastic and silk ties to help fit it into any head-size.

  • The luxury hijabs make for great personalized gifts.
  • The caplette can be adjusted via strings attached.
  • It looks too big on the head.
  • People have complained of it not fitting right.

Top 7 Most Expensive Luxury Hijab Brands: 2021 Edition

Online Stores to Buy Hijabs and Modest Clothing From

Following is a list of some great online stores you can buy affordable and stylish hijabs from. Some of these sell hijabs exclusively, while others offer clothing and accessories from modest fashion designers and brands.

Top 7 Most Expensive Luxury Hijab Brands: 2021 Edition


  1. Ummah Couture (US)
  2. Artizara (US)
  3. Austere Attire (US)
  4. Hijab Store Online (UK)
  5. Inayah (UK)
  6. Fatomina (Kuwait)
  7. Little Black Hijab (India)
  8. Hijabeaze (Pakistan)
  9. The Hijab Company (Pakistan)
  10. Modanisa (Turkey)

We hope you found this article supportive in your quest to find the perfect hijab. Happy shopping and give us your feedback in the comments below about your favourite luxury hijab brand!


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