Ramadan Hijab & Abaya Collection by Mango and Tommy Hilfiger

Mango and Tommy Hilfiger Collection for Ramadan- Last year both Tommy Hilfiger, as well as Mango, catered a clothing line particularly for Middle Eastern Muslim women which were a quite strategic move by the designer as well as the brand.

The Ramadan collection got all the hype in the UAE and other Muslim states which compelled the two to release another collection for Ramadan 2017.

Hijab and Abaya Collections by Famous Brands

Where Dolce and Gabbana’s collection was based on Abayas and Hijab, Tommy Hilfiger and Mango’s collections are an amalgam of a westernized haute couture keeping in mind the dress code and style followed in the Middle Eastern states. The article is going to cover the mind blowing collections unveiled by Tommy Hilfiger and Mango along with the reaction and appreciation the luxurious collections received from all over the world.

How does Tommy Hilfiger’s collection look like?

The 15-piece chic collection launched by the American multinational corporation known as Tommy Hilfiger who expertise in the apparel of women as well as men and children. The amazing and lush Ramadan Clothing line by the brand got launched in the Tommy Hilfiger Stores in Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Egypt. The collection was specially designed for the Muslim ladies in the Middle Eastern States with special emphasis on the holy month of Ramadan. It got started in the first week of Ramadan last year and the latest collection is predicted to get launched in the first week of Ramadan this year as well. Earlier, Dolce & Gabbana too released a hijab and abaya collection which was luxuriously spectacular, you can get all it’s details here.

The luxurious collection featured maxi dresses, long skirts, a bolero, and multiple accessories that can take your breath away but their prices were also kissing the sky since it was a limited edition. The dresses were perfect for mothers who were looking for some elegant mini-me dresses to pair up with their daughters.

The outfits are featured in dark shades like maroon and black as well as white and beige maxis. The long white maxi with a peter pan style collar in dull gold and classy skirt style bottom looks extremely loyal. The v-neck maroon maxi embellished with a metallic gold belt is extremely classy and the jet black simple maxi in the luxurious net material is equally amazing.

These can be worn with pumps with stiletto heels and adding some elegant studs with spice up the entire look. The line reveals both long sleeves and short sleeves dresses which seem quite appropriate for the Middle Eastern women. However, most of the dresses resonate the Eastern European silhouettes like the names ‘Nikkita’ and ‘Lavinia’ reflect while the Muslim women are more obsessed with the traditional abaya and kaftan silhouettes. This year an abaya and hijab line might be expected from the famous brand that will ultimately reflect the preferences and modest dressing style of the Middle Eastern women.

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How does Mango’s collection look like?

The Spanish fast-fashion label Mango is trying to capture the clothing market through its elegant collection launched specifically keeping in mind the holy month for Muslims i.e. Ramadan. The 45-piece collection features pleated skirts and long tunics specifically, which are mostly casual and are designed keeping in mind the modest dressing style of the women in the particular area. If you’re a brand conscious hijabi then here are the Top 10 Hijab Brands for you.

The exclusive designs are said to be following the religious as well as cultural norms of the Middle Eastern states. The beautiful kaftans in neutral colors and floral prints look very elegant. The tunics and double layered long skirts are offered in both casual as well as formal style. There are fitted as well as loose maxis. The luxurious beige maxi in the net material is just breathtaking.The touch of satin and lace embellished outfits are the key features of the Ramadan collection. However, the dresses are ideal only for young girls or women up to their 30s.

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Has such a step taken before?

Many brands have started considering the Muslim customer base since it is announced by Jazeera that Muslims are going to form the third largest world’s population by 2030. The spending on clothing by Muslims particularly is expected to reach $327 by 2019 according to the State of the Global Islamic Economy Report. This is capturing the interests of international brands in catering Muslims clothing demands. Last year Nike came up with the athletic hijab range for the Muslim athletes and Marks & Spencer brought the idea of Burkinis for Muslim women who crave swimming like any other woman in the world.

The Ramadan collection began with DKNY’s hijab range launched in the Middle Eastern countries which was followed by Dolce and Gabbana’s hijab and abaya collection. This led to the launch of Ramadan collection by Tommy Hilfiger and Mango as well which comprised of a more modernized and westernized collection of outfits contrary to the hijab and abaya ones. RECOMMENDED: Nike Hijab Styles; Best of Nike’s Athletic Hijab Designs 2017

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Reviews Regarding the Ramadan Collections

The reviews on the respective collections are somehow mixed i.e. comprised of both positive and negative opinions. The clothing lines launched by the specific brands are said to be pushing the limits of sharia compliance by displaying the body-hugging and sleeveless outfits in the names of modesty. However, the fashionistas that belong to the Muslim world are seemed to be quite pleased after having such a huge range of variety in clothing ideas and nearly modest outfits by the world’s renown brands which can be paired with hijabs on the special occasions like Eid.

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Major Criticism

Some the major criticisms faced by the huge brands from their middle eastern clientele regarding their Ramadan collections are explained below:

Inappropriate Timing

The timing is often considered inappropriate since Tommy Hilfiger launched his collection in the first week of Ramadan when people are mostly busy in fasting and performing religious acts. Most of the women do not get enough time to reach these clothing lines. This is the month when Muslims find the least time for the leisurely shopping. If you’re a Muslim, looking for some style inspiration then here are the Top 10 Arab Fashion Bloggers to Follow in 2017

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Too Casual for The Occasion

The tunic and casual jackets are not the outfits Muslim women crave for the events of Ramadan and Eid, rather they’re looking for some festive and pearl or stone embellished formal and semi-formal dresses which were rarely introduced in the Mango collection.

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Not Modest Enough for Muslim Women

Most of the dresses in the collection were sleeveless and deep neck which are strictly forbidden for Muslim women in the sharia law. The dresses were rather more of European style instead of the Eastern Abaya style. Hence most of the Muslim women were not able to carry those dresses and the clothing lines were catering only a particular segment of the Middle Eastern countries. RECOMMENDED: Top 20 Hijab Style Trends for Muslim Women These Days

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Available to Limited Buyers

The Middle East only contains 20% of the Muslim population, hence the rest of the Muslims were not able to approach these collections. Also, the high priced clothes only cater the oil-rich Middle Eastern people while many other Muslims around the world could not afford such lavish outfits.

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The brands will be coming up with their latest collections this Ramadan as well which are expected to follow nearly the same trends and styles.

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