18 Cute Ways to Tie Hijab Fashionably with Different Outfits

Creative Ways to Tie Hijab with Various Fashion Outfits. Wearing a Hijab in this day and age takes courage and resilience. Being true to your own beliefs so openly is an admirable act. Often Hijabis worry that they can’t try out as many different styles as other people. But we are here to tell you that’s not true at all! You can mix up things as often as most women mix up hairstyles.

There are many chic ways to wear Hijab. This post is all about different ways to tie the headscarf fashionably that goes with different outfits. This list will help you look fabulous and take away any fears you might have about redundancy and repetition of styles.

How To Wear Hijab For A Trendy Look?

Choose your hijab style according to your choice. Explore the stores and go to the markets to look for a scarf that would suit your face and personality. Some hijabs include two pieces that can be worn and tied together, whereas some are available with only one piece. These can be linked and pinned tightly to hold them. If pinning up the scarf becomes difficult for you, then you should go for the tube style hijab as it does not require any pinning.  The most popular style of tying up the Hijab are as follows.

↓ 18 – Worn with a Shirt for a True Hijabi

The simple and easiest way to tie up the Hijab is a neck round knot. It looks elegant over western dresses and can be easily worn. For this style, you don’t need pins to secure the scarf. Simply tie a loose knot in the front, just below your chin, and then push back both ends of it to either side. And there you have it, your cute yet comfortable Hijab. This one is ideal for you if you do not like tight fits and prefer a loose and airy look.

Westeren Hijab Styles


↓ 17 – Sassy Top Knot

For a funky and stylish hijab, the top knot can be tied over the head, and this style can be flaunted on various occasions. This is one that can prove to be ideal when you have a long day ahead of you and have to get a lot of things done. Especially during the summers. This look keeps your neck uncovered, so you do not have to worry about sweat accumulating and making you feel hot. If you want to go for a fierce look, then go for a Cheeta printed Hijab like the one shown below and pair it with a studded bag and many bangles And if you are heading to a party, check out these 22 hijab party styling ideas.

Tiger print Turban Hijab Fashion


↓ 16 – The Classic Look

This style is a beautiful way to carry yourself. It is tied up at the side, and the fall is kept in the front. It looks beautiful. This is the classic and traditional Hijab tying technique that many women know and love. It is the easiest to pull together and look effortlessly elegant in. All you need are a few pins to secure the edges in place, and you are good to go! You can pair this style with any outfit you like; just make sure the color is coordinated, and you use a cloth appropriate for the weather. Do not use fancy clothes like silk during the summers, as it will be suffocating.

most stylish muslim girls


↓ 15 – Tucked in Winter Pick

A simple tucked in style hijab defines your sense of style. This one is super easy, and you need no extra accessories for it. Just wrap the edges around your neck and tuck the ends inside your coat. It looks elegant and stays in place all day long. For this look pick brighter Hijabs as winters are usually associated with dull colors. Bright colors and floral prints will help you look fresh!

Modern Turkish Coat Abaya for Girls | Pakaian kerja, Model pakaian ...


↓ 14 – Swaggy Look for Teens

Omani style hijab; tied at the back and cap over the head. It looks chic and trendy and can easily be worn for formal events as well as for your daily looks. This loose Hijab is also great if you like covering up more than others and want a drape towards the front. For more hijab inspirations from around the world, check out Hijab Style Fashion Ideas to Follow.

indahnadapuspita Hijab Looks


↓ 13 –  Tie your Hijab without Pins

This is the Indonesian style of wearing a hijab scarf where one side is kept on the front shoulder and the other on the back. It is effortless to put together. Just push one edge back, pressed tightly into your neck. No need to wrap it around. Use a cotton cloth so it will stay in place without the help of pins. And you are ready to rock!

Hijab with Skinny Jeans


↓ 12 – Simple Yet Classy

This one is mostly preferred over any other style. Best to wear it on occasion and hangouts. This will require you to have pins to secure it. You will have to use both the wrapping technique and pins to pull this together, but in the end, it’ll be worth it. Just wrap up your Hijab in a traditional way and, in the end, pull the outer edge through the scarf towards the front, as shown below.

Hijab with Jeans


↓ 11 – The Dual Tone Hijab Style

Have you ever thought of wearing a scarf with two separately colored ends? If you haven’t, then you must take inspiration from this one. This cloth looks gorgeous! The shorter end is a different color, so both colors can show up. Do get your hands on such a Hijab and wear it any style you like!



↓ 10 – The Silky Goodness

This silk scarf look is very professional. It is tied with a brooch rather than traditional pins. This style is best for meetings and professional hangouts. This look is classy and gorgeous. Just tie a knot and secure it with a clasp at the front. Use a smaller scarf for this as you won’t be wrapping it around your head, and you don’t want to have long edges dangling in the front.


↓ 9 – Paired with Head Jewelry

Tie a side knot with the scarf and let the material fall sideways. Make sure the embroidery work is visible. Instead of letting it dangle in the front, keep it closer to the neck for a summer look. You can put on external jewelry on top or just use an embroidered scarf for this look.



↓ 8 – Branded Scarfs 

Burberry hijabs are perfect if you wear them with dull-colored dresses or shirts. For example, if you are wearing blue jeans and going for an army green colored long shirt, you can wear a Burberry hijab on top to give a little pop of color to your whole outfit. Simply wrap one end of the scarf over your head and let the other end fall loosely over your shoulder. For more branded hijab inspiration, have a look at Dolce & Gabbana Hijab and Abaya Collections

branded hijabs


↓ 7 – Perfect for Summer

White scarves look adorable when you wear them but only if you know exactly how to wear them and when to wear them. For the best outfit, go for black colored pants and then wear a white knee-length shirt. If you’re looking for a modest look, then go for flowy or loose shirts instead of tighter ones. Go for any bright colored coat or cardigan to wear on top of your shirt and then wear a chiffon hijab in white color for a radiant look. If you can’t get your hands on a pleated skirt, then you can also go for the classic flowy skirt. For the colors, try to keep it simple and less complicated. If you go for a deep yellow colored skirt and then wear black colored chiffon formal shirt on top, tuck it inside your skirt. For Hijab, you can go for brown colored Hijab with layers to match the theme of flowy skirts.

simple hijab looks


↓ 6 – Wrap Around Look

Most people opt for bright colors in Winters, but why not break this trend this Winter and go for bolder shades instead? Check out this gorgeous look in shades of gray. The outfit blends in so well with the foggy weather that it looks like it was just made for Winters.

spring hijab fashion


↓ 5 – Fall Hijab Look

When it starts to get colder outside, that is the time Hijabis truly get a chance to shine. You can layer up and pull out your prettiest scarves to wow everyone and look gorgeous. You do not have to agonize over sweat or feeling uncomfortably hot due to a lack of ventilation. If anything, the warmth is welcome! So use a scarf like the one shown below with leafless branches, to get in the fall feel. Keep one end of the cloth hanging down the front and wrap the other end around your neck to secure it loosely. This style of wearing the Hijab is simple yet elegant.

hijab style with joggers


↓ 4 – Cute look with Flower Crown Hijab

When going for this kind of Hijab, you want it to look perfect on you- without looking too revealing. Use a smaller cloth and wrap it tightly around your head by rolling one end and twisting it around the top of your head to give yourself a Hijab that resembles a flower crown! For the best outfit that goes with this type, opt for jeans in any shade of blue and wear a formal white blouse on top. Tuck the blouse inside your jeans and then add a cute formal coat over your blouse. The blouse can be in any light color and keep the coat in the dark color, for example, black or purple.


↓ 3 – Hijab with Striped Pants, and Studded Flats 

This is one is the most basic and most worn styles of Hijab. You can easily achieve it by using some pins to secure the cloth around your head. This way is best for those who want a cover for their chests along with their Hijabs but don’t want to wear an extra scarf. Do remember to wear a tube under scarf with the Hijab as otherwise there will be a chance of it slipping off. A great outfit idea would be pairing up stripped pants with a plain white t-shirt and an open denim button-up shirt. The open shirt works as an overall that helps you cover up but isn’t hot like a jacket. A pair of studded flats would bring the whole look together! Here are some ideas on wearing Hijab with Palazzo Pants.


↓ 2 – Sports Hijab Style

If you are into sports, then you will love this next outfit idea along with the hijab style that we are about to show you. For this outfit, go for jeans with one inch folded from the bottom and wear a cool, comfy, and loose shirt on top of the jeans. For the Hijab, wear any kind of Hijab that will stay in its place, the recommended cloth type is cotton as it is sturdy, while you will be going crazy playing your sports. Secure the Hijab properly with multiple pins in different areas and push the ends of it back, so it doesn’t bother you while you are playing. Don’t forget to wear sneakers or joggers to complete this look.


↓ 1 – Party Look

The classic turban hijab is perfect for a busy evening at an event. Such a style does not get in your way and keeps your hair covered at the same time. For a perfect party look, you can go for a silk blouse along with formal pants. For the Hijab, try to find the one in chiffon and in contrasting colors to keep it all chic and formal. When wearing a turban hijab, many girls are worried about revealing their necks, so the best solution is just to wrap a scarf around your neck. Use a printed overall to add some color to your look if you are going for plain pants and a shirt. Go for a soft glam to emphasize your beauty, but don’t overdo it.


Step by Step Tutorials of Hijab Styles

Now that you have looked through the list of all designs we put together for you, it is time that we show you how exactly you can try these all out. Watch the video tutorial below to master these looks. You will never have to agonize over how to style your Hijab again!

Q. How do I keep my Hijab in place?

A. The easiest and tried and tested way of keeping your Hijab in place is by using a Hijab cap underneath. This will keep all your hair covered and tucked away while also helping you avoid a Hijab that keeps slipping.

Q. What is the difference between Hijab and Niqab?

A. Hijab is the term that was used in Islamic scriptures to describe the act of covering up in general but it has evolved and now is used as a name for the scarf that Muslim women use to cover their hair. The Niqab however also covers up the face and not just the hair.


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