21 Prom Outfit Ideas with Hijab – How to Wear Hijab for Prom

Prom Outfits Ideas with Hijab. The Prom night has been scheduled this weekend, and the question you ask yourself, ‘What should I wear to the prom night?’ is every girl’s major problem right now! Finding a prom dress is hard, but even harder if you wear a headscarf.

There’s no reason that girls who wear a hijab can’t take up on the latest trends. So, it’s time to start thinking about prom and of course, prom dresses! We’re here to help you decide your prom dress with a matching headscarf to go with it.

How to Style on Prom Night for Hijabis

To start, we would like to share the story of this teenager from the USA who became a viral sensation back in May 2016. 17-year-old Zarifek Shalabi was elected as the prom queen, and her simple yet elegant outfit and look had the whole world in awe.

prom outfits for hijabis

Moving on, here are a few of the most refreshing ideas for every hijabi girl out there!

How to be a Hijabi Prom Princess

Being a Muslim female, it can be somehow a challenge to dress up for your dream Prom night. Many teenage girls’ parents may hesitate to permit their girls to Prom night. Let us give you some modest outfit ideas that you can slay on Prom night by keeping it Halal.

  • Nude Color Hijab for Prom: Who said you couldn’t wear anything other than Red color on Prom night? Monochromes and nude shades are good to go on Prom night. Wear a contrast color of Hijab with your nude color prom outfit.
  • Maxi Outfit with Hijab: Instead of wearing backless or strapless outfits, you can slay a great maxi outfit that can be of neutral color, monochromes, or a printed floral maxi with a contrast colored hijab.
  • Wear a Floral Band on your Hijab: You can wear headband covered with flowers of contrasting hues or even similar colors of your Prom dress. Nothing will look more feminine than a flower headband on the hijab. A simple floral headband can uplift your Hijab game instantly.
  • Prom Night Accessories with Hijab: Being a hijabi, you may find it challenging to pick and choose the most appropriate fashion accessories for you. What you wear as fashion accessories are Fashion Tiara as it will give you a Princess look. Further, a Hijab with tassels is not a bad idea at all. If you love wearing earrings, but due to hijab, you are obliged to miss wearing those earrings, then what you can do is wrap the hijab behind your ears and slay earrings confidently. Hijab Bows and Brooches is yet another cute accessory to enjoy and kill in every party you go and is perfect for the Prom night thing too. Muslim women love to try hijab accessories. The most popular head accessories for the hijab are bows, pins, brooches. Picturesque bows are preferred by young ladies while ladies look for fashionable brooches. With limited insight, you can give an unusual look, which will be too uncomplicated, printed, or multicolored hijabs.

Interested in Hijab fashion? Check out our earlier post about Casual Hijab Outfits.

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Where To Shop For Muslim Prom Dresses?

There are many online shopping stores that offer various designed Prom dresses, particularly designed for Muslim girls. We have named only a few stores from where you can shop your dream Prom dress without much hassle.

Dress Afford

A-line, Mermaid, Ball Gown, and many more get it covered by Dress Afford. You name it, and Dress Afford surprises you with every type of Prom outfit specifically designed for a Muslim girl.

Neva Style

It is an Islamic Turkish fashion brand, originated in Istanbul that offers modest styled clothing for females. The shipping cost varies from region to region. You can shop for Prom outfits and Hijab from their online store. Along with Hijab, they sell the latest designed and hard to resist Abayas as well.

Aab Islamic Wear

The best thing about Aab is that they offer Haj & Umrah abayas, which none of the brands are offering. Along with this, they provide a wide range of Hijab Pins, printed hijabs, soft cotton hijabs, jersey hijabs, and cotton-rich hijabs Their elaborated size chart will help you to pick and choose the right product from Aab’s fabulous collection so Aab has everything which you can dream of wearing on your Prom night as a fashion accessory.

↓ 21 – Modest Prom Dress with Hijab

The embellished gown with needle and thread work will be perfect for prom. The subtle colored silk headscarf makes the dress look like it was specially made for a hijabi girl. The intricate gold detailing adds all the more elegance to the outfit.


↓ 20 – Long Prom Dress with Hijab

It’s not easy to hijabify your Prom outfit at Prom night, and we are here to help you out in dressing the most modest way possible. The sequin maxi gowns with hijabs are the perfect choice for girls who carry headscarves. The scarf can be worn up or down. You can match it with your skirt or your blouse. Either way, make it look your own!

↓ 19 – How to Wear a Sleeveless Prom Gown Modestly?

Have you found the perfect dress to wear to prom, but it doesn’t have any sleeves on it? And your heart just can’t let go of the dress so easily! No worries, we’ve got you covered. You can always wear something over or under the dress to add your own style statement to the dress. Please note that whatever you wear underneath should be of somewhat skin color so that it won’t look awkward. Whatever you choose to wear underneath, should not be of bold or pungent color. And if you can’t find a matching under-shirt, a black one will always save you but only if the gown is in a dark color. Here are some super hot examples:

sleeveless prom dress for hijabisprom outfit with hijabprom outfit with hijabprom outfit with hijab

↓ 18 – Slaying Hijab Dress

The sequined body-con dress with lace detailing and a lilac silk scarf will make you look like a Persian princess ready to take on her throne of prom queen!

↓ 17 – Hijab Style for Prom Night

The dress is edgy, classy, and sophisticated, so no matter what you’re looking for, this dress can be a killer! The statement pearl necklace and pearl white headscarf are definitely worth the price tag.


↓ 16 – Makeup with Hijab for Prom

Makeup is every girl’s best friend. A trendy cat eye with a nude lipstick will look perfect with a prom dress of any color. If you’re feeling like a much braver fashionista, then you can always experiment with brighter shades of red, plum and pink. Play with colors, after all; it’s prom night. And, don’t forget to highlight those cheekbones! If you feel like wearing a floral gown for prom, do head on over to our earlier post about Hijab with Floral Outfits.


↓ 15 – Shoes to Wear for Prom

A long gown looks better with heels. So when you’re out shopping for your prom dress, make sure you invest in a pair of comfortable heels too. Gold and silver are the safest choices as they go with anything and everything. They can easily match with any other outfit in your wardrobe too! Moreover, if you aren’t comfortable with heels, a pair of ballet flats will be more than perfect too!

Not all heels are going to match well with every maxi attire so making the right match is important. Further, Wedges are a comfortable choice for giving you a lift while still staying true to the casual essence of the maxi. For an extra formal part, wear a peep-toe pump or strappy heeled sandal to complete your Maxi prom dress look.  Stiletto sandals and block heel shoes are prototypical for accompanying parties and evening events, while wedges are a suitable choice for a warm summer night.


↓ 14 – Hijab Prom Outfit

Silver is a timeless classic. The detailing of the dress won’t even require accessorizing much. The intricately embroidered chiffon dress is a perfect choice for prom. Match your dress with a silver scarf and you’re ready to go!

↓ 13 – Hijab Abaya Dress for Prom

One can never go wrong with a simple cut abaya with a clingy bodice. Moreover, grey and purple is a perfect combination to work with.


Step by Step Video Tutorial – Makeup and Hijab Style for Prom

↓ 12 – Accessories to Wear with Hijab for Prom

Are you worried that your hijab will hide your perfect pair of gold earrings? Fear not, we’ve got you covered! Dangling earrings with your scarf tucked in behind the ear is trending this season.


↓ 11 – Magenta dress for Prom with Hijab

The magenta color will look wonderful on a night out. Just match a scarf in the same color or contrasting shades of pink and blues, and you’ll be more than ready for prom!


↓ 10 – Sea Green Dress with a Tea Pink Hijab

Here is an edgy prom dress that was made to make you stand out. The subtle color combination will even complement your make up more.


↓ 9 – Gold and Silver dresses with Hijab

The vibrant colors will be perfect for the evening. The stitched belt will add more edge to your dress and make it appear more flow-y too! A belt will help you to make an illusion of a slimmer waist.


↓ 8 – Ravishing in Red with a Gold Hijab

The couture red and gold gown with a subtle colored scarf is a stylish and sophisticated choice for prom. You can always accessorize with gold earrings and carry a clutch to go with it.


↓ 7 – Royal Blue dress with a Black Hijab

The color combinations are something you can never go wrong with. Match it with black heels, and you’re good to go!


↓ 6 – Maroon Velvet Dress with Hijab

This velvet dress with a gold belt will leave everyone awestruck! A plain sheen or silky scarf would go really well with a prom outfit like this. It just makes it seem more modern if that’s the look you’re going for! The below pictured look is perfect for winter season prom night.


↓ 5 – Blue dress with Hijab

The blue maxi dress with a lighter colored scarf in the shade of brown and a gold belt squeals with elegance and style! Jazz it up with hijab accessories to match your motif.


↓ 4 – Yellow Lace Dress with Hijab

When in doubt wear lace. The yellow lace dress with an off white scarf will make you look super chic and stylish!

↓ 3 – Gold and Green Mesh Maxi Dress with Hijab

The shade of bottle green and gold has been a thing for centuries!

↓ 2 – Maroon Maxi Dress

The maroon maxi dress with a maroon scarf and gold detailing is edgy yet modest. This attire is really subtle and classic, to modify it you just have to wear it with a bolero or chunky cardigan and wrap your scarf across the front. This dress is lovely because it’s so incredibly flowy, for something like this you would just need to wear full-length sleeves or a long-sleeved top and contrasting tone hijab. You can also wear a gold-colored hijab with this outfit to complete your Islamic Prom outfit. Try open-toe and strappy pumps if your maxi is a more conventional dress or for a formal event. Simply Dodge closed-toe flats and boots with maxi dresses in order to avoid being a fashion disaster. You can jazz up the whole outfit by contrasting some chic fashion accessories like a silver or gold tiara or even a floral headband. You can also add a belt and tie it around your waist if you want to give an illusion of a slimmer waist.

↓ 1 – Black Maxi Dress with Hijab

The color black is something you can wear on any special occasion. A bronze scarf and a fancy clutch will make your dress look all the more stunning! An elegant prom dress, the perfect silhouette, and a few accessories are all you need to be the center of attention this prom! I hope this post helped all the girls who were looking for a dress to wear to prom. It’s impossible to not like at least one of the many beautiful dresses. We hope you are now able to pick a dress for yourself, or maybe you can even design one yourself!


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