Latest Men Hairstyles- 150 Most Trending Hairstyles for Men

Check out our collection of 150 new hairstyles for men for different face types and different hair length. This is because a guy should always change his look and experiment with new styles. A man’s hair can transform his entire personality and image. From ragged style to clean-shaven to hippie to prim and proper look, the list is endless. This is why our tips are the best because are easy to maintain and cost-friendly. So if you’re looking for the hottest hairstyles for guys, then you have come to the right place!Dont forget to dig in our men fashion category to explore new fashion ideas and stay updated.

Popular Hairstyle Ideas 2015

  Decent Hairstyle for Business Trip

If you’re a serious professional looking to make a mark, then comb your hair with styling gel and keep it suave and sexy. It is important to part it from the side ways, and comb them backwards.

Men's hairstyle fashion

Celebrities Short haircut

 Tousled and Messy Style

For a style that is followed by celebrities, such as Taylor Lautner, crop your hair into a short haircut. Then, scrunch them up with into small, messy spikes from the centre using your fingers.

Sexy Hairstyles for men

 Two-Toned Style

Experiment with hair dye and keep the hair darker from the centre, but lighter from the sides.

Popular Men hairstyles

 Justin Timberlake Style

Follow the king of pop music’s style, and comb your hair back into a simple, sleek and neat look. Don’t use a lot of hair gel, as that can end up looking greasy.

justin timberlake hairstyles

 Prom Hairdo

For guys attending proms, this style is the best. Pull all your hair back, and then keep it messy from the back. Comb it with your fingers, and not a hairbrush. Use shine spray at the front to keep your locks looking glossy.

Elegant men hairstyles ideas

 Unkempt Style

For guys wishing to rock the sexy look, let your locks grow and simply keep them wavy or curly.

2014 men best hairstyles

 Blowed to Perfection

Get your hair blow dried at the local salon for a fresh change.

Hair mens

 Side-Swept Look

Swing your hair to the side, just like your mood. Turn it up from the edges for a more casual feel.

Cool short hairstyles for men

 Defy Gravity

Turn up the amp with this style boys! Rub Brylcream onto your hair and make them stand up from the middle, but leave them natural from the sides.

cool hairstyles for boys

 Let It Be Natural

For sporty boys, let your hair stay natural without any creams or gels. Just keep it tamed by getting regular haircuts.

Cool Hairstyle Ideas for men

Simple hairstyle for Business Men

The boys at Mad Men sure knew how to dress up! Follow their style by dousing your hair in hair gel and then combing it all to perfection. Not a single hair should be out of place!

classic hairstyles for business men

 Brad Pitt Look

Brad has the nicest hair in hollywood, which is why he managed to bag Angelina! So follow his style and keep your hair chocolate brown and cut into layers.

Brad Pit hairstyles

American famous hairstyles for men

cool hairstyles for men

2014 short hairstyles men

David Beckham Style

Beckham latest hairstyles

Cute Guy Hair Looks

Latest men hairstyle Trends

Pony Hairstyle

Topknot Mens hairstyles


Popular Male Celebrities Latest Hairstyles

Top men celebrities latest hairstyles

Medium Hairstyles

Stylish longtop men hairstyles

Swag Style and some latest haircuts with beard

Best hairstyles for men with beard

Men hairstyles tumblr

Swag hairstyles for men

Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyles for guys

For Medium Hairs

Sexy boys haircuts

Men’s Side Part Hairstyles

Men's Slick Side Parting Hairstyle

Simple yet Elegant Styles

Short Quiff Hairstyle Ideas for men

 Teenage Guys Hairstyle for College/University

Sexy men Hairstyles

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