Lisa Haydon Outfits – 25 Best Dressing Styles of Lisa Haydon

Lisa Haydon Outfits. A 29 years old Model, Fashion Designer and now a Bollywood actress has been winning many hearts across the globe. An Indian based girl who kicked off her acting career with a debut film named “Aisha” by introducing her rock solid fashion and acting skills all in one. Lisa is now renowned for her unbeatable fashion style and persona and has been a style inspiration for many.

Latest Outfits of Lisa Haydon

Lisa’s outfits at every event, she attends becomes the talk of the town. Her distinguishable head turning fashion sense has been followed even copied by many fashionistas. Here you go with 25 best dressing styles of Lisa Haydon that you will want to copy right now.

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# 25 – Faux Leather Vintage Touch

Bringing the faux leather vintage to modern look can be learnt from Lisa. Don’t you think Faux Leather outfits should now be must-have for you?

Lisa Dresses (1)

# 24 – Flamboyant V-Neck Outfit

During an award show of Iifa, Lisa was spotted looking very confident with a bang on hairstyle donning deep V-neck floral outfits making her looks more girly and noticeable. Her shinyBlack heels have given just a perfect finishing touch to her overall look.

Lisa Haydon dresses (25)

# 23 – Eastern Summer Inspiration

Lisa might have thought to rock the fashion ramp  so she picked up the stunning outfit pictured below.

Lisa Haydon dresses (26)

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# 22 – A Fashion Tear Sheet

How can someone look such beautiful without any of the single piece of jewelry? Lisa Haydon has proved it very well. Have a look at her in a chic black dress with a box shaped purse and shimmering golden heels. Isn’t she looking just stunning?

Lisa Haydon dresses (21)


# 21 – Height of Sleek Fashion

Lisa grabbed spot light at Vogue Beauty Awards show where she chose to wear midriff baring dress from Deme by Gabriella.

Lisa Haydon dresses (22)

# 20 – Attire Mini Skirt Look

Mini skirt dress by Anthony Vaccarello made Lisa look more formal at a Marquee launch collection by Karan Johar.

Lisa Dresses (2)

Lisa Dresses (4)

# 19 – Cropped Pant Style

“I want people to have fun with clothes”, said Lisa Haydon when asked about her global fashion vision in an interview with Times of India.

Lisa Haydon dresses (17)

# 18 – Eye catchy Liquid Silver Pant

Liquid Silver look alike pants looks super cool. See how chic is she looking these shiny pants. Well, we suggest to let her hair all open with this stylish outfit.

Lisa Haydon dresses (6)


# 17 – The Desi Sexy Look

So, she has rocked on almost every Western dress but what if she wears the traditional Asian outfits. Hmm… Still wondering? Let her get your heart racing a bit faster now after seeing the image below.

Lisa Haydon dresses (14)

Lisa Haydon dresses (15)


# 16 – Skin Tight Fashion

A perfect model like figure can be easily shown off while wearing a skin tight outfit and Lisa knows how to carry it in just the right way anytime.

Lisa Haydon dresses (19)

# 15 – Off Shoulder Denim Top

Lisa Haydon dresses (20)

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# 14 – The Color Pop

Lisa Haydon dresses (12)

# 13 – Traditional Lehnga Fringe

Lisa Haydon dresses (10)

# 12 – Leg Slit Dress

Lisa Haydon dresses (9)

# 11 – Distinctive Gem Fashion

Lisa Haydon dresses (8)

# 10 – Long Gown Elegance

Lisa Haydon dresses (7)

# 09 – Sultry Black Style

Lisa Haydon dresses (2)


# 08 – Diamond White Look

Lisa Haydon dresses (5)


# 07 – Lisa, the Fashion Icon

Lisa Haydon dresses (3)

# 06 – Unprejudiced towards Fair Skin

Lisa Haydon dresses (4)

# 05 – Lisa’s Clothing Line

Lisa Haydon dresses (11)

# 04 – Chained Sieve Outfits

Lisa Haydon dresses (18)

# 03 – Spot On Outfits

Lisa Haydon dresses (1)


# 02 – The Anarkali Tinge

Lisa Haydon dresses (16)


# 01 – On Lak`Me Fashion Week Event

Lisa Haydon dresses (13)

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