Cute Jewish Girls-30 Most Beautiful Jewish Women In The World

Cute Jewish Girls in the world. Jewish women are known for having a lethal combination of beauty and brain. Jewish women with their exquisite features and bright eyes look gorgeous. Their stunning hazel to striking blue eyes and pointed nose are just overwhelming and hard to resist.

Jewish women have got an elegant bone structure, which is envied by women all over the world. Jewish mothers are the ones to identify their nationality. They have an outclass sense of humor.

Who are the Prettiest Jewish Women of the World

Jewish women prove to be usually pros at posing for the camera. The article covers a few of the most beautiful Jewish women from around the world, which includes actresses, models, singers, pageant winners, and some politicians as well. The numbers do not represent any ranking here.

Jewish Women in the World

↓ 30 – Karine Aliya

The stunningly beautiful 18-year-old brunette, Karine Aliya, is a music and dance lover who was crowned Miss Israel 2016 at Tel Aviv port. Her shining dark eyes and heart winning smile are her best features. Her lean, slim long legs cannot be missed either.

↓ 29 – Linor Abargil

Linor Abargil is an Israeli lawyer, model, actress, and exquisite beauty who won the Miss World Beauty Pageant 1998. She’s not just a pretty face but an inspiration for many as she is a global advocate in the fight against sexual violence. Her dark hair, long legs, and brown eyes are just lovely altogether. Check out these Most Beautiful Politicians.

↓ 28 – Bess Myerson

Striking beauty Bess Myerson has been crowned as Miss America in 1945. She was an American Politician as well as a television actress. Her winning Miss America just after World War 2 was considered as a sign of Jewish representation in America. However, her biographer Susan Dworkin said that “In the Jewish community, she was the most famous pretty girl since Queen Esther.” Also, have a look at these 50 Romantic Jewish Couples-Wedding and Relationship Photos

↓ 27 – Yityish Titi Aynaw

Born on June 23, 1991, dark beauty, Yityish Titi Aynaw is a gorgeous Ethiopian-born, an Israeli model who had been the first Ethiopian-born Jew to win the title of Miss Israel in 2013. Her winning the title got her both national and international fame and thus led her to the modelling career. Her tall figure and bright brown eyes are captivating.

↓ 26 – Avigail Alfatov

Avigail Alfatov, with bright golden blonde hair, is a beauty queen who is an Israeli national youth fencing champion and soldier. She represented Israel at beauty pageant Miss Universe 2015 as Miss Israel 2014. Her striking blue eyes go perfectly with her creamy white skin.

↓ 25 – Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis, who is a mother of two, is an American Jewish actress who appeared in several tv-series and commercials. She has won several awards as a supporting actress, such as Saturn Awards and Oklahoma Film Critics Circle. She has spell bounding hazel brown eyes and brown hair.

↓ 24 – Alona Tal

Alona Tal, who describes herself as a spiritual person, is a gorgeous Israeli singer and actress. Her sandy blonde hair goes perfectly with her brown eyes and flawless skin. She appeared as an actress in Tzimerim and HaPijamot and did a fantastic job.

↓ 23 – Orly Levy

Born on November 11, 1973, a world-famous Israeli politician, Orly Levy, is a gorgeous lady with delicate features and lovely brown hair. Her almond eyes are lovely. She represents an Israeli political party named Gesher and is playing a significant role in the political world of Israel.

↓ 22 – Bar Refaeli

Golden beige blonde beauty Bar Rafaeli is an Israeli actress, model, tv host, and business lady. She got hype in the fashion world after she won the title of Model of the Year 2000 in an Israeli beauty pageant.

She appeared in editorials for Vogue, Elle, and GQ. Her tall and lean figure and deep-sea blue eyes are exquisite. She is a beauty with brains and ran several campaigns regarding water usage and conservation, as well as civil marriages in Israel.

↓ 21 – Brooke Burke-Charvet

Born on September 8, 1971, brunette Brooke Burke is an American Jewish television personality. Her mother has a Portuguese background, but she was an adopted child and raised as a Jew. The multi-talented beauty is known for her charming smile and glowing skin. She had also written a fantastic book named  The Naked Mom: A Modern Mom’s Fearless Revelations, Savvy Advice, and Soulful Reflections.

Besides being an author of a best-selling book, she is a dancer and a famous television personality. She successfully hosted Wild On as a Playboy model and effortlessly won the seventh season of Dancing with the Stars. She was featured in Need for Speed: Underground 2 as well.

↓ 20 – Nikki Ziering

Born on  August 9, 1971, Nikki Ziering, is known for her striking blue eyes and soft blonde hair. She also appeared as Barker’s Beauty for The Price is right. She was famous for being the swimwear model for Venus Swimwear.

↓ 19 – Isla Fisher

The redhead Isla Fisher is a Jewish Australian Actress who appeared in various series like Bay Cove, Home and Away, and films like Out of Depth, Scooby-Do, Wedding Crashers. She won the award for Best Breakthrough Performance by  MTV Movie Awards and Best Animated Female by  Alliance of Women Film Journalists. You can get her amazing hair color by asking your hairstylist for strawberry blonde hair with pale red highlights.

↓ 18 – Marilyn Monroe

The very famous Jewish American actress and model Marilyn Monroe was known for her ravishing retro blond locks, pouty lips, and legendary sexy figure. Her appealing blonde hair blended with her enchantingly beautiful features turned her into a beauty icon, and she also earned the name of the sixth greatest female screen legend in American film history by the American Film Institute.


↓ 17 – Barbi Benton

Born on January 28, 1950, the American model, singer, and actress, Barbi Benton, is exceptionally beautiful. She was born in New York City to a family of Jews. She was successful in grabbing the limelight in a television show named HeeHaw. She also did a small role in comedy series of ABC time titled Sugar Time. Her dark brown lock and grayish-blue eyes are immensely attractive, which are still admired by the entire world.


↓ 16 – Caprice Bourret

Born on October 24, 1971, the dazzling blonde beauty Caprice Bourret is an American television personality as well as a successful businesswoman. She owns her company named By Caprice. She got various titles like the world’s sexiest woman, Woman of the Year, etc. by the News of the World and GQ. She beautifully appeared on many magazine covers, namely FHM, Vogue, and Cosmopolitan. She was titled “World Sexiest Woman” by the News of the World. She was playing a leading part in the marketing campaigns of Pizza Hut and Diet Coke.

↓ 15 – Sendi Bar

Born on April 5, 1976, Sendi Bar is an Israeli actress and model with gorgeous blonde hair who has got the most amazing eyes and a stunning lean figure. Her mother was an Iraqi Jew woman, and her father was a Libyan born Jew man. She started her career from a popular TV show named Deadly Fortune. She landed on a few modeling projects for Pilpel and Castro.


↓ 14 – Noa Tishby

The brunette beauty with hazel brown eyes, Noa Tishby, who was born on May 22, 1975, is an actress, singer, model, and producer known for her exceptional looks. She acted in various films like Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and Skeleton Man. For a couple of years as a singer, she served in the Israeli military.


↓ 13 – Yael Goldman

Drop-dead gorgeous Israeli actress, model, and TV host Yael has got striking green eyes that can win hearts and an enchanting pointed nose. She also modeled in NYC and Paris, along with some famous artists like Kate Moss. For more inspiration, do have a look at these Top 10 Disabled Female Models From World You Must Know.


↓ 12 – Alison Brie

Born on December 29, 1982, in California, a  professional American actress and model, Alison Brie, is known for her attractive gray eyes and caramel brown hair. She also appeared in the TV series Mad Men and BoJack Horsemen. Along with these, she did some super hit movies like The Post, The Disaster Artist, How to be Single, The Little Hours, Get Hard, Sleeping with other People, The Five Year Engagement, The Lego Movie, and Scream 4. To award her services in Hollywood, she was nominated for the Golden Globe awards and Screen Actors Guild Award.


↓ 11 – Shani Hazan

 Born on September 15, 1992, in Israel to a Morrocan Jew family. Miss Israel 2012, Shani Hazan is known for her angelic features and dark chocolate hair. Her long, lean legs and stunning brown eyes are worth noting. She successfully served in the Israeli Navy, during which she won Miss Israel. After that, she beautifully represented her country in Miss Internation 2014.

↓ 10 – Mia Kirshner

Born on  January 25, 1975, in Ontario (Canada),  Mia Kirshner, is not only a writer and actress but a social activist as well. Her slim figure, along with her dark brown hair and gray eyes are exquisite. Both her parents are Jew. She got famous globally for playing her role so well as Jenny Schecter on the cable TV series The L Word, and for her recurring guest role as the terrorist Mandy on the TV series 24. She wrote an excellent book named “I live here,” which became the best-selling book of her time.

↓ 9 – Emmy Rossum

The 30-years-old, Emmy Rossum, is an American actress and singer. Her soft features are adorable and sexy at the same time.

↓ 8 – Erin Heatherton

One of Victoria’s Secret’s angels, Erin Heatherton, is an American actress and model. The 27-years-old beauty is 1.80 m tall, and her soft green eyes are quite appealing. She has been a cover girl for various Vogue and GQ magazines. Here are 10 Girls Who Look Like Barbie Dolls In Real Life!

↓ 7 – Nora Arnezeder

Born on May 8th, 1989, in the city of Paris (France), the French Jewish actress, singer, and model, Nora is famous for having beautiful blue eyes and soft blonde hair. She released many popular music numbers and albums like Paris 36 and Les Vestiges du chaos (Remixes).

↓ 6 – Yael Nizri

Born on November 21, 1987, the Dutch-Moroccan beauty, Yael Nizri, is the winner of Miss Israel 2006. Her sandy brown hair and spell-bounding eyes are delightfully charming.

↓ 5 – Rachel Weisz

Born on March 7th, 1970, the British actress Rachel is known for her hazel green eyes and soft brown hair. Her sweet looks are very appealing. Rachel won significant awards like Best Supporting Actress Academy Award and Best Actress by New York Film Critics Circle Awards. She did some incredible TV shows named TV shows: The Simpsons, Page Eight, Scarlet and Black, Tropical Heat, and The Advocates.

Her upcoming movie is the Black Widow which the audience has kept an eye on. She also did some TV shows, namely Page Eight, The Simpsons, Scarlet and Black, The Advocates, and The Tropical Heat. She got married in 2011 to Daniel Craig.

↓ 4 – Gwyneth Paltrow

Born on September 27, 1972, the blonde beauty Gwyneth Paltrow has got not only a magical voice but also some excellent features. Her grey eyes go perfectly with her boney structure. She has earned various accolades for her performance in the industry, including an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a Primetime Emmy Award. Her movies have made $3.3 billion at the U.S. box office and $8.8 billion around the globe.

↓ 3 – Jamie Lynn Sigler

Born on May 15, 1981, American singer and actress Jamie is an exquisite beauty with dark brown eyes and soft brown hair. Her acclaimed album includes Here to Heaven. She is best known for her performance as Meadow Soprano on the HBO series The Sopranos.

↓ 2 – Alicia Silverstone

Born on October 4, 1976, the multi-talented American actress, model, and social activist Alicia Silverstone has magical eyes and soft features. Her exotic blonde hair gives her face a smooth texture and highlights her features even more.


↓ 1 – Rotem Sela

Rotem Sela was born on August 16, 1983, in Qiryat Haim, Israel. She is an Israeli actress and model. Her blonde hair and shiny greyish-blue eyes are gorgeous. She became more popular after doing a TV show named “Beauty and the Baker.” She has been happily married to Ariel Rotter, who is serving as the CEO of Castro.

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