Pakistani Actresses without Makeup – 15 Shocking Photos

Pakistani Actresses without makeup. It is a sad reality of our world that women have started depending on makeup so much and have started choosing a doled up appearance over their natural looks. But all women are just as beautiful without makeup as they are with it!

And these actresses prove that by rocking their makeup-less looks without any shame and inspiring young girls to do the same. They may seem glamorous all around the year on screens where the work of a whole lot of makeup artists and production designers gives you the final edited product on your screen, and you are only able to see an edited reality. But this post will change that. Have a look at this list of top 10 without makeup looks of Pakistani actresses who look equally pretty in reality without makeup like they do on screens. Don’t miss out on the, behind the scenes look of these actresses, check out now.

How Pakistani Actresses Look Without Makeup?

Pakistani actress are just as beautiful without makeup as they are with makeup, and they are not afraid to show it off! By putting their makeup-less pictures on the internet, they aim to inspire their young audiences with accepting themselves for they are, without changing themselves, including their appearance. Some of these actresses also happen to be the highest-paid actresses of Pakistan, which include Mahira Khan, Aiza Khan, Mehwish Hayat, Urwa Hocane, etc. Don’t miss out on these behind the scene looks of these actresses!

Pakistani Actresses without Makeup - 15 Shocking Photos

Pakistani Actresses without Makeup - 15 Shocking Photos

Here is a list of the top actresses of Pakistan without makeup, take a look!

↓ 15 – Iqra Aziz

Here’s a picture of Iqra Aziz without makeup, trying on her wedding dress for the first time.

Pakistani Actresses without Makeup - 15 Shocking Photos

↓ 14 – Sanam Baloch

Sanam Baloch is one of the top actresses of the Pakistani drama industry. She has appeared in many renowned TV shows and continues to do so while winning the hearts of millions along the way. She also hosted a morning show on ARY news for a few years, which made her appearances in TV shows less, but now she’s made a comeback with her new drama serial, Khaas, after quitting the morning show. Sanam Baloch is just one of the many Pakistani actresses who look cute and innocent, even without makeup. She is loved by many because of her shy and timid roles in drama serials, and with or without makeup, she manages to keep that image intact.

Pakistani Actresses without Makeup - 15 Shocking PhotosPakistani Actresses without Makeup - 15 Shocking Photos

↓ 13 – Amna Ilyas With and Without Makeup

Amna Ilyas is one of Pakistan’s top model and now actress as well. She has made her mark in both the industries because of her hard work, beauty, and talent. Her role in the movie, Saat Din Muhabbat In proved to be very successful for her career, and she was praised by many for her skills and talent. The hot and sensational Pakistani model and actress Amna looks just as ravishing when seen without makeup, and her natural innocence makes her look just the more appealing!

Pakistani Actresses without Makeup - 15 Shocking Photos

↓ 12 – Humaima Malik With and Without Makeup

Humaima Malik is a very well known actress of the Pakistani industry. She has also worked in Bollywood but unfortunately did not gain as much fame there as she did from her work in TV shows in Pakistan. Humaima Malik has won millions of hearts over the years due to her beauty and talent when it comes to acting. Her dramas have been favorites all over countries. She is beautiful with and without makeup, that’s for sure, as you can see in the picture below. Her natural beauty shows through, and the makeup enhances it to give an ethereal look.

Pakistani Actresses without Makeup - 15 Shocking Photos

↓ 11 – Nida Yasir With and Without Makeup

Nida Yasir first appeared in TV shows many years ago and immediately garnered a fanbase because of her innocent and cute looks as well as her acting skills.  But after a while, she left the acting side of the industry and instead opted for the option of being a morning show host instead. She has been hosting the morning show for ARY Digital, a Pakistani broadcasting agency, for multiple years. Way more than many hosts have done before. The renowned actress and TV host Nida look surprisingly different when not wearing makeup:

Pakistani Actresses without Makeup - 15 Shocking Photos

↓ 10 – Ainy Jaffri without Makeup

Ainy Jaffri is a stunning Pakistani actress and model who have been in the industry for quite a while now. Below is her snap without any makeup put on, capturing a selfie with Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor. She has not appeared a lot on the screens but has contributed to both films and dramas in her overall career. As you can see, she looks just as ravishing without makeup as she does with it!

Pakistani Actresses without Makeup - 15 Shocking Photos

↓ 9 – Aiza Khan Without Makeup

Aiza Khan is specifically a TV actress of Pakistan, and below is her simplistic shot without any makeup put on, and she looks just as phenomenal. She has been in the industry for as long as we can remember and began her acting debut when she was only 16. She has proved her worth as a leading actress and has a series of successful projects lined up. Recently, her role in the famous drama serial, Mere Paas Tum Ho, placed her on a pedestal of fame. She is now one of the most loved and appreciated actresses in the history of Pakistani television.

Pakistani Actresses without Makeup - 15 Shocking Photos

↓ 8 – Ayyan Ali Without Makeup

Ayyan Ali is a Pakistani model and a singer, she started modeling in early 2010 and also won the award of the best female emerging model in such a short time. Below are some of her glimpses with minimal makeup, which shows just how swaggy she is at all times. Wearing makeup the right way can do wonders for your looks and if you too want to go for a natural no-makeup look, check out these Top 13 Best Makeup Styles From The Most Beautiful Celebrities

Ayyan Ali in a classy hoodie and gorgeous brown shades:

Pakistani Actresses without Makeup - 15 Shocking Photos

↓ 7 – Mahira Khan Without Makeup

Mahira Khan is undoubtedly the most loved, most popular, and also the highest-paid actress of Pakistan who has practically ruled the screens of Pakistani TV and cinema together. She started her career as a VJ and soon stepped into acting. Her success began after appearing in the drama serial Humsafar and has continued to grow over the years. She is the holder of several awards of the highest rank that a film industry can offer, including – best actress (film) and best actress (TV).

Because of her good looks and her excellent work, in 2012, she was named as the most beautiful woman in Pakistan. She was also listed as the tenth sexiest woman of Asia in the Eastern poll of 2015.

Below are some of her snaps without any makeup, and she looks just as dreamy!

Pakistani Actresses without Makeup - 15 Shocking Photos

Here’s a picture comparing how Mahira looks with and without makeup, and we think she looks incredibly beautiful in both scenarios. What do you think?

Pakistani Actresses without Makeup - 15 Shocking Photos

↓ 6 – Mawra Hocane Without Makeup

Mawra Hocane is a gorgeous Pakistani VJ, model, and actress. She has occupied a lot of fans’ hearts because of her cheery personality and her doll face looks! Talking about her doll face looks and a smile that never leaves her face, here is her without makeup look, which is just as pretty as the one she has when she appears on her shows.

Her career has expanded vastly, and she has done a whole lot of films and TV series apart from her VJ shows. Mawra Hocane changed her last name from Hussain to Hocane to gain more considerable audience attention when they hear about her! Her role in drama serial Sammi gained her a more massive fanbase than before, and her continuing displays of great talent in dramas like Angaan and Daasi continue to keep her fans loyal and help her learn more and more of them!

Pakistani Actresses without Makeup - 15 Shocking Photos

↓ 5 – Mehwish Hayat Simple Look Without Makeup

Mehwish Hayat is a Pakistani actress and a model. She has starred in many movies and songs in Pakistan. And for someone, who has continuously been a center of songs and dances on the screens, simplicity comes a long way. But here, we have found a simplistic look of Mehwish Hayat when she’s not hitting dance floors on screens and does not have much makeup put on. She has now moved on to the bigger screen and can be seen in successful movies like Load Wedding and Punjab Nahi Jaungi. She is also a human rights activist and has been awarded a very prestigious national award by the government of Pakistan in 2019, the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz, for contribution to the film and TV industry of Pakistan.

Check out this comparison of Mehwish Hayat with and without makeup:

Pakistani Actresses without Makeup - 15 Shocking Photos

↓ 4 – Sanam Jung Without Makeup

Sanam Jung, well, who does not absolutely adore her? Jung is probably the first celebrity who has every kind of talent that the industry needs. She’s well-educated, an excellent host, a great actress and equally great looking too! The masses have appreciated her roles in different TV shows, but her role as a morning show host for Hum TV is one that has gained her most of her fan following. It is a known fact that most homemakers in Pakistan love watching these morning shows after sending their kids to school and their husbands to work, and that is why after Sanam started hosting the morning show, her fanbase increased tremendously. You might be coming across a whole lot of her wedding pics, so you need to take a look at her simplicity! Have a look at without makeup look of Sanam Jung! She looks just as flawless as she does with makeup. Do check out Sanam Jung Wedding Pics – Dholki Mehndi Barat Walima Pictures

Pakistani Actresses without Makeup - 15 Shocking Photos

↓ 3 – Sanam Saeed without Makeup in Zindagi Gulzar Hai

Sanam Saeed played the most fantastic role in the TV series, “Zindagi Gulzar Hai” when she played a regular Pakistani girl clad in dupatta and very little or no makeup. Her drama was a worldwide hit with people falling in love with her strong and independent character in countries all over the world.  Sanam Saeed captured hearts with how much she nailed the role of Kashaf and how impressive she looks even without any makeup, which proves that women on TV don’t need to put on makeup to show their acting! Her simple look was inspiring and relatable for many young women who were going through similar situations in their lives, and her character taught people how to stay strong but not get bitter in the face of difficulties.

Pakistani Actresses without Makeup - 15 Shocking PhotosPakistani Actresses without Makeup - 15 Shocking Photos

↓ 2 – Syra Sabzwari Without Makeup

Syra Yousuf is also a Pakistani actress, TV host, and model. She has appeared in many TV series and hosted many shows. She is married to Shehroz Sabzwari, and the couple had a child together named Nooreh Sabzwari. Syra Sabzwari has managed to maintain a youthful look on her face despite aging, even when she’s not on camera, or does not have any makeup on. Her dramas have been famous all over Pakistan as people have loved her bubbly personality ever since her first drama with Sanam Saeed named, “Mera Naseeb.” The audience appreciated her talent and beauty in this drama, and her career took off soon after. She has also appeared on the big screen in the movie, “Chale Thay Saath” which is an adorable interracial love story and a must-watch.

Pakistani Actresses without Makeup - 15 Shocking Photos

↓ 1 – Urwa Hocane Stunning without Makeup

Urwa Hocane, the actress with the coolest ever sir name and sister to another nailing star of Pakistan, Mawra Hocane, leads the way when it comes to looks. Hocane recently occupied a lot of hearts with her groundbreaking performance in Udaari alongside her spouse Farhan Saeed.

The actress has a long list of beautiful without makeup looks that the fans can’t help admiring. Have a glance at some of the prettiest without makeup looks of Urwa.

Stunning selfie of Urwa Hocane with no makeup

Pakistani Actresses without Makeup - 15 Shocking Photos

Urwa Hocane is all pretty and simple as Meera in Pakistani TV series Udaari, which garnered her a lot of fame. The show focused on child sexual abuse and aimed to educate the people of Pakistan about it. The drama was a massive hit and increased Urwa’s fan following. She also met her now-husband, Farhan Saeed, on the set of this drama!

Pakistani Actresses without Makeup - 15 Shocking Photos

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