Kurti Neck Designs– 23 Latest Neck Styles for Women’s Kurtas 

Kurti Neck Designs. The design of the neckline matters just as much as the Kurti itself. It brings about the overall outlook of a Kurti and is probably the first thing that a viewer notices on your outfit; the neckline.

And an unsuitable or non-matching neckline gets in the way of the class of your outfit or the impact you want to make. But, we are here to prevent anything that gets in the way of your outfit’s class. With these pretty and most popular necklines, you are sure to nail any Kurti you put on. Once you know which neckline goes best with which Kurti style, you are sure to get ahead with the best Kurti styles for the new year.

Best and Latest Kurti Neckline Ideas

Check out these 23 newest styles in the Kurti necklines that you cannot afford to miss. We will guide you all about which neckline will go best with which Kurti style so gear up, and don’t miss out.

Latest Kurti Neck Designs

↓ 23 – The Boat Neckline

The cool and composing boat neckline will go best with a Kurti with long sleeves. It is not recommended for broad-shouldered women, but rather more suitable for women with narrower shoulders. Because the broad shape of the boat here gives a virtual but broader look to a person. It is best suited for all medium length Kurtis. This neckline will allow you to show off your collar bones and give your petite frame a broader look. You can add strings to the corner and tie them up to make the neckline more interesting, as shown in the sample picture below.

↓ 22 – The Peter Pan Collar

Since it’s more of a Western-style of a neckline, you have to wear it in a more Western way and avoid your own cultural Asian way. The style is inspired by the retro culture and became popular in Asia in recent years. Wear it with tights or cigarette pants and not with shalwar and dupattas. To keep the charm of your neckline, avoid any pearls or pendants. You can also use this neckline for kurtis for little girls like your daughter or nice, it will give their clothes a simple yet charming look. Searching for Winter Kurti designs? Have a look at the Latest Kurti Styles for Women.


↓ 21 – The Strings Style

The strings neckline style is a known and loved original.  It can be found or created in many styles. You should choose the style according to your posture and what goes best with it. Make it more stylish rather than cultural or vintage. You can make a basic round neckline and attach a string to each end to tie up in the center or you can go for a square neckline and keep the strings to one side. Either way, these will make your Kurti look modern and chic.

↓ 20 – The Closed Neckline

Known as a closed neckline because it covers up to the bottom of one’s neck. It goes best and most stylishly with short Kurtis and jeans, but medium length Kurtis is not a bad option at all. The closed neckline gives you a more petite look so it is suggested for broader women however, skinnier women can also pull it off just as easily. We suggest you wear them more boldly without a dupatta or a scarf because it will diminish the outlook of a closed neckline, and you don’t want that.


↓ 19 – The Illusion Look

The illusion neckline is different in a way that it has a net or lace segment attached to the bodice of a Kurti. It looks like a neckline because it covers up the shoulders in that way. Women mostly go for it because it gives a sexier look than any other style. Add a few buttons while using two pieces of sheer cloth or just use one piece of clothing to show off skin in a very subtle and elegant way.


↓ 18 – Keyhole Look

Although this style initiated way long ago in the ’90s, it still counts as one of the timeless necklines women still prefer for their clothing. It gives the basic circular neckline a nice twist and allows you to show off more skin in an elegant way. It will be a good option for women with more prominent beauty bones. If you find it too simplistic, you are free to pitch in ideas for adding sequins or buttons to its border.


↓ 17 – The Stripped Style

This neckline can be used for formal outfits. You can make this in silk or in chiffon. This neckline might be a little tricky to make but it will be definitely worth it when you stand out at the party because of your chic and sexy outfit!


↓ 16 – Sleeveless with Lace

This one is just meant for women who would love to show off their beauty bones and the sleek structure of their shoulders. It is not suitable for women with broad shoulders as it will only over broaden your posterior. Accessories are a good option with such a style and pretty neck jewelry and pieces will be looking dainty with this. Do have a look at Top 10 Pakistani Clothing Brands for Women 2021.


↓ 15 – The Asymmetric Style

For this design, you have to make your Kurti like a coat, with two flaps that overlap each other and are connected by strings on top to give the illusion of them being attached solely by those strings. This neckline gives a haphazard look to your Kurti that makes it look casual, perfect for wearing to class or a day outing with friends.


↓ 14 – The Mandarin Look

For all the choosy ladies who rarely hold on to a particular style and keeps on updating. If you like collar necklines then you will like a mandarin look too. This style is mostly recommended for ladies with a slightly higher neck. This style is recommended for your most casual outfits, like jeans or sneakers. Because you don’t have to be formal with it. Pair this Kurti with some cute hoop earrings and put up your hair in a ponytail for the perfect summery look that you can wear to university or the mall.


↓ 13 – The Scoop Look

This neckline takes your traditional round neckline but deepens it from the back to give a more formal and elegant look. This neckline can be used on clothes for the upcoming wedding season and even just for clothes that you can wear to parties or a night out. The boat neckline on the front compliment the deep neckline at the back. You can wear a few necklaces with long chains at the back or add a string at the top on the back to make your outfit fancier.


↓ 12 – Indo-western Crew Style

This neckline is rightfully meant for outfits which are Indo-western in style. It is suitable mostly for women with more slender and taller necks because it gives a rather prominent look to them. For women, who don’t much fancy the idea of deep necklines, this will be a gift to them. If you prefer a dupatta with it, we suggest you keep it draped on a single side so the design will be visible.  The open look towards the bottom of the Kurti allows for you to show off your pants, so pair these with straight pants or cigarette pants that make how great your Kurti looks. Don’t miss out 20 Most Affordable Fashion Brands Every Girl Must Know


↓ 11 – The Sweetheart Neckline Style

Wondering why it’s called by the name of ‘sweetheart’? Well, it’s because the designers had the concept of an inverted heart when they introduced this neckline. What’s great about this style is that it suits women of all body sizes and does not restrict anyone. If you wish to expose your neck jewelry a bit more than this style will come in handy.


↓ 10 – The V-Neckline Look

It’s a catchy neckline style and is suitable for women of all body sizes. Although, women with slender or thinner necks should not prefer it because the V structure makes their necks appear a bit longer than usual. We suggest you match this style with long Kurti and wear dupatta if you think it goes well. Adding in a nice necklace could deem favorable as the V neckline gives a lot of room to show off neck jewelry.


↓ 9 – The Sleeveless Look

This gorgeous style goes well with churidar and longer shirts. This neckline demands a sleeveless look of your shirt so you should go for that. The small opening at the neckline kept together by one button makes this suitable for women with longer necks as it covers up most of your lower neck and lets your whole neck showoff.


↓ 8 – The Sheer Elegance

This buttoned neckline is perfect if you are going for a serious and formal look for your workplace. The long line of buttons gives the Kurti the look of a long coat and makes it a perfect outfit for a day at the office. Pair it with a Plazzo or cigarette pants to complete your look.


↓ 7 – The Cowl Looks

This neckline style gives you a built-in scarf! The neckline is unique and not something you see every day which is why it can prove to be the perfect design to go for this wedding season or even just for a casual look. It will help you stand out and make your mark as everyone goes into the awe of your clothes and fashion sense.


↓ 6 – The High Neck Look

This neckline is perfect for women with long necks while it is not preferred for women with shorter necks as it will only make your neck seem even shorter. This neckline can be used if you don’t like showing off too much skin, or any skin at all, but still want to look fashionable and chic.  You can add this neckline to any type of clothes but adding it to a casual, every day Kurti would be preferred as it will provide it with the edge it needs to help you stand out.


↓ 5 – Jewels on the Neckline Style

To make for a more formal look or party wear, you can add jewels or intricate prints to your neckline. This will provide as a great substitute for neck jewelry as well and will allow you to look fabulous without the weight of a necklace holding you down. You can also use this in casual clothes as it’s harder to wear jewelry to amp up your casual outfits, this will provide it with a natural uplift.


↓ 4 – Timeless Round Look

The traditional and most basic neckline of them all, the round neckline! No matter how many different necklines you try, it all boils down to this one timeless design. The round neckline will never go out of fashion and will always remain the classic go-to for all girls, as it is the one neckline that can be styled in any way you want, with jewelry, scarves or simple on its own!


↓ 3 – The Square Look to your Neckline

The square neckline is another classic that we have seen around since we were little girls. This neckline is a great alternative to the basic round neckline and it allows for all the great things that come with a round neckline. You can pair this neckline with great neck jewelry or earrings. You can even let it work it’s magic all on its own. The possibilities are endless with this timeless piece!


↓ 2 – The Flap Look

This look gives a twist to the traditional round neckline. It extends the round neckline below into two flaps. This design, shown below, is easy and quick to make but is a breath of fresh air from all the usual designs going around.


↓ 1 – The Coat and Button Style

This look combines the square neckline with the buttoned neckline to give you the most perfect look there is. Keeping the button to one side instead of the middle provides for a great twist to the usual buttoned neckline look. This neckline can be used for everyday looks at the office or at your university to give you the edge of looking and even feeling like the boss!



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