Shakira Outfits – 25 Best Dressing Styles of Shakira to Copy

Shakira Outfits. The inspirational 39-year old singer is just as much of a heart winner, as she was back when she entered into the industry. And we could not simply define the time when her music was the best of pop and surely still is. Queen of dances and best moves and the creator of all genres of songs to date – Shakira simplified fun into the music like no other pop artist ever has.

We could not simply brag on further about how she always has been our teen inspiration when we really needed a celeb mentor. And if you are a 90’s kid, you would know how teenagers went crazy after she released her song Waka Waka for the 2010 Fifa World Cup. But that’s not all since there is still so much more exciting about her – and that’s her dressing styles, which you won’t just find anywhere. Have a look – at some of the timeless wardrobe ideas of her.

Best and Latest Outfits of Shakira

shakira outfits

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#25 – A Magenta Vintage Dress

Told ya, you would not just find anywhere. Because Shakira does not care about trends, she creates her own.

#25 - A Magenta Vintage Dress


#24 – A Lingerie-inspired Frock

Taken from one of her night shows, where she put on a sexy lace lingerie styled frock and rocked the night.

#24 - A Lingerie-inspired Frock


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#23 – Her Swagger Street Style

The gigantic stone necklaces, the leather jacket, the hair and the killer boot heels – are breaking the ground rules.

#23 - Her Swagger Street Style


#22 – One of Her Funeral Outfits

Snapped by a paparazzi when she was on her way home from a funeral. But she never is out of style – says her coat, her shimmering blond hair and of course the heels.

#22 - One of Her Funeral Outfits


#21 – An Awesome Summer Street Style

#21 - An Awesome Summer Street Style


#20 – When She Dresses in Pink

Probably the first time ever that you spotted her in pink. But it’s simply impeccable.

#20 - When She Dresses in Pink


#19 – A Popping Neon Outfit for Performance

Everything about her amazing outfit is shouting out the stunning colors used in pop art – even her mic is popping.

#19 - A Popping Neon Outfit

#19 - A Popping Neon Outfit 2


#18 – A Formal Chic Stunner

This stunning formal and classic outfit is all you would need for a casual office party or a lighter color perhaps would do.

#18 - A Formal Chic Stunner


#17 – Her Glamorous Concert Outfit

When a sassy and bossy outfit is all you really need to nail a concert and we couldn’t agree more to that.

#17 - Her Glamorous Concert Outfit


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#16 – A Black Legging Outfit Style

We can assure you that those to die for heels are just as much of a stunner as the phenomenal belted shirt.

#16 - A Black Legging Outfit Style


#15 – A Nice Dotted Frock-style Shirt

Such a nice dotted shirt with a cool leather jacket.

#15 - A Nice Dotted Frock-style Shirt


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#14 – A Shocking Net Outfit

#14 - A Shocking Net Outfit


#13 – An Amazing Net Outfit

#13 - An Amazing Net Outfit


#12 – A Cool Casual Winter Dress

#12 - A Cool Casual with Cheetah Scarf


#11 – A Flawless Party Look

#11 - A Flawless Party Look


#10 – A Swagger Casual Outfit

#10 - A Swagger Casualty


#9 – A Shimmering Fancy Dress

#9 - A Shimmering Fancy Dress


#8 – A Beaded Gown

#8 - A Beaded Gown


#7 – Street Style Look

#7 - A Total Pro Look


#6 – A Cute Skirt Outfit

#6 - A Cute Skirt Outfit


#5 – Her Artistic Taste of Clothing

#5 - Her Artistic Taste of Clothing


#4 – A Random Casual

#4 - A Random Casual


#3 – Chic Shedding of Glamour

#3 - Chic Shedding of Glamour


#2 – A Silvery Sexy Style

#2 - A Silvery Sexy Style


#1 – Another Voice Outfit

#1 - Another Voice Outfit

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