Top 10 Pakistani Clothing Brands for Women 2020

Top Clothing Brands for Women in Pakistan. Want to get your hands on some of the most applauded fashion brands in Pakistan for women? Look no further than this post, because this post has all the most prestigious and practically worshiped clothing retails that women cannot seem to let go of.

Have a look at 10 classiest designer brands in Pakistan most recommended for women to try. Try them out and find yourself immersed in a varied collection of clothing from Pret wear to formal to part wear, to fancy and what not.

What are the Best Pakistani Fashion Brands?


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#10 – Nishat Linen

The Nishat Linen brand in Pakistan started off in 1990. Nishat Linen not only happens to be greatly preferred by women from all backgrounds but also is one of the biggest textile retail chains in Pakistan with the category of home fashion. It has a rapidly growing international recognizance along with about 72 outlets in 26 cities in Pakistan and a well-established online store.



#9 – Junaid Jamshed



#8 – Khaadi

Khaadi, another groundbreaking women-oriented clothing brand in Pakistan selling its uniquely cultural products since 1998 and making women’s life more stylish and comforting. Not only does it sell pleasing and capturing clothing styles but also a fantastic collection of other women’s accessories that can easily be chosen to along with any clothing piece. It happens to be one of those brands that always have a different approach to the market and to grow. Also have a look at 5 Most Affordable Pakistani Fashion Brands you Must Know About



#7 – Gul Ahmed

Gul Ahmed is one another brand that takes the lead when it comes to women’s fashion preferences, which keep changing year by year and Gul Ahmed knows how to put up to that. The brand quality and customer satisfaction are its goals and that’s what has taken it so far ahead of the game.



#6 – Thredz

In the overrated era of Pakistani-oriented dressing and culture, a new fashion brand stepped in with its minimalistic fashion approach to satisfy customers’ needs. Yes, Thredz stepped in with such a different picture, that only within a short period, it captured women’s attention from all over Karachi and made its way to other cities as well. And now, it’s big enough to sell all kinds of fabrics to its consumers.



#5 – Ethnic

In the year 2013, the Outfitters launched Ethnic, and finally, it fulfilled the most composed outlook of women in Pakistan who got a chance to dress with utter modesty and also to embrace their ethnic culture. Since 2013, Ethnic has progressed to a total of 10 stores in Pakistan. Their motive has always been to make customers feel valued for their money. Don’t miss out these cutest Alia Bhatt Outfits-32 Best Dressing Styles of Alia Bhatt



#4 – Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz withholds all the glamor of Pakistani women and no another brand is considered as swaggy as this one, who go along with keeping decency and swag at the same pace and win so many customers.



#3 – Al Karam



#2 – HSY Studio

HSY studio is probably restricting itself to a particular status of customers, but nonetheless, is immensely classy and reliable when it comes to women’s fashion.



#1 – Asim Jofa




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