15 Modest Ways for Women To Wear Shalwar Kameez Fashionably

Ways To Wear Shalwar Kameez Modestly. Shalwar Kameez is the kind of outfit that is not going out of style ever. When it ruled the era of the ’80s and ’90s and ruled the wardrobe of Pakistani actresses, it was surely the golden age of Shalwar Kameez. Even today, women all over the world love wearing shalwar kameez because of how comfortable they are and of course, how great they look.

Then when the western trends started to dominate our culture, shalwar kameez slowly drifted to the back of the line. Until in 2019, it once again dominated the Pakistani culture and came back with a high tide. Women once again were seen awed by the beauty of this cultural asset and Pakistan’s all-time national outfit. So, here we will be taking you through the list of ways that will help you best match your dupattas, shawls or hijabs with a gorgeous but modest shalwar kameez look!

 Best Ways To Style Shalwar Kameez For a Modest Look

For women who prefer to dress modestly and carry hijabs, shalwar kameez is a very accurate choice of outfit for them. The attire represents the conservative choice in a very graceful and stylish manner. These days, shalwar kameez is surely not an old-school form of dressing, women tend to style their outfits all so modernly keeping the true essence of this dress in place.  Highly available, beautiful hijabs lift up the entire look so well, and there are so many new ways to wear this headdress that look ultra chic. Here are a few tips you may use for your perfect shalwar kameez look:

  • Solid colored hijabs are highly in trend with full solid shalwar kameez.
  • Turban style hijabs are the modern way of using the accessory.
  • All leading brands are now hijab friendly and offer amazing varieties of prints and styles for you to buy.
  • Don’t go overboard with too much of the printed fabric in your outfit. Work out a balance of colors and prints.
  • Do check out for the fabric of the hijab that stays put over the head or over hijab caps.
  • Youtube is the best place to learn a lot of new ways of wearing your hijab. Hundreds of tutorials are uploaded for the purpose.
  • Of course, modest outfits are not just the ones with hijabs, as long as you’re covering yourself properly and not revealing your body, your outfit is considered modest. You can choose to wear loose fittings for this purpose or cover yourself with a beautiful shawl or dupatta.
  • Lifestyle blogging is HUGE these days and there are so many women you can follow for modest fashion inspiration, some of our favorites include Hira Attique, Tahleel, and Urooj.

Now let’s move on and view the best outfits you should choose for modestly styling your shalwar kameez.

how to wear shalwar kameez latest styles

↓15 – Full Black Look

 What can make a hijab style with shalwar kameez even classier than usual? A full black style, because we all know that black’s the most sophisticated color and looks hottest on women. The beauty of black is incomparable and undeniable. So, if black is your color too then don’t forget to try this one out, as it might be your best hijab style for 2019.  Black is also a color that goes with every other color. You can use your black hijab on a black shalwar kameez that has contrast colors or prints over it or even go for the aesthetic solid black look which is never going to end up in a fashion faux pas. Here are Top 10 Brands to Buy Eco-Hijabs.


↓14 – Nude Hijab With Shalwar Kameez

Who could have guessed that the color that will shine out the best, will be the color of our very own skin! Yes, nude color is now ruling the fashion world and we couldn’t be happier. From nail colors to shoes and bags, the nude shade has taken over fashion by a storm and it is totally justified. Even more so, a nude hijab or dupatta with shalwar kameez is a look, that will make you stand out no matter what. Once again you can wear nude all over in a nude shalwar kameez with a nude hijab which looks utterly graceful, or a nude dupatta with a bit more contrasting colors like red or blue and rock your style once more. If you’re a fan of ready to wear then you can easily buy different pret shirts and pair them with your nude shalwar in summers, a great way to save money while looking chic as ever!


↓13 – Wedding Style

For those of you whose hijab is a must have with their dresses, there are a lot of ideas to wear the accessory over formal clothes too. It’s not just the casual dresses that the hijab is worn on but many wear it to weddings and parties too. Since such events are all about fancying up, there is no limit to constraint your style. There are beautifully embroidered hijabs available to go with formal and heavy dresses. Hijabs with beading and embellishments look great over shalwar kameez as well. Another fancy take that you can do with your hijab is wearing your dupatta in the style of hijab. That definitely looks great too. Put on an embroidered hijab and a heavy formal shalwar kameez and you are sure to look fancy head to toe!


Shalwar Kameez And Hijab Ideas For Women (1)


↓12 – Shalwar Kameez With Turban-Hijab

For ladies, who do not entirely appreciate feminity – here’s a backup plan; a classy and robust turban hijab for women who still wish to cover their heads. So here’s one for you that you can easily pull off with a casual shalwar kameez look or even a formal one when you are off to work.  An advantage of this style along with looking cool is that it actually feels pretty cool too in hotter seasons. The hijab in this way of draping doesn’t go around the neck entirely leaving it open to feel the air and only goes around the head to cover the hair.

So choose your style and never miss out.


↓11 – Professional Style

Many working women tend to wear hijabs during their working hours too. The best recommendation to them is to go for solid colored hijabs because these tend to look more professional. You have a choice between bright and pastel colors that you can make according to the season or the shalwar kameez you plan on wearing it with. The choice of shalwar kameez should also be the one with a minimal amount of embroidery to it. Plain dresses with single color hijab look very elegant and sophisticated, pretty much exactly how one needs to look like at work. The ways to style your hijab though, remain unlimited. As long as the fabric itself is not too flashy you can wear it any way you desire.

Shalwar Kameez And Hijab Ideas For Women (5)


There are many Pakistani brands that have now started focusing on such minimalist outfits in solid colors such as “Sapphire” and “Ego.”

modest shalwar kamees outfits

↓10 – Ethnic Indo-Pakistan Style

You cannot miss out on the typical Indo-Pakistani style of the ecstatic hijab with shalwar kameez look that is different than the regular straight shirt with side splits. The frock style shirts are very popular in South Asian fashion and are probably never getting old. Named as “peshwas” or “kalidar” in traditional words, the style has been a hit for decades and appears to be very cultural. The long frocks, the lengthy dupattas, and the well-mannered hijab, all in place to rock a perfect Indo-Pakistani look. So set this as your ideal 2019 Indo-Pakistani look with hijab and shalwar kameez. Do have a look at these 30 Amazing Ways to Wear Patiala Salwar.

Shalwar Kameez And Hijab Ideas For Women (7)


↓9 – Summer Style

You could rock your perfect hijab look throughout the year for any season. Spice up your summer style with the long array of fabulous lawn suits with the perfect pastel-colored hijabs for this season. Light color lawn or cotton tunics matched with basic white pants and a lightly printed or plain pastel hijab makes one hell of a summer look. If you want to go bright with the colors, there are so many summer hues such as yellow, orange, green and blue that you can choose from for your shalwar kameez and hijab. Lighter shades of same colors make great summer outfits too. Wear bright and bold colors to come off as confident and stylish as always or dress in light colors for the cool and subtle but gorgeous look, the choice is all yours!


Shalwar Kameez And Hijab Ideas For Women (4)


↓8 – Patiala Shalwar Kameez

Patiala shalwar looks never go out of style. Whenever you feel like going utterly desi with your shalwar kameez style without looking old-fashioned, wear a Patiala shalwar and kameez and you are sure to look amazing. Make sure to match the heels so your Patiala look can be highlighted or you could wear it with the traditional khussa or a kolapuri slipper for the more ethnic look, whichever you like best and find comfortable.


↓7 – Shalwar Kameez And Hijab With Abaya

Abaya is one dress that the hijab is a must with. Shalwar kameez and hijab paired up with abaya is a dream for all the ladies who wear abaya with nearly every outfit. Abayas are all so fashionable too these days, as the dress has particular designers for the category nowadays. So now it’s your turn to nail an abaya look with a stylish shalwar kameez and a glossy hijab. So don’t miss out and try your most cultural look!


↓6 – For An All-White Look

We all love to be fancy once in a while in all-white attire. The color does look very graceful and at least one all-white dress is a must-have in each of your closets. A stylish white shalwar kameez dress with a white hijab to wear with is one elegant style statement. Match a sophisticated white hijab with a fancy shimmering white shalwar kameez look so you can take modesty and class with you wherever you go. Take some inspiration from below!


↓ 5 – Printed Hijab With Printed Shalwar Kameez

Printed hijab is always on the trend. In 2019, printed hijabs have taken a huge leap and all women are after them now. Like we talked about earlier, brands have introduced lines of hijabs formally and are offering some amazing printed hijabs for you to buy. So you pair up a printed hijab with a printed shalwar kameez to look your best. Gone are the days of simplistic clothes, it’s the era of maximalism and printed hijabs are winning! Don’t miss out these Latest kurti designs 2019 from top 15 kurti designers these days.


Shalwar Kameez And Hijab Ideas For Women (6)


↓ 4 – With Tulip Cut Shalwar Kameez

Tulip cut shalwar kameez is ruling today’s fashion and you can see why! Tulip cut style is a hit for both, casual and formal dressing, and looks sophisticated and appealing. It’s not just the shirts that the tulip cut is in for but even shalwars. Tulip pants are one bold and stylish twist to the basic shalwar.


modest shalwar kameez

↓3 – With High-Long Kameez

High-long kameez is for all the modern chicks who want to be always up to the trend. So here you go, try a high long shirt with a classy and modern-looking hijab. You can match your outfit with heels so you can look even more sophisticated and updated in fashion!


↓ 2 – How To Wear Hijab With Single-Split Kameez Shalwar

Single split kameez and shalwar are also taking everyone’s attention because they look utterly classic and fabulous on all women. Try out this single split kameez and shalwar with a cool hijab look and impress all your peers. Match this look with a nice of heels because single split shirts are usually long and that would be some match with your high heels.


↓ 1 – The Hijab Brides

Hijab now is just not worn over everyday dresses but keen hijab wearers have made it a part of their dresses for much important events, such as their own weddings. Since a few years, we see that brides who wear hijab regularly have brought into trend the fashion of wearing a hijab on their wedding dress as well. The entire attire looks beautiful with a heavily adorned dress worn by the bride and a hijab over which the dupatta of the original dress is worn. This trend has definitely made the lives of our dear hijab wearing brides way easier as they can look ravishing while maintaining their modesty, even on their wedding days.

Shalwar Kameez And Hijab Ideas For Women (3)


Shalwar Kameez And Hijab Ideas For Women (1)


These are all the different and fantastic ways of styling your shalwar kameez dress to rock your modest yet fashionable look so hurry up fashionistas!


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