10 Most Affordable Indian Fashion Brands You Did Not Know

Most Affordable Indian Fashion Brands. India’s fashion – on its way to make an impactful mark in the world’s fashion institution, that now so many foreigners are thinking of trying it for a change. Let’s take sari for instance, how significant it is, as a landmark that represents Indian fashion, as something culturally extraordinary and ideal for all Indians and even non-Indians. The idyllic nature of sari and other Indian fashion artifacts is now making its way to other countries and is considered a central theme for fancy occasions.

So, in order to further heighten your love for their fashion, below are about 10 amazing Indian fashion brands that you probably might not be aware of, but they are very economical and would be a lot worth your money. So no doubts there. Have a look, and make your year festive and colorful.

Popular and Inexpensive Indian Brands to Shop at

polyvore sample

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#10 – HiDesign

HiDesign is probably the best outlet of leather fashion products, including handbags, wallets, clutches, shoes and much more. Their leather products are just a milestone in fashion and it is based in Pondicherry, India. They even provide their classics to some of the biggest brands worldwide. This is the place to find the best of lhidesigneather, the purest and perhaps the most authentic.



#9 – Allen Solly

The best subsidiary of the Aditya Birla Group is recognized by its creative ‘Friday dressing theme’ and offers great ideas to people who want to dress the best and most sophisticated for office. It’s licensed under Madura Garments and all products are manufactured there.

allen solly

allen solly2

allen solly 3


#8 – Da Milano

Talking about India’s fascination with naming their brands a bit too foreign, here’s this.  It’s one of the nicest fashion outlets there are in India and provide top-notch leather fashion accessories.

da milano 2

da milano


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#7 – Monte Carlo

Another absolute Italian-sounding name and a top lead clothing brand for men and women. Their base, of course, is the Indian customer group and is widely loved for their charismatic sweaters.



#6 – Franco Leone

There is apparently an explanation behind this foreign name of an Indian brand, which is, it was initiated by two Italians, but later on, was bought by an Indian. It is now one of the classic for leather footwear and a heart of India.

franco leone

franco leone 2


#5 – Munich Polo

It’s surely one of the most premium brands there are, for kids, apparently. And manufactures some idyllic clothing for kids of all ages.

munich polo


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#4 – And Designs

Trendy and classy threads provider, not just in India, but on an International basis. Its creativity is all about experimenting with International fashion themes and clothing outlets.

and designs



#3 – Van Heusen

Owned by an American company but what most people are unaware of is that, it operates under license of Madura fashion & Lifestyle in South Asia. It happens to be the most overrated lifestyle and fashion brand.




#2 – Flying Machine

‘India’s first homegrown denim brand’ and that’s inspirational enough.



#1 – Peter England

One of the largest and most prominent menswear brand in India and sell ideas in spring and summer wear.


peter england 2


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