2020 Abaya Designs – 26 New Abaya Styles for Stylish Look

Latest Abaya Designs. The abaya fashion of today is unrecognizable of what customers usually expect abayas to be like. No longer abayas are limited to Muslim women, but the modernity and style have taken it to be worn comfortably by women of all cultures.

We have seen in the past decade of abaya fashion, that it has transformed so much up till today that diversity and equality are the ultimate goals of normalizing abayas in western fashion-dominated countries.

Trendy Abaya Styles and Designs 2020

If you have not already seen the various new styles of abaya trends that women cannot help being awed by, then we can help you there. In this post, you will find the latest styles of abayas available, including some gorgeous gown styles, cape style abayas, formal abayas, fancy ones, and any other style you want in your wardrobe. So, have a look at these 26 top abaya designs this year in 2020 that took abaya fashion to the highest level and added much more class, beauty, and elegance to it.

2020 Abaya Designs 26 New Abaya Styles for Stylish Look

↓ 26 – Simple Polka Dots Dress

This is one of the easiest and prettiest ways to wear your abaya stylishly. This abaya look is casual and best suited for girls in their teens and twenties. A simple maroon abaya dress with white polka dots print will make you look cute.

2020 Abaya Designs 26 New Abaya Styles for Stylish Look


↓ 25 – Life isn’t Perfect but my Abaya can be

This new and modern abaya look recently made it to the market and has every bit of western touch to it that makes it perfectly diverse for women of all cultures. Even Muslim women can now dress with so much more style and prestige that was not there in earlier typical abaya designs. Interested in Abaya wear? Read more about Top Abaya Designers; Top 10 Abaya Brands in the World 2020.

↓ 24 – Glamour Never Takes a Day Off

For the very first time, the touch of swag is seen in these new and classic abaya designs, especially this one with a coat look. This abaya design will be your perfect style for formal gatherings, for the party looks to if you wear it with heels and land on to the highest level of sophistication possible.

↓ 23 – Gorgeous Contrasted Abaya Style

A slick and stylish combo of contrasting colors makes this abaya so demanding. With every bit of modesty, elegance, and style, this abaya design is a dreamy choice for all Muslim women and with a classy western touch, it deems suitable for women everywhere.

↓ 22 – Abaya Style For Plus Sizes

This simple cut abaya is best to be worn by our lovely curvey plus size ladies. The straight cut abaya with bell sleeves looks great on everyone, especially on ladies with a heavier physique. The color black makes one look slender however you can choose any color you like. The stripes detail makes the abaya all the more fun to wear.

2020 Abaya Designs 26 New Abaya Styles for Stylish Look

↓ 21 – Modest and Stylish Look 2020

This simple abaya look is for those who like to keep their styles towards a minimalistic side. The abaya is in pastel hues so that it isn’t very eye catchy however some grey stripes are detailing on the sleeves give the garment a little bit of style. The white scarf goes perfectly well with this simple and stylish abaya look.

2020 Abaya Designs 26 New Abaya Styles for Stylish Look


↓ 20 – Casual Abaya Styles for 2020

This robe style abaya is very chic and trendy. This style isn’t something that we can normally imagine if we think of abayas. The double-layer look with a white inner dress and an abaya with laces at the front to tie it up is pretty damn amazing.

↓ 19 – Abaya Style with Heels

For women, who cannot imagine their outfits being completed without heels, here’s a try! Check out this smart and stylish abaya look that bonds well with a sassy pair of heels! So, don’t miss out on the one suitable design that will fall to your standards of comfort style.

2020 Abaya Designs 26 New Abaya Styles for Stylish Look


↓ 18 – Lace and Crystal Abaya Look

Some new and authentic abaya designers have recently come up with some unusually engaging and phenomenal abaya style not seen or designed before. So, have a look at this magnificent lace and crystal abaya look that matches a gown style to a great extent. To match the subtleness of the gown, you should apply some slick and attractive smoky eye makeup and a nude or lighter lip color to create the required effect! You should also check out 15 New Abaya Styles for Teenage Girls For Modest Look

Designer- AlJooba


↓ 17 – Abaya Bridal Gown 2020

For all Muslim women who wish to stand out a lot more than usual, and all those western women as well who are much awed by this fantastic abaya bridal gown style of 2019 that no abaya style had risen to such a level in the past and have matched so many diverse tastes.

Sparkling Couture exhibition piece by Lebanese couturier Georges Hobeika


↓ 16 – Fancy Abaya Look for Parties

An abaya that makes itself so demanding and falls suitable for your many party needs has got to be worth it. All it needs is to be worn with simplicity, and it will do the rest of the job. Like many others of its kind, it needs a dark makeup look a greater job over the eye makeup, such as a hot and fabulous smoky-eyed look particularly. You can dress your hair in a stylish updo or wear it down all straight and silky.

Designer Al Shal


↓ 15 – Embracing Dark Shades for Abaya

The combination of suede and silk abaya is simply phenomenal. If we normally get our abayas, this is the kind of stuff that we can rarely find. The original abaya is in a robe style which is detailed with patterns of suede appliqued over the silk, which forms the basic fabric of the abaya. The robe is further detailed with beading and embroidery. Suede is also used to make the piece that drapes over the shoulder for a chicer style. This abaya is something that can be worn to the Met Gala; it is that good.

Designer- Bait Hanayen


↓ 14 – Stunning Silk Abaya in Cape Style

A stunning and elegant abaya with a popular and dominant cape style for all women who wish empowerment above all else! A bit of empowerment with a pinch of style isn’t bad, so you should try this out if you are too tired of the typical and monotonous abaya styles of the past and want to stand out with style and poise. Since the subtle and formal color of the outfit demands a lighter makeup look and simplicity, we suggest you stick to it. Don’t miss out these amazing Kaftan Abaya Designs-18 Latest Styles to Buy Online Now

Designer- Bawal


↓ 13 – Classy Abaya Gown with Coat

Finally, the accessory of the coat has also been added to the new abaya gown style, and that makes it quite suitable and comfortable as a winter outfit as well. Now’s your chance to dress comfortably in an outfit you find modest and also be stylish in the harsh weather of winters!

Designer Hanayen


↓ 13 – Front Opened Jacket Style

This front opened organza abaya is a very stylish one to wear over your western clothes.

2020 Abaya Designs 26 New Abaya Styles for Stylish Look


↓ 12 – Abaya with Cape Style

Here’s how you can achieve a dominantly feminine abaya in a stunner cape style and get all the real-life superheroine feels that rarely any dress manages to offer you. With this fancy abaya cape style, there won’t be much effort on your part to make it look any better, and all you have to do is let it speak for itself. With light makeup and jewelry, and a simple hairdo, you will be good to go!

Designer- Kanzi


↓ 11 – Crepe Cutoff Abaya 2020

The crepe cutoff abaya style with a classic and unique hijab has taken the fashion by storm in 2019 this year! With abaya trends becoming more pervasive in western society, women are coming up more boldly than ever to try new styles. With new styles being more all-culture-friendly, women from all classes can try it out and feel and look amazing! Thinking to wear Jeans with Abaya? Head over to Abaya with Jeans-10 Ways to Style Jeans with Abaya Modestly.

Vibrant crepe CUTOFF hilow from Abaya Addict


↓ 10 – The Evergreen Stripes

Striped abaya design for ladies who are fed up with the idea of black abayas over and over again released in markets. This is a nice way to get your abaya done in two tones so that the entire look is not monotonous head to toe.

Stripes take on new meaning this season with Abaya Addict


↓ 9 – Ever Thought of Wearing Pencil Skirt with Abaya?

This one is a very cool abaya style for our fashionistas. The double-layered abaya which is just about the right dress to give you western wear feels with complete modesty. A pencil skirt style dress is worn beneath the actual abaya to cover you till the ankles. The abaya itself is made of flowy silk fabric, stitched in a tail cut style that drops till the floor. Paired with heels, this abaya look is sure to woo the crowds.

The Sierra Beige and Gold HIlow paired with the Salmon Pencil Skirt both from Abaya Addict.


↓ 8 – The Laced Beauty for Modest Wear

Lace fabric looks very elegant, and an abaya is one of the best ways to wear the fabric to the most. You can try this abaya style by getting your basic abaya stitched in tea-pink lace. To make it fancier, go with the matching silk trail cut robe. High heels and a contrasting maroon scarf will make you look perfect.

2R4A3673 copy


↓ 7 – Abaya in Gown Style with Butterfly Sleeved Coat

Dress style abayas are the best as they give you both fashion and modesty. You can do a great abaya style where you choose lace or embroidered fabric to form the bodice of your abaya and the lower part is made out of silk or chiffon fabrics stitched with pleats. The style is great with this abaya style but to take it up a notch, you can wear a butterfly sleeved full-length coat over the abaya in a contrasting shade to give more dimension to the dress.


↓ 6 – How to wear Abaya in Winters?

If you are headed to a wedding in the winters and abayas are your regular choice of outfits, then you need something that will keep you warm along with modest. This is an excellent style with a flowy extra loose abaya detailed with fur on the collar, sleeves, and front.

Designer- Shadow


↓ 5 – Casual Abaya for Office Styles

For everyday professional and smart look for work, you can choose this stylish yet straightforward abaya with a plain long, back inner and a white abaya detailed with broad black trimming on the edges. White scarf, black bag, and black shoes are the best way to go about with this abaya style.


↓ 4 – Drape Style Abaya

This is a unique way to wear your abaya where there is extra fabric attached to the actual dress to drape around the body in the form of a long and wide shawl.

2020 Abaya Designs 26 New Abaya Styles for Stylish Look


↓ 3 – Royal Abayas for a Princess Look

If you want to go utterly extravagant in your style, keeping it very fashionable at the same time, this is one of the best looks you can go for. This look depends on the choice of colors mostly. The purple mesh lace for the bodice goes so well with the green chiffon for the lower part of the abaya. The turquoise belt at the waist makes the two colors sync together nicely. A black bell cut cape can add much more to the beauty of this look.

Image result for H & M abaya


↓ 2 – Dolce and Gabbana Abaya Styles

Many famous designer brands have recognized as an essential need for their Muslim customers. To cater to them Dolce And Gabbana launched their abaya range. Isn’t this black on white printed abaya and scarf beautiful?


↓ 1 – Turkish Royalty Look

This Ottoman inspired abaya look is the one that is going to make you everyone’s heartthrob. The delicate gold net lace covered with a heavily embellished hand-embroidered green abaya is something that is going to make you look like a royalty. The belt detail at the waist gives more structure to the look.

2020 Abaya Designs 26 New Abaya Styles for Stylish Look


These are the best abaya looks that you can take so many inspirations from and design your abayas. Abayas are not ordinary these days and can look very fashionable if worn right. You can pick any of these beautiful ideas and try them in your unique way.


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