Top 20 Asian Models And Bloggers On Instagram To Follow

The Most Influential Asian Models and Bloggers on Instagram. Instagram had 503 downloads in 2020. Certainly, it depicts why Instagram is considered one of the most widely used social media platforms all over the world. Evidently, people not only use it to share their pictures and daily lifestyle but also to inspire others. Surely, multiple Asian bloggers and models have been using or have started using Instagram to represent themselves. As an audience of Instagram, we love to follow people and admire them. After all, who does not like seeing cute pictures and eye-catching profiles every day.

Unquestionably, the Instagram accounts of Asian Models and Bloggers are so engaging that we feel as if we are living their life. Surely, they make us feel like a part of them. Evidently, they influence us with almost everything, be it lifestyle, beauty, fitness, food, fashion, or others. While the Instagram accounts of the models are not only eye candy but also encourage us to do great things in life. On the other side, the accounts of the bloggers are way more useful than imagined. Apart from this, they provide so many useful tips on how to make the most out of little things.

Top Asian Models And Bloggers To Follow On Instagram Right Away 

Are you in search of Asian models and bloggers you should be following right now on Instagram? Well, there are so many who have gone from zero to hero with their efforts, looks, and mastermind. Though it may look like it, gaining followers on Instagram is not as easy. Evidently, everything needs to be so systemic and pretty that it catches the attention of every eye. Adding on, using trending hashtags can also be of help as the profile then appears on the top feed. Now that these Asian models and bloggers have made a position for themselves and are so famous, you surely need to know and follow them too. Also, have a look at 20 Most Gorgeous Asian Women in The World [Updated] List.

Top 20 Asian Models And Bloggers On Instagram To Follow

How Did We Decide? 

Without a doubt, there are hundreds of accounts of Asian Models And Bloggers to follow but what we have listed below are some of the top accounts ranked according to the numbers of their Instagram followers. 

These are the top 20 accounts to be followed in 2022. 

20 – Priyanka Chopra Jonas 

19 – Jannat Zubair Rahmani

18 – Lee Min Ho 

17- Taapsee Pannu

16 – Raditya Dika 

15 – Davika Hoorne 

14 – Araya Alberta Hargate   

13 – Ayeza Khan

12 – Cinta Laura Kiehl 

11 – Chi Pu

10 – Liu Wen 

9 –  Rabeeca Khan

8 – Shahtaj Monira Hashem 

7 – Chailee Son

6 – Tina Tamashiro 

5 – Sarah Chetrit 

4 – Allison Teng

3 – Pia Shah 

2 – Dustin Heerkens

1 – Vannie Tran

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↓ 20  – Priyanka Chopra Jonas 

Nationality – Indian 

Age – 39 years (18 July 1982)

Profession – Model, actress and film producer 

Instagram handle – priyankachopra

Followers – 66.8M

Number of posts – 3,396

Priyanka Chopra is India’s most popular and highest paid celebrity who got married to an American singer, Nick Jonas. Certainly, she is the pride of Asia considering the number of awards she has won including the 2000 Miss World Pageant. Surely, her Instagram profile has the perfect balance of her professional and personal life. Not only does she share her everyday life and vacation pictures but also promotes various brands.

Top 20 Asian Models And Bloggers On Instagram To Follow

↓ 19 – Jannat Zubair Rahmani

Nationality – Indian 

Age – 19 years (29 August 2001)

Profession – Model and actress

Instagram handle – jannatzubair29

Followers – 32.6M

Number of posts – 1,258 

Jannat Zubair is a teenage fashion model who got fame through her work on Indian television. Evidently, her work in films and TV shows is celebrated as she was awarded the Best Debut Female in 2018 by Gold Awards. Adding on, the short videos she shares on her Instagram profile keep the audience not only involved but also entertained.

Top 20 Asian Models And Bloggers On Instagram To Follow

↓ 18 – Lee Min Ho 

Nationality – Korean

Age – 34 years (June 22, 1987)

Profession – Model, actor, singer, and businessman 

Instagram handle – actorleeminho

Followers – 25.2M

Number of posts – 235 

Surely, he has the highest following on Instagram in South Korea and is also the first Korean to have a wax model at Madame Tussauds. Undoubtedly, the Instagram account of Lee Min Ho is so cute and casual that no one can resist liking his pictures. Though his profile seems a little chaotic it still looks perfect.  

Top 20 Asian Models And Bloggers On Instagram To Follow

↓ 17 – Taapsee Pannu

Nationality – Indian 

Age – 34 years (1 August 1987)

Profession – Model, actress

Instagram handle – taapsee

Followers – 19M

Number of posts – 2,462 

It was not until 2008 that Taapsee finally became a full time model. Later, she started her acting career in 2010 and has been a part of the Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil entertainment industries for a long time now. Also, she has won two Filmfare awards for her endless contribution to the entertainment world. Moreover, her Instagram pictures give all the aesthetic vibes. Lastly, she is quite vocal about the social and political issues on her feed.

Top 20 Asian Models And Bloggers On Instagram To Follow

↓ 16 – Raditya Dika

Nationality – Indonesian 

Age – 36 years (28 December 1984)

Profession – Blogger, actor, and movie director 

Instagram handle – raditya_dika

Followers – 17.7M

Number of posts – 5,164

Raditya Dika stepped into the entertainment industry through blogging and is now a known author of numerous humorous books such as Marmut Merah Jambu, Koala Kumal, etc. Furthermore, he is also the first Youtuber from Indonesia to hit 1 million subscribers. Certainly, his blogging website is an inspiration for all the upcoming writers. 

Top 20 Asian Models And Bloggers On Instagram To Follow 

↓ 15 – Davika Hoorne

Nationality – Thai

Age – 29 years (May 16, 1992)

Profession – Model and actress

Instagram handle – davikah

Followers – 14.1M

Number of posts – 10,521 

Davika Hoorne is a model turned actress who is also known as Mai Davika. Surely, she has walked the ramp for multiple brands including Loreal, Dolce & Gabbana, etc. As per Vogue, she was the most compelling newcomer of Milan Fashion Week. Adding on, her Instagram feed is so alluring and captivating that no one can really resist following her.

Top 20 Asian Models And Bloggers On Instagram To Follow

↓ 14 – Araya Alberta Hargate 

Nationality – Thai

Age – 40 years (June 28, 1981)

Profession – Model, actress, and host

Instagram handle – chomismaterialgirl

Followers – 10.4M

Number of posts – 11,722

Araya has a degree of Bachelor of Arts and her breakthrough in the modeling industry was when she won the Miss Motor Show Contest in 1998. Evidently, she is the top model of Thailand who is a part of every international fashion week and ramp walk. In addition, the Instagram feed is as lively as it could be. She celebrates being a mom of 2 and this is clearly depicted through her posts. 

Top 20 Asian Models And Bloggers On Instagram To Follow

↓ 13 – Ayeza Khan

Nationality –  Pakistani

Age – 30 (15 January 1991)

Profession – Model, and actress

Instagram handle – ayezakhan.ak

Followers – 9.7M

Number of posts – 3,736 

While her real name is Kinza Khan, she is known to the world as Ayeza. Certainly, she is one of the top models of Pakistan who has the highest number of Instagram followers in her country. Moreover, her feed is full of stunning pictures usually from her ongoing dramas or bridal campaigns. Lastly, her stories and live sessions are the best things about her profile.

Top 20 Asian Models And Bloggers On Instagram To Follow

↓ 12 – Cinta Laura Kiehl 

Nationality – Indonesian

Age – 27 years (17 August 1993 )

Profession – Model, actress, dancer, and businesswomen 

Instagram handle – claurakiehl

Followers – 8.4M

Number of posts – 1,319 

Firstly, she is a former national swimmer who has won numerous medals for her country and made everyone proud. Moving on, she made her debut with MD Entertainment in 2007 and has been in the industry since then. Surely, her pictures on her account are a treat for everyone, the choice of colors and everything perfectly blend together.

Top 20 Asian Models And Bloggers On Instagram To Follow

↓ 11 – Chi Pu

Nationality – Vietnamese 

Age – 28 years (June 14, 1993)

Profession – Model, actress, and pop singer

Instagram handle – chipupu

Followers – 5.3M

Number of posts – 1,472 

Chi Pu is the stage name of Nguyễn Thùy Chi. Firstly, she started her career as a teen model after participating and being in the top 20 of Miss Teen Vietnam. Surely, her Instagram feed is one of its own kind. The pictures are breathtaking, as everything from the background to the angles is top-notch. Certainly, her account looks flawless.

Top 20 Asian Models And Bloggers On Instagram To Follow

↓ 10 – Liu Wen 

Nationality – Chinese

Age – 33 years (27 January 1988)

Profession – Model

Instagram handle – liuwenlw 

Followers – 5.3M

Number of posts – 2,247 

Liu Wen is not only the first Chinese model to walk for Victoria;s Secret but also the first Asian model to make it to the  Forbes list of highest paid models. Evidently, her modeling career has been the best as she represented her country at various platforms like Estée Lauder cosmetics. Moreover, her Instagram feed gives a very fresh and relaxing vibe. Last but not least, she is a nature lover and this is clearly seen on her profile.

Top 20 Asian Models And Bloggers On Instagram To Follow

↓ 9 – Rabeeca Khan

Nationality – Pakistani

Age – 21 years (27 September 1999)

Profession – Model

Instagram handle – rabeecakhan

Followers – 2.3M

Number of posts – 163

Rabeeca is an Instagram fashion model and vlogger who rose to fame not only through her good looks but also the mini videos she posts on her feed. Certainly, her Youtube channel and TikTok are among those with the highest number of subscribers. Furthermore, she shares everything happening in her life on her account to keep the engagement level of the audience high. 

Top 20 Asian Models And Bloggers On Instagram To Follow

↓ 8 – Shahtaj Monira Hashem 

Nationality – Bangladeshi

Age – 21 years (22 May 1998)

Profession – Model and actress

Instagram handle – shishimanu_uzumaki

Followers – 2.2M

Number of posts – 835 

Evidently, it was her modeling and exclusive photo shoots that gave popularity and fame to Shahtaj. Since then she has been the part of multiple music videos, short movies, and TV shows. Undoubtedly, her vibrant and pleasing personality can be truly seen through her pictures on her Instagram account.

Top 20 Asian Models And Bloggers On Instagram To Follow

↓ 7 – Chailee Son

Nationality – Korean

Age – 33 years (February 5, 1988)

Profession – Model and influencer

Instagram handle – chaileeson

Followers – 1.1M

Number of posts – 999

Surely, the South Korean Instagram model loves to travel around that world and also shares it through her account. Chailee keeps the world up to date not only about her personal adventures but also professional work through her feed. Lastly, she has also launched her own clothing line.

Top 20 Asian Models And Bloggers On Instagram To Follow

↓ 6 – Tina Tamashiro

Nationality – Japanese 

Age – 23 years (October 8, 1997 )

Profession – Model and actress

Instagram handle – tinapouty

Followers – 1M

Number of posts – 2,324

Tina won the Miss iD 2013 Grand Prix and consequently stepped into the modeling world. Thereafter, she worked for numerous fashion magazines including Vivi, a top magazine of Asia. Besides that, her Instagram feeds give all the sensuous and aesthetic vibes. Unquestionably, it looks none less than a fashion magazine itself.

Top 20 Asian Models And Bloggers On Instagram To Follow

↓ 5 – Sarah Chetrit 

Nationality – Korean

Age – 33 years (February 23, 1988) 

Profession – Blogger

Instagram handle – sarchetrit

Followers – 144K

Number of posts – 1,008

For the last 5 years Sarah has been blogging, she not only has a website but also manages her Instagram account real well. Certainly, she provides some excellent tips and tricks over different concerns through small clips on her feed. Adding on, her love of food is also all over her profile.

Top 20 Asian Models And Bloggers On Instagram To Follow

↓ 4 – Allison Teng

Nationality – Chinese

Age – 33 years (August 12, 1987)

Profession – Blogger

Instagram handle – curvygirlchic

Followers – 86.3K

Number of posts – 1,928

Without a doubt, Allison handles a lifestyle blog really well. She not only shares handy tips about plus size fashion on her Instagram feed but also updates about her adventure. Evidently, her profile is full of dressing-up pictures that are of great help. Also, there is everything on her feed, from dresses to jumpsuits.

Top 20 Asian Models And Bloggers On Instagram To Follow

↓ 3 – Pia Shah

Nationality – Indian 

Age – 22 years (1998)

Profession – Blogger

Instagram handle – piashah_

Followers – 85.4K

Number of posts – 1,134

Presently the Instagram feed of the Indian – Filipino blogger is all about basic and neutral colors. To sum up she loves to play with the basics to execute something extraordinary and then flaunt it on her account. At last, her choice of the earth-toned palette gives off some surreal vibes.

Top 20 Asian Models And Bloggers On Instagram To Follow

↓ 2 – Dustin Heerkens

Nationality – Japanese 

Age – not known

Profession – Blogger

Instagram handle – dustinhrs

Followers – 77.5K

Number of posts – 2,904

Dustin is a travel blogger whose only motive is to capture the beauty of nature through his lens. As he travels around the world, he preserves the artistry and magnificence of everything in his camera. Certainly, his Instagram profile will make you plan a trip somewhere exquisite. 

Top 20 Asian Models And Bloggers On Instagram To Follow

↓ 1 – Vannie Tran

Nationality –Vietnamese

Age – 27 years (1993)

Profession – Blogger

Instagram handle –

Followers – 39.6K

Number of posts – 1,467

Vannie has a personal blog on Instagram, she not only talks about lifestyle but also shares photos of products and services that she likes. Surely, the tagline on her account “Our daily life through little squares” catches great attention. At last, with her 3 years old toddler, she influences other moms.   

Top 20 Asian Models And Bloggers On Instagram To Follow

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Q. How to get noticed on Instagram?

A. Undoubtedly, Instagram is a broad platform with accounts of people from every ethnicity and culture. Surely, getting noticed on it is a hard row to hoe. Firstly, the profile needs to be attractive yet subtle. Everything needs to coordinate and complement each other. Next in line is the content, it is important to make sure that the content is not irrelevant or insensitive towards anyone. Lastly, the contact details should be mentioned so that any agency or company can get in touch to promote their cause or product.     

Q.How much do Instagram models and bloggers make?

A. In particular, an Instagram model or blogger is paid around $10 for every 1,000 followers. This ranges up to $200 for every post on an account with 10,000 and 10,0000 followers. For now, the highest-earning model on Instagram is Kylie Jenner who gets about $1.2 million for every post that she makes on her profile.

 Q.Do hashtags increase followers?

A. Certainly, hashtags increase the probability of a post appearing on the feed of people searching for it. This gives higher engagement and thus may increase the number of followers.

Q. Who has the most followers on Instagram in Asia?

A. Evidently, the Indian cricketer Virat Kohli has the highest number of followers in the entire Asia Pacific. His number of followers has hit 141 million as of August.

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