18 Birthday Outfits For Pakistani Girls- Party Wear Ideas 

Birthday Outfits For Pakistani Girls. Who doesn’t want to look good on her birthday? Birthday is an extraordinary occasion in a person’s life, and it comes around only once a year, so that’s why it should be made memorable for ourselves and our loved ones.

Nowadays, we are all too busy with the hustle-bustle of our crazy lives. We don’t seem to care about the small things in our life that make us happy. But Birthday is the perfect occasion to treat oneself or make a loved one feel special. Putting together the right outfit for your birthday is one of the must-haves on your birthday.

How to Dress Up for Birthdays In Pakistan

We buy dresses all year long but a birthday dress is a different affair. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, but it should be expressive. It’s not for work; it should express your inner feelings and make you feel special. It could be of any colour from bold paintbox hues to fresh splashes of lime, anything that the heart desires. Whether I celebrate my birthday with a big party or spend some quality time with my dearest ones, but a birthday dress is a must. Do scroll down below to see our selected non-cliche birthday outfits for Pakistani women.

Best Outfits For Birthday Parties

Styling Tips for the Perfect Attire

  • Birthday Outfits for Summer Parties: It could be a gathered maxi dress with billowing sleeves or a pretty skirt with a top ensemble for summertime parties that should be lightweight and flowy. Something casual of light pastel color palette. Because these fresh and pastels colors help lighten the moods. Peachy lip color and natural makeup would look lovely with light-colored clothing and accessories like aviator style sunglasses or hats that will complete the look.
  • Birthday Outfits for Dusky Complexion: Avoid dark color tones like navy blue, dark browns, or maroon because these colors will not compliment your beautiful complexion. Bright colors like reds, rust, yellow, or pastel shades will enhance your pretty skin tone. Red lip color will be the cherry on the cake.
  • Dress for a Formal Birthday Dinner: Before you pick your outfit for a party, the first thing to consider is the dress code — whether its a casual get together or something that calls for a more classy look. A silk dress or an embellished shalwar kameez is a reliable option for a formal dinner, to get the complete formal look pair the dress with some high heels, a clutch, and a bold lip color.
  • Outfits for Winter Birthdays: Faux fur coats or vests, denim jackets, and long boots are some of the biggest fashion trends in winter. A good jacket should be considered as an investment because it goes a long way. They are easy to style and complement each other well.

↓ 18 – Western Wear

pakistani birthday outfits

↓ 17 – Eastern Wear For Birthdays

pakistani grils birthday outfits

↓ 16 – Fusion Wear

Here’s how you can wear a perfect and stylish outfit for your birthday or even a friend’s birthday party. Simple mustard-colored angrakha style knee-length shirt with large overlapping collar paired with straight trousers and nude heels. Accessorize with plain gold bangles and gold earrings. For more ideas, why don’t you check our earlier post about Top 10 Pakistani Clothing Brands for Women.

Mustard Anghrakha style dress for birthdayayesha omar mustard dress

↓ 15 – Casual Denim Outfit For An Intimate Birthday Party

Denim jacket also is known as a tucker jacket, is one of the hottest fall/winter trends and is a must-have. It looks chic and can be paired with jeans or skirts easily. Famous actress Sajal Aly has styled this jacket in the sassiest way possible. A basic black tee tucked into skinny denim pants, drape a denim jacket on your shoulders or wear it, either way, it will look stylish. Complete your look with ankle boots and studded earrings. Shop similar trendy pieces of Denim HERE

sassy denim look for birthday party

Or here is another way to style this look for your small intimate birthday gettogether.

Kubra khan celebrating her b-day

↓ 14 – Denim In A Modest Way

Beautiful actress and model Saira Sheroz is rocking this effortless and modest look. A simple blue button-down dress paired skinny jeans and pointy-toe heels and a beige shawl or stole stylishly wrapped around the neck makes your outfit chic. Accessorize with a crossbody bag, and you are ready for a casual birthday brunch or take your friends out for a birthday treat. Shop your favorite Jeans brand and have a look at Top 15 Jeans Brands For Girls In Pakistan With Price

A modest look for wearing jeans to a birthday party

↓ 13 – Mid Night Birthday Celebrations

When your friends or loved ones surprise you with a midnight birthday cake, its a moment of utter joy. The perfect attire for your midnight birthday celebration should be casual and comfortable, and here is a perfect example of how you should style for it. A comfy sweatshirt with slight sequin detailing on it because you should look like a birthday girl. Pair it with your favourite go-to denim, and a no-makeup look would be ideal for this occasion.

Marwa Hocane on her birthday


Or you can also wear your silk pajamas if you are celebrating in your home.

Maya Ali celebrating her B-day

↓ 12 – Sassy Tulle Skirt Outfit

This cute dress is perfect to wear at your birthday party or a friend’s birthday. An elegantly pleated black tulle skirt with floral printed pastel pink top with black detailing on the sleeves. To make this ensemble a bit formal, pair it with high heels, and if you are a flat shoe kind of girl, go with a pair of loafers. Peachy toned makeup and accessorize with hoop earrings, and you are ready to rock the party girl.

To shop this dress DM Sanali

stylish black and pink tulle skirt outfit


Here’s another example of how to style an ankle-length tulle skirt with heels. Blue and pink is a classic color combination, go with a blue button-down shirt roughly tucked into a pastel pink ankle-length tulle skirt. Wear a pair of heels, silver earrings and a nude lip to finish off your look.

Ankle length tulle skirt outfit

↓ 11 – Comfy and Casual Look for Summer Birthday Party

Here is a comfortable and trendy day time outfit for summer birthday parties. Black and white pants are something that can be styled with a lot of colors, exceptionally bright colors, complement it well. The gorgeous yellow-colored floral top will look lovely on a dusky complexion girl paired with black and white striped high waisted trousers. What makes a party look more comfortable than a pair of comfy sneakers, accessorize with some shades and a nude makeup look.

Shop similar trousers from Outfitters HERE.

Amna Ilyas rocking a casual lookAmna Ilyas comfy casual look close up

↓ 10 – Birthday Dinner Party Outfit

This is the ideal outfit to carry to a formal dinner party with family or friends. It is a simple and elegant dress, a simple red chiffon long shirt, trouser, and dupatta with slight golden detailing on the edges of the shirt. Gold colored heels or even black heels will also make this look more firey. Accessorize with a minimal gold bracelet and a ring, and you are ready to become the life of the party. Because of the chiffon material, this dress has formal vibes to it.

Minal khan chic red outfit

↓ 9 – How To Wear Shalwar Qameez On a Birthday Party

The color black is an all-time favourite for almost everyone, and it looks elegant on all occasions whether you wear it to a party or a wedding. Shalwar kameez outfit is very popular among Pakistani women and is dearly loved, and if it is black, it’s considered as modern and trendy attire. An embroidered net material black shirt with simple black shalwar and lace high heels makes it a statement outfit. A bold red lip or a nude lip both will look good with you all-black ensemble. For more ideas, check out these Ideas On How To Wear White Shalwar Kameez For Women.

Mahira Khan celebrating he birthday

A closer look at the black shalwar kameez outfit.

Mahira khan rocking black shalwar kameez on her b-day

↓ 8 – Dress For Mommies On Little One’s Birthday Party

Motherhood is a very challenging yet the most beautiful experience of a women’s life. A mother tries to make her child’s life more comfortable and beautiful in every possible way and if its a special occasion like birthdays – everything has to be perfect. So your attire on your child’s birthday should be comfortable since you’ll be in charge of all the arrangements and looking after the kids. Here is a perfect example of what you should wear for your little one’s birthday. A stylish loose kurta with front pocket and button detailing, roll up your sleeves, and pair it with straight trousers. Let down your hair and add some minimal accessories to your outfit. The most important part; wear some flat shoes so that you can run around with the kids easily.

Ayza Khan dress for her daughter's birthday

A closer look at the mommies outfit.

Ayza khan on daughter's birthday

↓ 7 – Elegant Ethnic Style Dress For A Friend’s Birthday Party

Whether the party is casual or formal, an ethnic dress looks suitable for every type of occasion. Especially if its a friend’s surprise birthday party, you got to look flawless. Here is another way to wear an eastern style dress to a party, a simple blue shirt and trouser with light pearl embellishments on the bottom of the trouser and neck of the shirt. Wear silver heels, silver earrings, and carry a small silver clutch to complete your look. Add loose curls to your hair to further elevate your look.

trendy Eastern style outfit

↓ 6 – Wide-Legged Palazzos For Vintage Themed Birthday Party

Old is gold – these wide-legged palazzos with short shirts used to be a popular trend in the 90s, and nowadays the fashion industry is reviving these vintage-inspired looks. We are talking about colorful floral patterned flowy palazzos with a beautiful and simple short shirt. You can wear a colorful chunri, or a light chiffon stole will also look good as a dupatta. A vintage-style hairdo and kolapuris will elevate your look to a whole new level.

Armeena Khan in vintage outfit


↓ 5 – Cape Dress For A Friend’s Birthday Party

Going to a friend’s birthday party and cannot figure out what to wear? Don’t worry we have the perfect dress idea for you. An Eastern-style cape dress will make you look classy and trendy. A plain knee-length shirt with same colored straight trousers, and make an asymmetrical cape with your floral chiffon dupatta to wear it above your dress instead of wearing your dupatta in the same old boring way. Add pearl detailing to your cape and trousers to make it more attractive. You can pair this look with heels as well as flat sandals. Let’s not forget to add pretty nail polish to your fingers and toes.

asymmetrical cape dress


↓ 4 – Pretty in Pink

Pink color never goes out of fashion; it has these delicate and feminine vibes to it. A flowy pastel pink shoulder bearing top paired with skinny white pants or blue denim. Give some extra time to your hair – curl them and let them loose on your shoulders.  Add minimalistic accessories and winged eyeliner to make your outfit the most noticeable look of the party.

Alizay shah in pretty pink outfit

↓ 3 – Birthday Girl Formal Dress

Every girl has the right to feel like a princess, especially on her birthday, and for that reason, we have a maxi dress. This could be the ultimate look for a birthday girl for her big birthday bash. Since it is a formal dress, so mostly silk and chiffon materials are used. A gorgeously pleated floor-length maxi dress can give you the ultimate diva look for your birthday. Since the dress itself is very intimidating, it should be accessorized with minimal jewelry, let your hair loose or make a braid to give your ensemble some rapunzel vibes. High with go best with this kind of dress to make it more flattering.

Minal khan wearing a formal dress

↓ 2 – Perfect Attire For Day Time Birthday Party

There are a lot of reasons to have a day time birthday party, number one because the lighting is more than ideal for perfect birthday pictures. Secondly, day time parties are more casual than formal, which allows us to have more fun and go crazy. A cute outfit for this party could be a bright and funky colored chiffon top with skinny white jeans. Let your hair loose and add a cute headband. A minimal bracelet on your wrist and flat shoes will go perfectly with this look, and you are ready to have some crazy fun with your friends.

Day time birthday partyFun with friends on birthday

↓ 1 – Outfit For Night-Time Birthday Party

You have to make your outfit a little more on the formal side for the night time look. Go with a plain off-shoulder smocked blacktop precisely tucked into a sheer white skirt. Black high heels and bold lip color will definitely make it a praiseworthy outfit. Accessorize with large hooped earrings and carry a stylish small black clutch.

maya ali on her birthday


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