Top 10 Makeup Brands for Dark Skin Tones To Wear

Makeup brands for dark skin tones: Makeup is a necessary component of a women’s daily routine. Previously there was not enough range of makeup to suit all range of tones. However, now makeup brands have realized the need to create a diverse range of makeup that can go with the skin tones of all women.

The darker tone women often find it really difficult to find the perfect makeup brands for them that will go perfectly with their complexion. Dark tone is no doubt really gorgeous therefore there are special brands that exclusively make makeup products to suit their beauty.

What is the Best Makeup Brand for Dark Skin?

Following we have narrowed down the world’s ten best makeup brands that will best suit dark skin.

Top 10 Makeup Brands for Dark Skin Tones To Wear

10. Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills had launched its first product in 2000. This was the first makeup brand to launch brown shaping products. It has received industry-wide recognition in a very short time by introducing its amazing contour kits, liquid lipsticks, and brow shapers. Furthermore, they have introduced a wide range of makeup products for darker-tone women too.

Their very popular stick foundation comes in a total of 30 shades that go with every single skin tone. Each foundation stick has been exclusively made to suit the undertones too. Their variety for darker tones includes earth, cool earth, truffle, ebony, expresso, walnut, cocoa, chestnut, cool golden, amber, almond etc and much more.

Furthermore, these stick foundations come with exclusive A4 brushes that are perfectly designed for applying foundation. The very special liquid lipsticks for dark skin have various tones too like dazed, poet, malt, insomniac, trouble, starfish etc. The contour kits have been specially formulated for light as well as medium tones. Anastasia’s President Claudia Soare says that this brand is the crowning achievement of her mother’s extraordinary vision. This brand is a must-try for women with dark skin because they will find the perfect make-up products for themselves.

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Price range: $6 to $200

Top 10 Makeup Brands for Dark Skin Tones To Wear

9. Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury is a very popular and major award-winning brand which formulates makeup for you with a very vast range. Charlotte believes in making every woman the most beautiful version of herself. Their extensive list of awards includes more than 130 awards, including Walpole Emerging Luxury British Brand 2014, CEW Best New Brand of the Year 2015, CEW Best British Brand of the Year 2015 and 2016, Walpole Best British Luxury Brand 2016, CEW Best New Makeup Product For Lips 2017, CEW Best New Women’s Fragrance 2017 and CEW Best New Makeup Product For Eyes 2017.

The dark tone women have a diverse collection of makeup at Charlotte Tilbury. Their products include various bronzers, blushers, foundation sticks, liquid foundations, flawless finish pancakes, retoucher, concealers, eyeshades, eye concealers, etc. Even the dark tones have a vast variety of colors that can be chosen from. Their lipsticks are the most popular ones and are admired by most Hollywood celebrities. This brand is a total lifesaver for people who are wishing to discover the most breathtaking makeup products with the finest quality. These products can be simply brought from Charlotte Tilbury’s official website, Sephora and Nordstrom.

Price range: $7 to $250

Top 10 Makeup Brands for Dark Skin Tones To Wear

8. Nars

Nars is not only for dark tones but also for people who are looking forward for options and different alternatives for their skin. Nars is a very popular French cosmetics and skincare brand. It was founded by François Nars in 1994. They had first started with their exclusive lipstick range and then continued making various amazing make-up products.

The best thing about Nars is that it can provide darker-tone women with a vast variety of options. All the assortment of foundations whether cream, heavy coverage or sheer, all the bases have several shades to math with your undertones. Their website explains how various shades can be matched with your skin tones. They have a special foundation finder section on their website. The creamy concealers have shades such as dark coffee, cacao, cafe, hazelnut, amande, truffle, walnut, chestnut etc. The new arrivals of bronzers, blushers and shimmers are so breathtaking that it’s worth a try to use them. Nars is an internationally recognized brand loved by most people because of its range and standard quality. Their best-sellers are the creamy concealers with 22 shades, blush on with a total of 33 shades, and power matte lip pigment with 25 wonderful shades.

Price range: $13 to $150

Top 10 Makeup Brands for Dark Skin Tones To Wear

7. Cover FX

Sheer coverage with foundation is the dream of every woman however the problem that they face is that the foundation available in their skin tone is very heavy and lustrous. Cover FX is a very well-liked makeup brand that has a solution for this problem faced by almost 77% of women.

This company has formulated Custom Cover Drops which are pure pigment drops that are available for women in 24 wonderful colors. The purpose of these cover drops is to provide lighter and full coverage on the skin. It is simple to use by just mixing several drops in the foundation or moisturizer and it is ready to be applied.

Cover FX makes products that are of high quality with the best ingredients for your skin. They formulate their products keeping in view a wide audience and precisely a global audience. Foundation is their specialty. They believe that great beauty begins with a great foundation. If a person selects the right foundation according to his skin tone only then he can give a great start to his makeup. They have about 40 different tones which can go with the skin of all ethnicities. Whether foundations or highlighters, Cover Fx can fulfill all the demands of modern women.

Price range: $10 to $50

Top 10 Makeup Brands for Dark Skin Tones To Wear

6. Make Up For Ever

Make up Forever is a French cosmetics brand. It has been greatly accelerating its growth since 1999. Their multi-functioning products come in many tones. The special products they make for darker skin tone include highlighters, sculpt and contour kits and bronzers. All these are specially formulated to go with the dark skin tone. Make Up Forever is an expert in creating items that suit people in all fields of life be it music stage, fashion, photoshoots, cinema or television.

Make Up Forever has been distributed in over 60 countries and in more than 220 pints of sale in the world. They have amazing products for face including foundation, powder, concealer, luminizer, blush, bronzer, primer and sealer. The products for eyes are eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, false lashes, sealer and eyebrows. For lips, they have lipstick, lip gloss and lip liner.

An immense range of brushes is also available which have face, eye, lip and artistic brushes. Their make up can be easily bought from Sephora. The best shades for dark-tone women are easily available here.

Price range: $5 to $110

Top 10 Makeup Brands for Dark Skin Tones To Wear

5. NYX

NYX is a cosmetics company that was founded in Los Angeles in 1999. NYX produces professional world-class makeup. NYX makes foundations and concealers with extensive shades at affordable prices. The most considerable product from NYX is its foundation mixer.

The foundation mixer is added in a foundation to basically lighten or darken the foundation to match the exact skin tone. This resolves a lot of problems for women whose complexion alters throughout seasons. The women who have a darker tone in summer and a lighter tone in winter should definitely go for this product. This amazing item has even resolved the issues of dark skin women who trouble themselves by not finding the right foundation to match their skin tone.

The eye shadow palettes and eyeliners have such colors that they are admired by many. The concealer has a range of more than 10 tones to match the skin tone. There are other worth trying products too which are dark circle concealer, color correcting palette, matte bronzer, make up setting spray, wonder stick, mineral stick foundation, conceal, correct, control palette etc. NYX also allows custom palettes for their customers. These are easily available at NYX, Ulta and Urban outfitters. I also recommend that you have a look at these Simple Party MakeUp Tips for Black Women to Look Gorgeous.

Price range: £4.00 to £22.00

Top 10 Makeup Brands for Dark Skin Tones To Wear

4. Iman Cosmetics

Iman cosmetics has been created by the supermodel and pioneer Iman. She had created this marvelous range of color cosmetics. The key product of this brand is its gorgeous eye shadows. Basically, this company creates bold jewel tones, especially for dark skin tones. These jewel tones pop up the dark complexion.

All the products made by Iman are created after keeping in mind the medium to darker skin tones. The mineral-based foundations are worthy for the skin. Iman cosmetics believes in flaunting the features with their outstanding highlighters, bronzers, luminizers, lip shades etc. They have very rich and beautiful shades in luxurious textures that celebrate your Sand, Clay and Earth skin tones. Sand and Clay are medium skin tones while Earth is for darker skin tones.

Their new arrivals include luxury concealing foundation with eleven shades, luxury pressed powder with six shades, luxury matte lipstick with ten shades and perfect eye shadow pencil with five shades available. Iman cosmetics let you choose your true Iman cosmetics shade. The best beauty products for earth tone in the most demand currently are second to none stick foundation, skin tone evener bb creme, cover cream, luxury blushing powder and sheer finishing bronzing powder. They are easily available at Target and they offer free UK delivery on their website.

Price range: £10 to £30

Top 10 Makeup Brands for Dark Skin Tones To Wear

3. Black Opal

Black Opal was created after getting by the unique beauty and nuances of black skin. It has been created by a trio of passionate individuals whose passion was to create a makeup line for women of a darker skin tone.

They had launched the first product in 1994 and since then this brand has been working wonders for millions of women all around the world who have to face the-art solutions for hyper-pigmentation, oil-control, shade matching and more. This brand basically believes in the celebration of all tones and all cultures.

Black Opal has become a beauty revolution–in color, identity and empowerment. Today, Black Opal represents beauty in every color. It has a stunning and vast range of foundations, primers, illuminators, concealers, powders, lipsticks, eye shadows, etc. The foundations are of such amazing quality that once it is applied over on the skin it absorbs into it very nicely and smoothly and leaves a glow on the skin. They make makeup products for caramel and chocolate skin tones. Therefore if you’re looking for the widest variety with the most range for skin tones then Black Opal is the right place to shop from.

Price range: $6 to $15

Top 10 Makeup Brands for Dark Skin Tones To Wear

2. Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani’s makeup is tailored to perfection and is offered in sleek and luxurious containers to its customers. The darker tone women can have the best makeup products available here at Giorgio Armani. The basic element for makeup is a foundation. It is the base of makeup, if it is perfect then the rest of the makeup gets perfect too.

Therefore Giorgio Armani makes the best foundations for all ranging skin tones, that have the best texture and a flawless finish. The luminous silk foundation by Armani is a natural silky lightweight foundation that can go with fair to medium to darker skin tones.

Various lip colors are made to suit the darker skin tones too. The best selling products are black ecstasy mascara, eye tint eye shadow, eye and brow maestro, ecstasy lacquer liquid lipstick, lip magnet liquid lipstick, power fabric foundation, crema nuda etc. The silky foundation by Giorgio Armani has a total of 24 shades to match the skin tone and when you put it on, you will definitely feel out of the world.

Price range: £10 to £160

Top 10 Makeup Brands for Dark Skin Tones To Wear

1. Koyvoca

There is a lot of buzz about this brand because they started as a little company but now they have expanded all over with their immense and exclusive range of products and shades especially formulated for dark skin tones.

The purpose of Koyvoca is to create makeup for dark-toned people so that they can easily find makeup that can flatter them whatever their undertones are. The makeup from this brand for dark-toned people is genuinely very classy and worth giving a try. They have Glow powder, Contour Cream, Classic setting powder, glossy lips, ultra powder, vice stick foundation, orange color corrector, vice cream concealer and much much more. All the products have natural ingredients and the finest quality.

Price range: $3 to $14

Top 10 Makeup Brands for Dark Skin Tones To Wear

Best Overall: Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

If you’re looking for a truly inclusive beauty brand then nothing beats Fenty beauty as the brand probably offers the greatest range of shades for dark skin tones. The foundation comes in 40 shades so it’s easier than ever to find one that is an exact match.

Price range: $20 to $126

Top 10 Makeup Brands for Dark Skin Tones To Wear

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