15 Best Black-Owned Clothing Brands – Prices & Reviews

Black-Owned Clothing Brands: The 20th century has seen a decrease in systemic racism and injustices based on race, but such deep-rooted problems do not just go away with the turn of the calendar. It’s for that very reason that minorities have been struck the hardest by the pandemic, whereas bigger businesses owned by the privileged larger groups have flourished.

This is why we must understand our responsibility to the smaller communities and be more thoughtful about where our money goes. With more accessible markets, it has become so much easier for people to get to the products produced by smaller businesses run by minority groups. The Black community, in particular, has emerged as one of the biggest communities to come out with their own clothing brands. We love to spend our hard-earned money responsibly and if that is something you can resonate with, keep reading and buckle up because we can bet you a hundred bucks you will not see what we have in store for you!

Brand NamePrice Range
Tailor Joy21-725$
Label by Three20-75$
Courtney Noelle25-350$
Kin by Kristine39-100$
Nichole Lynel100-350$
Two Days Off20-300$
Aissata Ibrahima480-2500$
Abiola Olusola 100-400$
SIKA Designs120-300$

What Are The Best Black-Owned Clothing Brands?

We talked about Black-Owned Luxury Clothing Lines in our previous post, but today we’ll be focusing on the more affordable brands with low to mid-range prices. No amount of clothes can ever be enough. If you’re on board with that, then you are in luck because we share the same fashion philosophy. To feed our hunger for fashionable clothes, we are always on the hunt for the most affordable yet most fashionable clothes in the market. In this article, you will find a list of clothing brands that are not only sustainable but are also owned by the black community.

Therefore, buying from these extremely fashionable brands will not only allow you to get access to the best fashion trends in the fashion world, but you will also be playing your part in allowing these smaller brands owned by the black community to flourish. While shortlisting the brands, we considered the price, diversity in terms of clothing items available, and reviews by users. We care about the quality of services being provided more than anything. This is why our list includes only those brands that have, on average, received good reviews.

15 Best Black-Owned Clothing Brands - Prices & Reviews

Before we get into the details of the brands and all they have to offer, we want to go over ways to style your outfits to make the most out of your statement pieces. Keep reading to find out what you can do to look your absolute best.

How To Elevate Your Style With The Right Fit

If there is one thing that all fashion blogs agree on, it has to be elevation of your style putting extra focus on the details of your entire outfit. Fashionable clothing stores help but if you do not know how to style the right clothes with the right accessories, then it is likely that you probably won’t be able to put together your best outfit. Remember when as little kids we used to play fashion designer games? Well, it is time you bring that little kid in you back to life. Fashion magazines and the latest fashion trends are a good source of inspiration but it is important to realize your own sense of style since trends are ever-changing. Here we are going to go over a few things that you can do to look your best by making use of statement pieces coupled with fashion accessories. Keep reading to explore our tips and tricks to elevate your style!

  • Add Statement Pieces To Your Outfit: Statement pieces can really add that oomph factor to your outfit. This statement piece can be in the form of an additional accessory or a you can wear your outfit differently to make a statement. Vivid colored outfits paired with monotonous pieces of fashionable clothing can make you look from plain to fabulous. Making sure to keep a few statement pieces in your closet can save you from the trouble of having to suffer at the hands of mediocre style. 
  • Take Inspiration From Past Trends: Past trends are a good source of inspiration to keep your style on point. You can get access to these trends by looking through old fashion blogs or magazines. Incorporating older trends to the latest fashion trends can make your style look distinct. We love how a good majority of fashion trends such as the puffy sleeves are making a comeback. This is a perfect example of evolution of style. Nothing can actually ever go out of fashion. Most trends will make a comeback sooner or later so if you are the type who likes to consistently keep it fashionable we highly recommend you keep experimenting with new styles!
  • Stay Fashionably Safe: It is unfortunate but corona has been around for a while and it looks like it is going to be around for a while at least. It is thus important you make sure to wear a mask every time you leave the confines of your home. This is crucial because not only do you want to keep yourself safe but also to prevent the virus from spreading. You don’t have to look ugly while staying safe. In order to achieve this, we recommend you get your hands on cute masks to match your look. 

↓ 15 – Taylor Jay

This is an empowering brand that caters to different body shapes and types to make women feel beautiful in their own skin. The brand focuses on providing comfortably fashionable clothing for all women. If that is something that you feel strongly about look no further because Taylor Joy has got your back. They offer a wide variety of options both in terms of style and size. You wouldn’t have to feel like you can’t find anything in your size because they make sure to cater to the needs of all women everywhere. The brand is completely eco-friendly and has sustainable business dealings that we in particular are very glad about. If you’re a fan of natural products then you must also check out these Organic Makeup Brands.

15 Best Black-Owned Clothing Brands - Prices & Reviews

↓ 14 – Label By Three

This is a minimalistic brand that is hyper-focused on putting quality over quantity. They offer a variety of clothing designs that are uniquely versatile and also maintain that minimalistic look throughout. You can pair their clothing pieces with striking statement pieces to really stand out from the crowd. All of their clothing items are hand-made with love, and thus each item is unique compared to the other. If you are the kind who prefers sustainably produced and made clothing items over mass-produced clothes, then this is the brand for you. The price range is also pretty decent, considering what the brand has to offer. 

15 Best Black-Owned Clothing Brands - Prices & Reviews

↓ 13 – Courtney Noelle

This is for all of you beautiful plus-sized ladies who have trouble finding the right fit. This brand offers a wide range of designs for plus-sized women. Courtney Noelle does not hold back when it comes to providing the best of the best in the market. They offer everything from dresses to plain and fancy tops. It is about time that brands recognize the need to be size-inclusive, and CN is doing it right. Their reviews show that the brand offers excellent quality clothes for a very affordable price. We highly recommend you check them out if you are looking for bougie outfits to rock this summer!

15 Best Black-Owned Clothing Brands - Prices & Reviews

↓ 12 – Jibri

This has to be one of our absolute top favorites. Jibri offers distinctly beautiful clothes that can make any look pop. Their designs are unique and offer the versatility that can make any plain outfit look extraordinarily beautiful. You can find everything from clothing items to other accessories on their website. The best part is that they ship worldwide, so you do not have to worry if you aren’t based in the country of origin of Jibri. 

15 Best Black-Owned Clothing Brands - Prices & Reviews

↓ 11 – KIN By Kristine 

If there is one word that can describe this brand, it has to be chic. They offer amazing formal and informal outfits that every fashionista needs to have in their closet. Not only are the clothing pieces extremely fashionable, but the price point of these outfits is also very affordable. This black-owned clothing brand is one you need to check out ASAP.

15 Best Black-Owned Clothing Brands - Prices & Reviews


↓ 10 – Nakimuli

If you define your style as colorful, this is the brand you need to check out. They offer amazing swimwear and other pool/beachside outfits that you can wear to make your look pop. They have a huge variety of options to choose from and are definitely a go-to for most because there is hardly a combination better than summertime and vivid colors. I would also recommend that you go through this list of amazing Businesses Owned by Black Women.

15 Best Black-Owned Clothing Brands - Prices & Reviews

↓ 9 – FKSP

Elegant and chic. If those words speak to you, you need to go and check FKSP right now. This black-owned clothing brand focuses on producing elegant pieces of clothing items that can elevate your style. They are minimalistic with a hint of class to it. 

15 Best Black-Owned Clothing Brands - Prices & Reviews

↓ 8 – Hanifa

Believe us when we say that everyone needs a Hanifa outfit in their wardrobe. They offer chic clothing styles. Their pants, in particular, are to die for. For the price range, they are one of the best clothing brands in the market right now. 

15 Best Black-Owned Clothing Brands - Prices & Reviews

↓ 7 – Nichole Lynel

Nichole Lynel has a fantastic variety of clothing items that are not only size-inclusive but are available to people all around the world through worldwide shipping. If you like to add playful elements to your style, then this is the brand you need in your life. 

15 Best Black-Owned Clothing Brands - Prices & Reviews

↓ 6 – Two Days Off

Minimalistic and chic are the two things that Two Days Off promises to deliver, and the brand, without a doubt, delivers it well.

15 Best Black-Owned Clothing Brands - Prices & Reviews

↓ 5 – Aissata Ibrahima

Aissata has everyday clothing items with a hint of nostalgic sense. They have fashion elements of the 90s in the clothing pieces, and we are obsessed with how different and unique their clothes are. 

If you’re a fan of colorful African outfits, then don’t miss out on these Ankara Styles for Guys & 20 Latest Ankara Styles For Women.

15 Best Black-Owned Clothing Brands - Prices & Reviews

↓ 4 – Rendoll

Rendoll has a special focus on keeping up with the trends. If you like to stay up to date on the latest fashion trends, make sure to check this fantastic brand out. 

15 Best Black-Owned Clothing Brands - Prices & Reviews

↓ 3 – Abiola Olusola 

Abiola Olusola does fashion like no one else. If you look for pieces that are otherworldly & unique, then look no further because these guys have your back. Their clothing pieces are inspired by the west African culture and thus have a personality of their own. If you want to bring character into your style, you definitely need to check their fashion line out. 

15 Best Black-Owned Clothing Brands - Prices & Reviews

↓ 2 – SIKA Designs 

SIKA Designs are another personal top favourite. Their style is also inspired by the African culture and fits in so well with the modern landscape. We highly recommend you check their online store out to get a taste of what SIKA has to offer.

15 Best Black-Owned Clothing Brands - Prices & Reviews

↓ 1 – Taideaux

Taideaux is unique because it has a particular focus on the bust size of its clothing pieces. In addition to their clothing line is ethically sourced and produced. If you have had trouble finding the right clothes for your bust size, look no further because Taideaux has got your back.

15 Best Black-Owned Clothing Brands - Prices & Reviews

Now that we have got the major Black-Owned clothing brands covered, we want to answer a couple of the most common questions regarding the topic, so no question goes unanswered. Keep reading to have your most frequently asked questions answered.


Q. What are some Black-Owned alternatives to FasionNova?

A. There are quite a few black-owned alternatives to FashionNova. A couple of these that you can look into include WearProclaim, RiotSwim, Shop.gnd, D Bleu Dazzled, and many others. 

Q. What are some affordable black-owned streetwear brands?

A. There are many but to name just a few, some good examples are Gifted Apparel NYC, Twnty Two, Fear Of God and many others.

Q. What are some black-owned menswear brands?

A. We are personally obsessed with a good majority of the black-owned menswear brands. They do swag like no one else. Some of these include Pyer Moss, Telfar, Wales Bonner, Martine Rose just to name a few. For more on this, check out these African American Clothing Brands.

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