Preity Zinta Marriage Pics-Wedding Dress and Guest Celebrities Outfits

Preity Zinta Marriage Pictures. Preity Zinta in 2016, has finally been tied to lifelong knots with her years of engagement partner, Gene Goodenough. It has been known that it was a small ceremony with the least of media coverage, with the closest of family members and some of Zinta’s dear old celebrity peers. Let’s look into what the happy couple and other Bollywood celebrities walked in like.

All of the main guests included some of the favorite costars of Zinta that she has done most of her successful films with, and made her, who she is today. While others included some other celebs and public figures that she just happens to be friends with, due to the popular trend of ‘making contacts’ in the gigantic Bollywood.

preity zinta wedding

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Wedding Pics of Preity Zinta


with gene goodenough

preitys mandak


Preity’s Burning Red Gown in Wedding Reception

Preity’s own gobsmacking gown in her wedding reception was surely the hottest shade of red we have ever seen.



Shahrukh Khan in a Vibrant Tuxedo

Shahrukh Khan walked in, in the most stunningly brilliant suit and a waistcoat, and absolutely owned the night. He is one of the closest of co-workers of Preity Zinta and the two share a gigantic era of close friendship. He was also the first to get invited by the couple.

sharukh khan

srk in a tuxedo


Salman Khan in a Handsome Black Outfit

Salman Khan showed up looking the nicest in an impacting black jeans outfit. He has the smartest shirt on and walked around with the classiest of swag. He is also one of the closest, that Zinta has had experience of working with, in a number of films. Therefore, Salman did his best to attend the wedding in a really outstanding outfit, to show that he was really looking up to it, and be there for his co-star on her big day.

salman khan2

salman khan



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Madhuri Dixit in a Desi Indian Blue Outfit

Madhuri Dixit showed up with her husband, in the nicest desi dress ever. It had the shade of a pale dark blue color with simplistic golden embroidery. She too has worked in quite a lot of films with Zinta and is one of those peer co-workers that Zinta truly welcomed to her wedding. She too showed every sign of how much she honored being invited and how overwhelming it was for her to see her nicest coworker get married.



Shahid Kapoor and His Wife-Elegantly Dresses

Shahid Kapoor with his gorgeous wife showed up looking the classiest on the wedding day. The newly wed couple looked simplistic yet utterly elegant. With Shahid, in a handsome and approachable suit and his wide in a stylish and noble desi dress. The two showed every sign of being immensely enthusiastic for the Zinta’s big day.

shahid kapoor with his wife



Yuvraj Singh with His Wife

Yuvraj Singh with his stunner wife Hazel showed up looking very classic. While Yuvraj was dressed in a catchy blue waistcoat suit, his wife Hazel was dressed in a vibrant golden brown gown. She had some gigantic earrings on while maintaining a nice, brunette and side curly hairstyle. Th two also showed every pint of the delight of being invited to their dear old pal Zinta’s wedding.



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