2020 Ghagra Choli Designs – 22 Latest Lehnga Choli Styles

Latest Ghagra Choli designs. Originated from Eastern Indian culture, Ghaghra choli is also alternatively known as Lehenga choli in traditional language. Ghaghra choli is not an everyday outfit. It is usually worn on Hindu traditional festivals and wedding functions.

The complete outfit of Ghaghra choli comprises two main components which are a blouse and a long flared skirt. That skirt is traditionally known as Lehenga. It makes for a very graceful and elegant outfit when paired with the correct jewelry and makeup.

How to Wear Ghagra Choli Stylishly

Lehenga and Ghagra Choli have always been considered almost a necessity in every formal function in the subcontinent. Be it a wedding or a mehndi or even a formal party; girls always love to dress up in lehengas. Let’s take a look at the most classy and trendy lehenga styles from the latest collection.

Latest Ghaghra Choli Designs

The following are some fashion tips and tricks to style Ghaghra Choli according to your body type. Have a look below:

  • Choosing Right Ghaghra Choli Design:  If you have an athletic body shape, then go for a rectangular and flared Ghaghra. To give an illusion of a curvy body, you can style it with a plunging blouse. If you have an hourglass body shape, then always choose to wear an A-line Ghaghra. If you are a plus size woman, then prefer wearing a Jacket Ghaghra. Pair it up with a blouse having a wide neckline.
  • How to Wear a Dupatta with Ghaghra: There are various techniques to carry a dupatta with Ghaghra outfit. You are starting with the easiest method! Pin your dupatta on one side of your shoulder and let it fly openly. The second dupatta styling technique can be pinning your dupatta on one shoulder and hold the other end of your dupatta with your other hand. If your dupatta is of sheer look having a heavy embroidered border, then it will look much more classy. The third method is carrying dupatta like a Saree styled Pallu. It will help you to recreate a saree look in a creative way. The fourth method is to style your dupatta as a single freestyle over your head, leaving all the ends of dupatta free.  If you are the mommy of the bride or groom, then you can opt for Gujrati style dupatta setting over your head. The sixth dupatta styling fashion technique is the waistband dupatta drape look, as it will give the illusion of the slim waist. Another alternative fashion technique can be holding both ends of your dupatta from the back. It is another quickest and easy to go technique. One more fashion technique is to wear dupatta over your Ghaghra outfit in a similar way as we wear it on Shalwar Kameez. Alternatively, you can wear dupatta on your head in the same way as we wear it while wearing shalwar kameez. One more fashion technique of wearing dupatta with Ghaghra can be an Open saree pallu styled dupatta drape. Similarly, Single dupatta over the head held by both hands can be another fashion tip to style dupatta with Ghaghra. Let us unveil the most fashionable dupatta styling technique is to carry a cape style dupatta instead of a regular dupatta look.
  • Which Hairstyle to Suit on Ghaghra Choli? Let’s explore some inspiring hairstyling ideas with the Ghaghra Choli outfit. The first method is simple, easy, and quick! All you have to do is to mid part your hair. You can opt for straight hair, or you can try beachy look along with mid partition of hair. Believe us, and Nothing is more elegant than this look! If you have long hair and find it difficult to carry it with Lehenga Choli, then go for a messy bun with loose side bangs. You can also innovate buns by adding a rather messy side braid. If you are a big fan of side braids, then you can also mid part your hair, make two side braids and leave the rest of your hair open. There are many types of side braids, among which few are fishtail side braid, dutch braid, rope side braid, reverse braid, and pull-through braid. Check out our previous post about How to Wear Bridal Lehenga Dupatta in 10 Different Styles

↓ 22 – Most Popular Lehenga Choli Color Of The Year

Parrot green is definitely the most trending color to wear in lehengas this season.

latest lehenga choli designs

↓ 21 – For Dandiya Night

For dandiya nights, bright and colorful ghagra cholis are the most popular choice. They look amazing as you twirl away in the night lights.

ghagra choli latest designs

↓ 20 – Ghagra Choli with Short Blouses

The lehenga with a short blouse is the most trendy style for this season, and it works wonders when paired with the traditional accessories like jhumar, jhumkas and gullu band. Apply subtle makeup with this outfit for the most perfect look this wedding season. Also, have a look at Latest Bridesmaid Lehenga Designs.

↓ 19 – Ghagra Choli with Gowns

Pairing lehngas with gowns is another very hot trend being liked my women this season. This outfit works best for slimmer girls as it is layered and gives them a perfect graceful shape. Pair it with minimal jewelry and lighter makeup to dazzle people at weddings and other formal occasions.

ghaghra outfits


↓ 18 – Indian Style Ghagra choli

As the lehengas originated from the Indo-Pak subcontinent, the Indian lehenga continues to be highly favored even in recent times. This Golden colored Indian lehenga looks very elegant classy when paired with red lipstick and kajal filled eyes. The messy side plait is doing wonders to the look along with the traditional jhumkas.
Indian style lehenga (4)

↓ 17 – Bridal Ghagra Choli Style

Nothing compliments the bridal look more than a red lehenga. Make a head-turning look with bridal lehenga choli design.  So this look works best for brides when worn traditional jewelry like tika, jhumar and jhumka, and bangles. In recent times, colors like green or blue are added to the red lehenga to give it a trendy touch merged with traditional. For bridal look, Kundan jewelry will be a more appropriate choice to steal the show.

↓ 16 – Ghagra choli for Mehndi Functions

No wedding is complete without mehndi, and no mehndi look can be complete without the traditional green and orange colors. This highly embellished lehenga outfit looks best when carried with grace, a beautiful smile, and the traditional jhumka and sat Lara necklace. A messy side braid and multi-colored bangles make it dazzle and glitter even more.

↓ 15 – Multi-colored Ghagra Choli

A shocking pink lehenga paired with a green shirt and an orange dupatta also makes for a very colorful look for Mehndi functions. Glass bangles and jhoomar compliment this look tremendously, making it perfect. Do check out these trendy Ideas On What to Wear For Dholki/Sangeet Night.


↓ 14 – Traditional Indian Saree Style

This mesmerizing heavily embellished lehenga draped like a saree makes for an ethereal look to be carried at weddings. Dark green beads worn as a necklace and dark green glass bangles complement the look effectively. This outfit may also be carried with matha Patti or a tika and jhumar to give the most perfect look on the wedding day.


↓ 13 – Ghagra choli in Pastel Colors

Pastel-colored lehenga makes for the most suitable choice for wedding receptions and gives the bride a very ethereal look. This outfit can be carried both by the bride as well as the bridesmaids if they wear a lightly embellished or plain dupatta with it. Silver jewelry and light, subtle makeup go very well with this look.

↓ 12 – Ghaghra Outfit Look for Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids can rock their lehenga look with this classic royal blue heavily embellished lehenga along with a plainer blouse. This outfit looks best when carried with backcombed hair and a tika and jhumkas to complete the look.

Indian style lehenga (14)

↓ 11 – Ghagra Choli Outfit for Parties

This pink ghagra choli with a golden net dupatta and golden embellishment can be a pretty suitable outfit for an evening party. The lightly embellished lehenga choli with golden jhumka and golden bangles can make any girl dazzle and glow in parties.

↓ 10 – Ghagra-choli for Plus Size Ladies

Plus-sized ladies can also rock the lehenga look but when carrying it with a longer blouse which covers their midriff. Also, block colors can be used to get a slimmer look. Most importantly, wearing the same colored lehenga and blouse will give a leaner and more toned look. This look can be carried with side-parted open hair or backcombed hair held back with pins.

latest ghagra choli designs latest ghagra choli designs

↓ 9 – Bollywood Style Lehenga Choli

To give a feisty look this season, the Bollywood style lehenga choli can be worn as Alia Bhatt carries it effortlessly with minimal makeup and no accessories. This beautiful can be however carried with open hair or loosely tied hair and jhumkas for a softer and more radiant look. For more inspiration by this sexy celebrity, check out Latest Alia Bhatt Hairstyling Ideas For this Year.

Indian style lehenga (11)

↓ 8 – Lehenga Choli For Casual/Semi-Formal Events

For casual, this classic look can be very suitable. A navy blue embellished lehenga with a plain blouse and a long necklace gives this traditional attire a chic and classy look.

Indian style lehenga (9)

↓ 7 – Kamdani Lehenga With A Long Kurta

This kamdani lehenga makes for another fantastic outfit that can be worn by both brides and bridesmaids. The amazingly rich purple colored lehenga worn with a long red kurta and blue dupatta can make any girl look mesmerizing. This look can be paired with open or tied up hair to give a correct look for the evening.

Indian style lehenga (6)

↓ 6 – Offwhite Saree lLke Lehnga-choli

Off white lehengas can be worn by bridesmaids like Shraddha Kapoor dons this elegant outfit for her friends’ wedding. This beautifully embellished lehenga has undertones of pink and red in the floral embroidery. When worn with a large necklace, a maroon pouch and tied up hair, it makes for the perfect bridesmaid look.

Indian style lehenga (10)


↓ 5 – Electric Blue Evening Wear Lehenga

Electric blue makes for a great color to be worn in the evenings for formal parties. This lehenga can be paired with loose curls and silver-blue jewelry to make for a fantastic evening outfit. Ghagra Cholis are one of a sort, with a sensual and stylish appearance, coming in a blend of different styles and themes. Dressing them is effortless, and the outcome is of instantaneous couture glamour. Dupatta plays a huge role in bringing together any lehenga outfit. So here are our expert tips on How to Wear Bridal Lehenga Dupatta in 10 Different Styles.

Indian style lehenga (1)


↓ 4 – Perfect Footwear For Ghagra Choli Outfit- Heeled Sandals

Heeled sandals are the perfect choice for footwear to be carried with lehengas. They complement the overall look well and add grace and style to the walk. Beautiful studded sandals can be worn by brides while the bridesmaids can go for slightly less studded ones.

Indian style lehenga (7)


↓ 3 – More Footwear Options

Stilettos are the footwear of choice for taller women who want to look graceful and classy in the lehenga outfit. Golden or silver embellished khussas can be carried with almost all the lehengas to look chic and elegant.

Indian style lehenga (8)

↓ 2 – Hairstyle & Makeup with the Ghagra choli outfit

Although nearly all hairstyles can be carried with the lehenga outfit, loosely braided hair compliments the look the most. Floral pins and hair accessories may be used to give the most perfect look with lehengas. However, moisturize proportionately and make certain to wear primer if you are applying heavy makeup. Celebrations and weddings can be all-day functions, so ensure that your look remains with you all day. Take a matted foundation because there will be lots of flash photography. Add eye shadow that harmonizes the color of your ghagra choli.

Indian style lehenga (3)

↓ 1 – Makeup and Accessories to Complete the Ghagra Choli Look

Lastly, this traditional outfit looks best when worn with accessories like tika, jhumar, jhumka, and bangles. Also heavy makeup but applied subtly makes this outfit stand out. Smokey eyes or heavily done eyes with softer colors on the lips can be the most suitable look with this outfit. Most women appreciate carrying coordinating bangles with their ghagra choli. Pick colors like silver, gold, white, or black to complement the tones on your Ghaghra Choli dress. If there are gold details on your Ghaghra choli, wear gold sandals and a fancy necklace to compliment your outfit.



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