Manish Malhotra Wedding Dresses 2019 – Top 16 Bridal Dresses by Manish Malhotra

Latest Manish Malhotra Wedding Dresses – This is not coming from just any designer whose designs you find everywhere and they blend in with all kinds of tastes. But rather, from a designer who has years of experience and expertise in classic eastern wear for women.

If you have not already seen the crazy bridal collections by Manish Malhotra, then this post will help you get on track. His magnificent couture dresses and lehenga cholis are absolute eye-candies and will give you incredibly stylish inspiration for your own wedding dress.

Best Bridal Dresses by Manish Malhotra

So, do not miss out on getting your hands on the bridal dress that will just seem right and all meant to be for you. And we don’t want you to miss out on something that you can perfectly nail and carry in the best way on your special big day. So have a look at these 20 amazing bridal dresses by Manish Malhotra as an inspiration for the year 2019.

↓ 16 – Bridal Dress with Mirror Work Coat

A classyband unusual bridal dress introduced by the experimentative Manish Malhotra. The soft yet metallic tones of the dress are delicious. It is also delicately and subtly embellished and is less gaudy compared with most of Malhotra’s creations. It’s dramatic and minimalist and for those of you who have a no-nonsense fashion approach this will appeal to you. You can use this design to create a dress in any color you want though we would recommend keeping the heavy work as minimum as in this dress because that is where the beauty of this outfit stems from. RECOMMENDED: Latest Manish Malhotra Sarees 2019 Collection-Top 28 Sarees by Manish

2-manish-malhotra-mirror-work-ethnic-collection-5-768x954 Manish Malhotra Wedding Dresses 2019 - Top 16 Bridal Dresses by Manish Malhotra

↓ 15 – Traditional and yet Modern Lehenga

A traditional yet modern-looking design for weddings by Manish Malhotra has got the customers all hyped. And we can understand why. The uniqueness and attraction with which this phenomenal piece has been designed has awed all women with how cultural yet modern it looks at the same instant. We suggest you go with dark gold jewelry and darker makeup with this.

Alia-Manish-Show4 Manish Malhotra Wedding Dresses 2019 - Top 16 Bridal Dresses by Manish Malhotra

↓ 14 – Dark and Seductive Bridal Dress

A mesmerizing and subtle combination of simplicity and class in this cool palely dark bridal dress for all women who wish to stand out a bit more than usual. This dress is confident enough to need no extra accessories, although, jewelry is mandatory at weddings, so you can pitch in a few simple ones, with nude makeup look. The work on this piece is exceptional! Brides tend to favor the upper portion of their dresses full and more attention seeking but this proves that you can go with a simple top as well. The lehenga displays extraordinary workmanship that is trademark of Manish Malhotra.

bced3affd1ac3e10a4c6be4f3b0b2acf Manish Malhotra Wedding Dresses 2019 - Top 16 Bridal Dresses by Manish Malhotra

↓ 13 – Manish Malhotra Lehenga for a Queenly Look

The shimmer and sparkle on this dress is simply breath-taking. It’s a lehenga fit for a rani. The matte gold and bright red combo is especially bride-worthy and the way it’s styled on Anushka Sharma is Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is nothing short of perfection. In fact, everything in this picture can serve as an inspiration for your wedding look. Not just the dress but the styling of the dupatta, the hairstyle, the makeup and espeically the jewelry.

The shimmer factor is the key point here and because of it the lehenga is minimally embellished compared with many other Manish Malhotra lehenga’s out there which feature heavy embroidery and bead work. So choose something that sparkles, you will be rewarded.

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top-manish-malhotra-bridal-dresses-2019-5 Manish Malhotra Wedding Dresses 2019 - Top 16 Bridal Dresses by Manish Malhotra

↓ 12 – Persian Inspired Bridal Dress with Coat Style

A phenomenal and fabulous looking bridal dress with a dainty bridal print all over a pale golden silk material, and to add to the perfection, a classic maroon coat with minor gold embroidery. As we know that matching gold with maroon is perfection, especially if it’s a wedding dress we are talking about. You match it with the best dark makeup look you know and a cherry red lip color or probably a darker shade. The small coat stands out in this piece and that is majorly what we want you to take note of here. Not many brides go with this, you can start and make it a trend!

Indian-Dresses-Stylish-Indian-Bridal-Dresses-Manish-Malhotra-02 Manish Malhotra Wedding Dresses 2019 - Top 16 Bridal Dresses by Manish Malhotra

↓ 11 – Pastel Bridal Dress

Jacqueline putting on a wondrous fawn bridal dress that’s no less than a dream. For women, who want a reality-turned-dream kind of wedding, then this dress will be a perfect pitch for your big day! Want to add further class? We can tell you how; above all to showcase just how exactly gorgeous your dress is, tie your hair either in an updo or any tied hair look that’s fancy enough, and wear nude or any matching makeup, but make sure your dress is the first focus of people.

More and more brides have started to go with lighter, more prominently, pastel shades. While darker colors, red specifically, is considered a color fit for a bride, you can go with the changing trends and choose a pastel color.

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jaqueline-in-Manish-malhotra-lfw Manish Malhotra Wedding Dresses 2019 - Top 16 Bridal Dresses by Manish Malhotra

↓ 10 – Kangna Ranaut’s Bridal Look for Manish Malhotra

Kangna Ranaut in a classic and cultural Manish Malhotra bridal dress, all ready to win hearts and attention with the dominantly attractive look. You can also wear this just as best if you wear it similarly like her, with some cultural carved jewelry and a prominent looking updo. To match the unique shade of the dress, a smoky-eyed makeup look would be suitable and you will nail this outfit in your own way.

The trend of subtle and dark looks is the new trend of wedding dresses and Manish Malhotra has successfully achieved that! Yes, dark shades of red are what brides usually prefer but this takes it a step further as the color is so dark it’s almost black. It’s a sultry and seductive shade and is sure to woo anyone who looks at the dress.

manish-bridal-dress Manish Malhotra Wedding Dresses 2019 - Top 16 Bridal Dresses by Manish Malhotra

↓ 9 – Manish Malhotra Mirror Work Dress

This stunning dress is for the daring bride who always aspires to do something eccentric and unique. It’s almost casual in the way the designer has created it and perhaps you can wear it on a casual event as well. But, it can also work as a wedding dress if it’s a small private event and you want things to be simple. The small frock coat is made with a metallic fabric and has embellishments on both arms. It also has a slit in the middle that would be more visible while sitting. Nonetheless, the cut, the arms and the selected portion of the lehenga heavily featuring mirror work are all super stylish and fashion forward choices. You can perhaps give this outfit more life if you play with colors a bit and choose brighter ones.

top-manish-malhotra-bridal-dresses-2019-1-683x1024 Manish Malhotra Wedding Dresses 2019 - Top 16 Bridal Dresses by Manish Malhotra

↓ 8 – Summer/Spring/Daytime Wedding Dress

It’s such a happy, funky and bright lehenga perfect for summer or spring or even for a day time event. It gives off such cheery vibes. If it’s true what they say and a good outfit reflects the mood of the wearer then you’ll feel vibrant and full of life just by wearing this dress! You can pair this up with colorful jewelry, bangles, heels and a braid crown for the perfect look!

top-manish-malhotra-bridal-dresses-2019-2 Manish Malhotra Wedding Dresses 2019 - Top 16 Bridal Dresses by Manish Malhotra

↓ 7 – Sensational Red and Gold Gown

We know this is getting a bit out of hand what with all the coats, but you need to see this! Red and gold combo aside, look at how unusual this piece is. It completely disregards the lehenga part by keeping it simple and focuses all of its attention on the upper part: the coat. So here is another idea you can think about and see if you like! For your wedding dress, create a coat that is full and ostentatious and ridiculously laden with embellishments and with that, choose a gown with a contrasting or matching color that is completely simple. Pay attention to the material you choose, though. Silk and velvet, for example, will look sublime with this design.

manish-bridal-dress Manish Malhotra Wedding Dresses 2019 - Top 16 Bridal Dresses by Manish Malhotra

↓ 6 – Manish Malhotra Floral Lehenga

Yes, that is one rising trend that needs more traction and fame in regular brides. Floral prints and net fabric with floral embroidery is all over the market these days but normal brides don’t go with that because they don’t consider it something fit for a bride, we presume. Well, celebrities and designers both favor floral printed/embroidered dresses and Manish Malhotra is no exception. This is just one example out of so many others where the designer has created a stunning floral lehenga. The royal blue base looks especially delicious because of the flowers.

For a more modest approach you can lengthen the blouse into a shirt and also make the sleeves longer.

top-manish-malhotra-bridal-dresses-2019-4 Manish Malhotra Wedding Dresses 2019 - Top 16 Bridal Dresses by Manish Malhotra

↓ 5 – A Desi/Western Bridal Dress

Everything about this screams Western but still it has a desi flavor and pomp the western wedding gowns can’t match. And can we just say ooh la la, what a gorgeous gown? You’ll face the greatest challenge in your life if you attempt to recreate this look for your wedding but we dare you to do it anyway!

A specialty of all these Malhotra gowns and lehengas and something you need to bear in mind is that the lehengas have an incredible girth and that can only happen if you have multiple yards of the fabric. So if you’re going for a custom made gown inspired by any of the designer’s creations make sure to buy loads and loads of fabric, only then will your dress come close to achieving the perfection that is the trademark of the Malhotra label.

top-manish-malhotra-bridal-dresses-2019-7-683x1024 Manish Malhotra Wedding Dresses 2019 - Top 16 Bridal Dresses by Manish Malhotra

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↓ 4 – Lehenga with Crop Top and Cape

A wondrous blue and beige combo of a gorgeous bridal lehenga with the cutest crop top style giving a look to this never seen before in bridal dresses. What further added to the class and beauty was the stylish and elegant cape that will make you feel all attractive, together and poised. To get the most out of this outfit, pick a light and pretty makeup look and minimal jewelry.

The ice blue embroidery adds such a magical element to this outfit! Another look you can go for if your wedding is in summer or spring or during day time.

Manish-Malhotra-Spring-Summer-2016-nude-beige-crop-top-lehenga-blue-cape-net Manish Malhotra Wedding Dresses 2019 - Top 16 Bridal Dresses by Manish Malhotra

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↓ 3 – Royal Bridal Gown Style

Manish Malhotra at his best! You should always try to do something different with your dresses, especially something as important as your bridal dress? Our advice is to break the norm! We know these runway fashion shows display dresses only celebrities and upper class people get to wear but let us help you. You don’t have to copy this dress exactly. Just take some inspiration and do it your own way.

Here we have a simple lenehnga choli but with one additional piece and that is the royalty inspired gown! Add your own colors, bead work/embroidery and even your own spin on this top gown and you will still end up with something no one has dared to try before.

Manish-Malhotra-collection-india-couture-week-2016-13 Manish Malhotra Wedding Dresses 2019 - Top 16 Bridal Dresses by Manish Malhotra


↓ 2 – Manish Malhotra Spring Bridal Dress

Although white bridal dress is a Western trend, it doesn’t mean we can’t add a desi touch to it and make it our own! All of Manish’s dresses are progressive, inspired from the West but what makes them unique is the way he transforms them to fit Indian culture. This dress is one such example.

The silver lead embroidery is unusual and breath-taking but the winner is the top, this super elegant mini cape coat. If you want a more modest approach you can either lengthen the top beneath the sheer cape or make the cape from a thicker non-see through material.

Manish-Malhotra-Spring-Summer-2016-Collection-latest-white-cape-lehenga Manish Malhotra Wedding Dresses 2019 - Top 16 Bridal Dresses by Manish Malhotra

↓ 1 – Isha Ambani’s Pink and Silver Lehenga

The most recent of the designer’s creations is this pink and silver masterpiece for Isha Ambani’s sangeet ceremony, the daughter of the richest man in India and according to Forbes the richest man in Asia and the 13th richest man in the world.

Isha Ambani’s timeless lehenga featured geometric floral pattern with sparkling Swaroski crystals and a voluminous A-line silhouette; it was paired with a hand-crafted floral motif Swarovski blouse. The finishing touch was a matching pink dupatta tastefully layered with Swarovskis and an opulent diamond necklace set with delicate earrings. Isha’s highlighted hair was tossed over to one side in very soft, dreamy wave waves. The make-up was also a standout with Isha rocking all warm shades like peach, pink and bronze to complement her pink lehenga.

top-manish-malhotra-bridal-dresses-2019-9-1024x1024 Manish Malhotra Wedding Dresses 2019 - Top 16 Bridal Dresses by Manish Malhotra


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