20 Latest Bridal Lehenga Designs And Styles To Try This Year

Bridal Lehenga Designs. Bridal lehengas are making up the class and dream of so many ladies, and also booming the business of fashion industries. They are tremendously making huge sums off bridal clothing, and no doubt that they are doing a great job as well.

So if your wedding is on the way then here are some great ideas to decide what you are looking for, and what will suit you best. Below are styles and designs from different designers, so have your go! These fantastic bridal dresses compose the work of excellent designers and also the charm that you will need to lighten up your wedding, so have a look and pick the color, the design, the style, and all else that you need for your special big day.

Latest Lehenga Styles and Designs for Brides

Selecting your bridal lehenga is like choosing your future! Seriously! When you imagine it, you imagine a sea of lehengas collection from which you have to pick only one! Not only that, it has to be different and the talk of the town! So, you have these pressures already! Let team Branded Girl come for your rescue to save your big day.

Latest Bridal Lehenga Designs and Ideas to try this year

How to Style Lehenga in Six Different Ways

Clueless about how to carry a lehenga in a wedding function? Anyone can wear lehenga. Be it the bride herself or the bridesmaid, everyone can rock eastern Lehenga look at weddings! and so you can also rock the Lehenga look in the most traditional yet modern way possible. Let us help you out with some fashion tips and tricks for Lehenga styling in a real head-turning way.

  • Contrast Blouse with Monochrome Lehenga: If you are getting dressed for a family function or on the occasion of Eid, then you can rock the look with a single color shaded lehenga paired up with a short blouse.
  • Off- Shoulder Blouse with Long Lehenga: Tired of wearing all same blouse designs? Try Off-shoulder Lehenga once, and you will never regret it.
  • Long Lehenga with Butterfly Sleeves Blouse: Want to have a more feminine look for your outfit? Go for a butterfly sleeve blouse with long lehenga.
  • Anarkali Styled Lehenga: How about experimenting with our all-time favorite Anarkali with the lehenga outfit? How did we not consider this earlier? You could blend and level a long, Anarkali style raw silk kurta with a modest lehenga skirt. Prefer a kurta that comes with a core or side slit so that it delivers the lookout perfectly and does not look too overdone or odd.
  • Floral Lehenga Design for Summer: If you are planning to rock a lehenga look in the scorching beams in the summer season then go for a pastel-colored floral lehenga with harmonizing blouse color of your choice. Alternatively, you can add some vibrant colors like green and lime, to give a boost to the lehenga outfit specially in the summer season. Maybe the vibrant neon shade is what you are looking for to electrify your lehenga look.
  • Sensual Black and Gold Lehenga Contrast: Want to make a sensual style statement? Prefer a lehenga and blouse with Black color having dull golden work on it. Wear a heavy Kundan set with a Gold Black Lehenga outfit. You can add a backless blouse with the black and gold lehenga to add more eyeball grabbing look.

polyvore sample

20 – Designer Manish Malhotra’s Lehenga for Divas

Manish Malhotra is known for his amazing designs when it comes to Lehengas. I don’t think any designer can do a better lehenga than him. But of course, all of us can’t afford to buy such expensive lehengas, so we always have the option of getting inspired by them and making our replicas at affordable rates. Have a look at the amazing bridal lehenga he designed for Preity Zinta’s wedding and how she is confidently rocking the red bridal lehenga look without any regrets. Here are the latest Ghagra Choli Designs.



More recently, we saw Shraddha Kapoor in an amazing outfit by Manish at the Lakme Fashion Week 2016. Here’s a sneak peek. Sharddha Kapoor is one of those Bollywood actresses who is known for her killer fashion look and style. Look how she is rocking he black lehenga look at a fashion event.



19 – A Classic Theme Style

Yes, Red never goes out of fashion. A classic theme with dim red and white – coated with simple embroidery that is not so mundane but not so fancy either; simultaneously creating a pretty look. While jewelry and hairdo go hand in hand. If you think Red has become old-fashioned, you are highly misguided! It is evergreen! It always comes with a bang! It has swept across the eastern country and became a fashion runway hit in Bridal Lehenga. Match it up with complementary shades like emerald green, and you are good to go!

Best bridal lehengas to try this year (3)

18 – Nargis Fakhri in A Manish Malhotra Dress

Nargis Fakhri draped in a stylish and incredibly beautiful Manish Malhotra designer bridal dress, which is probably the most phenomenal thing we have seen today. Here are the Best Looks of Nargis Fakhri to Copy. Let’s pick this outfit up and make it a reality, shall we? And above all, it looks so drastically adorable that it seems as if it does not require any jewelry or extra elements, not even make-up. So try going lightly on that. The tone of every girl, the richness that makes her look like a Disney princess. Yes, we are discussing the much-loved colour pink. These shades of Pink are creamy and soft while combining elegance simultaneously! These are ideal to add a romantic feel to the wedding!

Best bridal lehengas to try this year (4)

Best bridal lehengas to try this year (6)

17 – A Wondrous Crimson and Gold Merge

A wonderful and pleasing design of crimson and gold merged together, to create looks of delicacy and class. Red Lehenga looks equally nice with silver or gold jewelry. Now it is up to your personal taste of choice. If you like silver more, then you can add more silver shades to your lehenga designs, and if you love gold more, then you can go dull or bright gold look with red lehenga. Whatever you choose, you have to pick the jewelry in accordance with the tones of the lehenga outfit.

Best bridal lehengas to try this year (5)

16 – A Stunning Coat Style Lehenga

A coat styled lehenga has everything we expect from modern lehengas. The decency, simplicity, and uniqueness at its utmost. Here you will get the chance of looking the most phenomenal and rarest bride to date. Try hot pink as your ideal lip color with the outfit.

Best bridal lehengas to try this year (7)

15 – Red-Gold Timeless Merging

Why red and gold combines sarees and dress are seriously the most attractive and win hearts of the most! Do check out these Top Bridal Dresses by Manish Malhotra for the Year 2019.


14 – A Ramp-worthy Style

So this is apparently good enough to be walked on the ramp with! A designer’s work with light crimson magic and deeply shining embroidery.

Best bridal lehengas to try this year (9)

13 – Deepika’s Evergreen Glamor

Our favorite leading lady in a mysterious blue lehenga with mind-blowing pale gold design and everything in between! And since we already mentioned how much we love Deepika, here are the 20 Best Looks of Deepika Padukone this Season

Best bridal lehengas to try this year (10)

12 – A Mermaid Style for the Tall and Slim

And surely it has a bit of a simple element, but it’s for all those elegant brides, as the below one features a catchy style of red and silver combo that makes it the best choice for those who wish on staying down-to-earth even on their celebrations.

Best bridal lehengas to try this year (11)

11 – Royalty of Royal Blue

Royalty comes with our ever favorite royal blue, and you will agree with us too. Royal blue with the darkness of red makes the best pick for you and nearly every other bride.

Best bridal lehengas to try this year (12)

10 – A Little Funkiness to go for

Who would know that sometimes funky style would be the prettiest and also comes within wedding-types?

Best bridal lehengas to try this year (13)

9 – Subtle Colors for Subtle People

The subtlety in black makes it such a great choice to opt to stun and charm others, almost effortlessly.

Best bridal lehengas to try this year (14)

8 – A Charming White and Grey Lehenga

A gorgeous white brilliance in this lehenga makes it a phenomenal and unique style. A piece of light jewelry is all that extra effort, while rest is intact as you drape yourself in it. It’s really important to wear and carry your dupatta the right way, no matter what lehenga you choose, so here are some amazing tips on How to Wear Bridal Lehenga Dupatta in 10 Different Styles

White Lehenga Outfit for wedding


7 – Lakme’s Super Hot Fashion Endeavors

Here comes Lakme’s catchiest work on bridal dresses, with blue and gold embroidery, which is so rare for weddings and will truly set you apart. Every year Lakme exposes its followers and fans with catchy and idyllic work and win customers all over.

Best bridal lehengas to try this year (16)

6 – A Unique Over-flowing Style

A unique over-flowing style lehenga with a cozy and idyllic color is definitely the prettiest and chicest bridal style to date. We hope you find something that sets you apart with decency, beauty, and class. Catch a luxurious white clutch to go with! The green shade has proved to be an unconventional color for Lehenga as it is one of the mind-boggling shade being used in fashion.

Best bridal lehengas to try this year (17)

5 – A Glamorous Pink Lehenga

A glamorous and moderately fancy lehenga with a classic combination of pink and dark blue makes it the most wedding-inspired on the whole list! Get your hot makeup look on with this killer lehenga!

Best bridal lehengas to try this year (18)


4 – Urwa Hocane Bridal Dress

The brilliant actor from Udaari draped in a vibrant lehenga, merging two beautiful shades of red and pale silver and this will look absolutely gob-smacking on you as well. Plus here is a nice option to choose jewelry with a red and silvery tinge to it. Get this glossy and mesmerizing makeup look with this lehenga. Shimmering Silver looks luxurious with traditional red color. If you don’t like silver tones, then you can opt for dull Gold too but make sure that the jewelry that you choose goes with your chosen color.

Best bridal lehengas to try this year (19)

3 – Parineeti Chopra in Manish Malhotra’s Lehenga

Another one of Manish Malhotra’s amazing work on bridal dresses and winning the hearts of so many customers all over again. His dresses happen to be bestsellers, even among so many celebrities and you will surely find what you are looking for, at Malhotra. Go try out and explore!

Best bridal lehengas to try this year (20)

2 – Sabyasachi’s Classic Orange Bridal Dress

This one is from the timeless and fantastic collection of Sabyasachi’s classic bridal dresses, which presents a fabulous and unique orange bridal lehenga this year! We hope that you are following how today’s bridal clothing comes with so many transformations than before, where dresses are moderately heavy and the jewelry happens to be much lighter and more decent and it manages to look even classier than previous trends. Indian bridal designers have proved widely with the green lehenga Choli designs So split away from all the laws and look sumptuous in the bottle-green heavy embroidered bridal lehenga with the flower motifs that will definitely look so lovely on every female of the town.


1 – A Dynamic Tarun Orange Lehenga

This catchy bridal piece is also the nice effort of Sabyasachi’s bridal work all around the year, which presents you with magic to add to your wedding. Both of these designs feature a vibrant color and embroidery balance that proves that red does not have to be necessarily monotonous with weddings, it can be any color, which adds light and beauty to your day. Check out more from Sabyasachi’s designs who make specified designs only for the brides every year.


Last but not least, we’re loving this golden shimmery lehenga, which is one of the best outfits of Kareena Kapoor. The intricate work is a lovely combination of vintage and Mughal style. Who said being pregnant means you are no longer beautiful? Kareena Kapoor has proved it all wrong by banishing all the myths related to maternity outfits and styling up in pregnancy. Kareena, of course, added to the outfit’s beauty, love and elegance since she carries herself with so much grace, despite the fact that she’s expecting. Have a look at the perfect maternity look of Kareena Kapoor.


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