How to Wear Bridal Lehenga Dupatta in 10 Different Styles

How to Wear Bridal Lehenga Dupatta. The past couple of years have seen bridal wear from traditional ghararas to choli and lehenga. The bridal lehenga gives an exquisite and hip look to the bride who wants to steer away from the ‘traditional bridal look’ at her wedding reception.

In addition to the lehenga, the dupatta(which is an essential part of the bridal outfit) adds to the bridal dress’s oomph and can be worn in a variety of ways. If you are here, then you must have already ordered your lehenga and dupatta; you might even have it! But you must be confused about how to drape your dupatta, so it looks perfect with your lehenga. Deciding on a style to pair these two together can be hectic but do not worry; we have got you covered!

Gorgeous Styles to Drape Dupattas for Brides

If you have spent countless nights worrying about styling your dupatta with your lehenga for your big day, then we are here to tell you that you can stop doing that now! It is time for you to relax and pick one of the 10 styles given below that are not only gorgeous and trendy but will also make you feel special, no matter what your style is. So read on ahead to find out just how exactly you can achieve your best look for the biggest day of your life!

How to Wear Bridal Lehenga Dupatta

↓ 10 – The Classic Drape

Almost every bride would prefer wearing a dupatta in this way as it is the ‘classic’ look and easy to carry. The dupatta can be pinned on your head, and one end should be draped on your hand. Do make sure your posture is right when you wear this one, as it will require you to stand up straight to be able to look perfect. If your dupatta is really heavy, then you might be inclined to lean backward, but you must not!

This look of having your dupatta towards the back with the short end towards the front from one side will give you an elegant and ethereal look. Even after 30 years, when you look at pictures of your wedding with your kids and grandkids, you will realize how timelessly beautiful this option is when they all praise you and your style.

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↓ 9 – The ”Runway Model” Look

This is a popular style among many Pakistani and Indian brides. The dupatta is draped on the head with the whole dupatta behind the bride and one end brought to the front over the shoulder while the other is pleated and pinned on the wrist. This style complements with heavy hair accessories like Matha Patti or a chunky and prominent Tika.

Above all, it gives the bride a very modelesque look! This one is also great as it keeps most of the dupatta behind you and hence out of your face, keeping your makeup and hair perfectly set and in place. If you are someone who is a huge Bollywood fan, then you must adopt this as this is seen in almost all movies.

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↓ 8 – Dupatta Style for Nikkah Ceremonies

Personally, we love this style the most as it gives an elegant look to the whole bridal outfit. The bride goes for this look if her dupatta is heavily embellished and wants to show off the work. What adds more to this style is the simple updo, which secures the dupatta on the head and the draped part in the front like a shawl giving the whole outfit a regal look!

This way of wearing the dupatta is ideal for nikkah ceremonies in Muslim weddings and Roka in Hindu weddings as these days are considered the most chaste days, and hence this modest style fits right in. This one will also be great for those women who can’t seem to sit in one place and carry heavy dupattas just using a few pins in their hair. This will allow you to easily have the dupatta draped while you walk around and have fun at your wedding.

How to Wear Bridal Lehenga Dupatta


↓ 7 – Belted Modern Style

Many of the bridesmaids are seen rocking this style worn by tucking the dupatta inside a belt. The brides who want to look unconventional and go for a bold look also opt for this style and can be tried on with half sarees, lehenga, and sharara. Personally, we are not sold on this style as it suits bridesmaids more and doesn’t give a very bridal look. However, we must admit it can work wonders when worn right.

The belt can be personalized according to the color combination and theme of the dress. You can see a grey-greenish colored lehenga and choli combination with a gorgeous dupatta and belt combo that makes the bride look simply out of this world. She has used an external dupatta for the belt, more on using two dupattas below!

How to Wear Bridal Lehenga Dupatta


This is another way, where the belt is attached to the chili, and you can see just how effortlessly one end of the bride’s dupatta has been tucked into it. We must say this bride is really pulling this look off right!

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How to Wear Bridal Lehenga Dupatta


Oh, and how can we forget the way Katrina Kaif rocked this style in her song “Kaala Chashma.” So I feel this is the ideal way for all brides out there who love dancing and having fun!

↓ 6 – Dual Dupatta Look

An extension to the belted dupatta is the two dupatta style, which combines a dupatta either across the front or on the side with another dupatta on the head. This gives a magnificent and elegant bridal look with two dupattas but makes the outfit very heavy to carry. To avoid this, you can go for a simpler dupatta as your extra piece and keep the one on your head heavy like usual.

The option below shows a cross body style. The bride has worn a heavier dupatta on her head, folded a second dupatta, and draped in a diagonal way across the front. This is a great option if you don’t want to be bothered with your dupatta on your head and on your chest at the same time.  This will make it much easier for you.

How to Wear Bridal Lehenga Dupatta


Another way is to wear dupattas in two different colors. Have a look at this lovely colour combination here; we’re totally in love with it. The second dupatta has just been casually left on one side and just lightly pinned at the top. This way is also a great option to drape modestly.

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↓ 5 – The Pin-less Way

The bride who wants to go for a very casual and relaxed look can go for this style. If you are always walking around and won’t be able to sit still during your wedding either, this look will be perfect for you. It will allow you to be chill and be yourself while enjoying your most important day.

The dupatta is hanging in front of both shoulders. The bride can do this style if the choli is too simple and draw more attention to the dupatta. You can allow your head some time to relax as well by not torturing it with even more pins to keep your dupatta in place.

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We simply love this photo of this happy bride just dancing away. Happy brides are the prettiest!

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↓ 4 – The Royal Maharani’s Elegance

Here’s one of the most royal looks ever. Deepika Padukone has carried her lehenga and dupatta in such an elegant and maharani way that we don’t think we even need to explain this look. I am sure you’ll be as awe-struck by her as we are. This look incorporates multiple styles we have talked about in this list.

Deepika has used 3 dupattas here and combined it with the modest way of draping dupatta. One of them is a simple tea pink dupatta, the other is a red one with a thick lace, and the third is a velvet shawl. She has worn all of these in a very royal way, and we think she looks ethereal.

how to wear bridal lehenga dupatta (2)


This is the back view to give you a better idea of how you can adopt this style exactly.

how to wear bridal lehenga dupatta (4)


↓ 3 – With Front Pleats

This is the easiest with no fuss as the dupatta is draped at one side across the shoulder and the ends neatly pinned at the back. The front pleat style works best with dupattas that have a heavily embellished border and brings out a slim silhouette of the bride as it draws attention away from the waist.

This one kind of looks like a saree, yet it is unique in its own way. The dupatta here isn’t on the bride’s head, but it still looks amazing. We, however, beloved that for a bride to get in her true form, she should have the dupatta on her head in one form or another. Do let us know what your thoughts on this are?

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↓ 2 – The Bridal Veil

Contrasting the color of dupatta with the bridal outfit is another way of slaying your bridal dress on the big day. One of the latest trends amongst modern brides is to wear a veil over their heads. The veil is kept transparent so the bride’s face can be seen under it. The veil is either kept matching the bride’s outfit or contrasting to it. This is a trend that is making a comeback now. You all must have seen pictures of your mothers during their wedding and how they used to wear veils. The new generation is adopting this style again, and we think it is a sight for sore eyes!

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Here is an option where the veil is slightly contrasting to the rest of the dress as the dress is mostly gold and the veil is a light pink, yet it still looks perfect!

bridal lehenga dupatta


↓ 1 –  A Look Off the Head

This one is another option for the brides who do not want to keep their dupatta on their heads. For this one, all you need to do is simply drape it across the front of your body loosely in a diagonal way. Keep it loose to make it flow better, and pin it at the shoulder. Tuck the other end into the waistband of your lehenga at your hip, and you are done!

Bridal dupattas are extremely heavy due to their embroidery, so this style can work really well if you simply cannot deal with the weight of the dupatta on your head. We surely do not want the bride getting a killer headache at her own wedding!

How to Wear Bridal Lehenga Dupatta


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I make my lehenga Fluffy?

A. One of the easiest ways to keep your lehnga standing straight and making it look fluffy is to use the cancan fabric underneath it. You could go for a corset, but that will not do the job as effortlessly as some lining of the cancan fabric will. This cloth will stop your lehenga from flattening out and will give it just enough shape to make it look perfect!

Q. Which color is best for lehenga?

A. This really depends on which of the days you are making the lehenga for. If you are making it for the main wedding event, then you should go for red as that is considered the ultimate color for a bride. But if it is for a smaller side event, then any color from mint green to pale mustard will be work as long as it is made nicely and styled well!

Q. Is velvet lehenga in trend?

A. We must say this trend has shocked us as well, but a velvet lehenga is indeed in fashion these days! You can see brides adorning velvet lehengas filled with embroidery, and they all look so lovely. This cloth is a great option as it is naturally a little thick, and hence it stays in place much better than any other lehenga fabric. We believe you must try it out for yourself!

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