Indian Celebrity Snapchats-25 Indian Celebrity Snapchat Accounts to follow

Indian Celebrity Snapchats. If you want to add more fun-filled stories to your Snapchat feed, then these cool Indian celebrities will make it possible for you. These are the top 25 Indian celebs that you must follow on Snapchat or you will be missing out on your daily dose of glamor and show biz.

Have a slight look into the lives of these Snapchat fellas who are absolutely addicted to it and make sure to capture their daily life stories with it. Plus, it’s a great medium for their extended fan following and for you as you can know what your dream celebrity is always up to.

Top Bollywood Celebrity Snapchat Account to Follow

You can easily find these celebrities on Snapchat by the usernames given under their names! Some of them also include unsung celebrity personas who were not rather a part of film industry yet still made their names prominent all over India!

#25 – Nargis Fakhri

Nargis Fakhri, who probably uses Snapchat better than anyone we can think of and manages to nail every filter that comes up each day! Don’t miss as she flaunts her stunning looks and makes the funniest snaps to follow.

Username: @nargilove


#24 – Parineeti Chopra

The gorgeous Parineeti Chopra surrounds her Snapchat with fun and casual moments of her life! From her shoots, from when she gets bored, and a cool series of makeup snaps! Don’t miss out and follow her right away. RECOMMENDED: Bollywood Actresses Swag-15 Best Swag Looks of Bollywood Actresses

Username: @chopraparineeti


#23 – Sonakshi Sinha

You don’t know Snapchat unless you have been following the ever glamorous and groundbreaking Sonakshi Sinha! She ensures that her snap stories are unique and always has her game strong. From killer makeup snap stories to her gal pals, her shoots, and giving her fans some serious life goals to chase, Sinha beats all in the fame game of celebrity following. RECOMMENDED: The Best and Cutest Bollywood Real Life Couples who Married


#22 – Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor does not back down when it comes to flaunting as a celebrity, in short, she’s all for glamor and looks and makes sure that her fans know it too. Her snaps will be full fledged with her dolling up her face, hair or just a mundane life as a typical celebrity! Do check out these cutest Kriti Sanon Pics; 30 Cutest Looks of Kriti Sanon this Year

username: @Sonamakapoor


#21 – Jacqueline Fernandez

If you don’t enough of the class of Fernandez on the screens, then Snapchat is a good place for a better look into her life and style. Most of her snaps revolve around playing around with filters and same as makeup snap stories like every other Bollywood celeb. Also, you will get some fabulous tips for hairdos like never before. Here are the best Jacqueline Fernandez Outfits-Top 20 Dressing Styles of Jacqueline This Year

This is where you will find her on Snapchat: username: @Jacqueen143


#20 – Aditi Rao Hydari

username: @aditiraohydari 

@ekalakhani #ComeHereFast #NotFeedingMe #NotEntertainingMe #Nothing #Hrrrumph 😜

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#19 – Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor is surely one heck of an actor and his snaps are filled with his joyous and interesting shoots, some snaps with his best mates, and his traveling stories. You will find them captivating if you’re a fan! RECOMMENDED: Best and Cutest Bollywood Couples On-screen-31 Favourite Couples

username: @RANBIRKA6000R


#18 – Gauahar Khan

The bold and beautiful, the funny and witty, and as popular as ever — Gauahar Khan, the winner of the Big Boss 7, rules Snap chat with her charming tactics and stories that attract her fans to bits. Her stories mostly include her raw and pretty moments, her friend circle and much more.

Username: @gauaharkhan


#17 – Mandana Karimi

Mandana Karimi has also been a star of the beloved Big Boss, if you missed out on that, catch up on the season 9 on the show. She is an Indian model and actress and flaunts her snap stories with her near angelic looks and cute daily moments! Find out more about the Big boss star at:

username: @mandanakarimi


#16 – Mouni Roy

You probably must remember this Tv star who appeared in a lot of successful Indian dramas and made her debut in that. Well, Ms. Roy has been ruling the Snapchat goals too lately and have got her fans to have a good look at her profile. Her snaps usually revolve around cool and classy hairdos, makeup and her photo shoots which are the best. You can find her at:

username: @mouniroy


#15 – Evelyn Sharma



#14 – Athiya Shetty

The equally pretty and talented young Athiya Shetty, who recently made her debut in the groundbreaking Hero, also rule her moves on the Snapchat. The young actress, and daughter of Sunil Shetty who won our hearts with her strong role and character, also give her fans goosebumps and they can’t help but follow her daily life stories.

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If you want to as well, this is where to find her:

username: @theathiyashetty


#13 – Alia Bhatt

Our ever favorite Bollywood girl and probably the best actress to date in the history of Bollywood has also got a knack for Snapchat filters and manages to bring out her cuteness there as well. If you find Alia Bhatt invincibly cute too, then this is where you will find her: Follow her now and keep up with her enthusiastic and adventurous life! Check out Alia Bhatt Hairstyles-12 Latest Alia Bhatt Hairstyling this Year

username: aliaa.bhatt


#12 – Rahul Khanna



#11 – Vj Bani

username: @Ladyrocknrolla

vj bani

#10 – Sunny Leone

username: @imsunnyleone


#9 – Varun Dhawan

The one who is much loved by his fans as any celebrity could be. Varun takes filters to next level and his snaps are usually about what most guys snap about; their squads, gatherings, food and of course the overrated dog filter that dominates all other filters and there is not a possibility that a Snapchat user never tried it! Here’s to the fun-filled snaps of Varun and never missing out:

username: @vartron


#8 – Shraddha Kapoor

username: @wanderlustmagic


#7 – Neha Kakkar

username: @nehakakkarsnap


#6 – Ayesha Takia

Username: @ayeshatakiaazmi


#5 – Ranvijay Singh

username: @rannvijaysingha


#4 – Raghu Ram

You have got to remember these two who appeared in your favorite teen reality show: Roadies and you just could not help but admire their class, sternness and equally friendly approach to the contestants. Follow them on the given username and get your old spirits all nostalgic.

username: @ramraghu


#3 – Amy Jackson

username: @iamamyjackson


#2 – Neha Dhupia

username: @nehadhupia

Image result for neha dhupia snapchat

#1 – Gautam Gulati

Follow the self-obsessed (for a good reason) Big Boss winner Gautam Gulati and keep us with his swaggy as ever daily life tactics.

username: @gautam_gg

Image result for gautam gulati snapchat

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