Bollywood Celebs with Swag – 15 Swag Looks of Actresses

Bollywood Actresses Swag. Here are top shots of the best swag moments of some of the classiest Bollywood actresses trending today. The blog posts contain the best swagger looks of these Indian heroines, which prove that they aren’t any less classy than other western pro models out there.

A good majority of us look up to celebrities and their sense of fashion to decide what we want to look like. No financial or other limitations allow these people to look at their best selves. For that reason, we suggest you only take inspiration from their looks and do not try to copy them entirely because nothing good can come out of trying to replicate someone’s entire persona.

Swag Outfits and Looks of Bollywood Divas

Before diving into the best looks served by these divas, we want to go over things that you can do to look your best self. Looking your best is not limited to how you do your hair or how expensive-looking your clothes are. There is much more to this than that, and we are here to tell you things you need to know to be able to pull the look of your dreams off. Keep reading to find out what these might be.

Tips to look your best self

It is important that you realize why it is necessary you know your own style before you look for people to follow. Not knowing your own preferences can lead you to mix-matching pieces of clothing that do not go together, ruining your entire look. Although clothes are an important part of creating a look for oneself, there are other things that play an equally important role. These things are less talked about, but, in our opinion, hold a lot of importance because they are likely to boost your confidence in your own distinct sense of fashion if done consistently. Consistency is definitely the key to achieving your goals. Here are some tips you can achieve looking for your best self.

  • Playing up your favourite body and facial features. Humans are quick to regard our own selves as ugly, but all of us have a feature that may be categorized as a favourite. For some of us, it is our hair; for others, it is our eyes or our collar bones or wide shoulders. To understand the kind of look that you are going for, you need to emphasize your best features using the appropriate pieces of clothing and other accessories. If it is your collar bones you think are reasonably attractive, you might want to look into adding V necks to your wardrobe and style your hair in a way that would emphasize on them. You can also choose to hide features you are not particularly obsessed with. We don’t want to tell you what these might be because we strongly believe that all bodies are perfect, and all face shapes and hair types are perfect. But if you are not comfortable with a certain feature being the most prominent out of all of your features, you can try and downplay them by covering them with the right accessories.
  • Make use of those beautiful eyes. Eyes play an important role in how your look is going to come together. Accentuating those beautiful windows to the soul is a great way of looking more attractive. To make that possible, it is important that your eyes look awake. Sleeping on time and getting enough sleep is crucial in order to achieve clear, bright eyes. Moisturizing the skin around the eyes and tweezing any excess hair around your eyebrows can significantly change your look. Eye bags can make you look drowsy and tired, which is why depuffing the area is also very important. If you are someone who is comfortable using makeup, you can use things like a good mascara and eyeliner to brighten the appearance of your eyes.
  • Smile often. It might not seem like a big deal if a good smile is sometimes all one needs to look their best self. No one likes sad and angry looking people, so if you are out and about, trying to look attractive, wear that beautiful genuine smile to attract attention. Frowning leads to wrinkling of facial skin in undesirable places and prevents your gorgeous features from shining their brightest. Brush your teeth, and take good care of your mouth. Exfoliate and moisturize your lips, so you don’t hesitate to smile. We really do believe that sometimes a smile is the best makeup one can wear.
  • Focus on fixing your posture. A weird posture can be off-putting, and it can make one look way less attractive than they actually are. Making an effort to throwing shoulders back and keeping head straight can make all the difference. People with upright postures look elegant, and if that is the look you want for yourself, we suggest you get the right to pay attention to how you sit and stand. Making a conscious effort for a couple of weeks will ultimately result in you being beautifully upright. Stretching and doing exercises that aid in that can help one achieve the look.
  • Wear clothes that fit you. As a rule of thumb, one should look for the right fit when buying clothes. Although trends are constantly changing and lose clothing is something that is fashionable right now, but we strongly believe that the right fit can completely alter the way one looks. Clothes that are too small or too loose can distort one’s entire look. If it important to you that you look your best, you should consider all there is to achieve it. The right approach to doing things is all the difference you need to form an aesthetic, and wearing the correct size is one of them.
  • Experiment with styles. Style is personal. There is no universality to this term. What might seem stylish to you might be offputting to someone else and vice versa. Others’ opinions of fashion and style should not alter your perception of what it means to be stylish. Everyone has an aesthetic, and it is very personal. Being confident in the expression of oneself is what makes one stand out of the crowd. This is why we encourage you to experiment with different styles to realize what you like and don’t like.

Now that we have gone over things you should do to look your best self, we are going to present you with a list of the most fashionable divas from Bollywood and their aesthetic. There is nothing wrong with taking inspiration from these known fashionistas, and we recommend that you go over the list to decide the swagger you want to adopt for yourself.

Have a look at these top 15 Bollywood actresses swag styles that make them absolute real-life divas of their own lives as well as of their fans’. Don’t miss out on some classy makeup looks too that will go well with these swagger styles!

↓ 15 –  Alia Bhatt Style

Who can possibly beat Aliya’s killer swag look, her stunning expressions, and her dominating personality that takes over everything? It looks like she tops the list. Have a look at 30 Best Looks of Alia Bhatt of all Time.

Don’t miss out on the coolest hairstyle tips of Alia!

↓ 14 – Deepika Padukone Style

It looks like your favorite dips isn’t any less in terms of swagger hotness when it comes down to the actual rank. As we all are aware of her one heck of a dressing endeavor, her sophisticated gait to carry herself and her hair apparently always looks best. The tennis queen is not stopping anywhere, anytime soon. Check out 20 Best Hairstyle of Deepika Padukone

We couldn’t sum up how ridiculously sophisticated Deepika is and carries her endless swag everywhere she goes.

↓ 13 – Priyanka Chopra

Heard the phrase ‘moving on to the better’? Priyanka falls into that curriculum. Because the limitlessly talented woman has grown from just a model on the ramp to a brilliant Hollywood actress and a singer, she is surely on the mission to simply never stop. Priyanka has always been a fashionista. Her fashion sense is diverse, which makes it appealing to such a huge crowd. Her diversity in style and fashion is what makes her fashionably swaggy. You’ll surely love to know about The Secret To Priyanka Chopra’s Golden Bronze Glow.

↓ 12 – Shraddha Kapoor

Shraddha Kapoor is definitely one to look out for when it comes to fashion. Though fairly new to the industry, she has made a name for herself as a Bollywood fashion icon. Her experimental looks are something that makes her stand out. See Shraddha’s amazing swag style in 20 Indian Celebrities Ripped Jeans Styles to Copy This Year.

↓ 11 – Jacqueline Fernandez

If you really look through it, you would know that Fernandez is effortlessly the queen of swag as we came to know her and her work in Bollywood. Her swaggy dressing sense, her makeup priorities, and everything else just makes her so top-rated without even her making an effort for it. If you want to look like her, your go-to should be beach wavy hair and minimalistic makeup with an added pop of red. If you are looking to style your hair like Jacqueline, you’re going to love 25 New Hairstyles of Jacqueline.

↓ 10 – Kareena Kapoor

The formerly considered queen of Bollywood held the entire industry by storm once and surely was considered the highest-paid actress of Bollywood. By putting her acting skills aside, it was her clothing styles, catchy makeup, and coolest forms of hairdos that made her possibly the most swaggy of all.

The catchy spring makeup ideas to be noted below and the glossy dyed hair will always be a priority!

↓ 9 – Kangna Ranaut

The endlessly talented and gifted actress Kangna is always on the verge of creating impacting movies that the viewers can’t seem to forget, as that already happened with her milestone of a movie Queen and much more to come to change the chained perceptions and make differences!

↓ 8 – Katrina Kaif

Katrina is someone who has managed to maintain their place in the industry due to her graceful beauty and fashion sense.

↓ 7 – Kriti Sanon

↓ 6 – Nargis Fakhri

What we can say about Fakhri is that she’s never simply out of style. She is a natural beauty. Fakhri’s sense of style is so in sync with the way that she carries herself. This is definitely a distinguishing feature that makes her a known fashion icon in the industry.

↓ 5 – Bipasha Basu

The undeniably gorgeous woman, whose looks were often underrated as she went through her journey as an actor. But that never stopped her from looking even more swaggy and stunning. Whose hair would always be found intact and stylish, and whose makeup choices would always be up to the mark no matter what. Bipasha recently got married to the hot hunk Karan Singh Grover, and we are in love with their honeymoon pictures.

↓ 4 – Chitrangadha Singh

Although she never appears in a lot of movies nor any modeling themes, she surely gained some fans with her only a single attempt alongside Akshay Kumar.

It would be reasonable to say that her performance was way better than a lot of new actors in the industry due to her prior experience and such a cool and attractive way of carrying herself. And therefore, she too falls into the category of those actresses with the best swag, in simply being the people they are!

↓ 3 – Anushka Sharma’s Cuteness

Anushka’s acting endeavors are surely overreaching and are quite together when it comes down to comparison. Her graceful fashion sense is definitely something to look up to if you are trying to find your own style.

↓ 2 – Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti Chopra may be affiliated with another celebrity star, but she established her recognition of her own accord and took the credit all to herself because she is no ordinary actress. Parineeti carries herself with such grace and beauty; we are completely in awe of her. She took the courage of stepping out of the stereotypical representation of heroines in films and broke apart with her own individuality. And that’s what gives her endless swag.

↓ 1 – Sonam Kapoor

Her dressing sense is evidently very rare and comparatively less rated by critics, but that never stops her from experimenting with new fashion techs, and naturally, that turns out well. As in the image below, she has put on a dark magenta lip color trending way a lot these days while allowing her hair to flow in curls.

We hope we were able to provide you the information you came here looking for. Let us know what you think in the comment section below; we would love to hear from you!

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