Zayn Malik Hairstyles-20 Best Hairstyles of Zayn Malik All the Time

Zayn Malik Most Popular Hairstyles – Zayn Malik who is not only famous for his singing but also for his hairstyle and fashion sense. Every week we get to see his new appearance with a new hairstyle. He has always rocked every style whether from short and long or tight and shaggy. Any kind of his hairstyle suits his face shape. Let’s have a look at some of his most famous hairstyles.

Zayn Malik Cutest Hair Cuts

One of the biggest life lessons that one gets from following Zayn’s looks is that one should never be afraid of change. His sense of style, fashion and clothing have always been top notch, but it’s his willingness to experiment with his hair is what truly leaves everyone in awe.

zayn malik new hairstyles

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1- Tight Pony Tail Style

This style is perfect with light beard to keep the hair tied up in the heat. You can find some awesome beard styles here: Celebrity Beard Styles-20 Best Celebrity Facial Hair in 2019

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 2. Long Hairs.

Boys usually love long hair and Zayn as always has stepped them up a notch. The center partition give off really cool nineties vibes!

Latest Zayn Malik Hairstyles (2)

 3. Front Short Hairstyle

A little gel on the hair is best for styling.

Latest Zayn Malik Hairstyles (3)

 4. Tied Up Hairstyle

Zayn Malik knows how to kill his fans with his looks and hairstyles. Wearing a head band to keep a very neat look with long hair.

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 5. Messy Long Hairstyle

Sometimes messy hair look good as well. People have always adored Zayn’s long hair locks and we can see why.

Latest Zayn Malik Hairstyles (5)

 6. Rugged and Messy Look

With beard, he knows how to pull off the look with rugged and messy hairstyle.

Latest Zayn Malik Hairstyles (6)

 7. Side Cute Spiked Haircut

Spikes will never go out of fashion. So all the teen guys looking for a decent hairstyle with spikes, this is the look for you. What an impressive beard by the way!

Latest Zayn Malik Hairstyles (7)

 8. Short Hairstyle

For short hair, the best way to keep the look neat is to use gel and fix the front hair.

Latest Zayn Malik Hairstyles (8)

 9. Another Short Haircut

Boys with short hair look cute and that’s how Zayn Malik totally nails it here.

Latest Zayn Malik Hairstyles (9)

 10. Side Cut Hairstyle

Side cut haircuts often look great on young boys.

Latest Zayn Malik Hairstyles (10)

 11. Dyed Hair

For stylish hairstyle, one can dye few strands of the front hair.

Latest Zayn Malik Hairstyles (11)

 12. Front Hair Dye

For a little different look, a bunch of hair can be colored. These front dyed hair will make your hairstyle look prominent and will put all of the limelight on your front part of the hair. You can either get this front part dyed from a hair saloon you can also do this all by your self.

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 13. Spikes Hairstyle

For short hair, use the gel to make spikes in the front to give a little volume.

Latest Zayn Malik Hairstyles (13)

 14. Cool Spikey Hairstyle

This a very cool hairstyle. This cool looking spiky hairstyle is perfect for every kind of party or get together that may take place in your high school days. If you want to turn the head of girls as you walk by, then go for this hairstyle. This hairstyle is perfect but only if you know how to make it work and how to carry it with style and elegance. For a perfect outfit combo with the hairstyle, vertically striped shirts and sweatshirts would be awesome. But you can wear anything from jeans to formal dresses because everything will go just amazingly with this hairstyle and will look flawless in the end, no matter what.

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 15. Smart Casual Style

Zayn Malik pulls off this look with a very trendy hairstyle. This casual hairstyle is perfect when going out to play sports with your friends, because when playing sports you need to feel comfy for optimum output. For this outfit idea, you should wear gray colored sweat pants or workout trousers and then for the top, you can wear a zipper in gray color as well to match with the whole outfit idea. For shoes; you definitely want to go for something comfy and something sporty like sneakers or jordans.

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 16. Shaved Hairstyle

Zayn completely stunned off his fans and world by shaving off his head. He still kills it with this look too.

Latest Zayn Malik Hairstyles (16)

 17. Front Design with Shaved Head

Hair can be shaved with a design for a stylish look. This hairstyle, known as the “Buzz Cut” will give you perfect formal look. With this kind of hairstyle, you can wear well-tailored three or two piece suits and then go for either contrasting colored tie or matching colored tie. Either ways this outfit is going to be perfect and is a sure way to bring you to the spotlight. For the shoe you can wear brown colored loafers or you can wear brown colored oxford shoes to compelte whole formal look that you are gonig with.

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 18. Silver Grey Hair Dye

Grey hair dye is something very uncommon but he knows how to carry the look well. Back in 2015, Zayn surprised everyone by dying his hair totally grey and proved that he’s the only guy who can rock any hair color and any hairstyle.

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 19. Short White Blonde Hair

Short hair are perfect for summers and this hot selfie of Zayn proves it so. This time he has chosen to dye his hair in a lighter color

Latest Zayn Malik Hairstyles (19)

 20. Green Hair Dye

Here we see Zayn Malik and his ex-girlfriend/fiance Perrie Edwards in a very clubbish attire. Though green hair dye is not that common but Zayn Malik loves experimenting with his hair. If you’re not too sure about going green with the hair dye, then give the look a try using green hair spray and see if it works for you.

Latest Zayn Malik Hairstyles (20)


 Zayn Malik really knows how to look great in these hairstyles. He has pulled off all the looks. Malik has continued his colorful hair experimentation with both white and purple shades. Zayn has continued experimenting with his hair with hair with using hair dye and colorful hair experimentation with different kinds of shades.

Hope these ideas will help all the boys to experiment with their next haircut. One should always opt for a change and some transformation. A quiff, short hair, streaked hair, long locks or a bun, anything would do good as look as it suits you. Just make sure that you keep the style minimal and change your look every then and now. One advice, be original.

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