Best Hollywood Celebrity Snapchat Accounts To Follow In 2022 

Hollywood Celebrity Snapchats. We can say it without a doubt, that the Hollywood celebrities surely got a more significant edge for the popular social media platform, Snapchat, over the celebrities of other industries, and they sure know how to rock their snap stories with the most interesting moments of their lives, both celebrity and personal.

Let’s thank Snapchat for keeping us updated about our favorite celebrities’ lifestyles and routines. From behind the scenes to Oscar awards, we love to see what are stars are up to.

Which Celebrities To Follow On Snapchat?

We can’t see you missing out on such cool sources to make your Snapchat feeds immensely entertaining. And this is why here’s a list of top 20 Hollywood celebrity Snapchat accounts that you must follow right now. From the infamous waking up snaps to dressing up and from makeup stories to everything you count as entertaining. Here’s your key to keeping up with the life of your ideal celeb.

Hollywood Snapchat Accounts

↓ 20 – Justin Bieber

Well, it is not so easy to spot a non-Belieber, when the young singer practically rules the music industry and the social media (combined). When fans cannot get enough of him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Snapchat comes into the picture and saves the day for fans.

Highest Grossing Album:

The album named “MyWorld 2.0” is Justin Bieber’s most top-grossing album till today. It includes hits like “Baby” and “Somebody To Love,” and was the album that sent Beiber on his first-ever world tour.

Award or Achievement:

 He has won a total of 51 prizes up to date, including 1 Grammy, 19 Billboard Awards, and 3 MTV Video Music Awards.

If you too, happen to be a Belieber, this is where to follow your ideal boy and keep up with his live moments:

username: rickthesizzler

↓ 19 – Kim Kardashian

The infamous KimKardashian has also made her position on top of all social media, and Snapchat is not lagging. The Kardashians are known for their online presence; some even argue it is the only reason they’ve attained celebrity status. Still, no one can deny that they are highly qualified when it comes to posting the perfect snaps and posts. Here are 30 Most Stylish Kim Kardashian’s Outfits Rocking Social Media

Awards and Achievements:

She has won a Teen’s Choice Award and an Adult’s Choice Award for her family’s reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, as the favorite reality TV star. She also won the Glamour Award for Entrepreneur in 2011 and won CFDA Influencer Award in 2018.

This is where you can follow her:

username: kimkardashian

↓ 18 – Zayn Malik

Everyone’s favorite and the owner of the most idyllic looks – Zayn Malik’s snaps revolve around his gorgeous model girlfriend Gigi Hadid, his singing shoots, and a long series of catchy selfies. Zayn Malik rose to fame by being a part of the famous boyband “One Direction,” which split up in 2016. The boys from One Direction were idolized and even worshipped by many young girls who enjoyed their music. Ever since the band broke up, he has made his music as a solo artist and gained even more fame than before.

Check out the sexiest Zayn Malik Hairstyles-20 Best Hairstyles of Zayn Malik All the Time.

Highest Grossing Album:

Zayn’s album “Mind of Mine” was his first solo album and was an immediate hit. One Direction fans all over the world were heartbroken after the band broke up and were rejoiced when Zayn released an album.

Award or Achievement:

Zayn Malik has won multiple Teen Choice Awards, MTV Music Awards, and Billboard Awards, including Top New artist.

To follow him, type this into your Snapchat search engine, or simply scan the snapcode given below: zayn

↓ 17 – Miley Cyrus

You might know her as your beloved Hannah Montana, or Ronnie Miller, maybe like your favorite singer Miley Cyrus, but you will agree that she is a woman of many talents. No one can give you a more significant example of ‘only living once’ than the iconic Miley Cyrus, and this is what makes us adore her so much. From making groundbreaking music to singing with such a powerful impact, and from experimenting with her hair, to creating crazy snap stories – Miley knows how to get to the top of her activities and be an ideal entertainer.

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Highest Grossing Album:

Miley Cyrus has been in the music industry for almost 15 years, and she has released many albums, including “Bangerz.” Her music is loved worldwide by millions of people, which is apparent by fan following.

Highest Grossing Movie:

She has worked in many movies and has even voiced many animated movie characters. However, her most famous acting role has to be in her show and movie Hannah Montana. This is what helped her rise to fame and helped her gather her major fan following.

Award or Achievement:

She has managed to bag a whopping 42 awards in her career as a musician and actress, including multiple Teen Choice and Billboard awards, as well as MTV music and movie awards.

To follow her, type this into your Snapchat search engine, or simply scan the snapcode given below:  mileycyrus

↓ 16 – Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid is one of the top models in the world and also one of the most famous ones. You can’t possibly miss out on the gorgeous, funny, classy, and inspiring Gigi Hadid who rocks her professional life and owns up to her image. From making stunning snaps of morning selfies with coffee mugs to her pre-shoots stories to her intimate selfies with boyfriend Zayn Malik, Gigi gets to the top of her game and gives us more reasons to follow her! Here are the Best Looks of Gigi Hadid This Year

Award or Achievement:

She won the Teen Choice Award for Choice Model in 2018 and the Glamour Award for The Supernova in 2017. Even though her list of awards is limited, she is still considered one of the top models in the world bagging collaborations with Victoria’s Secrets and Tommy Hilfiger, etc

To follow her, type this into your Snapchat search engine, or simply scan the snapcode given below: itsgigihadid

↓ 15 – Lady Gaga

We can’t appreciate but notice how absolutely ravishing Lady Gaga looks when she isn’t wearing her costume-inspired makeup and not transforming her appearance in her rocky music videos. And her snap stories will be a good place to appreciate her natural looks, which are nonetheless more stunning than her makeup looks. To follow her, look up the username below:

Highest Grossing Album:

Lady Gaga has released five studio albums and three video albums, with 31 singles. Although all her albums manage to do great, her album “The Fame Monster” is her best-ranked album to date.

Award or Achievement:

Lady Gaga has managed to bag 51 awards in her career as a singer and actress, including People’s Choice, Billboard, and MTV Awards. Her biggest achievements, however, have to be her 1 Academy Award and her 11 Grammys! These prove that she’s not just a phenomenal singer, but also an Oscar-worthy Actress.

To follow her, type this into your Snapchat search engine, or simply scan the snapcode given below: ladygaga

↓ 14 – Jessica Alba

The one who does not seem to be aging at all and the one who began with nothing but modeling as a base and sore to new heights gradually in her career. Apart from being in a stable position in her work, she also has managed to make a prominent appearance on social media. Particularly her Snapchat, which revolves around her cool shots of shooting and her funny use of the filters! Jessica’s makeup is always on spot, here are the 10 Top Celebrities Eye Makeup Ideas to Copy Now

Highest Grossing Movie:

Jessica Alba has appeared in at least 36 movies in her career, many of these have managed to be major successes, but her film “Fantastic Four (2005)”, in which she plays the character of Susan Storm.

Award or Achievement:

She has won a total of 13 awards in her acting career thus far, including Teen Choice and MTV Awards.

To follow her, type this into your Snapchat search engine, or simply scan the snapcode given below: jessicamalbe

↓ 13 – Kylie Jenner

While no one really needs a reason for following the popular internet personality, Kylie Jenner, her glamorous lifestyle and busy work life make sure an entertaining subscription. Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat is filled with snaps of her house, work, and her adorable baby girl Stormi. What is there not to love?

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Award or Achievement:

Kylie Jenner has achieved a great title against all the odds. She has managed to become the youngest ever billionaire, at only 21 years of age, by working hard every day and putting in her 100 percent.

And in case, you are not already following her, and this is where you will find her: kylizzlemynizzl 

↓ 12 – Kate Upton

The cute and lovable, the funny and charming, Ms. Upton makes sure she is worth following everywhere on social media – with engaging and funny snap stories, to mesmerizing selfies, Upton does not let her followers get bored of their Snap feeds and also gives a good enough look to her fans into her life which is not so evident on other social media.

Highest Grossing Movie:

She has appeared in multiple movies and TV shows, but she is best known for her role in The Other Woman.

Award or Achievement:

She has won the People’s Choice Award for People’s Sexiest Woman

To follow her, this is her username: kateuptonsnap

↓ 11 – Cara Delevingne

The collage below will surely be enough to convince you why following the flawless Cara Delevingne will be a fantastic use of Snapchat. Her Snapchat feeds include her lovable pets, her unique and funny use of filters, her new hairdos, her makeup tactics, and everything from daily life.

Award or Achievement:

She has won a total of 7 awards, including Teen Choice Awards and a British Fashion Award.

To follow her, this will be her username, just as unique as herself!: caradevilqueen

Image result for cara delevingne snapchat

↓ 10 – Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has got to be the nicest celebrity to have ever existed. To her lovely personality, her being a role model to her fans, to her courageous moments in the Hollywood, to her great advice on everything — Selena Gomez also appears flawless on the media. Here are the best Selena Gomez Outfits-25 Best Dressing Styles of Selena to Copy.

Highest Grossing Album:

She has released 4 albums and 24 singles in her singing career, her Highest Grossing album is Revival.

Highest Grossing Movie:

Selena Gomez is as great of an actress as she is a singer. So much so, that she even owes her success to her appearance in the Disney show “Wizards of Waverly Place”. She has appeared in almost 30 films and television shows, with multiple successes, including Barney, which is what started her career.

Award or Achievement:

She has managed to win 46 awards during her career, Teen Choice, People’s Choice, Billboard, and  MTV awards for both her films and music.

To subscribe to her type in this into your Snapchat search engine or simply scan the snapcode below: selenagomez

Image result for selena gomez snapchat

↓ 9 – Little Mix

The heart-winning band of the most badass singers to date — Little mix knows how to spice things up and keep things interesting, let it be their music, their swag or their snap stories. Their Snap mostly includes their hairdos, their catchy makeup looks, travel stories, and if you’re a fan, then it will be a good addition to your snap feed. Don’t miss out, follow your favorites now:

Highest Grossing Album:

Although Little Mix has produced many albums, their album “Black Magic [Get Weird]” is their highest grossing album.

Award or Achievement:

They have won a total of 13 awards, including Teen Choice, MTV, and Brit Awards.

username: littlemix_offic

↓ 8 – Camila Cabello

Although a recently known face in the music industry, she is loved by many. Her music is unique and soulful, and her Snapchat stories are no different than that! So follow her to keep up with her life and get the daily dose of your favorite celeb.

Award or Achievement:

She has won 39 awards during her career, including Teen Choice, People’s Choice, Billboard, and  MTV awards for music.

follow her at camilacabello

Image result for camila cabello snapchat

↓ 7 – Fifth Harmony

The band that won the entire world with their extraordinary music video and song “Work from Home” is what you need in your Snapchat right away. Follow them here:

Highest Grossing Album:

Out of their 3 albums, the highest-grossing album is 7/27, which also included their famous song “Work from Home”.

Award or Achievement:

They have won 32 awards including awards from MTV and iHeartRadio

username: fifthharmony

↓ 6 – Ariana Grande

The cutest and the most gorgeous, the one whose music has always given us goals — and also the one who’s a boss at nailing the overrated dog filter on Snapchat.

Highest Grossing Album:

Her album “My Everything” is her Highest Grossing Album.

Award or Achievement:

She has won 49 awards in total, including 1 Grammy and awards from Teen’s Choice and MTV.

Interested in her outfit style and fashion? 20 Cutest Ariana Grande Outfit Combinations Every Girl Will Love.

Follow the iconic Ariana Grande at moonlightbae

↓ 5 – Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato started her career at the Barney show and gained fame through Disney shows and movies like Camp Rock. She is a badass, independent, and strong woman, and this shows in her work-oriented snaps. By subscribing to her Snapchat account, you can get a look at exclusive behind the scene videos and pictures of her work.

Highest Grossing Album:

Out of her six albums, her album “Demi” from 2003 is her most famous and highest-grossing film.

Award or Achievement:

She has won 27 awards, including Teen Choice, People’s Choice, Billboard, and  MTV awards.

username: theddlovato

↓ 4 – Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff is a very beloved actress and singer due to her initial Disney career. Many people applaud her for staying on track, unlike other child actors from Disney. Her quirky roles in movies show in her real-life personality as well, and you can get a look into it by following her on Snapchat.

Highest Grossing Movie:

“Cheaper by the Dozen” is her highest-grossing movie to date.

Award or Achievement:

She has won 21 awards, including Teen Choice and Radio Disney Music Awards.

username: hilaryduff

↓ 3 – Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is one of the most fun and quirky personalities from Hollywood. To get a look into her quirky snaps, make sure you follow her on Snapchat and a daily dose of her fun snaps!

Highest Grossing Movie:

Although Reese Witherspoon is best known for her role in the famous movie “Legally Blond” but her highest-grossing movie is “Walk The Line”.

Award or Achievement:

She has won 24 awards during her career including an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for her role in “Walk The Line”.

username: snapsbyreese

↓ 2 – Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani is an American singer and is part of the Band ” No Doubt”. She has a sweet and lovely personality and that shows in her snaps where she posts about her lifestyle and work, keeping all her fans up to date with her life.

Highest Grossing Album:

Out of all her albums, her album “This Is What the Truth Feels Like” is her highest-grossing album.

Award or Achievement:

She has won a total of 22 awards including 1 Grammy and multiple Teen’s Choice, People’s Choice, Billboard and  MTV awards for music.

username: itsgwenstefani

↓ 1 – Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is one of the top models in the world which means whenever she is seen out in public she’s looking her best and has her signature poker face on. However, on her Snapchat, she allows her followers to look at a different side of her, the fun and happy side. Follow her for an insight into her personal life.

Award or Achievement:

She has won 3 Teen Choice Awards, however, her biggest achievement has to be her modeling career. She has managed to come on top time and time again, with her best friend Bella and Gigi Hadid.

username: kendalljenner

sources: Snapchat

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