17 Cute Summer Outfits for High School Girls This Year

Today we will share cute summer outfits for high school girls. Since summer season is here and everyone of us likes to get new clothes.But how to dress for highschool in summers to beat the heat,what outfits to wear ?Keeping in view the same we have included some cute outfit ideas which girls can wear. This season will include short floral and long dresses.  The outfits are perfect for the young girls and are excellent for party and several other occasions.

Getting a right makeup is a key .Must see what are the best makeup brands to use these days .Colorful patterns and funky designs are a major trend this season. Shirts can be worn for a movie night or to a brunch party. Casual clothes are perfect to wear to a beach party, or for a hangout with friends. Tank tops can be worn with jeans, whereas shorts and capri pants can be co-ordinated with floral print sleeveless shirts.Accessories them beautiful handbags. We truly understand that most of the young girls cant afford to have big branded hanbags .Therefore we already covered the list of 10 Budget friendly Designers handbags. These summer outfits can be well co-oridnated with accessories such as bags, necklaces, belts, shoes etc.  Some of the ideas are shown in the pictures below.

Casual outfit Combination for School girls


Summer outfit for high school girls (1)


Black top can be worn with flared leg jeans and for a perfect combination accessories such as black stiletto heels can be worn.

Lace Outfit

Summer outfit for high school girls (2)

Lace tops have always been a girls favourite choice and they look absolutely stunning with shorts. A pink lace top can make you stand out in the crowd if you pick up the matching accessories. Pumps will look cute with shorts.

Beach Outfit for Teen girls


Summer outfit for high school girls (3)

If you plan to head for a beach party, then khaki shorts can go perfect with sleevless shirts. Joggers or boots whatever you are most comfortable with can be worn.

Outfit with Shorts

Summer outfit for high school girls (4)

Heading out for shopping in style is not that difficult. Pull out your favourite top and shorts and pair it up with your flip flops. Don’t forget to pick up your favourite sunglasses.

Sporty Outfit


Summer outfit for high school girls (7)

Do you have a sports day in your school or a match in your city? Then this is the best choice for you to wear. Wear some classic joggers with your boyfriend jeans and don’t forget to wear a watch on your wrist.


Party Style outfit

Summer outfit for high school girls (9)

For a girls day out, you can wear a mid thigh short with a pair of sneakers. Sleeveless top would be best to wear with it.

Funky Dressing Style for High School Girls

Summer outfit for high school girls (10)

If you love bootleg jeans, then make sure you wear the suitable kind of shirt. It can be a Swshirt or a Gtorso.

Style it With Skirt

Summer outfit for high school girls (11)

Skirts can never go out of fashion. Whether it is summer season or winter. A matching shirt or top will look perfect with it.


Summer outfit for high school girls (12)

Skinny jeans is a must wear to have in your closet. Girls adore skinny jeans. It can be worn with any kind of top whether a simple sleevless top or a formal peplum top. A crossbody bag worn with the outfit will enhance the look.


Summer outfit for high school girls (13)

For a formal look wear flared jeans with a patterned top and heels. Matching purse will be a cherry on the top.

Funky Outfit Ideas

Here are more ideas of summer outfits along with matching pair of accessories. These can be worn for any occasion.

Summer outfit for high school girls (6)

Summer outfit for high school girls (5)

Military Style 

Summer outfit for high school girls (8)

Here are some stylish teen girl Dressing style pictures( Courtesy blisselevenseniors ) that you can copy or get an idea to make your own combination .

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