20 Long Dresses for Skinny Girls in 2021- 20 Long Dress Outfits

Long Dresses For Skinny Girls- God has created various figures, some of which include chubby, some normal, and others skinny. All the shapes are adored, however, carrying each is technical. Skinny girls carry long dresses pretty well and since you are here we will help you find one perfect match for your day: be it casual or formal.

When the long dress frills down on your body it automatically adds drama to the surroundings. Once you enter the fame of lights with your high heels on and fancy party balls around you become a Hollywood queen. Be it skinny figure or chubby, long or short dress, never forget to carry your confidence and pair it with your style and damn you are going to rock it. Furthermore, do not forget to couple your attire with good bracelets, rings, and watches, depending upon the event that you are attending.


What Type of Dress Should a Skinny Girl Wear?

Skinny girls can carry every type of dress: be it long, short, over sized or slim fit. On a shopping spree there is a lot to be considered while picking a perfect dress for a day. Random ups and downs might destory your mood hence being cautious on first step is highly recommended. Since we are talking about long dresses here, you will get a full manual for selection in this article. 

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How to Style Long Dresses For Skinny Girls?

In order to style long outfits, the following key points should be kept in mind:

  • If you are skinny plus tall, never wear high heels or your skinny figure would be more prominent.
  • Wear appropriate garments underneath to give yourself a streamlined figure.
  • Put on minimal accessories to stand out elegantly.
  • Always carry your confidence with you. 
  • If it is a formal event, wear plain or embroidered, if informal; polka dots, and other such prints would work.
  • If it’s  a day event, wear light color on the other hand if night, a dark color would work. 
  • Contrast your dress in a perfect random way to triumph over everyone.

Long Dresses for Skinny Girls

↓ 20 – When To Wear an Off Shoulder Dress With Thin Straps?

A slightly fitted off shoulder dress with spagetti straps is a brilliant pick. Since mostly skinny girls have a bony structure, so over-exposed collar bone might give off malnutritioned vibe. In order to come back that, thin straps are a savior. Furthermore since the dress is long, it would help you carry your dress with grace. Additionally choose the color of your dress wisely, considering the time of the function that you are going to. 

Long Dresses for Skinny Girls

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↓ 19 – How To Pull Off Long Maxi Dress With Belt?

Who does not want a thin waist? and if you have one, why not flaunt it? A free style maxi dress with a belt on the waist makes you look perfect, if you have a slim fit figure. Opt for the cloth material, that suits your day the best. Try to maximise the length of your neck, make it high enough to cover your collar bone and you are all good to go. Pair your dress with minimal accessories and high heels if you are short heighted and flats if you are tall.  

Long Dresses for skinny girls1

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↓ 18 –  What To Wear With a Spagetti Straps Midi Dress?

A midi spagetti straps dress paired with a good pair of shoes is your go to for any kind of function. Make a loose bun and couple it with elegant pair of earings. Furthermore, a simple chain in the neck, since thin traps might make your neck look empty and broad.

Long Dresses for skinny girls5

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↓ 17 – Cottagecore Dresses For Skinny Girls

Cottagecore dresses make you fly back to the centuries where women used to wear floral dresses and carry orange baskets in their fields. Beautifully designed cottagecore dresses have their own worth and their own class. Furthermore flaunting this dress is a tough task depending upon how dramatically fluffy the outfit’s skirt and sleeves are designed. However wearing one always makes you stand out.

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Long Dresses for skinny girls6

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↓ 16 – Long Dresses For Skinny Girls on Weddings

If you are a desi, you know how much important are weddings. Wear a beautiful long dress; be it sharraara or a long lehnga and pair it with a good decent blouse and damn! you look gorgeous. Although a good pair of jhumkaas could help but a good bindi and other such accesories will make you stand out. Also, have a look at Bridal Dupatta Settings–17 New Ways to Drape Dupatta for A Wedding.

Long Dresses for skinny girls7

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↓ 15 – Summer Casual Outfits For Tall Skinny Girls

Polka dots are never out of fashion moreover, you can never dress up perfectly when you are at home while wearing a perfect dress. Hence, opting for a casual outfit is going to help you. Additionally get some pockets stitched to it and you can wear this dress while shoping or casullay at home. Keep yourself stress free and you will look amazing.

Long Dresses for skinny girls44

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↓ 14 – Belted Pleated Flounce Sleeve Long Dress

A belted pleated dress is an amazing outfit to style on a good formal day. Couple this dress with bell bottom sleeves and damn! However, you can also use three quarter fitted sleeves. Open your hair and add some beachy waves, adjust some good hoop earings and couple your look with a strappy pencil heel. Walk with confidence and wow everyone!

Long Dresses for skinny girls9

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↓ 13 – Loose Ruffle Sundress with Belt

Polka Polka, everywhere. A high neck loose ruffle sundress is a perfect example of a casual yet elegant outfit. Pair this cool outfit with a shiny couple of white sneakers. Additionally, good shades and fancy bracelets moreover an elegant clutch or a chainy purse with a classy bun on your head will make you stand out! Carry your confidence and you are ready to triumph them all. 

Long Dresses for skinny girlsm

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↓ 12 – Split Evening Cocktail Long Dress For Skinny Girls

A split skirt makes you look 100% more sexier than you look in a casual same outfit. Pair your dress with a good stylo couple of heels to flaunt your skinny legs through the split. A cocktail long dress, is a good choice for formal events such as weddings and office parties. Couple your look with embellished ear rings moreover wear some beautiful finger rings and wrist watch.

Long Dresses for Skinny Girls

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↓ 11 – Prom Dresses For Skinny Girls

Prom is a day when looking gorgeous is mandatory no matter how tough the ride has been. Hence, making a wise decision on this day should be your top priority. Some people prefer to wear casual dresses on their prom however, others take this day very seriously and pull off formal cottagecore, mermaid dress, or ball gown depending upon their taste. Couple your dress with sneakers or heels, whatever you are comfortable in, since they would not be visible.

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Long Dresses for skinny girlsk

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↓ 10 – How To Carry Summer Cotton Sexy Blackless Long Dresses For Skinny Girls?

Cotton dresses are the comfiest when it comes to summers as they are light in weight and soft. Hence, carrying one on any casual summer day with or without a jacket depending upon the place and event you are attending is a cool way of living your life while waiting for a cool breeze. Wear a cool pair of sneakers with this dress and it is all good!

Long Dresses for skinny girlsl

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↓ 9 – High Neck Split Bodycon Long Dresses For Skinny Girls

Bodycon dress is a tough choice but helps you highlight your curves and makes you stand out because of your good choice in dresses. Couple this dress with a good pair of high heels and earrings to look complete. Carry a fancy clutch depending upon your requirements furthermore, add some beachy waves to your hair and damn! you are good to go. Also, have a look at 12 Best Bodycon Dresses For Skinny Girls With Styling Tips.

Long Dresses for skinny girlsr

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↓ 8 – Which Accessories To Couple With Long Dresses for Skinny Girls?

Accessories play an important role while decorating a personality hence picking apt amount and design is a tough however essential choice to make. Adjust a good pair of hoops in your ears or any embellished earrings depending upon the dress you are wearing and the event you are styling for.

Long Dresses for Skinny Girls

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Since we are done with ears, lets talk about neck pieces. A huge variety of necklaces are available in the market that offer various types of beading or aesthatics overall. However it is always preferred to keep your look elegant on the other hand; formal or funky depending upon the attire and vibe you are going with. 

Long Dresses for Skinny Girls

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↓ 7 – How to Pair a Footwear With Long Dresses For Skinny Girls?

Since a person’s choice for his/her shoes says a lot about their personality, picking a good pair of heels if you are skinny and short heighted is a good combination. However, if you are wearing a bodycon dress or a split dress then no matter what your height is, you should prefer heels.

Long Dresses for Skinny Girls

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On the other hand, if you are tall and want comfort, then wear flats. Moreover, if you wear a long dress that covers your feet, you do not need to annoy yourself with complex shoes so pick one that suits you the best. 

Long Dresses for Skinny Girls

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↓ 6 – Ankara Long Outfits For Skinny Girls

Ankara outfits are a dive into the colors, hence are beautifully vibrant and eye appealing. Since they are aesthatically crafted they sprinkle their shades of happiness on not only the person who is wearing it but others as well who are mere the watchers. Couple this dress with wedge heels and pretty necklace. Do not forget to carry your confidence with you!

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Long Dresses for skinny girlst


↓ 5 – Office Long Dresses For Skinny Girls

Office looks are the most under-rated. Since, carrying yourslef well in the office has immense importance, so prefer wearing plain colors and avoid check shirts. A long skirt with a dress shirt is a brilliant option if you are skinny, as it makes you look slightly thicker than your usual self. Straighten your hair, or add waves depending upon your choice and you are all good to go. Pair your dress with moccasin shoes and damn! Moreover, do not forget to wear your wrist watch. 

Long Dresses for skinny girls.pPNG


↓ 4 –  Sari Dress For Long Skinny Girls

sari not sorry”

Indian Saris are well known for their colors, cuts and stitching since it is their traditional dress. However this dress can not be worn in daily routine but special occasions. Additionally with the saari you can wear vintage jewellery  and pair it with a khussa or heels depending upon what you are comfortable in. There’s no doubt that a person in saari looks 100 times more attractive than usual!

Long Dresses for skinny girlstt


↓ 3 – Long Kurti Dresses For Slim Girls

Long kurtis are then again an example of Eastern fashion, mostly focusing towards Pakistani culture. Since we are talking about long dresses here, long kurtis can be styled with trousers or tights and paired with sneakers, heels, flats or whatever is your style and the event that you are going to. Fix your hair however you want to and free your hair. Additonally you may add some traditional jhumkaas for a plus point. Also, have a look at Kurtis For Skinny Girls- 15 Best Kurti Designs For Slim Girls.

Long Dresses for Skinny Girls

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↓ 2 – Kaaftan Long Dresses For Skinny Girls

Kaaftan was once on the top trend a few years back, however this fashion has not gone into the grave yet. This is an immensely relaxing dress and can be worn on any event depending upon the cloth that has been used for it. Elaborating, if you have used silk or any embellished cloth, you may wear it on any ceremonial event however if the cloth material used is cotton then it can be worn casually too. Casually wear mocasins and formally wear heels with it. 

Long Dresses for Skinny Girls

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↓ 1 – Traditional Frocks Long Dresses For Skinny Girls

Traditional frocks also known as Pathani frocks/ Peshwaas etc, are well known for the cultural beauty they have in them. Attractive embroideries on these clothes make them stand out of all usual clothes. It is highly recommended to couple your dress with khussas to maintain the similar vibe of the attire. Furthermore, you can also wear jhumkas or long earings with this dress along with a good set of rings. Make a braid, high pony or leave your hair free, depending upon your mood. Also have a look at 12 Chic Party Frocks-How to Wear Frocks for Parties?

Long Dresses for Skinny Girls

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Q. Which Dress to wear for slim girls to look fat?

Ans. Slim girls, may wear loose shirts with elastic on the waist to look healthy. Moreover, they can also wear split dress.

Q. Can skinny girls wear bodycon dress?

Ans. Yes they can but in order to look healthy they should select their undergarments aptly.

Q. Which dress is suitable for slim and tall girl?

Ans. Slim and tall girls can wear whatever they want to. However, it is recommended for tall girls to wear midi or short dresses as it helps them falunt their long legs.


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