20 Stylish Dashiki Gown Styles For Ladies To Wear In 2022

Voguish Dashiki Gown Styles For Ladies. Dashiki is a colorful garment or piece of clothing that mostly the people of West Africa wear. In particular, it originates from the Yoruba word “danshiki” which means a pullover or loose top. It is also known as Kitenge in East Africa. Certainly, there is a vast variety of Dashiki clothes available, from simple to formal tailored versions. With time not only has the design of Dashiki clothes evolved but they have also grabbed recognition worldwide. Owing to the bold colors and unique patterns people from different communities have now started opting for the Dashiki style.

Surely, the Dashiki style is quite an exceptional one. No one can really resist the beauty of a Dashiki gown. They not only show the unity among the African community but also symbolizes Black American Afrocentric identity. While some wear it to support the movement others have made Dashiki clothes their style statement. Undoubtedly, every single piece of Dashiki clothing has a sense of individuality to it that can not be overlooked by all those present around. Evidently, you become the center of attention without much effort.

How to Wear Dashiki Gowns?

Dashiki gowns are the perfect choice for someone who wishes to stand out in a crowd. Surely, they never fail in making you look exceptionally beautiful. The vibrant colors and quirky designs depict what a strong personality you have. Not only do they show that you are not scared of making bold decisions but also rock every piece of clothing that you wear. Certainly, the light and flowy fabric of the Dashiki gown gives it the perfect fall. Also, they can be styled in various different ways, with a belt or without a belt, with a headscarf or without a headscarf, and much more.

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20 Stylish Dashiki Gown Styles For Ladies To Wear In 2022

Tips To Look The Best In a Dashiki Gown

There are numerous ways to style and wear a Dashiki gown. Also, some of the famous ones are discussed below and they do not need much effort. But, there are some key points that you need to follow to ensure you pull off a Dashiki gown with grace. 

  • Wear it with Confidence: Undoubtedly, wearing a Dashiki gown is a brave decision. Due to its sharp colors and design people usually scare away. Nevertheless, you need to make sure that you walk with confidence and a wide smile on your face. 
  • Contrast the Colors: Avoid wearing the same color of jewelry, shoes, or makeup as your Dashiki gown. Surely, contrasting colors give an oomph to the look.
  • Check for Fittings: Foremost, a Dashiki gown will only look good when it fits every curve of yours. A loose gown will only make things look chaotic and out of place.
  • Choose for your skin tone: Last but not least, look for colors that complement your skin tone. While red, orange, and yellow suit warmer skin tones. Blue, green, and purple are the colors of cooler skin tones.

↓ 20 – When to Wear a Dashiki Gown to a Wedding

Want to look different from all? Opt for a Dashiki gown to grab all the attention. Certainly, all eyes will be laid on you when you enter the location. Not only does the cape add a modern touch to the traditional Dashiki gown but also gives it a chic look. Adding on, black is the color of 2021, be it any occasion or event you can never go wrong with a black Dashiki gown. Also, have a look at Women Dashiki Outfits- 22 Cute Ideas On How To Wear Dashiki.

20 Stylish Dashiki Gown Styles For Ladies To Wear In 2022

Dashiki Cape Gown – $164

↓ 19 – Match a Head Piece

Headpieces or head scarves are an important part of African attire. Evidently, they add the final touches and complete the look. In case you are looking forward to making your look grand then do not forget to match a headpiece to your Dashiki gown. Without a doubt, every headpiece will complement your outfit, either it is completely the same as your gown or in contrast.

20 Stylish Dashiki Gown Styles For Ladies To Wear In 2022

ESHE Dashiki African Head Wrap – £8.00 

↓ 18 – Pose the Inner Diva in a Dashiki Gown

Surely, cuts at the right place can make an outfit go from zero to hero. Likewise, you can look like an absolute fashion model in a Dashiki gown. With the perfect amount of trail and frill, the outfit looks gorgeous. In addition, the blue color makes it suitable for all kinds of events. Be it a bridesmaid or a birthday girl, this Dashiki gown will always look the best.  

20 Stylish Dashiki Gown Styles For Ladies To Wear In 2022

mermaid gown – $150

↓ 17 – How to Wear Kaftan Style Dashiki Gown

Kaftan and Dashiki are like a match made in heaven. It has been a long time since people have been wearing Dashiki-style Kaftans. But as the fashion world evolved, Kaftan style Dashiki gowns made an entry. Certainly, the cinched waist and lose sleeves make it no less than other gowns. Lastly, pair it with a choker to accentuate the V neckline and you are good to go.

20 Stylish Dashiki Gown Styles For Ladies To Wear In 2022

Kaftan dress – $199.99

↓ 16 – Be Stylish in the Teenage

Teenage is the age of experimenting with new looks and styles. Why not give a Dashiki gown a chance. Especially when the design and color combination is so unique and different that you will surely be in the spotlight. Adding on, the mermaid tale gives the perfect fitting on the waist and compliments your figure. Going single sleeved will be a cherry on top. 

20 Stylish Dashiki Gown Styles For Ladies To Wear In 2022

Dashiki gown – $125

↓ 15 – Dashiki Gown For the Winters

Just look for thicker fabric, and you got a Dashiki gown perfect for winters. The long cuffed sleeves will not only make you feel less cold but also give balance to the look. Furthermore, you can also add a belt and let your hair in loose curls to divert attention to detail. Last but not least grab a coat while going out in case you still feel cold.

20 Stylish Dashiki Gown Styles For Ladies To Wear In 2022

vintage clothing – $152

↓ 14 – The Geometric Prints

Traditionally, Dashiki style is all about geometric designs. Now if you are someone who loves to keep up with the culture then this geometric Dashiki gown is an ideal choice. The neutral earthy colors will add to the heritage of African clothing as well. Keep the accessories minimum to keep all the eyes on your gown only.

20 Stylish Dashiki Gown Styles For Ladies To Wear In 2022

party dress – $152.80

↓ 13 – Match Dashiki Gown with your Partner

Dashiki gowns similar to your partner’s clothes are a new trend. After all, who does not like having a couple goals? These Dashiki gowns are available in sets to make things easier for you. Also, the color and designs are suitable for both genders so that everything looks in place. Be ready to surprise everyone as you both walk into the venue.

20 Stylish Dashiki Gown Styles For Ladies To Wear In 2022

couple matching set – $199.99

↓ 12 – For the Size Zero

A slim and petite will always look flawless in a large and flowy Dashiki gown. A ball gown will help you look fuller and divert attention from your slim waist. The puffy sleeves will make your shoulders look broad and your arms bigger. Lastly, put on some dainty earrings to complete the look.

20 Stylish Dashiki Gown Styles For Ladies To Wear In 2022

ball gown – $200

↓ 11 – Be a Fashionista in the 40’s

In the 21st century, fashion and styling are for everyone. If you feel like wearing a Dashiki gown for the next event, go for it. The very next moment you will notice how easily you can rock the look. Match a headscarf and throw on a clutch to make the look perfect for lunch.

20 Stylish Dashiki Gown Styles For Ladies To Wear In 2022

Dashiki gown – $130.50

↓ 10 – What to Wear to a Dinner

Dashiki gowns are the comfiest choice for a formal or casual dinner. Go for a not so long Dashiki gown with a single design to keep things toned down. In addition, minimal jewelry is the key to make this look perfect with winged eyeliner and bold lips. Do not forget to keep the lipstick in your purse for after dinner touch-ups.

20 Stylish Dashiki Gown Styles For Ladies To Wear In 2022

dashiki print – $60

↓ 9 – A Slit can Never go Wrong

A gown with a slit is loved by everyone from all times. Surely, it gives just the right amount of glamour to a dress. The sleeveless top with a turtleneck falls onto the body perfectly. In addition, a similar belt grabs all the cloth on the waist to highlight all curves. Complete the attire with high heels and studs so that all the attention stays on the Dashiki gown only.

20 Stylish Dashiki Gown Styles For Ladies To Wear In 2022

Turtleneck Dashiki Maxi Dress – $120

↓ 8 – Dashiki Gown with Puffy Sleeves

A Dashiki gown with puff sleeves is not only fashionable but also looks flattering. They have been in trend for the past years and are a more prominent trend this year. The bodycon fit, off-shoulder neckline, and button detailing compliments one another. Also, the sleek ponytail and big earrings set the mood.

20 Stylish Dashiki Gown Styles For Ladies To Wear In 2022

Puff sleeves – $145

↓ 7 – Dashiki Gown to the Picnic

The 100% cotton fabric of Dashiki makes it the most suitable piece of clothing for a day out in summers. Whether you are going to a park or a beach, the Dashiki dress will remain an ideal choice. Adding on, the dainty colors will go with the weather just perfect. Let your hair open, wear some flip flops, and throw on some sunshades to complete the picnic look.

20 Stylish Dashiki Gown Styles For Ladies To Wear In 2022

Dashiki Dress – $31.80

↓ 6 – How to Slay the Vibrant Colors 

Dashiki gowns are all about colors. Certainly, these are an absolute delight for someone who loves to wear colorful clothes and experiment with them. The yellow Dashiki gown has all the colors one may look forward to. Also, the neck detailing and the slit were the only things that were missing. Last but not least, carry a funky purse in white or beige to counter all the vibrant colors of the gown.  

20 Stylish Dashiki Gown Styles For Ladies To Wear In 2022

dashiki gown – $140

↓ 5 – It’s a Prom Night

Prom means glamour and grand at the same time. It is the most awaited time of the year for college students. Every girl wants to become the “lady of the night” and so looks forward to wearing something unique. Surely, a Dashiki dress is the best option. The mermaid fit and the deep V neckline balance each other. Moreover, do some bold red lips and let your hair loose to have that perfect prom look. Also, have a look at Cottagecore Prom Dresses & 18 Ways To Wear Cottagecore Outfits.

20 Stylish Dashiki Gown Styles For Ladies To Wear In 2022

African prom dress – $195.50

↓ 4 – Dashiki Gown for the Plus Size

Your size should never come in your way when you are dressing up. Any piece of clothing will look great irrespective of your size if you feel good in it. Certainly, Dashiki gowns look the best. Minimal design and cuts are the keys to making the look a success. Add on a belt to cinch the waist and accentuate the curves with pride.

20 Stylish Dashiki Gown Styles For Ladies To Wear In 2022

Styles For Plus Size Women – $57.99

↓ 3 – Jewelry to Match and Complete the Look

No look is ever complete without some jewelry. Be it big earrings, a dainty necklace, or small studs, something is always needed to compliment the Dashiki gown. Owing to the big patterns and bright colors of a Dashiki gown, always go for contrasting jewelry.

Also, traditional Dashiki jewelry makes a great choice to keep up with an all-African look. The matching sets can be worn at the same time as well as separately. The bangle and earring set is for all those who do not like going overboard.

20 Stylish Dashiki Gown Styles For Ladies To Wear In 2022

Orange Dashiki Jewelry Set – $32.95

20 Stylish Dashiki Gown Styles For Ladies To Wear In 2022

IHUOMA African Print Dashiki Necklace Jewellery Set – £20.00

↓ 2 – Footwear to Complement a Dashiki Gown

There is a vast variety of footwear that you can opt for with a Dashiki gown. From silhouette heels, pumps, flip flops, too much more. Everything and anything will look great as long as you feel comfortable in it. Dashiki heels and flip flops are already in highlight and setting a new trend this year.  

20 Stylish Dashiki Gown Styles For Ladies To Wear In 2022

high heels – $108.40

20 Stylish Dashiki Gown Styles For Ladies To Wear In 2022

Dashiki Flip-Flops – $23.38

↓ 1 – Where to Buy Dashiki Gowns?

Dashiki gowns are not hard to find. With the increasing popularity of African clothing, multiple brands have launched Ankara or Dashiki clothes. Some of these stores include;

  • Laviye: Their Dashiki gowns not only have the perfect amount of the modern touch but also look glamorous and graceful at the same time.
  • Etsy: Surely, they have the widest range of Dashiki gowns along with jewelry and footwear.
  • Africablooms: It is a store completely devoted to African clothing. Their Dashiki range is undoubtedly the best.

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Q: What are traditional African clothes called?

A. Evidently, African fashion has a great variety. Some of the famous ones include Dashiki, which is a colorful piece of clothing. Adding on, Ankara is a cotton fabric with wax prints. Other examples include the Aso Oke hat (a traditional hat), Balgha (leather slippers without heels), Djellaba (long loose-fitting robe), etc.

Q. How is Dashiki fabric made? 

A. Certainly, Dashiki clothes are only made of premium quality fabrics. While it is made of 100% cotton for daily casual wear, the wedding gowns and Dashiki for special occasions are made of hand woven silk. Furthermore, all these fabrics are hand painted or carefully embroidered to maintain the quality.

Q.Which hairstyle is best for a Dashiki gown?

A. Though it is a personal choice of a person to wear whatever hairstyle they like, we recommend the following. Certainly, messy curls, loose side braids, and a sleek ponytail are considered the three best hairstyles to be worn with a Dashiki gown. They not only accentuate the beauty of the gown but also give your hair the perfect fall to complement the attire. 

Q. What kind of makeup goes with a Dashiki gown?

A. Considering the vibrant colors and bold patterns of a Dashiki gown you can opt for a nude makeup look if it is a day event. Meanwhile, for a night out, sparkly eyes with a bold lip color make a deadly combination. Besides that you can do whatever you wish to, just make sure you feel confident.   

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