Women Blazer Outfits-32 Ways to Wear Blazer in Different Styles

Blazer Outfits to wear in Winters. Winters are about to start and we all know sometimes it becomes hard to look fabulous beneath all those sweaters and shawls to keep you warm. But trust me one can look stylish and chic, even in winters if they dress rightly. If someone wants to look classy and be effortless about it, Blazers are a good option. Even at work, hangouts, parties or casual routines, just pair up your dress with a blazer and look fabulously dressed up and shine among all.

Regardless of what you are wearing, a simple, funky or bright colored blazer can help you to get you the look you desire. We can give you some tips on what to and how to use those trendy blazers with your routine dresses.

How To Wear Blazers In Different Ways?

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Before we move on to see the many different ways you can style your various look with blazers, lett’s first learn a few tips and tricks you should keep in mind when buying your blazer. We will also consider what blazer styles go for what styles and occasions. So let’s take a look:

Tips For Wearing A Blazer Fashionably

Before we move on to see the many different ways you can style your various look with blazers, lett’s first learn a few tips and tricks you should keep in mind when buying your blazer. We will also consider what blazer styles go for what styles and occasions. So let’s take a look:

  • When buying a Blazer make sure your blazer is fitted but not too tight on your shoulders.
  • If you are someone who is fond of buying blazers, go for different lapel styles. The same lapels on all your blazers will make your outfits seem monotonous.
  • Go for variety in blazers. Solid blazers do look great but it is always nice to have a printed blazer in your closet.
  • Your blazer should fit you in such a manner that if you wish to button it up, your blazer should not need to be over-stretched and should not lose its actual shape.
  • It is alright to wear a blazer over casual outfits as well. As much as blazers are thought to be worn at formal settings, they look perfectly cool when worn on jeans or shorts and tees.
  • While a lot of ladies wonder what is the best blazer to be worn over dresses, we suggest that it is a tuxedo cut.

↓ 32 – What To Wear With Blazers For Summers?

For Summers, choose light-weight and baggy blazers. They surely look great with tank tops and shorts.

how to wear blazer how to wear blazer

For a more modest look, you can pair the blazer with bell-bottom pants.

how to wear blazer

↓ 31 – Skinny Jeans With Blazer

Skinny jeans and blazers are a match made in heaven for sure, but we’re loving how the pop of yellow color has been used here! Here are the Best Shoes to Wear with Jeans for Different Looks.

how to wear blazer

↓ 30 – Blazer With Jeans And Heels

how to wear blazer

↓ 29 – How To Wear Blazer With Belt

You can create a very stylish look with your blazer if you don’t wish to wear it in the conventional styles. Wear a beige and cream cheque blazer with fringe detailing all over the lapels, hem, and sleeves. For the pants wear khaki ankle pants and carry a black clutch. To add that extra bit of smartness to the look, tie a brown leather belt over the blazer at the waist instead of the usual button-down style of fixing the blazer.

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Another way to style the blazer with a belt is to go with the all-time favorite white and black dress look. Wear a white blazer over black pants and tie the blazer with a black belt at the waist. To match the look, go with a black evening purse.

Best Ways To Style Blazer Outfits For Women (8)


↓ 28 – All Over Check Look

This look is super cool and very modern. An allover check blazer and pants outfit makes a stylish dress to wear at work or even at a party. If you want to look stylish and maintain a professional vibe to your look, this is the outfit for you. Wear a check blazer buttoned up without a tank top and matching check culotte pants. For the shoes, you can wear stylish sneakers and carry a blush pink purse. The retro hairband and cat-eye sunglasses make the look more glamorous.

Best Ways To Style Blazer Outfits For Women (12)


↓ 27 – Marvellous In Mauve

We see suits in a lot of different colors but mauve isn’t a color we usually get to see suit outfits in. For a unique and stylish approach towards fashion, wear a mauve blazer over matching mauve culotte pants. White blouse and white shoes will look great with the pink tones of the suit. An evening purse will be a cherry on the cake for this look.

Best Ways To Style Blazer Outfits For Women (4)


↓ 26 – Cool Beige Blazer And Pants Suit

Khaki or beige color looks very decent. You can wear matching pants and blazer suit in beige color with a white tee shirt and sneakers.

Best Ways To Style Blazer Outfits For Women (11)

↓ 25 – Off-White Blazer Dress Style

For a very decent and modest style to wear a blazer, you can wear a woolen off-white blazer. To go with it, wear a plain round neck tank top or tee shirt beneath it. For pants, you can wear matching off-white cotton pants that are both, comfortable and stylish. Wear a pair of stylish white sneakers and carry a matching off-white purse to go with the look. This style is perfect to wear at work or even at lunch with friends.

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↓ 24 – Blazer With Ripped Jeans

Blazers can make amazing casual wear outfits too. If you are a fan of mixing your casual side of the wardrobe with the formals, here is what you can do to create a fun and stylish look. Wear your every day ripped jeans that you love with a grey round neck tee shirt. Pull-on your comfortable sneakers for the casual bit of the outfit. With that wear your checkered blazer and voila!

Best Ways To Style Blazer Outfits For Women (10)


↓ 23 – How To Wear An Over-Sized Blazer Stylishly

It isn’t always necessary to have your own blazer to finish off the look. You can just borrow one from your friend. Well, in that case, you can make an amazing appearance by wearing denim shorts a white round neck tee shirt and carry your oversized blazer on your shoulders for a chic look. Go for shiny pumps and purse with the entire outfit.

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↓ 22 – Matching Shorts And Blazer Outfit

Blazers look great when worn on shorts. Usually, we see ladies wearing blazers on cotton or denim shorts but a shorts suit is a pretty unique way to style an outfit with a blazer. This red blazer short suit look is definitely not for the faint-hearted and only real divas can pull this look off so nicely. The white tank top gives a little breakthrough to the entire red outfit theme. The black evening purse adds to the perfection of the outfit.

Best Ways To Style Blazer Outfits For Women (5)


↓ 21 – Blazer With Crop Top

Who says blazers are to be worn over shirts or full-length tees only. Nowadays crop tops are very much in fashion. We see so many girls wearing crop tops over jeans or shorts and they look so stylish. To take that look to a whole new level, add a blazer to your crop top. A white crop top over jeans and a tan blazer to make the look phenomenal.

Best Ways To Style Blazer Outfits For Women (7)


↓ 20 – Blazer with Matching Shirt

Pink can never go wrong in whatever routine you wear it. Just pair a pink T neck blazer with a black n pink checkered skirt and here you are ready for the flamed up look. Do have a look at these trendy Skater Skirts Outfits.


↓ 19 – Skinny Pants and Blazer for Work

If you are getting ready for a work meeting and want to go for an easy and clean look, just grab a white button-down shirt along with skinny pant and a light color blazer. You can make your look more trendy by adding a strapped wrist watch matching with your pant’s color.


↓ 18 – Black Blazer With Jeans

Denim is love, the best thing about them is whatever way you wear them, they are going to compliment your personality. A dark color sleek look single button blazer, with a long chain and court shoes with heels and make u look gorgeous.


↓ 17 – Cute Summer Outfit

Sleek girls may gonna love this love. Double-breasted blazers are always in fashion and look trendy. Wear a mini skirt or jeans along with any color double-breasted blazer this winter and look Fab.


↓ 16 – Military Style

These are bit dare to wear style and while choosing this kind of blazer one must be careful. A little bit of color pop may give u punk look but better go with a mid-length skirt or pant to compliment the military-style jackets.


↓ 15 – Long Blazer

Grab a legging or just a simple fitted pant with a dark color double-breasted fitted blazer. Adding a brooch can give you look glam and different.


↓ 14 – Stylish Look With Black blazer

Wearing a short dress but want to add some style into it? Just put on a batwing blazer with your dress and here you are ready to show your class and taste in fashion.



↓ 13 – Cool Office Outfit

Just like in the picture, a dress suit with a few colors can look awesome and decent as well. Come out from conventional style and put your jacket on shoulders for a different look. This is perfect for office and meetings.


↓ 12 – Simple Check Blazer with Funky Pumps

Unless you keep experimenting with the jackets, you can’t find the different look. When everyone is stick to solid color jackets, use your statement style and go for check print jacket. Pair it up with straight pants and a high heeled pump of some funky color. This look is equally good for the office and outside the boardroom. For more office outfits, check out 15 casual work outfits for women.


↓ 11 – Rough Denim with a White Blazer

A blazer can be worn with distressed jeans along a T-shirt. Which can totally transform the outfit into a more contemporary one? As per a fashion blogger adding heels and a fun clutch makes this look work for a casual lunch meeting or dinner date.


↓ 10 – Tomboy Style with Blazer

If you are a Tomboy then go for the boxy cut of a men’s blazer. It really adds toughness to an otherwise feminine look and stylish as well. Do not hesitate to go for maroon or brown pants.


↓ 9 – Casual Blazer Outfit For Women

Grey and White are heavenly companions. If you are bad in making combinations, then simply pick up your grey blazer along white normal or boot cut pants, wear a bean cap and comfy shoes for a routine college look. If you love such street style as much as we do, then have a look at these 25 most popular street style outfit ideas for women.


↓ 8 – Wear Your Blazer With A Dress

Flared dress of solid color can look awesome with an Animal print. Get a touch of Golden jewelry and some accessories, a blow-dry casual hairstyle and here you are ready for the evening Queen look. Nude color heels would add some more style.


↓ 7 – The eternal White and Black Combo

Amid all the fashions and style, this eternal White and Black combo cannot be forgotten. No matter what is your age, or what skin color you have. This would look classy, elegant and chic on every woman. Wear it with whatever style you like, culotte Black or skinny pants along with white high neck or top with White Blazer always look pleasant.



↓ 6 – Blazer Outfit For Plus Size

Stay calm if you have a broad or curvy body. A dark color blazer with a tee and jeans is your look of the day.

↓ 5 – Chic Outfit With White Blazer

This simple and elegant look is easy to catch. White Blazer compliments all colors and adding up some statement necklace will give the look you always desire.


↓ 4 – Above 40 Denim and Blazer Style

If you are above 40 years then get this tailored solid color blazer with casual jeans and some heels or flat pumps, along with a tee. Brown Shades will look awesome with the dress along a big buckle belt.

↓ 3 – The Fashionista Boss look

Get this look with going for an unconventional dress suit and accessorize it instead of a belt.


↓ 2- Diva Style with Blazer

This contemporary and stylish blazer would look awesome with white pants or jeans, a print tee can give you Diva look, along with wavy hair.


↓ 1 – Stylish Outfit of the Day

Yes, this is the outfit of the day. Stylish, trendy, and yet again chicer and Diva look. Same color top but printed along Blazer, with jeans and some jewelry which can be easily spotted on you, with tied her will give you a head-turning look.


These are all the amazingly stylish ways you can wear blazers with different kinds of outfits. Wear it with jeans or over suit culottes, blazers will surely make you look more stylish. All these styles are perfectly trendy and very decent. Pick a style that you like the best and flaunt that sexy blazer look in your own unique way.


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