10 Chic Back to School Accessories That Every Girl Must Own

Fashionable Back to School Accessories. Everyone knows that accessories can make or break an entire outfit and are important for teen girls who are going back to school. With reputations to uphold and appearance being the ‘be all and end all’ in some groups, it is a must that accessories are chosen with care.

But which accessories are great for teen girls who are going back to school? Which ones will make you stand out from the crowd? These are just a few of the many questions you might have. Whether it is a simple, bright beanie hat or a huge statement necklace, there is a perfect accessory out there for everyone. And we made it our mission to help you find the right one as we know, picking them out can often prove stressful.

What Accessories To Buy For School?

If you have been worrying about what is in fashion and what you should spend on before starting the new school year, then you have come to the right place. This post brings you the top 10 most fashionable accessories that every girl should have in their wardrobe for the return to school season. For your convenience, we have also linked the best brand for each accessory. Just click on the link and choose the colors and sizes you like most! Try one or all of them on alternate days, and you’re sure to keep your look fresh and gorgeous all year long. Don’t be afraid to shy away from something bold; it’s often useful to step out of your comfort zone.

10 Chic Back to School Accessories That Every Girl Must Own

10 – Eye-Catching Sunglasses

Regardless of summer passing, sunglasses are still very much as fashionable during autumn and throughout winter too. This is excellent news for girls heading back to school as the shapes and styles available are still in abundance. You can look for sales and purchase a good number of different ways to give your outfit a new spark each day. You should try out differently tinted glasses, like pink and orange, as those look extremely cute. Getting used to waking up in the morning after a summer filled with late nights and mornings is very hard. Which is why you often develop dark circles or just wake up with very sleepy and red eyes. Many girls prefer to pick an extra few minutes of sleep over waking up earlier than is necessary to do their makeup. Such issues give you another great reason to wear sunglasses during this season. You can use sunglasses to hide any lack of makeup or ‘morning eyes,’ especially as you are walking into school or to your first class as you will most probably be asked to remove them once inside.

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↓ 9 – Chunky Statement Necklace

Jewelry is what brings together your whole look. You can put on the most expensive and stylish outfit, but unless you also throw in a few pieces of jewelry, the outfit will look incomplete. Statement necklaces and multi-layered necklaces are definitely a great accessory to get you noticed while you are walking down the corridors. Statement necklaces are a piece that is enough on its own. You do not need to worry about pairing it with matching earrings or bracelet as it stands out entirely by itself. Using one statement piece can completely alter your whole look and make you look not only stylish but also cool!  Shining silvers against dark blues or golds with autumn bronzes are stunning colour combinations for clothing and jewelry. Use these to make your back to school outfit stand out. Bold colored jewelry are also exceptional for a cute and bright look.

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↓ 8 – Broad Belts with Skirts

Belts are a great accessory for nearly any outfit. You can use them to emphasize your waistline, or even just to break up jeans and top combo. Make sure your belt is showing by either wearing it over your top or tucking your top into the jeans. Thickset belts are all the rage at the moment, so why not incorporate these into your school attire? Belts keep your pants in place, make you look slimmer, and help you show off the work you did on yourself during the summer break. If you want to start fancy and want to wear a dress to your first day back, then use a belt to help your dress hug your curves better. In case you want to opt for a skirt and top, you can use it to cover up any awkward tucking creases in the blouse or waistline of the skirt. Chunky belts are lifesavers in many ways. And they look stunning at the same time!

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↓ 7 – Beanie Hats

Just the look of beanies suggests cold weather and the return to school. Beanies are truly an accessory that you can’t go wrong with. It’s cute and stylish and so useful. A beanie is one piece of clothing that goes against the saying, “beauty is pain.” It helps you enhance your look while keeping you safe from the harsh winds of winter at the same time.  Wooly and warm, these knitted accessories can change the look of an entire outfit just by the pattern on it. Cute zigzag patterns in reds and white look innocent and cute, bold designs such as eyes and cat faces look adorable and will stand out from the crowd. Plain bright colors, ear flaps, and pom-poms will not only keep you warm but will also keep your look alive during this bleak season. Try to go for bright colors as the colder seasons tend to bring with them a sense of sadness, and everything seems to be covered in hues of greys and browns. So stand out in the dullness with some cool beanies and outfits!

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↓ 6 – Fedora Hats

Fedora hats are a great accessory for the more sophisticated back to school girl. They are a fantastic addition to most outfits and will compliment any face shape. You can match these hats with sunglasses to bring a touch of summer into your winter wardrobe. Different colored fedora hats will give each outfit a different feeling. Use this to your advantage. Fedora hats have been in fashion for as long as we can remember. The term fedora was in use as early as 1891. Bernhardt played Princess Fédora Romanov, the heroine of the play. During the play, Bernhardt – a noted cross-dresser – wore a center-creased, soft brimmed hat. The hat was fashionable for women, and the women’s rights movement adopted it as a symbol. So these hats have been in style since the 19th century. And they are coming back into trend this year. You should make sure to get yourself a few. We all know the value of vintage items when it comes to the fashion industry, so you can try going through your parents’ closet and finding a vintage one!

10 Chic Back to School Accessories That Every Girl Must Own

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↓ 5 – Thick Set Bracelets

Chunky bracelets, cuff bracelets, and oversized bangles are a quick, easy, and stunning accessory to any girl’s outfit. Charm bracelets are another great example, as these signify special parts of your life while also looking cute. Teen girls going back to school will benefit greatly from these cute little additions as bright colors stand out. The bigger and brighter the jewelry, the better and bolder your outfit will be. Why not bring some colour to the gloomy initial days of school? These bracelets are comfortable to wear and easy to carry, and many girls get uncomfortable wearing big pieces, or any jewelry around their necks or in their ears. If you are one of those girls, then go for a chunky bracelet and see the magic it brings to your look. You can easily get these at any clothing stores such as Urban Outfitters and Forever 21. They are a cheap and easy way of glamming up any simple outfit that you can put together within five minutes in the morning. This is ideal as no one has time to fret about outfits that early in the morning.

10 Chic Back to School Accessories That Every Girl Must Own

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↓ 4 – Satchel Bags

The satchel bag is a perfect way to make a statement. Bold colors, recognizable style, and definitive shape are a perfect combination for a head-turning bag. With enough space for books and school equipment, inner pockets for phones, and makeup, these bags are the ideal accessory for any girl who prefers a smaller bag. The bag is both practical and gorgeous, what else could you possibly wish for? These are especially great if you’re entering your junior or senior year. Long gone are days where you carried a big ugly backpack to school, and it’s time you start incorporating your bag into your look. Get a bag that will go with most outfits if you do not want to spend on too many bags. Purchase a few basic colors like black, white, and beige. Or opt for brighter colors like yellow and red if you think you can pull it off.

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10 Chic Back to School Accessories That Every Girl Must Own


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↓ 3 – Tote Bags for College and School

Tote bags are a favourite for girls of every age. They are seen everywhere; on the high street, casual events, so why not bring them to school too? Not only does their supersize give you adequate space and storage, but their large size will guarantee that you get noticed in the corridor. From plain colors to bright, colorful patterns, there is a tote bag for every girl. You can even get totes with great inspirational quotes on them, which can help you get through the stress that comes with school. Tote bags also give you a grown-up and sophisticated vibe, so you can go for it if that’s the look you want to achieve. However, if you want to embrace your youth for a little longer than go for the satchel bag, as mentioned above. Carrying one is a great way to prepare for college as well, as colleges don’t have lockers, and there you need bigger bags to carry your books from lecture to lecture. You can also use this bag outside of school, so it’s multi-purpose and a great investment.

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2 – Scarves: Catch Feelings not a Cold

What better accessory to have this season other than a gorgeous, thick, and woolly scarf? In such a wide range of colors, patterns, thicknesses, and styles of knit, scarves are an amazingly versatile accessory. For the teen girl going back to school, head for bright colors to stand out and contrast with your outfit. If you are not as confident or prefer taking a step back, then why not go for autumn tones such as orange, brown, or bronze? These are beautiful colors and very apt for this time of year. With winter just around the corner, scarves are not just a fashion accessory but also denote practicality in the colder weather. Just like the beanie, we discussed earlier; they are an accessory that takes style and comfort both into account. You do not have to freeze in the harsh cold weather of autumn and winter to look good. A finely made scarf that matches with your outfit is all you need to complete your look, much like a statement necklace.

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How To Photograph Scarves For Etsy - Product Pic Tips

↓ 1 – Bohemian Jewellery 

Rings have always been considered a vital accessory no matter what the century or place on earth. But now mid rings seem to be taking over the fashion world by storm. Oversized to tiny, they are a statement piece. From bright florals to simple plain bands are available. With such cute styles and price tags that will not break the bank, mid rings make for a cheap and easy way to brighten up for back to school style. Rings make your hands look more feminine and beautiful. If you are into nail art or just plain nail polish, then make sure you have your nails nicely painted. This will enhance the beauty of the rings even more and give you a sophisticated yet cool vibe. Instead of going for only one, wear five to six rings at one time to give them a chance to add something to your look.

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