Hijabi Actresses – Top 10 Celebrities Who Wear Hijab

Actresses Who Wear Hjijab – Hijab seems to be a symbolic icon for Muslim women. It gives a modest look to the women who wear it. Ladies wear different styles of hijab in various ways. Numerous designers are additionally making captivating and modish head scarfs with the goal that hijab can be worn in a vogue style. Various surely understand models are modeling with hijab to give innovative ideas to their viewers. Through out the world either Muslims or Non-Muslim many iconic personalities wear hijab at different occasions. We have a collection of models of both Muslim and Non-Muslims who get up with hijab swankily.

Gorgeous Celebrities in Hijab Fashion

#10- Beautiful Hannan Turk in Hijab

Hannan Turk is an Egyptian actress. She wears hijab with different ideas. Here she is wearing basic white scarf yet she keenly wear an exceptionally rich jewelery on temple to make it great. This a good option if you want to for a party with hijab.

hijabi models (1)


#9- Elegant Look of Paris Hilton

The silver shimmery scarf is looking incredible on Paris Hilton.

hijabi models (2)


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#8- Impressive Turban Hijab of Rachel Maryam

Rachel Maryam is an Indonesian model. She is wearing is a natural color palette in a long skirt style. This outfit really suits her and as she chose to wear turban style hijab, she looks more fragile and cute.

hijabi models (3)


#7- Pretty Elma Theana in Hijab

Another Indonesian celebrity wearing hijab in a fashion event. Elma Theana is looking absolutely stunning in this getup. This is a noteworthy style to wear hijab in a gathering or casually.

hijabi models (4)


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#6- Inspirational Look of Beyoncé

Dazzling superstar Beyonce, an American singer wore hijab to greet Ramadan to Muslim community. She chose to wear beige shading hijab with a dark top and it genuinely suits her. This can be a thought for dark ladies who are discovering ideas to wear hijab.

hijabi models (5)


#5- Admirable Kate in White Scarf

Here comes the white beauty, the charming Kate. Simple looking extra ordinary in plain white scarf. Her look expresses that you can look delightful likewise with effortlessness.

hijabi models (6)


#4- Sahar Qureshi in Modest Look

Sahar is an Iranian actress. She knows how to maintain her meekness with a hijab style.

hijabi models (7)


#3- Angelina Jolie in Outstanding Look

Angelina Joile, a diva of hollywood. The way she wear a floral plush hijab is surely mesmerizing. She proved that she can look amazing and fascinating in any type of outfit.

hijabi models (8)


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#2- H&M’s Model

H&M a leading brand hired Maria Idrees for their Hijab campaign. As hijab fashion has boomed from the last few years so it is a big accomplishment to see a hijabi in dominant fashion. Her superlative accessories,distinguished sunglasses, stylo bag and prudent dress altogether make a perfect hijabi modern look. This getup can be followed by university/college going girls. Also, this is a formal look and adequate for office going ladies.

hijabi models (9)


#1- Charming Urooj Nasir

Urooj Nasir is a Pakistani artist. She is a talented host and  fabulous on-screen character. She is acclaimed for wearing hijab in assorted styles. And no doubt she look really graceful with hijabi look. She is wearing a floral cap and lace hijab in contrast which is looking amazing.

hijabi models (10)



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