Hijab with Jeans – 20 Modest Ways to Wear Jeans and Hijabs

Modest Hijab and Jean Outfits. Someone wise beyond measure said that wearing a hijab doesn’t diminish a person’s beauty, just like the sun’s radiance doesn’t fade even if clouds cover it. Flaunting your hijab with confidence and pride tells the world you’re content with your choices, and they can’t take that away from you.

Unlike popular belief, which is slowly being changed for the better, it’s not terribly difficult to maintain one’s modest appearance by wearing jeans with a hijab. Whether you favor oversized silhouettes or ensembles that flatter your body, it’s possible to wear jeans with each type of outfit.

Different Styles of Wearing Hijab with Jeans

It is undeniable that the hijab makes the wearer look graceful and poised. While the literal and figurative definitions of the word ‘hijab’ vary, we will be discussing jean outfits worn over a typical headscarf in this article.

How to Wear Hijab over Jeans: Step-by-Step Overview

The complete styling will be accomplished in several steps:

Step 1: Decide what kind of hijab you would like to wear. Choose the material, color, and pattern carefully. Your outfit will be based upon this crucial selection.

Step 2: Figure out your upper-body garment. Would you like a top, a t-shirt, a knee-length dress, or a kurta? The colors of your top and hijab should coordinate subtly. Don’t overmatch and don’t go with completely contrasting themes, either.

Step 3: Select your ideal jeans-style; boyfriend jeans, mom jeans, skinny jeans, flare jeans, or slim-fit jeans. Step number 2 and 3 are interchangeable.

Step 4: Accessorize your outfit with bags, jewelry, and footwear.


↓ 22 – Flared-bottom Jeans with Butter Yellow Top

Opting for a combination of creamy, buttery yellow and blue, this hijabi lady is rocking these funky high-waisted jeans with flared bottoms. The blue flowers in her pretty top and the blue hijab are synchronizing delightfully with the pants she’s wearing. She finishes off her look with big heels and an adorable cross-body bag.

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↓ 21 – Traditional Head-scarf with an Open Gown

This stunning hijabi is serving us quite the look! She wears, what we’re guessing, a t-shirt and slim-fit jeans. Her top is all but hidden from view by this traditional embroidered hijab that artfully covers her bust. She’s further donning an open gown with hearts printed atop it. We admire how the outfit mixes oomph with simplicity.


↓ 20 – Summer Hijab Fashion

Hijabis have learned to incorporate many things which, at first glance, may seem a hindrance to their head-covering. Wearing baseball caps is a new trend related to hijab fashion. It’s often seen in street-style outfits. The two beauties in the picture below look cute in pink caps and matching outfits, comprising white hijabs and sweatshirts and sky-blue mom-jeans. Wearing ‘rich’ slippers and adorable travel bags and bright suitcases, these two fashionistas prove that you can travel in both comfort and style.


↓ 19 – Coloured Jeans with Simple Printed Hijab

This is a distinctly ‘student’ look. The printed hijab with emerald piping matches with the emerald pants. We quite like all the different aspects of this outfit. The crisp white shirt is contrasting stunningly with the green. The hijab is printed, but it’s simple and worn securely. The ensemble allows freedom of movement and looks moderately comfortable.


↓ 18 – Patterned Hijab with Boyfriend Jeans and Blazer

If you want to look refined and crisp, then try this combination. The white jeans, patterned hijab, muddy-grey coat, and heels fuse effortlessly together. This is a put-together look that makes one look well-groomed. You can wear a similar outfit while going for a job interview and the like. Try swapping the white jeans with black ones and high-heels instead of flats. No jewelry is required, but don’t forget to wear a watch.

↓ 17 – Formal Modest Ensemble in a Warm Palette

Brown is a striking color. It instantly makes one think of coffee, tea, chocolate, and all things warm and cozy. This ensemble is made of delicious earthy tones, the skin-colored hijab, and slim jeans with a buttoned-up collared long shirt in cinnamon brown shade. The button detail is impeccable, and so is the cut and fit of the shirt, making it an ideal formal-wear.


↓ 16 – Goth Muslimah 2020

You hadn’t heard that before, had you? We just made it up ourselves! This is one of the numerous possible ways to break the stereotypes related to modest clothing and Muslim women. This is a goth number, no doubt about that.

The ultra-modern look is trendy from head-to-toe. Let’s start from the bottom and go all the way up. The shiny flats tell us that comfort and style aren’t mutually exclusive. The artistically ripped straight-jeans in bluish grey are to-die-for!

And are those chains running from one end of the rips to the other, or only threads? We don’t know, but they certainly upped the game for the whole outfit. Up next, there’s chunky jewelry and a cool bag. An unremarkable black jacket over a funky t-shirt makes the top half of this ensemble.

Now, we come to the highlights: the monochrome leopard hijab worn in a groovy way and blue lipstick!

↓ 15 – Floral Hijab for Day-time events

Bootcut jeans and printed hijab with a white blouse and black belt are looking beautiful altogether. The red cardigan is adding a cheerful splash of color. This outfit will look very trendy and chic for hosting a party at your home!

It’s comfortable and homely, not to mention super cute. You can experiment with different colored belts, preferably in soft colors like beige and pale pink.

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↓ 14 – Modest-wear for Entrepreneur Ladies

This look is perfect for the working woman. A silky grey scarf, hippy shades, and straight jeans look good in a formal way. The white blazer and shirt contrast smoothly with the silken tones of the outfit. No-nonsense black boots and practical handbag are essential.

Finish the look off with minimal makeup and zero accessories.


↓ 13 – Hot Pink Pants and Polka Dots

The woman pictured below is none other than Melanie Elturk, the founder and CEO of Haute Hijab, one of the world’s foremost luxury hijab brands. As a certified hijabi fashionista, you can be sure that her outfits are meticulously put-together, and yet, they look effortlessly chic.

Melanie wears a polka dot shirt with a grey hijab and hot pink pants with beige flats. The color palette is calming and makes us think of ice cream, for some strange reason.


↓ 12 – Skinny Jeans with Plain Hijab

Make way, people, for that is one confident hijabi queen who knows her business. Her high-low top and skinny jeans look glorious with a crinkle hijab that is draped to one side. Her leopard print heels are on another level entirely.

We’re also deeply in love with her choice of accessories and the way she wears them.


↓ 11 – College Look – Multiple Outfit Inspiration

This chic look is the correct choice for university going girls. The stylist straight-up shows three different ways of styling the same beige hijab. The color scheme for all three outfits is soft and relaxing.

Starting from the left-most one, she wears a salmon coat over a beige sweater, faded blue straight-jeans, and white boots. Moving on to the outfit on the extreme right, everything remains the same, but for the coat which she swaps for a white one.

The outfit in the middle is more earthy. It features white pants, a white top with an almond brown coat, and heels.


↓ 10 – Street-style School Outfit

This can either be your casual, everyday outfit or something you can wear to school. It makes the wearer look studious yet glamorous. The outfit consists of boyfriend jeans belted at the waist, a long-sized black hijab thrown over one shoulder, a plain black knitted top, a long plaid shirt open all the way down, white socks, and some cool sneakers.


↓ 9 – Skinny-jeans Fashion for Plus-sized Beauties

Beauty cannot be defined, a fact proven by this voluptuous Asian queen. Her outfit is almost all-black; the hijab, the dress, the bag, and the shoes. All except the faded blue skinny jeans.

The pants contrast significantly with the black color. Had she chosen to wear black jeans as well, the outfit wouldn’t have been this eye-catching.


↓ 8 – Latest Casual Hijab+Jeans Ensemble

Enjoy summers by wearing this comfortable hijab outfit. The full look consists of skinny blue jeans, a black top, and a black, pale pink plaid shirt open all the way, and finally, a turban sized cap over the black hijab! We haven’t seen this before, how cool does it look?

You need little to no accessories to complete this sophisticated look. A chic messenger bag, delicate jewelry, and elegant footwear are must-haves.


↓ 7 – Winter Outfit for Hijabis

This look goes perfect for daily activity. Mom jeans with a sweater, sports-style hijab, and practical black boots make it a suitable outfit for winters. It’s comfy and warm enough to run errands in. You can also wear this to work, college, or practically any kind of casual or formal engagement.


↓ 6 – Preppy Garb for Stay-at-home Moms

Home-makers should devote as much time to themselves as on improving and beautifying their homes. Stay-at-home moms have the most formidable job in the world. They are always struggling to put things to rights, raise kids, take care of their homes and husbands, and spend little time on their own needs. Looking well-dressed can go a long way to making you feel good about yourselves. It can brighten your day and make your chores seem less like something you have to do, and more like what you would like to do.

This is a super lovely hijab, and jeans outfit the moms can try. You basically just need a well-stitched top. Simple jeans and a hijab will automatically do the rest.

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↓ 5 – Modest Student-wear for Colder Seasons

This look is flawless for school-going girls in winter who want to stay simple with their hijab and jeans. The hues are autumn and winter-appropriate. The maroon cardigan and the chocolate-brown zipped up boots look delicious. Also, check out her impressive ring!

↓ 4 – Swag Hijab Style

We’re speechless! The attire is flawless. The hijabi blogger wears a striped shirt, dark blue pants and hijab, the sleeveless open coat, the grey-blue clutch, and those grand heels! It’s a look fit for a runway show.


↓ 3 – Angelic White Hijab with Casual Jeans

This outstanding white hijab is complementing the whole dress. It’s hard to look at her; the white in her outfit is blinding. Though it’s not terribly high on style points, we thought it a unique look worth your consideration. If you like experimenting, you might want to try something like this? Maybe, add a bit more color and a bit less white, though.

↓ 2 – Bubbly Modest Party Outfit

Isn’t this just adorable? Going to a picnic or an all-girls party? Pink is your color. We know it’s stereotyped a lot, but it’s time we set aside such pointless opinions and admit to yourselves: every other color pales compared to pink. This light party outfit consists of an adorable pink and grey sweater, a hijab in the same two tones, a pink mini dress, denim jeans, and pale pink square-heeled shoes. We do recommend wearing jeans in a much lighter or faded color, though.

↓ 1 – Long Hijab with Jeans and Abaya

Ah, now this is excellent! Women in several Muslim countries choose to wear the abaya in public. While they opt for plainness on the outside and full preparation on the inside, they can do the reverse too! In this elegant and chic styling method, you wear your abaya with regular jeans. The stars of the outfit are your heels and your hijab. Both look magnificent in this picture. Hijabs seem to get shorter and shorter by each day, but long hijabs need to be back in trend. This flowing brown chiffon hijab is providing a satisfying level of coverage, looking gorgeous all the while.


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