Styling Pink Hijabs – 17 Ways to Wear a Pink Colored Hijab

Pink Hijab Fashion. Girls gravitate towards pink, and there’s no shame in that. It’s a rich color with wonderful shades that fascinate the mind and the eye. It’s a shame that the color is an unfortunate victim of stereotyping. It’s dubbed as being ‘ultra-feminine’ and used in conjunction with words like ‘flowers,’ ‘girly,’ and ‘sweet.’

Well, we’re here to tell you that there is nothing wrong with being ‘ultra-feminine’ as femininity is a beautiful thing to be embraced. The color itself represents much more than such base things. Pink is feminine and tender, yes, but it is also compassionate, understanding, intimacy, and thoughtfulness. It’s a color that gently asks for admiration and appreciation, and right now, we’re about to give it, and then some.

What to wear with Pink Hijab?

Did you know that in Japan, pink is considered a masculine color? According to the Japanese, it represents the souls of fallen Samurai! The next time someone throws shade at you for being a pink-lover, impart a few brain cells by giving them this information. Empower yourself by wearing this nurturing color. Tell the world that you are proud of who you are.

Where to Buy Pink Hijabs

Consider the following brands for buying high-end and sophisticated hijabs.

  • Haute HijabThis brand is at the forefront of providing original quality pieces made with luxurious fabric and embellishments.
  • Mirraw: This Indian brand has a charming collection of pink hijabs in a variety of materials, shades, and textures.
  • Duck Scarves: Their offerings are diverse and decadent.
  • Cakenis: The lush shawls and square scarves by Cakenis come in many colours and quirky patterns.
  • Tudung People: The collections are mouth-watering.

Interested to buy some eco-friendly hijab brands? Head over to Eco-Friendly Hijab Brands.

↓ 25 – Modest Beach Outfit

Make your day out on the beach more beautiful with this soothing shade of pink. The dress and the hijab match in color; they seem to be made from the same material. The frilly chiffon gown is breathy and comfortable, and a lovely sight besides. The hat is a great addition, in our opinion. It’ll give protection from the sun and will make you look more fabulous. Wear a sensible pair of sandals with this outfit.


↓ 24 – Creatively-tied Skirt + Hijab

It’s a quirky version of a sari, is it not? Instead of being draped over one shoulder, the untied part of the skirt goes all the way up to be used as a hijab. Whether it’s the full hijab or just a part of it is unclear, but it definitely wins all the fashion points we can give. Hijabis can get exceptionally creative sometimes. The draping looks gorgeous upfront, but it isn’t hard to imagine that it’ll look equally fantastic from the back. We love the gold chain accessories paired with the pink.


↓ 23 – Pink Hijab with a Pink Dress

Contrasting is an option too, but the safest and the most fool-proof way is to match pink with pink. You can match your hijab and outfit exactly, as we showed above, or you can play with different shades of pink. This floral dress is dreamy for a casual day out. We admire all the effort put into choosing the right accessories: the belt, the watch, and the cute bag. The bright pink of the hijab can be glimpsed in some of the flowers on the dress. It’s spunky and passionate.


↓ 22 – Two-toned Fancy Hijab

A stunning piece that bleeds into a soft pink shade from black and white stripes, this hijab has our whole attention. It is kind of specific, so only try it out with ensembles that have these colors. Wearing this scarf with, let’s say, blue or green, would be a disaster. In the picture, the hijabi wears it in a straight-forward side-drape manner over a white shirt and trousers.


↓ 21 – Contrasting Shades

Ah, now we come to extreme contrasting. This is also called color-blocking, and it is a bit of a hit and miss at times. The baby pink hijab itself is marvelous; the texture seems soft and rich. The dark blue floral dress has a version of this pink in the pattern, which is why the combination is dazzling. For future reference, if you’re wearing a dark shade, contrast with an equally dark shade. This pink could have been a bit deeper.


↓ 20 – Hijabi in Pink and Grey Street Style

Unless the entire ensemble is available somewhere, you’ll have to do a lot of searching to put together something similar, we’re afraid. Let us start with the hijab, assuming it’s the base of your outfit. Two-toned head-scarves are common these days. You can find separate categories for them in all major online hijab stores. This pink and grey hijab is pretty, to say the least. The contrasting factors are the whites: the hijab cap, the shirt, and the sneakers. We love them! The rest is grey and pink; the items are quite masterfully chosen. Overall, it’s a fantastic street style hijabi look.


↓ 19 – Pink Hijab with a Floral Knot on the Side

Coming to the traditional side of things, this knotted style can be found among Arab or South Asian hijab-wearing women. The hot pink hijab is textured with shimmering threads, layered delightfully over a high-bun. The sparkling black cap is slanted for maximum effect. The magnificent brooch over the knot takes the luxuriousness to a whole other level. It’s the best style you can hope for at weddings or formal engagements.


↓ 18 – Rose Pink Floral Print Scarf

This tropical printed hijab is screaming summer, and we’re all here for it. The colors are flavorful and exciting.

Pro-style Tip: wear this over a plain-colored dress/outfit, and not a printed one. If you wear this with something that’s printed too, the hijab will not stand out; its beauty drowned. Go with creamy white or likewise soft color.


↓ 17 – Dreamy Modest Ensemble in Fuschia Pink

If Alice in Wonderland had a hijabi Alice, we’re pretty sure she’d be wearing this, gliding into her land of wonderment and dreams. Do we even need to explain how exhilarating this outfit is? There’s an abundance of ruffles and frills and pink, and consider us in love. Scarf trends change season to season, and this time pink is ruling. You can easily pick different hijab prints that are available in the market.


↓ 16 – Businesswomen Ensemble with a Dash of Pink

Women entrepreneurs dress impeccably; they have to, or society’s sexist mindset refuses to take them seriously. This is why you’ll see businesswomen setting fashion trends and breaking stereotypes. Hijabis do all that and more. In this flawless get-up, you get a mix of many styles. It’s obviously great for formal meetings and arrangements, but it’s also got quite a blogger/street-style aesthetic.



↓ 15 – Chiffon Scarf with Pearl Headband

We’ve chosen this because the hijab-draping is excellent and something all hijabis need to experiment with and perfect in their own way. Even over a simple abaya, this layered hijab can do wonders. You need the scarf to be made of a material that is easier to manage, lots of pins, a high-bun to hold the shape, and a cute accessory to finish the look.



↓ 14 – Bejeweled Pink Hijab

This crisply arranged scarf would have been pretty to look at all on its own, but the crown-like accessory adds such pomp and loveliness to it. Expert and firm placement is the key; if it keeps shifting around, it’s likely to seem silly and ill-timed. All major online stores have also started offering trinkets and embellishments like these, so be sure to check them out.

A little touch up can enhance the beauty of the hijab. A light pink lip gloss and simple winged eye-liner look perfect with it. If you wish to choose the hijab style according to your outfit, then take a look at Cute Ways to Tie Hijab Fashionably with Different Outfits



↓13 – Pink and Purple Attire for Summers

It’s another perfect beach outfit, and a great choice for a day out for pregnant women as well. It’s ventilated, loosely tied, and made with a soft fabric. The color and pattern of the dress are calming. We love how subtly the pink has been arranged around the purple. It’s sort of a kaftan dress which can be made more loose-fitting by the absence of a belt or by further opening the knot. A modest-sized hijab that covers your entire head, neck, and part of your chest is a good option with the dress.


↓ 12 – A Complete Modest Outfit in Pink

A big shoutout to this lady for slaying in this stellar pink ensemble capable of putting any street style to shame. She’s wearing shades (yes, shades!) over an innovatively tied brocade hijab in tea pink. The layers on this thing are a complete vibe, to be honest. Her pink A-lined shirt has an adorable button detail, which she’s decided to pair with black trousers. Her sparkly nude heels and darling bow cross-body bag have won our hearts.


↓ 11 – Casual Head-covering in Tea-pink

Printed linen hijabs work best in casual settings. They are comfortable and innocuous, which is what you really want when you think ‘casual.’ It’s been tied in what looks like a super complicated method, but it’s probably really easy. There are several methods of how a hijab can be styled. Around the world, ladies are seen styling in many different ways. For example, Turkish hijab style, Malaysian hijab style, Kuwaiti hijab style, knotted hijab style, one-sided hijab style, etc., are a few of the several varieties out there. You should always keep experimenting with these to find the one that suits you the best.


↓ 10 – Modest Outfit in Baby Pink

Hijab and abaya sets are your safest bet on weddings, yours, or someone else’s. This pastel pink loveliness is embellished with silver embroidery and gems. It’s a veritable princess ensemble for a Muslimah, and yay for that! Your makeup will make or break your look. Don’t over-powder your face and avoid using pink lipstick that is in a very light shade.


↓ 9 – Printed Bubble-gum Pink Scarf with Maximum Coverage

The solution to all your problems, this maximum-coverage hijab is a fantastic choice while praying or doing household work. Also, if you have to go out on short notice and don’t have the time or the disposition to spend a lot of time fixing your hijab, this is your answer.

↓ 8 – Bubbly Outfit with Taffy-pink Hijab

Some women like to wear a tight scarf whereas some prefer wearing it loosely. So basically, there are varieties of styles to opt for. Turkish ladies have a few of the more exclusive ones that everyone loves. They know how to pin it up and use brooches over it. They also style it simply by draping it in one way or another like here.


↓ 7 – Beautifully Pinned Shocking Pink Scarf

For hijabis who dare to be different and imaginative, this is a mouth-watering inspiration.


↓ 6 – One-sided Scarf in Pale Pink

‘Pink’ and ‘flowers’ go hand in hand. No floral print looks as beautiful as it does in pink. If you’ve got a pretty pink scarf, don’t be scared to buy a floral dress to wear with it. Go the extra mile and buy something flouncy.



↓ 5 – Rouge Pink Silk Hijab

Picking up on what we said above, you can also wear a floral skirt with a plain white top or vice versa. We love the neck-detailing on the white top, the heart heels, and the back-draping style of this hijab.

Do have a look at these 10 Popular Hijab Fashion Instagram Accounts to Follow This Year.


↓ 4 – A Stunning Embellished Piece

Haute hijab is a great place to find one-of-a-kind luxury hijabs like this, but you can try other places as well. The shades in the hijab make us think of mermaids and the sea, the loveliness enhanced by the silk top the model is wearing.



↓ 3 – Layered Watermelon-pink Hijab

Girls with round faces often find it difficult to find a scarf style that suits them. If you have a round face, then here is a really cute way of wearing a scarf. 

↓ 2 – Pastel Pink Scarf with Lace Accents

Flowers, lace, and pink, the three magic words!

Arabian Hijab Fashion 2012 - 006 - www_Fashionhuntworld_Blogspot_com

↓ 1 – Hot Pink Striped Hijab

What a marvelous outfit idea for students! From the color scheme to the styling, this is definitely a winner!


We have picked the most trending pink hijab styles that will look absolutely fantastic if you plan to wear them. You no longer have to worry and utilize your time finding hijab styles. All the latest trends and styles are shown above. Each picture shows a unique style, design, material, pattern, etc. The reason for putting all the images together is to choose a pink hijab style that you would like to carry. We hope you liked the styles and that you’ll pick one accordingly to your personality.

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